Reviewer: muggler
Date: 02/18/06 18:50
Chapter: Disclosures and Intemperance

Oh My! A love triangle that will have so many repercussions. I can't wait to see what happens next. It's like I can see the car on the train tracks and can hear the whistle of the train and I know something terrible is about to happen, but I don't know how to stop it. This will put Harry in a very delicate position and Harry will be impatient for answers. But that will just make the story even better.

Author's Response: Yay, Muggler! Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad you are enjoying my story so far. At least I hope you are enjoying it in an oncoming train sort of way! I appreciate your comments. Keep 'em coming!

Reviewer: Piper Phoenix
Date: 02/14/06 21:58
Chapter: Explanations and Broomsticks

Awesome new character. She is v. likeable and intriging! I am eagerly awaiting the new chapter...and esp. for Remus and Sirius goodies!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, Piper Phoenix. I am really glad you are enjoying the story. The new chappie has been in the Queue now for almost two weeks... sigh. Check out my profile page; because I have the url to another site where my story is posted... if you want to read ahead, since the wait for Chapter 6 seems to be a long one so far!

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 02/03/06 13:38
Chapter: Explanations and Broomsticks

I just found your story, and I have to say that I am really enjoying it. Rinna has so many things to deal with and is a great OC. I love the relationship you have with her and Sirius, even if we don't know any details yet. I look foward to reading more!

Author's Response: Hey, Cheshlin! Thanks so much for your review. I am so glad you are enjoying the story and my OC. There is more Rinna/Sirius to come...maybe not in the chapter that is right now in the queue...but it will come!

Reviewer: rivers of gold
Date: 02/01/06 21:50
Chapter: Explanations and Broomsticks

I absolutely love this story...and you write Rinna's feelings of guilt extremely well. Did Remus give her that broomstick? Or was it someone else? Does Rinna like Remus? Great story! Can't wait for the update!

Author's Response: I am SO glad you are enjoying my story! And the good news is: you won't have to wait long for the update as the next chapter is in the queue waiting for validation. Hopefully chapter 6 will answer some of your questions!

Reviewer: rivers of gold
Date: 02/01/06 21:35
Chapter: Instincts

Wow, this story is really good...and I like the idea of Lily's old friend meeting Harry.

Author's Response: Hey, rivers of gold! (I love your name, BTW) Thanks for your review. I am glad you are enjoying the story so far. I've always wondered what would happen if one of Lily's friends showed up in Harry's life... so I decided to write about it... and this story was born!

Reviewer: muggler
Date: 01/01/06 18:50
Chapter: Explanations and Broomsticks

Great job. I love the interaction between the golden trio and Rinna's take on it. Hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Hey, Muggler, thanks for your review! I'm glad you like how I write the trio... I love to write them! I will be updating very soon...

Reviewer: RavenclawBest
Date: 11/22/05 0:42
Chapter: Retrospection

Thid is really please continnue to post and finish it please!!

Author's Response: I'm having this feeling of deja vu...

Reviewer: RavenclawBest
Date: 11/22/05 0:41
Chapter: Retrospection

Thid id really please continnue to post and finish it please!!

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry, I will continue to post! And I will finish the story... I just don't know how long that will take! I'm glad you are enjoying this story. More to come soon!

Reviewer: beki14
Date: 11/13/05 15:05
Chapter: Reunion

Amazing is the only word for it. I've just recently got into AU, and this is one of the finest examples I have found. I absolutely cannot wait until we see Sirius. Just so I don't freak you out in the future, I'm mildly in love with Sirius, lolz. I've noticed you write Harry particularly well, he's very believable. I love Rinna's connection to the Weasleys. I'm glad your chapters are getting longer, more brilliance at once! Btw, I'm a Harmony shipper, so I'm thrilled to peices you decided to add a little H/Hr for all of us that are proud to call ourselves delusional. Update soon! ~Becky~

Author's Response: Becky! Wow! My head is swelling! Do (not) stop with your ego-boosting praise! Just so you know, I wouldn't dream of freaking out since I have more than a teensy infatuation with Sirius myself. And Remus. Sigh. I am glad I am helping feed your Harmony addiction, since I do enjoy that pairing. I feel it is at least a little more realistic than one of my other favorite pairings: D/Hr. At least with H/Hr we can say "Hey! It COULD happen!" LOL. Well, I'm glad you dipped your fabulous little toes into my AU pond, and I'm glad you like the story. I have posted Chapter 4, so check it out!

Reviewer: beth1191
Date: 11/10/05 19:21
Chapter: Reunion

long chapter.i like long chapters.good cliffie too.i cant really find any thing to criticize.i like this fanfic a lot

Author's Response: Hey Beth, thanks for your review. I'm glad you like long chapters, because mine seem to keep getting longer... It tickles me pink that you like this story a lot... Seriously, though, nothing to criticize? Careful... you may make my head swell! As for the cliffie...well, I do love a nice cliffie. They can be so yummy sometimes.

Reviewer: moonytb
Date: 11/09/05 18:59
Chapter: Reunion

very cool story i liked it a lot please keep writing i usually just read h/g and r/hr stories but this one caught my eye

Author's Response: Yay, Moonytb! I'm glad my story caught your eye! I appreciate that you "jumped ship" so to speak to read it. My beta and my fan fiction author friends are mostly Draco/Hermione shippers, and they read my story and tell me they forget I'm not even writing in "their ship" which is a compliment, I think. Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying it, and don't worry...there is more to come! Chapter 4 will be coming down the pike soon! Yippee!

Reviewer: Winterrose
Date: 11/05/05 12:25
Chapter: Instincts

Good descriptions, very intriguing. Keep up the good work. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, Winterrose! I'm glad you liked it. I've had this idea in my head for ages... it is a relief to get it into written form!

Reviewer: SexY_LydZ
Date: 11/05/05 0:35
Chapter: Upward Bound

ooooh first review! excellente!

Author's Response: Yay! My first review! Thanks so much, SexY_LydZ! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. (Keep reading... Chapter 3 is in the queue!) Whee!

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