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Reviews For Hermione's Summer

Name: HedwigsChristie (Signed) · Date: 06/21/07 12:53 · For: Ultimatums to Phone Calls
Briliant story nice lil bit of mystery any chance of updating soon i can't wait to read more

Author's Response: thanks! havent gotten a review iin ages! Im inspired now to write a chapter- my other stories will probably go first...but i wont have access to a computer for a while, so after that it will be possible. Thanks!

Name: A_Pink_lady (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 11:05 · For: Attack!
Oh no, i hope Shannons alright! this is a great story, i like how the weasleys all know shannon and co, it shows how big the order really is.

Name: A_Pink_lady (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 10:57 · For: Half-Moon House
This is a really good story, it really works well with the books, but i was curious whats the the frog, the giant mushroom, and the beaterís bat story?Do you have a story about it or is it left to our imagination? I liked the star-struck bit, comparing Ginny to shannon. I also like how hermione keeps on thinking about ron and harry, its really in character!

Author's Response: thanks! Sorry, that story was never meant to be told in detail, but if someone convinces me I might do it, I hadn't really decided.

Name: A_Pink_lady (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 10:13 · For: Ultimatums to Phone Calls
I like the sound of this story, i wonder who the caller was? I liked the bit about 'socialising' and stuff, and she talks about Ron, Harry and Ginny. I always wondered what hermiones parents were like about the witch stuff. I'm gonna read some more of this now!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! thanks for reviewing. The caller is- well, there are clues. I haven't decided yet exactly how Hermione will find out, but she will at some point.

Name: halfbloodprincess22 (Signed) · Date: 11/09/06 19:38 · For: Attack!
this is brilliant so far..update soon

Author's Response: thanks! I guess I'll try. I had an idea recently that might work...

Name: the_professor (Anonymous) · Date: 07/25/06 18:47 · For: At Dinner
I like what you've got so far. Keep writing and update soon.

Name: the_professor (Anonymous) · Date: 07/25/06 18:46 · For: At Dinner
I like what you've got so far. Keep writing and update soon.

Name: Benny (Signed) · Date: 12/31/05 19:50 · For: The First Meeting Place
Every chapter hopefully, your brother will send his regards, as he is now.

Name: luv_2_laugh (Signed) · Date: 12/15/05 22:57 · For: Two Strangers
ooo, interesting, I am dying to find out who the mysterious man was! -J

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I was very very happy to get it. You'll find out more in Chapter 3, which I already submitted so I hope it'll be up soon. I'll tell you this- he's not the one who made the phone call. The phone call was made by someone Harry has met, about whom there are a lot of predictions being made for his role in book 7. I hid a few clues if you look closely. Glad you like it!

Name: Benny (Signed) · Date: 11/25/05 10:02 · For: Ultimatums to Phone Calls
You wanted a review, so your brother is sending one :) P.S. I'm nice so I am rating this a Ten

Author's Response: Yes, Benny, that's very nice. In case anyone was curious, this is my brother and I actually saw him typing this review. I never told him I submittted my story to mugglenet, he figured it out somehow, I don't know. I think he said something about searching the Authors page for me. :-)

Name: Dara (Signed) · Date: 11/22/05 16:36 · For: Ultimatums to Phone Calls
Good Story! I like the plot and I'm looking forward to what happens. Update!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I like your story too! I should be updating soon but I've been waiting for days for a new story to be posted, I hope the mods hurry up!

Name: lmageous (Signed) · Date: 11/13/05 7:49 · For: Ultimatums to Phone Calls
This is very good. I like how you give her a fight with her parents, we've never seen her lose her temper. The second chapter is a little short, though.

Author's Response: She's just upset, not really losing her temper like Harry in OOtp. "There might be a couple of people fifty miles away who dodn't hear you..." I didn't realize Chap 2 is short, it's sort of just leading into Chap 3, which I am about halfway with it. Thanks for reviewing!

Name: lmageous (Signed) · Date: 11/13/05 7:48 · For: Ultimatums to Phone Calls
This is very good. I like how you give her a fight with her parents, we've never seen her lose her temper. The second chapter is a little short, though.

Name: HereForNow (Signed) · Date: 10/19/05 23:02 · For: Ultimatums to Phone Calls
This was actually a facet of Harry Potter that I was interested in - Hermione's relationship with her parents. I always wondered how exactly they coped with her complete abandonment of them, so needless to say, when I saw your story, I got pretty excited. Well written...but: I always thought Hermione to be someone who knows "how to play the game." She can tell teachers what they want to hear and is an extremely rational girl. I would have thought that she atleast gave her parents the attention they deserved when home...? But I guess no one really knows. Hermione gets very caught up in everything academic and thoroughly enjoys being a witch. Although I am sure she would never do it intentionally, I see how this could result in her being...a bit neglectful. It really is a fascinating angle to explore and there is much that can be done with it.

Author's Response: This is a very thouroough review! I really appreciated getting it, thanks so much! Chapter one is the only one so far that focuses on Hermione and her parents, but she will go back to them soon. Like in the Galadriel books, Hermione is always right unless she gets emotional. I don't intend to make this the main aspect of the story, though- more aspects of Hermione's character are coming up as well. Are you part of SPEW? This was a great review and it inspired me to review many more authors as well.

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