Reviews For Wolf's Bane
Reviewer: Song_of_the_Phoenix007
Date: 12/21/05 16:32
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

hehe hey you. I finally got my account working, so now i get to review!! It's absolutely brilliant, as I've already told you countless times =)

Reviewer: petiteloupegarou
Date: 12/13/05 14:08
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

Not too shabby. I really like it and I think it's an excellent work in progress. Keep writing!

Reviewer: Natasha Johnson
Date: 12/11/05 12:28
Chapter: Coffee and Unexpected Guests

Hahaha! That was great! They're so oblivious to the truth, it's adorable! 10/10, Tash

Reviewer: Natasha Johnson
Date: 12/11/05 12:21
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

Oh, this is really good! I love Remus and Tonks. There's never really been much about their feelings or anything in the Books, so it's really nice to delve more into the subject! Love it, love it, Tash

Reviewer: Harry and Hermonie
Date: 12/07/05 9:46
Chapter: Coffee and Unexpected Guests

I am actually at school this moment and I laughed at the endin!How embarassing.I absoutely love ti

Reviewer: Lilacflower
Date: 12/06/05 22:31
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

Good chappie! And, good luck in school! The self-to-self fight was funny! Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: urmyonlyone_073
Date: 12/06/05 21:36
Chapter: Coffee and Unexpected Guests

lol I loved Remus's arguement with himself I loved the whole thing:D

Reviewer: Lupin_n_Tonks102
Date: 12/06/05 21:00
Chapter: Coffee and Unexpected Guests

Nice chapter, 10/10. Update soon!

Reviewer: Lupin_n_Tonks102
Date: 12/06/05 21:00
Chapter: Coffee and Unexpected Guests

Nice chapter, 10/10. Update soon!

Reviewer: Starmaiden
Date: 12/06/05 20:10
Chapter: Coffee and Unexpected Guests

I love it when people give new twists to old stories. Apparently the aforementioned back of her hand had knocked the firewhiskey bottle off the ledge. Very clever.

I also really like your internal dialogues, with neither realizing the true feelings of the other. Very true to life, the wild misunderstanding of both parties. I like your version of Tonks clumsiness, with her falling down the stairs.

The only thing I wonder about is Tonks and her liking for firewhiskey. I pictured her as too level-headed to really have it around much, but I suppose thats a matter of taste to some point.

I havent got anything to really criticize, it was very good. Waiting for more!

Author's Response: Well, I don't really know any other magical alcoholic beverage...and I've always pictured Tonks as a fun-loving person who probably would have a drink or two just for the hell of it. Personally, that is. I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: Evik
Date: 12/06/05 11:02
Chapter: Coffee and Unexpected Guests

That was really nice, much better than the first chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one:) 10/10

Reviewer: petiteloupegarou
Date: 11/29/05 15:45
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

Hmmm, interesting. I can't see Remus getting drunk though, or really thinking about it. The kiss was quite, uh, unexpected and a little forward, I think. But it could turn into a good fic. Speaking of, are you going to update or not?!?

Author's Response: Okay, since I am SICK of everyone talking about how they can't imagine Remus going out and getting drunk on purpose, I went back, edited, and gave him a reason. Hopefully, this will solve everyone's problems. And, yes, I will update as soon as I finish finals. By the way, would it KILL you, petiteloupegarou, to get some manners? No offense.

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 11/05/05 10:02
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

This was such a cute chapter! I had to laugh at Tonks' antics, especially the surprise kiss! Update soon!

Reviewer: Lilacflower
Date: 11/04/05 21:21
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

-angelic smile- More please?

Author's Response: -demonic grin- No...I like watching you squirm.... Just kidding. Ch. 2's almost done!!

Reviewer: Tonks Lupin
Date: 11/03/05 19:56
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

FANTASTIC!!! 10/10 Brilliant job done there, can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work and good luck on your Lab practical! :)

Reviewer: Free_Phoenix
Date: 11/02/05 10:24
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

Brilliant! Its funny and sweet! 10/10

Reviewer: NaginiFay
Date: 11/01/05 22:49
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

ha ha! This is awesome work. Keep the chapters comming please!

Reviewer: bookworm federation unlimited
Date: 10/31/05 21:11
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

Gelo, I think this chap was soooo awesome, pleeaassee keep it coming! cant wait. ~_^

Reviewer: Cherry and Phoenix Feather
Date: 10/30/05 8:55
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

Thanks so much for the constructive crit, people!! Chapter Two is going through that last beta stage, so it should be in queue shortly!! Thanks to those who wished me well on my Biology practical. NO idea why I was so worried--easier than faking a Divination essay.

Reviewer: Antipodean Opaleye
Date: 10/30/05 0:52
Chapter: Rain in Diagon Alley

Ooh and I love the Cinderella touch at the end! Haha was it meant to be Cinderella? Oh well that's what it reminded me of!

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