Reviews For What is Real
Reviewer: ExpectoHouseElf
Date: 09/02/06 1:38
Chapter: The Inevitable Reality

aww...i must say i'm not a ron/hermione shipper by any means..but i must say that this story was very lovely...very good job keep up the writing you are very talented ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks, again, Expecto. I really do appreciate it. I'm always working on something, either here or on LJ, so new stories do pop up from time to time. :)

Reviewer: ExpectoHouseElf
Date: 09/02/06 1:15
Chapter: Goodbye

awww.....*weeps*.....not cool man...but a very sweet and heart felt ending!! loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! It makes me extra happy to see that D/Hr shippers like this chapter.

Reviewer: ExpectoHouseElf
Date: 09/02/06 0:54
Chapter: Safety

aww.....i'm deffinatly one of the Draco/Hermione shippers

Author's Response: Awww, I know. I love them too, I really do.

Reviewer: ExpectoHouseElf
Date: 09/02/06 0:26
Chapter: Some Discussion i was going to leave a review last chapter and say i know what i would have done in a hotel room alone with a beef cake..hehe but i see were getting to that aren't we??? hehe good job ^_^

Author's Response: Hahaha! Draco can't be wandering around for long before I throw some character at him. He's too pretty! ;)

Reviewer: WizardWonderer
Date: 08/31/06 15:43
Chapter: The Inevitable Reality

Excellent story. This is one I've bookmarked and will definetily read again.

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! That is so great to hear! :)

Reviewer: DracoHermioneForever
Date: 08/24/06 14:32
Chapter: The Inevitable Reality

that was great!! but i had to read the whole story before i wrote a review. it was really well written!! This has to be the best story i have ever read in mugglent!!! i hope you keep writing!! i will defintely read more of your stories in the future!!! I loved it!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I am very glad that you enjoyed it so much. That is quite a compliment as there are some really amazing writers here on Mugglenet! I appreciate it. :)

Reviewer: IwishIwas_Ginny
Date: 08/23/06 23:49
Chapter: The Inevitable Reality

This was an excelleny story. I actually enjoyed it so much. Thanks for writing it.

Author's Response: My pleasure! Thank you very much for reading it all the way through. :)

Reviewer: darkangelx02
Date: 08/01/06 21:59
Chapter: Clearing

yay!!! very good chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 9:29
Chapter: The Inevitable Reality

That was such a good story. The comparison of Ron against Viktor and Draco was very good, as well as the last paragraph. Well done!! =]

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

I just answered all of your comments from today and I appreciate it. So much reading in the past two days! I'm really glad you liked the whole story. Cheers!

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 9:22
Chapter: Putting it Behind Her

Nice chapter. I especially liked the reference to Dumbledore in the end.

Author's Response: DD is my man - I couldn't let the rest of the story go by without him. :)

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 9:16
Chapter: Clearing

::sigh:: Good chapter. I love Ron/Hermione shipping. ♥

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I do have such a soft spot for Ron and Hermione. . .

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 9:10
Chapter: Goodbye

This is such a good chapter; bittersweet, like you described. I loved it. ♥

Author's Response: Thank you. This is my favorite chapter of this story so I really do appreciate it.

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 8:59
Chapter: A Chance to See Him

Poor Ron, he has no clue what is really going on. Good chapter!!

Author's Response: I know, poor kid. He'll find out soon enough - and thanks!

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 8:50
Chapter: Wallowing

Classic Weasley time. Good chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you. I do love Ron when he bumbles a bit and teases Hermione. :)

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 8:43
Chapter: Safety

Aw gee. Looks like the D/Hr part is nearly over. On to R/Hr!!! ♥

Author's Response: Yes, indeed, Ron is on his way. . .

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 8:39
Chapter: Breaking

Holy crap, this has to be one of the flippen most amzing chapters I've ever read!!! I'm a R/Hr shipper AND a D/Hr shipper, this chapter is good and bad for me!! lol GREAT chapter. This is a very original idea. ♥♥♥

Author's Response: I'm laughing because this is such an awesome comment! Thank you! I'm really glad you think this twist is original. I also hope it explains some of that OOC-ness. :)

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 8:34
Chapter: The Meeting

Ahh! Cliffhanger!! Great chapter!!

Author's Response: I thought you might like that cliffie! Thanks very much.

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 8:30
Chapter: The Plan

Good chapter. On to the next!! -->

Author's Response: Thanks, thanks! :)

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 8:25
Chapter: An Answer

Good chapter!! It was very well done, but I noticed a small error in the second paragraph after the break. Where you wrote "shown" it should be spelled "shone." Other than that, everything was fine!! =]

Author's Response: Excellent! Thank you for the good catch - it is fixed. Three people read a chapter and still sometimes bad homonyms get through! *bangs head on desk*

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 08/01/06 8:04
Chapter: The Unbelievable

Good chapter!! ♥♥♥

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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