Reviews For What is Real
Reviewer: sinfulangel15
Date: 04/19/06 16:28
Chapter: Some Discussion

soooo cute! ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: hermionestwin77
Date: 04/19/06 16:05
Chapter: The Meeting

OMG!!!!!!! you have to update very soon!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Oh yea.....10/10

Author's Response: The next chapter really is in the queue, I promise!

Reviewer: Mountain Lady
Date: 04/18/06 19:48
Chapter: The Meeting

Nice cliff hanger. I always like 'em they keep me on edge, ya know. The story, absolutly amazing.

Author's Response: You've done quite a bit of reading for one night! :)

I'm glad you actually liked the cliffie. I do hope it brings you back to read more when the next chapter is posted. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

Reviewer: Mountain Lady
Date: 04/18/06 19:31
Chapter: Some Discussion

Love it. Totally the best I've ever read.

Author's Response: Thanks again! That's quite a compliment.

Reviewer: Mountain Lady
Date: 04/18/06 19:04
Chapter: A Chance Meeting

I'm pretty sure everyones enjoying it how could they not it's an excelent story.

Author's Response: Awww, thanks again. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Reviewer: Mountain Lady
Date: 04/18/06 19:00
Chapter: Dreams

Not much to say except that it's good.

Author's Response: Thanks very much.

Reviewer: Mountain Lady
Date: 04/18/06 18:54
Chapter: Home from Hogwarts

Just one question, are Hermione and Ron together or not? It's not that clear in that section. Otherwise it's really good.

Author's Response: I know it's not terribly clear what Hermione and Ron's status is and that will actually play into the story a bit later. I don't think that they know if they're together - typical really. :)

Reviewer: siriusneeds
Date: 04/18/06 18:53
Chapter: The Meeting

??? What oh please hurry with the next ch. You are doing a great job. Your on my favorite list. A 10 for sure.

Author's Response: I know, I'm sorry for the cliffhanger! I swear the next chapter is currently in the queue. Thanks for adding this to your favorites. I'm really happy you're enjoying it so far!

Reviewer: siriusneeds
Date: 04/18/06 14:37
Chapter: The Hotel Room

Ha Ha. Why yes what's a girl to do stuck in a room all alone with Draco? Am lovin' this. Too cute. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Yes, well, it's not a completely crazy question is it? =D

Reviewer: fanficfan
Date: 04/18/06 13:41
Chapter: The Meeting

Ahh...cliffhanger!!! Poor Ron, I hope Hermione comes to her senses and stops snogging(and more) Draco.

Author's Response: Glad to see you did keep reading! I'm sorry you came into the story in the middle of a cliffie. The next chapter is in the queue and some questions will be answered for Hermione, I promise.

Reviewer: fanficfan
Date: 04/18/06 12:57
Chapter: His Story

hmm...interesting. im goin to keep reading.

good work so far.

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

Reviewer: siriusneeds
Date: 04/18/06 11:01
Chapter: His Story

Well so far so good. I am intrigued. You do have tallent. It seems plausable that something like this could happen and that is important at least to me. Keep writing. I also like it because i'm a D/Hr shipper :)

Author's Response: It's always important to me that a story be realistic, too, even if it's a completely strange situation. I'm glad it's working for you and I hope you keep reading. And I'm always glad to have a fellow D/Hr shipper on board!

Reviewer: Draco_lover202
Date: 04/13/06 17:05
Chapter: The Meeting

that was soooooo awesome!!!But what a cliffie. you're killing me here. 10 all the way

Author's Response: I know, I enjoy a good cliffhanger. I'm a horrible person and I'm sorry. Thanks for the 10 anyway! I'm glad to know you don't hate me too much. :)

Reviewer: GoF_Lover
Date: 04/03/06 5:04
Chapter: The Plan

*jaw drops* man dat is sooo gr8t plz up dte soon!!! a must admit its is in ma faourites cause it is!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! It means a lot to know that you actually have this in your Favorites. *g* The latest chapter is still waiting in the queue to be approved. Hopefully it will be up soon.

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 03/22/06 23:48
Chapter: The Plan

cool story!! i've just read all 11 chapters, added u to my favorites and can't wait for more updates!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Valentina! Chapter 12 is in the queue now and Chapter 13 is ready for submission as soon as the other is posted. Glad to have you on board!

Reviewer: LuckyRatTail
Date: 03/19/06 5:14
Chapter: The Plan

You're a really excellent writer and this story flows brilliantly. Well done, I look forward to the exciting plot twists!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, LuckyRatTail. I hope you won't be disappointed with the upcoming developments! :)

Reviewer: GryffindorHeir1040
Date: 03/07/06 23:35
Chapter: The Plan

ooh first review lol

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! Has this story gotten to the point where you're excited to call first review? Very cool! :)

Reviewer: GryffindorHeir1040
Date: 02/27/06 22:51
Chapter: An Answer

augggg please please please please please pleas please uppppppdddddddaaaaattttteeeee

Author's Response: Well, the good news is that my two challenge fics have been validated so I can now upload Chapter 11. I promise I will get that done as soon as possible!

Reviewer: iluvharryandron
Date: 02/27/06 17:32
Chapter: An Answer

very interesting story! that is a really good comliement! i love the ships and am hooked to reading this! undate soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, iluvharryandron! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I've been focusing on some other writing but Chapter 11 is just about ready, I promise.

Reviewer: GryffindorHeir1040
Date: 02/25/06 21:44
Chapter: The Hotel Room

ohhmygawwsh i actually like this one :D

Author's Response: Well, thank you very much!

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