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Reviewer: stickm
Date: 04/26/05 15:15
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

me again just from reading other peoples comments... 1) When is Kevin's Birthday? 2)Just how many times did he cheese off (or escape from) Voldemort? 3)Also since Voldie decided to make Kevin one of his sons doesn't that make him his equal??? Just a thought... I seem to be having lots of them lately! :)

Reviewer: stickm
Date: 04/26/05 15:11
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

wow, yet again another impressive chapter. Loved the roasting you gave all your flamers for the last chapter- they deserved it and of course you are quite within your rights to do what you like with this story! You have to admit though you got a fantastic reaction from everybody- 37 reviews for one chapter is no mean feat! Anyway back to the review, I loved the unison between Harry and Ginny's wand I think their bond of love will have destroyed old voldie forever -just what he deserves! to be honest when I read it I was thinking about something JK said on her website about Harry, Ron and Hermione's wands each representing the main magical cores in sorcery! I reckon you could be onto something here about uniting the magical powers of wands! Sorry felt like a bit of musing there! I'm going to stop now and if you get anymore flamers send 'em to me :))

Reviewer: littlemissperfect
Date: 04/26/05 14:07
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

ha! i thought it was going to involve time. Way to go i loved it! I;m sorry you had to deal with so many comments but i stand by what i said before -think of it as a complement how upset everyone was!

Reviewer: Th3_MoL3
Date: 04/26/05 12:21
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

Very good indeed, i am liking the way you have caused such a reaction in your readers, as shown below some of ur haters have said they're sorry. So its all good. Now i have to agree with the guys below about the prophecy because, harry is the only one to be able to kill voldement. I don't seem to see how voldy can be dead, unless you are going to use harry's wand to explain his death. I will wait and see what happens next. 10/10 as usual.

Reviewer: Huskers
Date: 04/26/05 10:25
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

I was one who was dissapointed that you Killed Ginny. Not to upset about Kevin. I however, did not roast or berate you for it. It was/is your story, do what you want with it. I am glad you have seemingly brought Ginny back. Kevin, if you want him back, I am glad for you. I am not sure if you have destroyed Voldemort entierly in this version or not, you have not clarified it, though it does seem that you have. If that is the case, I think you have ultimately failed with your story becasue Harry was not the one who destroyed Voldemort. Now I wait for you to correct me, or show me in the next chapter that Voldemort is not dead, and Harry will destroy him. Good luck and it has been a fun ride.

Reviewer: ronsgal
Date: 04/26/05 7:49
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

omg ur the greatest writer evaer. seriously good. and to think that i thought myself a good writer. god ur awesome.i cant help it. ur really good. so what hapnd to voldy???????????????is he alive? or is he dead??????????please please please update

Reviewer: ronsgal
Date: 04/26/05 7:36
Chapter: The Price of Victory

ur soooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!! how can u do this to harry u evil hag!!!!!

Reviewer: hawaiianhulagal
Date: 04/26/05 5:11
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

Okay, what happened to Voldemort? He can't be dead. What about the profecy? *ugh* My head hurts! Please update so my headache will go away!

Reviewer: hawkeye
Date: 04/26/05 3:19
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

Interesting...very interesting. It seems like Kevin just killed Voldemort instead of Harry? I'll assume its all gonna be explained in the next chapter? hehe. I'm sorry to see this story coming to an end, but I can't wait to find out how it does end :)

Reviewer: Galleta
Date: 04/25/05 23:56
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

Mmm... First of all I want to apologize if I offended you, my comment was....silly.....I really dont hate was only the passion of the moment, in the end of my comment I said that it was a very good chapter. You are an excellent writer, so much, that you created chaos in all the persons who read your fanfic. Continue writing. And I am sorry again for being such a big head....

Reviewer: LaraAnn
Date: 04/25/05 23:49
Chapter: You can't go back again...or can you?

I purposely did not review after the last chapter because I had faith in your reasoning. This chapter proves I was right in that reasoning. You are an extraordinary author and never let anyone tell you otherwise. If JKR would have listened, we wouldn't have the basis for all the things we try to write. 10 of 10, and if I could give it more, I would. Keep up the excellent work, this truly is amazing.

Reviewer: BobtheBuilder17
Date: 04/24/05 23:36
Chapter: The Price of Victory

ALLRIGHT!!!! What a great twist that is worthy of great recognition. This sort of twist will make this story stand out as a classic fanfic.

Reviewer: hpbiblioholic
Date: 04/24/05 12:22
Chapter: The Price of Victory

sorry, this is a really good story, and u r a talented writer but i hate it when people do that stuff to harry, hes had enough saddness in his life already. and all the people who dont like people saying in reviews they dont like something the author did, hello that is the point of reviews. and i will be soooo mad at jkr if she has harry and ginny get together in later books, and then kill her off. she can kill cho instead. anyway, pls bring ginny and kevin back.

Reviewer: hpbiblioholic
Date: 04/24/05 12:10
Chapter: The Price of Victory

U R SOOOOO EVIL!!!!!!!!!! u didn't have to do that to harry!!!!!!!! bring her back or something, please! and Kevin, too. u have to find some magic thing to bring her back. how could u do that? u should be ashamed, doing that to Harry! evil person!

Reviewer: loverro
Date: 04/22/05 6:41
Chapter: So it begins...again

This is a really great story. sob.sob.sob. sob.sob.sob. I can continue like that 4ever. However, I can't deny that you're a REALLY goooooooooooooood writer. And I also want to express my sympathy because from what I've read, you're reviewers yelled at you. You know what? I hang on my pride by only a thin thread so as not to cry over Harry's extreme grief. Please write one last chapter,........ Epilogue, perhaps????? Purrrrrrrrrlease?

Reviewer: TheObviousOne
Date: 04/21/05 19:08
Chapter: The Price of Victory

I very good chapter. I assume Ginny giving her life for Harry was the reason Voldemort's curse rebonded? It's not so bad after you've already read a story where Ginny died. This is still only the second one in which she dies. I think that if you felt it had to be done, which it looks like it did,then that is the way it has to be. Great Chapter

Reviewer: Th3_MoL3
Date: 04/21/05 15:05
Chapter: The Price of Victory

I second that request.

Reviewer: Stuart
Date: 04/21/05 13:55
Chapter: The Price of Victory

Loonypadfoot-I feel what they wrote was right in a sense. What nate wrote definatley wasn't intended to get people to start yelling at each other. This is very good work and I hold this story up high on a pedastool. Great writing indeed. Being an author it is your job to write the story the way you feel it should be written. Constuctive Critisim is good but yelling at other reviews is just downright immature. Grow up please. Reviews are intended to encourage the writer, the way you guys are making him feel he probably will not write again. To Nate, I'm sorry for the way they act and I hope to see a new chapter up really soon.

Reviewer: loonypadfoot
Date: 04/19/05 17:56
Chapter: The Price of Victory

to nate- srry for calling u an idiot - ur a really good writer - i just have a firery temoer and was reall really really mad!! but i got over it - just be sure to make kv come back to life and make him be the one to jump infront of the killing curse sent at harry because of brotherly luv and the britherly luv of him sacrificing his life saves harry - srry if i put down ur self esteem or something!

Reviewer: loonypadfoot
Date: 04/19/05 17:50
Chapter: The Price of Victory

TO BOBIN221 - SHUT UP!!!! i kno that the writer is entitled to write watever he wants, BUT the reaaders are allowed to say how they felll about wat he writes in a reveiw. DUH!!! that is the whole point o a review - to say wat u think and give constructive criticizism... or just criticizism if that is wat they think , although that it may not be very nice - the author should kno just to ignore the flames - like i do - but i currentlly dont have any stories posted here!! teehee. anyways - i think that u should just shut ur fat mouth and let people say wat we think and if we are sasd and mad at him for killing Ginny it really doesnt mean that we dont have a life! i have a very busy life i just enjoy reading this and when he kills off my fav. character - i get kinda mad - like when jkr killed sirius!!so , once again SHUT YOUR MOUTH , YOU CAN JUST SAY WAT U WANT TO SAY (THAT U LIKE THE STORY) WITHOUT INSULTING OTHERS< LIKE ME< WHO DISLIKE NATE FOR KILLING OFF THEIR FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!!!! O< AND STOP BEING HYPOCRITICAL IN YOUR REVIEW(just an added note!!

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