Reviewer: Gin Ovia
Date: 04/02/06 21:02
Chapter: Epilogue: The Boy Who Lived

You say that this was hard to write; it was alos very hard to read. Near the end, my eyes were almost too blurry to finish. This was beautiful. I must say, I hope it doesn't end quite like that. A bit too sad for my taste. But, it really was written well.

Reviewer: Madnessisme
Date: 02/11/06 23:19
Chapter: Epilogue: The Boy Who Lived

This was just beautiful! The moment I read about Harry strolling into the Burrow, with his parents and Sirius, I knew that he was gone. I think you managed to portray the feelings in this fic wonderfully, and I feel both sad and utterly happy. Sad because of Harry being gone, yet happy that he has finally found peace. Really good job.

Reviewer: Mudblood428
Date: 01/09/06 14:39
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

Popped on to reread your story, saw that someone gave you a 1/10 and was utterly appalled that someone could do that. I just hope you don't take it to heart. I've always found that it's those who've never lifted a pen to write that are the worst critics. I, for one, love your story. 10/10. (So THERE.)

Author's Response: thanks a lot. thanks so much for finding my story re-readable material. (yours definetely is). dont worry i didnt take that review seriously. yay! your review just made my day.

Reviewer: HPlover1202
Date: 12/16/05 4:37
Chapter: Epilogue: The Boy Who Lived

even though it was meant to have a happy ending, i still bawled my eyes out. i guess happy/sad endings do that to me. a truly fabulous story though, i really like how you portray death, and i hope if JKR chooses to kill the people we would all rather she not kill, that she takes a leaf from your book, er.. story. really great story 10/10

Reviewer: Part Veela
Date: 11/12/05 22:25
Chapter: Epilogue: The Boy Who Lived

That story was the saddest sweetest story I hav ever read!!! I CRIED!!! That was so good!!! Great ending 2! U R A GENIUS!!! I GIV U 10/10!!! xoxoxoxo From ME!!!!

Author's Response: its nice to get an uplifting review right next to a 1/10. lol. thanx for all the love, veela.

Reviewer: Dominique444
Date: 11/12/05 20:05
Chapter: Epilogue: The Boy Who Lived

it was too sad why did they have to die you get 1/10

Author's Response: damn thats kinda harsh. =( lol

Reviewer: Mudblood428
Date: 11/02/05 2:32
Chapter: Epilogue: The Boy Who Lived

That was one heck of an epilogue. I really enjoyed the entire fic... How utterly tragic and sad. Definitely fodder for prequels *hint-hint*. I also loved the quote at the beginning - was that an original? Anyhoo, I just wanted to thank you for dropping by my story and to tell you that you have a fine talent for writing! I look forward to seeing more of your work on MNFF!

Reviewer: Nic Potter
Date: 10/30/05 3:17
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

Sad, but logical ending of the whole Potter saga. But you should explain how Dumbledore was able to return from death, and Harry's friends weren't. The author's note or perhaps another chapter seems necessary. But it's ten nevertheless.

Author's Response: sorry just to clarify, while u read, imagine as if you had just read through the entire book 7. so you have already read the part where dumbledore comes back.

Reviewer: rupertluvr07
Date: 10/29/05 14:43
Chapter: Epilogue: The Boy Who Lived

awww! again, this chapter made me cry. i think one of my favorite lines was 'love knows no boundaries, not even death.' good job!

Reviewer: Kerian
Date: 10/28/05 14:43
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

Woah! Kind of surprising but I liked it, good work. I thought that the list of people Harry saw at the funeral was kind of long and boring though. Maybe you could add like mentions of them in groups or say whether they were sitting or standing or something like that. Just an idea. Good Work, it was powerful.

Author's Response: hmmm...good point

Reviewer: Harryforpresident
Date: 10/28/05 12:37
Chapter: Happiness Remembered was so sad, i think you did an excellent job...*cries madly* very well writeen, you got the characters spot on..*throws confetti*

Reviewer: queen_of_malfoys
Date: 10/28/05 6:06
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

That was such a sad but beautiful story... I was trying not to cry... but then you mentioned Draco being there and I just... well, yeah. I had to get the tissues.

Reviewer: rupertluvr07
Date: 10/23/05 8:10
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

i cried like a baby!!!! that was so sad, but beautiful at the same time... i hope he found his happiness, he deserved it after all that. Godd job (i hope you're going to consider maybe writing a second one) 10/10

Author's Response: hmmm...thats a good idea. i had never thought of a second one. so im writing it right now! check back in a couple days and it should be up

Reviewer: magic sparkler
Date: 10/21/05 19:20
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

sobsob well dun!! u shuld sooooooo do a second 2 say wether he reached them or not... i hope harry found peace... he deserved it!!

Reviewer: lupinsgurl
Date: 10/19/05 22:29
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

that was wonderful, if this situation did occur, I am sure that this would happen. Oh, I cried very hard, it was so touching! Great job!

Reviewer: Slian Martreb
Date: 10/19/05 21:40
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

Wow. Chills. (Shudders.) Loved it!

Reviewer: SeKoE_GiRl
Date: 10/19/05 13:43
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

I just Love different endings, everyone always comes up with the "and they lived happily ever after" stuff, don't they? I assume it was suicide, no? So, in a way, it was also a happy ending... written in a different way! Good job!

Reviewer: Evik
Date: 10/19/05 11:30
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

OMG, that was so sad. I liked it very much though. I hope the final chapter of the book will be different.

Reviewer: Cyone
Date: 10/19/05 9:22
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

OMG it was good, but very sad

Reviewer: Elanor Weasley
Date: 10/19/05 9:20
Chapter: Happiness Remembered

Well I liked it, itīs very sad, indeed. but i enjoyed. I hope JK thinks a lot diferent from you, though:) good job!

Author's Response: yeah, me too

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