Reviews For Sane
Reviewer: iamlordvoldemort
Date: 10/07/09 19:51
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Awww I love this! Harry/Luna is one of my favorite non-canon ships. You write it beautifully :)

Reviewer: dennisud
Date: 09/16/07 12:45
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Niiiiice one. Lets see more in a multi-chaptered story!

Reviewer: Metropolitan
Date: 09/03/07 18:51
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

I have always loved this story. This one converted me from a reverent Harry/Ginny shipper to a quiet Harry/Luna shipper, even though I never made it public. I love the feeling of imagining who that frog would look. The overall softness of the story is just wonderful...

Reviewer: Lurid
Date: 10/03/06 20:03
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Ana! Your beautiful banner – so eye catching. So, I thought now that I have the time I’d stop by and checkout this story, and I’m so glad I did. When you start to read a fiction with Luna is it, you’re in for a ride, but when you read a Luna fic written by someone that has a reputation for good stories, you’d better hold on.

An interesting start – Luna seems to be so much more aware to the world than other people. She takes into consideration so many things that regular people like Harry or Ron don’t notice. Hermione is too logical as a character, but she’s thoughtful in the wrong way. Choosing Luna as the main character for this was great – it lets you see so much more than you usually would through the eyes of the normal characters. She has a unique take on life, and you’ve really captured this.

It only made a soft “plop” as it hit the surface and sank.” I’m just squeeing here, because I love onomatopoeia. It brings more intensity and detail to a fiction.

“Awfully beautiful out here, isn’t it? Is it possible to ever tire of something so earthly and natural? You must know. You’ve lived here all your life.” This is an interesting point to make. A lot of people may think this inside their own heads; I know I have. It just makes me smile that someone like Luna would not only consider it, but says it out loud, and to a frog nonetheless. It’s just one of her personality quirks that you’ve managed to incorporate fluidly into your writings.

I love the way Luna immediately seems at peace with the world. She doesn’t seem to be caught up in the hectic tide of life – she’s on her own serene planet, making daisy chains with a frog in her pocket. It so simple and idyllic, and so Luna. “Master Frog” makes me laugh because it’s accentuating her quirky outtake on life even more. It’s like she’s treating the frog as an equal. She sees the importance of balance in life, I suppose.

I’m going to nit-pick before I get too deep into the story =]. In Harry Potter fanfiction, it’s common for American authors to use the American spelling of many words – favourite, colour, realize – and if you’re trying to be as close as you can to canon, it’s advised to use the British spelling – ‘realise’ and all it’s attachments. It’s nothing major, really, but for a truly polished piece, Britishisms are preferred.

I love the way Harry, later on not only realises who Luna is, but who he is with Luna. It’s important here, because you’ve shown the difference between Luna and Ginny, and why it didn’t work with Ginny and he’s always had feelings for Luna regardless. “Only a frog basking in a ring a daisies was the witness to their long-awaited scene of passion underneath the apple tree, two halves combined as one.” I like how you’ve mentioned this at the end, because it adds to the contrast between Ginny and Luna. Harry’s first kiss with Ginny was public, very passionate, but public and on show. It makes sense that Luna, who doesn’t display her feelings as openly as Ginny would have her first kiss with Harry more private. I like Harry/Luna because Harry’s usually very rash, and quick to make decisions, and I think that Luna calms him down.

I’d just like to say, Ana, thank you for a beautiful story. I really enjoyed reading it. ♥

Reviewer: pandafan81
Date: 08/07/06 13:04
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

This was excellently written, and that's saying a lot from a fervent Harry/Ginny shipper! :) I really enjoyed Luna's characterization. So often people write her as a complete air-head or the extreme opposite. I think you did a really nice job of writing an intellectual girl, who doesn't follow the conventions of what is "normal". Nice work. As sad as I am to see Harry and Ginny breaking up (again, fervent!) It was nice to see this lovely exchange between Harry and Luna. Well done m'dear!

Reviewer: littlesnapeluvah123
Date: 07/29/06 22:48
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

wow..i never new that harry could even supress those i LUV it..u should make another chapter to it or something to satsify ur readers..ttyl!!

Reviewer: joyheart
Date: 07/19/06 1:53
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

beautiful is all i can say.

Reviewer: stormy_lovegood
Date: 06/13/06 19:47
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Great. They're both as sane as always. Doesn't really reasure me.
But I'm a Lunarry shipper myself! Go Lunarrys everywhere! m,ost of the fanfics in Harry/Other character that don't have new people are about Luna. Lunarrys live forever!!! But Luna and Harry shouldn't have a romantic fic- it should be more humour, as you would excpect form Luna. Just a hint. ;) Anyway, can you tell mr how to put a story UP? I want to write a story...

Reviewer: stormy_lovegood
Date: 06/13/06 19:47
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Great. They're both as sane as always. Doesn't really reasure me.
But I'm a Lunarry shipper myself! Go Lunarrys everywhere! m,ost of the fanfics in Harry/Other character that don't have new people are about Luna. Lunarrys live forever!!! But Luna and Harry shouldn't have a romantic fic- it should be more humour, as you would excpect form Luna. Just a hint. ;) Anyway, can you tell mr how to put a story UP? I want to write a story...

Reviewer: jujume
Date: 06/09/06 10:45
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

awwww... i loved it! bravisimo!

Reviewer: Lilypudding
Date: 04/22/06 17:10
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

I liked this one shot a lot. I don't think Harry and Ginny should have been together, and this really told me why. I think it was a tiny bit rushed, but because this is a one-shot, that's OK. It was a good portrayel of how Harry and Ginny would get together. Great job!

Reviewer: callmehermione
Date: 04/17/06 0:56
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

I love the way you describe the grotto Luna found. It's precious! The peaceful way she settles into it is lovely.

After all, mud could be washed away. Luna is very in character.

Caution battled against interest as Luna travelled adjacent to the trees up the hill. This is an excellent way to describe Luna's thoughts. Your narration is lovely.

I also love the way Luna just.. finds him, and everything fits together. Luna is forever soothing, and her love for Harry just seems to--make sense. Excellent writing!

Author's Response: Luna is one of the hardest characters to write, I'll admit very modestly. I tried to set my mind to a very light and airy one. Got dizzy after a while. =P

Reviewer: HermyRox12
Date: 04/16/06 14:16
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Great job! This story is really sweet. I've never sailed this ship, but you did a good job writing it. 11/10.

Author's Response: I was hoping my story would become too fluffy. That would be dreadful, wouldn't it??

Reviewer: lily_evans34
Date: 04/16/06 10:50
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

This story was wonderful. I don't generally like Harry/Luna, but this was a really fun read. I loved the imagery. I could basically see the setting. I also loved how you wrote Luna. You seemed to capture her character perfectly. Great job and happy writing!!

Reviewer: Poultrygeist99
Date: 04/16/06 10:42
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

LOLOL! What fun! I love Luna talking to the frog as if he understands what she's saying.

I love this line:Only a frog basking in a ring a daisies was the witness to their long-awaited scene of passion I keep re-reading it and giggling.

I'm very torn. Part of me loves looking at the pretty graphics you generate, but part of me wants to steal away your copy of Photoshop and set you to work writing! I would love to see who you could come up with for Colin Creevy... ::wink::

Author's Response: O_o; I still get nightmares from how young I was when I wrote that line. Hmmm, Colin Creevey, you say?...

Reviewer: joanna
Date: 03/21/06 13:17
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Imma, this was a very sweet story! And I'm not a Harry/Luna shipper, but this story made it almost believable to me. The imagery is my hobbyhorse, so bear with me. ;-) It was wonderful! The scene took shape in front of me, and I just wanted to be there with Luna. It was really a wonderful day, and I can see why Luna enjoyed herself. The frog with the purple spots was very sweet, as he cocked its head, as if he was listening to Luna. For the first, I thought he might be a prince, waiting to be kissed. *hehe* Too much Disney, you may say.

When her heart was stabbed in the sixth year by Ginny’s kiss to Harry, Luna did not cry like a common girl would do.
I think this is really Luna. She wouldn't cry over unrequited love, she would take the blow and then go on. And she would be definitely 'generous' about it.

We’re both as sane as we always were, Harry...
And this sentence was just perfect. It was perfectly witty to say!
Thanks for this story!

Reviewer: rita_skeeter
Date: 03/21/06 11:18
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Great story! I have to say, I'm not a big fan of Harry/Luna stories, but I'd heard such good things about this one that I thought I'd take a look. And what a look it turned out to be! Delicately written with style and elegance, your story truly narrates their love very well. You've got an excellent concept of Luna's character and an interesting little tale here. Oh, and that last line was fabulous - I loved it. 10/10

Reviewer: wishiwereaweasley
Date: 03/20/06 10:46
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

Aww. That was really adorable! I'm a pretty big fan of Harry/Luna, actually, and there aren't that many fics about it. This was a good one! Your imagery, especially in the beginning and the end, was spectacular. I could see everything you were trying to show. Luna was very good. Harry's declaration of love was a little abrupt, but I suppose he'd been thinking on it for a long time, and that was the only/best way. All in all, it was a lovely oneshot! Well done!

Reviewer: Chaser47
Date: 03/18/06 23:55
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

What a sweet story! This was one of the first Harry/Luna stories I've read, and I think you've done the subject proud! The gentle imagery you used was great; you did an amazing job with descriptions without being overly wordy. Brillian job!

Reviewer: Morwen
Date: 02/01/06 18:40
Chapter: Underneath the Apple Tree

I thought this was a really sweet one-shot and I enjoyed it greatly. Your detail and description added to the story without being too much, and I really liked your characterization of Harry and Luna in the story. One thing that I particularly liked was the scene with Luna where we were able to see her thoughts and actions all by herself. Since Luna is more of a side character, we don't get to see much of her, even though she is a very interesting character. I think that you captured her personality perfectly in this one-shot, and even though I don't normally read Harry/Luna stories, I enjoyed this one.

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