Reviews For Dear Lily
Reviewer: Quiditch fan
Date: 11/08/05 19:59
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes

this chapter rocks!!! i can't believe it!! must update soon!!!! 1,000,000,000/10

Reviewer: i love sirius black
Date: 11/08/05 17:15
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes

OMG! ACK! Beautiful! I loved it! You're great... keep going... love this story!

Reviewer: HPFreak35753
Date: 11/08/05 16:17
Chapter: Mr. Prongs, indeed.

By the way I vote for you to write another James/Lily fic

Reviewer: HPFreak35753
Date: 11/08/05 16:16
Chapter: Mr. Prongs, indeed.

By the way I vote for you to write another James/Lily fic

Reviewer: HPFreak35753
Date: 11/08/05 16:15
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes


Reviewer: hpfanforlife
Date: 11/08/05 13:59
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes

YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY! =] I love your story. A lot. A real lot. You're one of the best writers on the site, in my opinion. Keep it up!!

Reviewer: Pdft_n_Prngs
Date: 11/08/05 9:14
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes

OMG, I LUV YOUR STORY! It's so different than the rest, update soon!

Reviewer: HPFreak35753
Date: 11/08/05 9:10
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes

More More More More More I love your story don't leave me hanging From your biggest biggest fan

Reviewer: SiriuslyInLuvWithSirius
Date: 11/08/05 9:06
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes

YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE US HANGING! WHAT DOES THE LETTER SAY? I love your story. I like how Lily found out about Mr. Prongs, even if it was a little dissapointing for her. Not sure if I spelled dissapointing right. Your plot is wonderful, do continue!!! 12/10 ;)

Reviewer: Merianna
Date: 11/08/05 6:56
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes

... This is really good! I love your characters and your plot.. It's not too much, but too little either. Great job! Update soon.

Reviewer: LaaDeeDah
Date: 11/07/05 23:41
Chapter: Pass the Potatoes

Ooh... what does the letter say? Write more soon please! Love, your biggest fan.

Reviewer: HPFreak35753
Date: 11/07/05 14:48
Chapter: Mr. Prongs, indeed.


Reviewer: HPFreak35753
Date: 11/07/05 14:47
Chapter: Mr. Prongs, indeed.

I love your story please keep writing your chapters are beautifully writen keep it going

Reviewer: LaaDeeDah
Date: 11/07/05 1:02
Chapter: A Poignant Letter

I've only read two of your stories, and both of them have made it to my favourites list! I can't stand the fact that I'll probably be checking every day to see if you've written more. Where do you get your inspiration?

Reviewer: JamesandLilyforever
Date: 11/06/05 21:36
Chapter: A Poignant Letter

OoO cliff hanger how could you! anyway just hurry back with the next one can't wait to see what you come up with.

Reviewer: bookworm federation unlimited
Date: 11/06/05 20:57
Chapter: A Poignant Letter

heyhey! I love this story, and its idea. Please keep it coming

Reviewer: RoxyMarie
Date: 11/06/05 20:39
Chapter: A Poignant Letter

Awesome story! I love it! It's sooo sweet! Can't wait to see where you take it!! Great job!

Reviewer: Hazeleyesnezy
Date: 11/05/05 14:05
Chapter: A Poignant Letter

you are soooo mean ending it there!! ahhh!! update soon!!

Reviewer: grape_2010
Date: 11/03/05 20:33
Chapter: A Poignant Letter

i forgot to add, update soon!! :D

Reviewer: grape_2010
Date: 11/03/05 20:31
Chapter: A Poignant Letter

dang! you would make a good poet! anyway, how's she going to get her letter to him? i guess if she thought about it she could just leave it on her bed for him to find. i mean, he leaves hers there for her to find so he must have access to it. i don't know. are they going to start corresponding their feelings through letters? he knows her, but she doesn't know him, so how will she find out and what will be her reaction?

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