Reviewer: Saif
Date: 06/04/09 13:36
Chapter: One Shot

haha, this was so hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing!

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 03/22/09 13:02
Chapter: One Shot

If this story isn't worthy of a Canon? What Canon? award, I don't which one is. I laughed all the way through it and the absolute complete role reversals of everyone is just hilarious. Excellent job, I don't think I've ever read anything that got so much to be so different without it seeming forced. Thanks for the laughs!

Reviewer: majestic_ginny
Date: 12/14/08 11:29
Chapter: One Shot

WOW! That...was seriously funny! I really laughed out loud! AWESOME fic...LOL! And Snape and Draco were cool, so was Voldy! It was really good.-----Nadia

Reviewer: bertiebott12
Date: 04/24/08 15:52
Chapter: One Shot

Hello Laura! I know that I have chosen to review a story that you had not recommended, but it looked too good to pass up, frankly. It was something that I never expected you to write. :)

Anyways, I was immediatly drawn in to the story. One, because it was very interesting to see a humour story that wasn't actually found in the humour category. Two, because this one was actually quite funny, and OOC-ness jumped in at all of the right moments for me. Right when you think that the humour has died down, there comes another hilarious incident. I am not normally big on non-subtle humour, but you maneuvered the characters and settings so well, that I couldn't dislike it.

Your attention to detail was ashtonishing, and it is obvious that you put a lot of research behind this. There were several moments where, if you were reading quickly, you wouldn't even notice what you have flipped upside-down. The more obvious things, such as the houses and Snape's characterization were still funny, and one funny thing didn't overwhelm your one-shot. I was shocked at some of the surprises early on, and then quickly caught on to what you were trying to show.

I couldn't catch many errors that haven't already been pointed out, actually. Your flow was wonderful, and you didn't focus on the same thing the whole time. You added in your personality and detail to your writing, and I could tell it was you speaking, and that you put so much time and creativity into this.

In the moonlight it was a magnificent sight -- a worn out van from the 60's, flamboyantly painted with flower pattern and emanating toxic fumes from its exhaust. The radio inside was blasting out Yellow Submarine, croaking and struggling to perform at such a high volume, but the Life Spurters compensated for this with their own merry version.

Your 80's references were my favorite part, and my eyes started to water I was laughing so hard. I could vividly picture a new, 60's side of Snape in my head, and Beatles music blaring out of studios during the final battle. I loved the irony in that Snape started the final battle, and that the theme was the 60's. You transformed it wonderfully into something bright, hilarious, and ironic.

I had never realized, or even imagined, that you would write humour, but you proved me wrong here. You not only wrote humour, but you actually made me laugh. I would continue to pursue this, along with your other writings, and you could grow to become a famed humour writer on MNFF. Great job!

Reviewer: Morkhan
Date: 11/05/07 19:52
Chapter: One Shot


That was... just... whoa.

Are you sure you weren't under the influence of Frivolous Flurp when you wrote that? Because... seriously. That? Was a trip.

I commend you for writing the wackiest HP fanfic I've ever read. I quite liked it.

Reviewer: Andromeda_T
Date: 10/09/07 13:11
Chapter: One Shot

Ab-so-lute-ly hilarious. I was crying with laughter the whole way through. Just brilliant!

And you know what - I think Jo herself would even like it!

Reviewer: Flamien
Date: 10/09/07 4:34
Chapter: One Shot

Kind of hard to imagine them like that. Especially Malfoy & Snape..

Reviewer: hannahabbot2007
Date: 09/26/07 19:27
Chapter: One Shot

Interesting.... Not my favorite. But I did enjoy it!
~ Hannah Abbott

Reviewer: Everlasting
Date: 08/13/07 8:31
Chapter: One Shot

LMAO this was great. i was like..crying with laughter, ahhaha. i loved this part:

At that moment the door bounced open once again. In walked a man with rhythm in his stride, he had an untamed afro and star-shaped sunglasses.

ďStarburst!Ē he rejoiced.

ďMy noble friend, Moonbeam Lupin,Ē replied Snape. They embraced like brothers.

ďTry some of my Frivolous Flurp, Moony, it will really ensnare the mind and bewitch the senses.Ē After they had shared a dosage each, burped and done several somersaults in the air, Snape called Harry Potter over.

LMAo it's like the best, and also i loved the bit about sneezing. it was so hilarious, you're a great writer, and it was a real relief. i loved seeing all the characters backwards, great idea

Reviewer: emLILY EVANS
Date: 06/09/07 19:36
Chapter: One Shot


Reviewer: Siriusly_ Lily
Date: 03/20/07 17:50
Chapter: One Shot

that was hilarious!! LOVED IT!! I think you should make a story about warthogs before the "liberation."...

Reviewer: FuNnYcIdE
Date: 01/25/07 14:32
Chapter: One Shot

OH MY GOODNESSS!!!! Do you listen to the arrogant worms!!!? Because the hippo definitely reminds me of "Cows with Guns" and I pretty much had a coniption, when I read it, not gonna lie!

Anyways, apart from that, very lovely, and quite joyous and marvelous!!!!

Reviewer: Hedwig with a quill
Date: 12/03/06 11:58
Chapter: One Shot

Wow.. that was weird

Reviewer: Potter_freak0515
Date: 11/24/06 15:02
Chapter: One Shot

I love Snape!!!! This is great! I'm recommending this to all my friends!

Reviewer: Lord_MoldyShorts
Date: 11/22/06 10:17
Chapter: One Shot

A wonderfully random masterpiece. I salute my fellow idiot! Huzzah for hippos!

Reviewer: theoneyoulovetohate
Date: 10/19/06 0:52
Chapter: One Shot

This is funny beyond words. I am in... awe of you. Never again shall I make fun of hippos.

Reviewer: Fantasium
Date: 06/25/06 16:24
Chapter: One Shot

Tee hee. Remember that I was going to review you last period, and never did because I got busy/ill/kidnapped by aliens? Well, this was what I was planning to review, so wasnít it very fortunate for me to get you as my SPEW buddy? :D

Anyway, onto reviewing. I very rarely read humour, not because I donít enjoy it but because Iím simply too lazy to go searching for the gigglifying gems in the so-often-strained mud. Iím quite easily amused when interacting with people, but when it comes to reading it really takes some creativity and cleverness to make me smile. And why is this relevant to the review? Well, because this one-shot really had me laughing at several points.

There seems to be a slight formatting problem at the very beginning Ė there isnít a blank line between your Authorís Note and the beginning of the story, and it bugged me a little.

Iím very impressed by how you managed to turn everything upside-down, even down to the shape of Dumbledoreís glasses. I thought your work on the Housesí characteristics was hilarious, especially the unsociable Hufflepuffs. But what really made me laugh in the first part was Hermioneís reaction to Dobby; although I had understood by then to expect everything being different, it still surprised me. =)

An ear-piercing ring is heard, echoing off the ancient walls of the Great Hall. Each student takes this as a signal to finish their food and gather their equipment ready for lesson. At the signal of another ring, they stand and march out in single file.

- Here, at the end of the first scene, you suddenly change the tense. I know of several authors who use this in their writing, but Iím not entirely comfortable with reading it. While I guess that it quite effectively draws attention to the event, to me a switch of tense disturbs the flow of the text and hence the reading experience. Iím not exactly suggesting a change here, but simply pointing out that all readers arenít comfortable with this. =) It appears again here: Okay, she had received a Troll in her last mock paper and was well behind everyone else in class, but that is no excuse to punish her for it. - but that looked more like a typo to me?

The next highlight is definitely Snapeís dungeon. With an enchanted rainbow that spread across the entire room, sunflowers growing up one wall and a stereo that boomed out Bob Marley classics, this place was known by all the students as the House of Fun. - That is just priceless! XD Really, itís the details that make this great: Snapeís dreadlocks, Dracoís work for inter-House unity, the Life Spurters and Lupinís bunny transformation.

It canít have been easy to write a good end to this story, but I think you have managed to really do so. Writing directly to the reader is most often a no-go, of course, but here it simply adds to the humour. The final question is so simple, and I can almost see you winking at your readers when putting it there. This is such an amusing read, Laura, that it almost makes me want to tell you to give up on everything else and focus on your humorous talents. Well done!

Reviewer: KellyB09
Date: 06/13/06 14:47
Chapter: One Shot

awesome! really funny too!

Reviewer: Lionsmane
Date: 06/13/06 12:13
Chapter: One Shot

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! INSPIRED! TREMENDOUSLY HILARIOUS! Where did you come up with such a fun idea? Very good writing! I've been in stitches from laughing so hard! LOL!

Reviewer: JC_Cainstone
Date: 06/07/06 11:13
Chapter: One Shot

That was so funny! And so good!! And so amazingly abstract!!! So original!!! Evil Dumbledor, He-Who-Must-Be-Preached, Lupin the were-rabbit, pleasant Snape and everything else was so hilarious and wicked!!!!! You have just made the world of fan fiction a whole lot better!!!

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