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Name: wishbear006 (Signed) · Date: 05/06/05 8:03 · For: Preparations and Plotting
i hought this story is FAB!! i sinmply love it. that was such an aborable way to reply to the letter. you are M'MAZING with words. i have to keep reminding my self that this isnt the reall book. i've been reading this fic since chaper 3 but i just now figured out how to review! sry! hr is such a kool charicter in this story. wat also intruges me (as a ship) is syblly. dude-who knew she was married? i also think snape is some1 i've got 2 look out 4. were does his loyalyts really stand.?i dont even think he himself knows... ok well i g2g-PLZ write more!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!
I loved writing the letter. =) Hermione is so cool when she's riled up...I don't know, the words just come easy for me when I'm doing Hermione.
Thank you! I for one think the books are a million times better than this, but I am so glad that you feel that way!
I know, who would have thought Sibyl was married? But she must have been charming at some time...there's something special in all of us, after all.
Snape is a very intriguing character. I love writing him, too.
Well, thanks again! I hope you like ch. 16 as well!

Name: NessaNova (Signed) · Date: 04/30/05 19:36 · For: The Secret Meeting
I've been reading your story 4ever, and i finally found out how 2 review(i'm computer-challenged^^)This story was the first fanfic i ever read, and i always compare it to other stories cuz i think yours is the best! Keep Going!

Author's Response: Hmm, I've been getting that a lot (not knowing how to review thing). Guess that's a hint to the mods. =D
Yay! Thanks so much! It's so cool that my story was the first you read. Honestly, very cool. =)

Name: PhoenixCGandAC (Signed) · Date: 04/29/05 21:20 · For: Preparations and Plotting
I just read your entire story, and I love it! It has the perfectplot, just enough of everything. I loved Hermione's letter. It was well written! I also enjoyed the twist about Godric's Hollow. I need to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I loved writing that letter. In fact, I've enjoyed writing all of the letters that appear in the story. =D
I'm so very glad you liked the GH twist as well. I hope you like the next ch.!

Name: YamiGoku999 (Signed) · Date: 04/27/05 7:02 · For: Preparations and Plotting
I just read this story in about a day AND IT IS FABULOUS I must say splendid job I havent read one this good since the real harry potter books and this chapter is suspensful godrics hollow of all the places where harry was born (and his parents die) I like the suspense there and I cant wait for the next chaper I rate this story 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, thanks very much! I am flattered that you feel that way!
I hope the next chapter reinforces your opinion of my writing! =)

Name: IluvDanRad4ever (Signed) · Date: 04/24/05 11:30 · For: Bliss...
okay im sorry for my past reveiw it was meant for chapter 7... but since i liked chpt. 1-6 i'll keep reading even though i didn't enjoy chpt. 7 as much, but i am sorry my other reveiw was meant for chpt. 7

Name: IluvDanRad4ever (Signed) · Date: 04/24/05 11:28 · For: Bliss...
when i first was reading this story i thought it was awesome, but after like the 6th chapter it's getting boring! There really isn't anything with Harry and Hermione's love anymore, just the war and voldemort and stuff, like you said in you author's note," im forgetting this is a Harry/Hermione fic.....plz can you make it more interesting wit Harry and Hermione? im not trying to be rude, but the best author's take good AND bad reveiws.

Author's Response: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, to be honest. A good fic isn't just fluff and romance. If you want a story completely centered on H/Hr, oblivious to the world around them, this is certainly not the fic for you, I'm afraid.
I'm not trying to be rude, either, but considering you reviewed at ch.7, you didn't exactly read the whole fic. Maybe it became too dull for your taste, I don't know.
What I certainly do know is, I'm not changing the way I write. Up till now, you are the only reviewer who's complained about the lack of H/Hr. So, I'm sorry.
Thanks for reading, anyway.

Name: hpfreak345 (Signed) · Date: 04/23/05 14:39 · For: The Secret Meeting
I absolutely LOVE your story! I've been reading about 5 other different fan fics and I have to say, yours is the best so far. You really have to write faster! I'm getting impatient to find out why Dumbledore sent Harry and Hermione to Godric's Hollow.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so very glad you feel that way! =)
* cringes * I know! I really wish I wrote faster, too. Perhaps if I did, I might have finished with the fic already. =( But I just have this thing that I spend all day writing and come up with maybe, a thousand words or so, a length that is, for me, way too short for a decent chapter.
I hope the next chapter lives up to your expectations, and again, thanks!

Name: hermionelily (Signed) · Date: 04/20/05 19:38 · For: Preparations and Plotting
Wow, go Hermione! She was really good with that letter. But, anyhoo, why did you have to have such a huge cliffhanger? Honestly, first the trewlawny journal & letter, then the fact that they were going to Godrics Hollow... Great. I think i'll die of suspense. But, Godric's hollow? does that mean we'll learn about harry's parents?!?!? Please, it would be great to bring them in. A ten, as always.

Author's Response: Lol, I'm all for Hermione. =D I loved writing that letter.
I'm so sorry about that cliffie! It's just, I wanted to revise the GH sequence, and I knew it would be long, so I gave it a chapter of its own.
I followed your advice to include Harry's parents, and, although not much is actually learnt, Harry sees them, sort of...you'll see what i eman when you read the next ch. =D
Thanks very much for your kind review! I hope you like the next chapter as well!

Name: iarehampster (Signed) · Date: 04/19/05 17:45 · For: Preparations and Plotting
Take that Ms. Granger! Ohhhhhhhhh, she got owned in that letter. Okay, onto da review. I liked the letter sequence, Hermione may be sweet, but maaaannn, if you piss her off, start writing you will! The notebook side story is interesting, but I don't think it shall be a side story for much longer. I think that the Notebook shall be a crucial part in the story. The Godric's Hollow thing at the end was a big plot twist, and since I play Metal Gear Solid, I'm used to plot twists, especially big ones. I have one question, and it is not about this story. Is Playing With Fire going to be a sequel to OLAD or shall it take place in a completely different universe. I want to back to the letter for a quick second. We all know parents, parents always love their children unless they do something really bad, I mean look at Michael Jakson's parents, Michael is being accused for a really bad crime and yet they still love him. It's just, when you talk about love to them, it gets wierd. If my parents knew I liked Allison, they'd FREAK. They would start saying I'm to young, you don't know what Love is yatta yatta yatta. The reason being, parents always want the best for us, Hermione's parents think that her best future would be with Ron. Although I think it is wrong what Hermione's parents are doing, I know where they are oming from. Well, I gotta run, I've gotta start working on a science project report thing. It's due in two weeks, but, It is a very big project worth lots of points. So I've gotta get working. As always, take your time, I'm patient and good luck in school!

Author's Response: Lol, Hermione power, man! =D I find that, in that aspect, she is much like me. I'm an overall sweet and polite sort of person, but if you get me pissed off, back away! =D
It will, actually. I need to sort out some minor details, though.
I'm glad you liked the GH twist. Ch. 16 is up, so you'll get to read aaaall about it.
Nope, PWF is a separate story, with no relation to OLAD. Otherwise, I'd be giving away the ending to this one by letting you all read the summary beforehand. =)
Exactly. The problem with parents is that if you do something they think isn't good for you, they freak out, and although sometimes they're right, other times they aren't. In this tory, Hr's parents think they are right about Ron being better for Hermione, and although they're wrong, one can understand them.
Thank God school ends in...four days. w00t! =D Two more this week, and then two next week for the finals I take. I am honestly counting the minutes till Tuesday. =D
Good luck in school to you, too, and I hope you finish soon! School is unhealthy for the soul. =D
Thanks very much!

Name: hermionelily (Signed) · Date: 04/17/05 15:09 · For: Appearances Can Be Deceiving
That was so great! Thanks for the shippy chapter, i loved how you combined romance and mystery. This is really one of the best h/hr fics, because of that, it's not just romance, it has a point, and a plot as well.

Author's Response: A million thank-you's to you!! =D That's a really great thing to hear (well, read). I'm flattered that you consider my fic one of the best H/Hr ones. I, for one, couldn't possibly write a fic with no point. I just can't. Maybe I'm perfectionist or whatever, but I find them cluttered.
Again, thank you, and I hope you enjoy ch. 15 as well!

Name: bball33 (Signed) · Date: 04/16/05 18:17 · For: Bliss...
awwwwwww. so cute. gr8 banner 2!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I ade another one, too, so you can check it out in my bio. =)
Thanks again!

Name: Tyran (Signed) · Date: 04/13/05 21:22 · For: Appearances Can Be Deceiving
I love this story, you should really write faster. If only you could help me with my fic... Anyways, I love your fic.

Author's Response: Thanks! =)
My friend, I know I should, but if only I could. =( School is hectic, and I really want to keep my grades up. Writing is wonderful, but sometimes I just need to sort out my priorities. I'm sorry. i really wish I could update faster.
Which is your fic?
Anyway, thanks! Ch. fifteen was submitted today [17/apr] so it ought to be up soon enough.

Name: iarehampster (Signed) · Date: 04/10/05 20:43 · For: Appearances Can Be Deceiving
Yes! A chapter was dedicated to me! Nothing has ever been dedicated to me, except maybe awards I've recived. I like this romance, it's, well, can I say sexy? Hot? I guess a bit naughty, but it is still cool. I know this sounds stupid, but Hermione has taken a safe and good path, not having sex till like they are married. Seeing how I'm Catholic, I'd say that is the Catholic path, but since many non-Catholic people do this idea as well, I decided not to use that word. Yeah, Hermione getting pregnant would be bad because it would make this Fic very controversial, like will Hermione go pro-life or pro-choice, even though I am a pro-life person, I don't want that controversy in a fic, especially one this popular. Once again, there are alot of mysteries in this chapter, like what did Snape steal from Sibyl's classroom, but of course I believe that this shall be one of those big questions answered at the end of the story. I would also like to wish your mom a happy birthday. Now here is my belief about love. One major thing that has work in a relationship is convorsation, you need to talk to the person you love as if she is a normal person. If you choke up every time you see her, the odds are, you aren't cut out for each other. Look at Harry and Hermione, they talk as if they are like brother and sister, not like arguing all the time, but they have alot to say to each other. Now lets look at Ron and Hermione, they don't have alot to say to each other and Ron doesn't ever seem to be himself when he is around Hermione. Now lets look at Ron and Luna, from what you've written and from what I've read it sounds like they are like Harry and Hermione, I think I sense something... Now lets take me and Allison, we are friends(For now, hehehehe), But I could talk to that girl for hours and I wouldn't care, which is a good sign. There ends iarehampster's philosophy on love. Also, this is a message to all fans who were angry about the long delay for the chapter a couple days earlier. WRITER'S BLOCK HAPPENS!!! Even the great Jo Rowling gets it, like in this one interview she said she was running short on ideas for the final two books, even I get writer's block. Don't sharpen your pitchforks something that is common in many writers. Well, good luck in school, for you are going to need it, and take your time wrting the next chapter. "We are people with names!"-Ocelot, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater iarehampster

Author's Response: Wow...this is the longest review my story has ever gotten! (And that's excellent, mind you) =)
Lol, yeah, I see their romance as sexy, too.
Ugh, I can't even begin to imagine the chaos that would ensue if Hermione became pregnant. No, trust me, that is definitely not happening in this fic. And yes, I agree, it is the safer path (not having sex till they are married), and, in my opinion, the correct one.
Well, you're wrong there. That question is partially answered in Chapter Fifteen, but I guess I could find a way to leave that other chunk of the puzzle till the end. I don't know just now.
I agree. If you don't know the person at all, or have nothing in common, you can't really base a solid relationship such as marriage on that. It'd be a mess. You need to be comfortable with the person, and truly feel as if you can talk about anything. That, my friend, is why I think Ron/Hermione will never, ever work.
Lol, good luck with Allison. =)
Oh, you are terribly right about that...History test this week. * dies * After I finish replying and uploading ch. 15, I'll have to go study...

Name: iarehampster (Signed) · Date: 04/04/05 21:04 · For: The Ties That Bind
Once again, you rule!!!!! Although this chapter was short, it was a good one! Although this sounds like a longshot suggestion, but you should post the Final Battle chapter near the end of April. Also my B-Day is April 11 so see if you can post a new chapter as a present for me please? I'm just jokin with ya, take your time, as much time as you need. Now I know why this chapter took longer than the others, writers block, I get it all the time with my novels... Now lets talk about Playing With Fire. A few questions... Have you started on it already, or shall you start it after Of Love and Destiny is over? Will Ron play any importance in PWF? I will at least have something to look forward to now after OLAD is over. Good luck in school, I'm in my final fourty days or so in school my teachers are going to be pulling alot of surprise projects and tests on me. Till next time...

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, I did get writer's block. I didn't use that expression in my a/n because, honestly, it felt like making excuses to you guys. =(
Hmm...I don't think I could finish the story by the end of April, though I agree it would be pretty cool. =) I will, however, try to post the next chapter in time for your b-day for being such a great reviewer.
On PWF - Yes, I have started it already, but I haven't gotten that far yet. I wrote what was SUPPOSED to be a prologue, and it turned out nine pages long. =D Anyway, I've also got the first chappie after the prologue halfway done. It's interesting, but I can't work on it much since I've got OLAD to work with.
Ron...not really. He's just Harry's friend. Not the future Harry's friend, mind. Ron died in the Final Battle. He's the past Harry's friend.
Same here with school. I think we have around five weeks left, and my teachers are going crazy, giving us assignments and crap. It's maddening. =D
Thanks for reviewing, as always! And remember to check the story near your b-day...you never know. * wink *

Name: mAyBaBy (Signed) · Date: 04/04/05 14:42 · For: The Ties That Bind
I loved the chapter! It was great and you did such a good job with the characters and their emotions. Keep up the good work and update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I will try to update near April 11th--before, on, or closely after--and I actually think I'll manage it. Let's keep our fingers crossed, eh? =D

Name: Narwen3 (Signed) · Date: 03/09/05 14:39 · For: A Dark Future
For one brief shining moment, you made it look like there was hope for Draco and I believed as well that he could be saved. Unfortunately, he wasn't and it was only his hungriness for power. However, it is still a great chapter and story.

Author's Response: Yes. I considered leaving it with Draco being afraid of power and all, but I just can't see that happening. If Draco were to be initiated as a DE, then he would, most likely, be awed by Voldy's inmense power. Logically, situations such as this one would remind him that Voldy is not really someone he should cross, yet that wouldn't take away the desire to want that kind of power. He is a Malfoy, after all. =)
Thanks very much!

Name: Tennisprincess15 (Signed) · Date: 03/08/05 21:26 · For: A Dark Future
Great story so far. Just spent all day reading it. Can't wait to read about what you have planned next.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! It's always nice to hear that people actually spend so much time reading my story. =) Chapter Thirteen is up...hope you like it.
Thanks again!

Name: elfgive (Signed) · Date: 03/07/05 18:21 · For: A Dark Future
you know i agree with this iarehamster boy, this was an excellent chapter, the only thing dissapointed me a little bit was that i was waiting for some romance. but theres no problem youre an excellent author and i love this story

Author's Response: w00t, thanks! =D Yes, the romance is limited here, but I'm afraid romance can't be fitted into all the chapters. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it. =) Romance will come soon enough.
Thanks for leaving a review!

Name: iarehampster (Signed) · Date: 03/06/05 23:59 · For: A Dark Future
Awwwwwwwight! This Chapter rules!!!! I like the prophecy at the very end, I didn't really get it, I'm gonna have to read it a few more times and then read the next chapter. Also, there is a new girl in my life (w00t!), her name is Allison... Anyway (*cough*) onto buisness. This chapter was great. Although there was no H/Hr. romance, it's sometimes good to take a break. Schools stinks dude, I have two big projects due this week, one test, a a s**t load of homework. Ah, but schools like that. Somehow, although I'm not sure you should do this, but I think the final battle should be a blood bath, lots of dying, lots of blood, I'm not saying I'm a fan of that stuff, but that how battles are. Of course you might not want to do this because it might lose your PG-13 rating into an R rating. It will be interesting how the final battle goes, whatever hapens I'm sure it will be interesting. This is not a strike against you, but it would have been cool if you told us how Voldemort puts the mark on the kids, but of course that could interfere with what J.K. thinks, your two ideas on how the mark is imprinted could be completly different, ah, well, don't take it personally, as I said, it's not a strike against you. Till next time...

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. =) The prophecy will make sense when you read it again, I think. I take it did?
I'm glad you have found another girl. Does she like you back or are you friends?
Ugh, today I had to take the most horrible History test. I managed to finish it, though, which is surprising.
Well, there will be violence, obviously, but I won't make it gory. I don't really like that stuff. =D
I would have, but my concept of how the Mark is 'embossed' into a person's skin is heavily (if not completely) influenced by another fan fic I have read, and I thought it would be like stealing things from the author if I included the way it was done.
Thanks for reviewing, as always. Your reviews make me happy!

Name: Jenry (Signed) · Date: 03/06/05 14:52 · For: I Need You...
harrys a greedy wanker 4 many reasons, ah well, it was very good fiction, thnx a lot

Author's Response: Uh...huh...I really don't know what you mean by that. You're welcome, I think...

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