Reviewer: nosothewiz
Date: 06/10/07 9:27
Chapter: Chapter 28

It was okay, the death of malfoy jr. was kind of sad though

Reviewer: nosothewiz
Date: 06/10/07 8:37
Chapter: Dreadful Deeds

I like the story. Just like malfoy to 'use' ginny for sex. Kill him

Reviewer: nosothewiz
Date: 06/10/07 8:31
Chapter: Surprises of a Different Kind


Reviewer: nosothewiz
Date: 06/10/07 8:18
Chapter: Bad Memories

YAY back to the story! Dankashane (Thanks) sorry for going mental on you earlier.

Reviewer: nosothewiz
Date: 06/10/07 8:07
Chapter: Love or Lust

Hermione "sleeping" with draco was complete and total RUBBISH. I felt sick!!!!!!! How could you write that! (I'm sorry you prob. got tons of hate mail. I hate, hate mail. But these are my feelings, pleez pllleeeezzzzzzz, write draco/hermione stuff in that catagory) SORRY

Reviewer: magichick123
Date: 06/03/07 10:53
Chapter: Knowledge, Power and Pain

oh it better be harry's cos i can't stand draco and ginny

Reviewer: Noel Weasley
Date: 05/15/07 19:06
Chapter: Return

“Hmm, I have no idea what it would be like to be on the top of every dark wizard’s hit list and try to lead a normal life!” Harry replied sarcastically. “I’m sure they’re way more interested in killing you than The Boy Who Lived To Be A Right Pain in Voldemort’s Ass.” He raked his fingers through his hair.

Funny! i like that line, most likely my fave. one in whole story! Keep it up! woo-hoo! yes, i am a bit random sometimes...

Reviewer: Noel Weasley
Date: 05/15/07 18:50
Chapter: Knowledge, Power and Pain

Forget about the accident, if Hermione is preg. with Draco's kid, have her fall down some stairs. i know, cliche, but it's the easiest solution for your problem.

Reviewer: Noel Weasley
Date: 05/15/07 18:35
Chapter: Dreadful Deeds

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! but cool problem. this is the time to get into an 'accident' right about now, but, the chapter is already out so i can only hope... oh well, till next time! wow, no criticism in this review...

Reviewer: Noel Weasley
Date: 05/15/07 18:17
Chapter: Another Horcrux

Draco raised his wand and yelled “Avada Kedavra” just as Hermione yelled “Protego”. The Killing Curse rebounded off of the baby’s shield and blasted a whole in the wall behind Draco as he dodged out of the way.

“Hermione! What did you do that for?” Draco bellowed angrily.

“Because he’s only an innocent baby. And the Killing Curse is illegal, Draco!” Hermione shot back.

Okay, part one. the Killing curse CAN'T be blocked! part two, Everyone seems to be using the Unforgivable curses, so why stop now. and Voldemort would make his Horcrux more of a challenge to get and make it life threatening, like in book six and the fake horcrux.please, i beg of you, check the books of things you aren't so sure about and stuff!!!

now my horrible ranting is over, here are the good things! i like the whole 'Horcrux, baby' combo, not many people would kill a baby. the whole thing a few chapters ago with Hermione and Draco was interesting and stuff. well, keep it up!

Reviewer: Noel Weasley
Date: 05/15/07 17:28
Chapter: A Trip to St. Mungo's

I'm sorry, but i just can't believe that HERMIONE would use the CRUCIATUS CURSE on somebody! I'm sorry, but i think that Harry, Ron and Hermione would use any of those curses on anybody, even Death Eaters. it's all OOC and your writing is, well, not to be rude, but, it lacks believability and no one would just brush off the information of a phoenix living with them. I'm sorry, but you need to fix it a bit; write as if it's for J.K. Rowling and you want to be a Ghostwriter for her and your turning in your best work. i like the plot line and things, but do try to keep everything on what J.K. Rowling has provided for us. Luv, Little Old Me

Reviewer: Jessii
Date: 05/09/07 11:03
Chapter: Confusion

dodgey cahpter u should have a real warning on that 1!! its a bit graphic!!!!!

Reviewer: Hermione Weasly7306
Date: 05/07/07 10:37
Chapter: Chapter 28

Update Please I've Waited ForAlmost 10 Months 2More =1Year=(

Reviewer: miss_super10
Date: 04/30/07 12:31
Chapter: Chapter 28

please rite the next chapter. the story is so good! Its so awesome, can't wait for next chapter, don't give up on the story, everyone loves it!

Reviewer: xlilshortyhanax
Date: 04/19/07 13:56
Chapter: Chapter 28

please please please hurry up and rite a nu chapter i wanna no mor!!! Hana-Lou x

Reviewer: kataang2
Date: 04/12/07 20:33
Chapter: Confusion

that was wrong what hermione did

Reviewer: GrayGreenEyes
Date: 04/10/07 11:47
Chapter: Chapter 28

It was different, but I was really curious. The reviews let you know people are reading. Good or bad. Don't get aggitated, finish your story. It's yours, and I have a feeling you chaged a lot of it to make others happy... JKR keeps everyone on the egde of their seat. There is slways dispair. I seriously doubt Harry & Ginny will be together in book seven.... Unless, he realizes that love is the most powerful weapon he has....

Reviewer: litfreak81
Date: 03/29/07 17:15
Chapter: Chapter 28

An update is needed right now!! :)

Reviewer: shrim5191
Date: 03/29/07 15:35
Chapter: Final Farewells

where is chapter 29? i love the wrighting but i need more.


Reviewer: Hermione Weasly7306
Date: 03/20/07 16:18
Chapter: Chapter 28

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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