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Name: madeyemoody98 (Anonymous) · Date: 05/02/05 0:26 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
ohh awww!!!semi-resurection of ginny and kevin...lol. post more soon!!!!!

Name: loonypadfoot (Signed) · Date: 04/30/05 19:13 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
srry bout SOME of the stuff i said - i still think that Kevin died without purpose to begin with, for Griff couldnt kill harry even if he wanted to - only Voldy can. but that is my idea and i respect the fact that u r the writer - you kno where the story is going, i dont. is voldy actually dead?? bcuz that seriously confused me - Kevin shouldnt b able to kill voldy unless the prophesy was wrong, or did harry mutter a spell that no one heard and he did wandless majic??watever - plz plz plz try and update faster!!

Name: bobin221 (Signed) · Date: 04/30/05 11:36 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
Loved it. And even though a previous reviewer said you shouldn't yell at your readers (even when the deserve it) I'm personally glad you did. This is not the forum to tell say the things that were said just cuz the story didn't go their way. I wonder how they're going to feel when JK really does kill off someone near and dear? You are a very talented writer and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your fic. Its well thought out and planned. Excellent job!!!

Name: hpbiblioholic (Signed) · Date: 04/29/05 23:01 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
Yay! I thought you might do something to bring Ginny and Kevin back! Also, I just wanted to apologize if I went overboard on my reviews. I don't think I did, but if I was one of the people who went to far, I'm sorry. You are a great writer. 10/10

Name: HPGWfan (Signed) · Date: 04/29/05 14:22 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
I was very sad when Ginny died, but I knew bad thing do happen and while writting a story can take unexpected turns ( expecially the better storys ). I did enjoy the way you resolved the deaths of Kevin and Ginny. Keep up the great work.

Name: Mystik_Ecko (Anonymous) · Date: 04/28/05 9:39 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
haha...man that was crazy..i take back wat i said..and now u have a rite to hate me..lol..(i hope u dont)..that was reallly nice..made sense and all..good job..oh and thx..for not killing the characters complete..i learned..lol..never to distrust you without a reason or explanation>>hehe..keep it up..safe =)

Name: Sunny June (Anonymous) · Date: 04/27/05 20:56 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
Draco wasn't very convincing, but I understand his use - needed an impartial character to show tough-love. I don't even remember him having much of a role in this story in the first place? I could be mistaken, I read a lot of fics - they merge together in my mind and it's hard to separate. . . I knew all along that you weren't going to kill them for nothing, it doesn't seem like you're the type of writer who kills people just to get a rise out of your audience . . . You would only use them to further a plot, and you did . . . so win-win all around. I understood. You did what you wanted. And all the little monsters got what they wanted - to have Ginny and Kevin alive. Don't let the antagonistic reviewers get you down . . . They're usually thirteen year olds who haven't quite grasped the use of literary-devices and ploys for the sake of the story, not the audience. They all write to have a great review . . . And you write to have a great story. Big difference. Until next chapter . . .

Name: Snuffles (Signed) · Date: 04/27/05 17:42 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
I love this story!! I didn't mention how much I loved it in my first review because well, I was a wee bit shocked. I love the way you write and I think that you are incredibly talented. I may have mentioned this in my other review but your story is the best fanfic I have ever read and you sure know how to get reviews. I really like your characters and how they act but in the earlier chapters Harry didn't really seem like himself. He was to comfortable around Cho I think, in OoTP he was really nervous around her. I don't know it's just my opinon and it's not really that important but I thought I'd let ya know what I think. Great Story!! I really love it! Update soon please.

Name: Snuffles (Signed) · Date: 04/27/05 17:02 · For: The Price of Victory
I started reading this fic recently and it is one of my favorites... but how could you kill Ginny!!!!!!! It's just not cool. Kevin too!!!! He and Sara are great characters and I love the way you write but killing Kevin and Ginny in the same chapter.. it hurts. On to the next chapter.

Name: Twins22 (Signed) · Date: 04/27/05 16:45 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
i adimit i really like your story, but there are a few things i would like to say to you. i am not chasting you about killing Ginny in the last chapter but i am over something else. you should not yell at you readers like that, even if they may have personally insulted you it is their choice to read your story and read it because they like it and instead of yelling at them when they comment to you you should just suck it up and take having a few less readers. it was very unprofessional of you to do that, even though you are not a professional you should still act like you to your readers. they all know that it is your story and your plot line and they can do nothing on how you write your story. did you ever hear jk rowling and yell at people when they made a separte booklist because hers always took the top spot, no she didnt she stuck through it or did you hear her get angry when churches ban her book because thay say it is devil worship. all i am saying is thar you should look at your idol before you let angry overcome you. i am really sorry i have never written a bad review before its just i thought some contructive critism would be good. P.S. i really do like your story and the twist you put on it.

Name: Harrypotter_Gurl (Signed) · Date: 04/27/05 16:29 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
I really liked the chapter!!! I'll admit I was devasted and a little angry when you killed Ginny but your right it does give the story quite a turn!! 10/10 (I wish there was sumthin higher)

Name: shadowchild25 (Signed) · Date: 04/27/05 13:20 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
ok... didn't comment last time, i admit... my comp is being stupid. i was sad, but didn't want to kill you or anything, certainly not tell you how to write your story. truth be told... i expect jkr to do something more like that later... kill off another one of the closest people to harry's heart... so it was a good taste of that... i'm really pleased that you brought them back though... but i'm unsure whether they should have traded everything for two people... if anyone else should die later on because voldemort kills them, then those deaths will weigh heavier on harry's mind... but i don't care... GINNY AND KEVIN ARE BACK!!!

Name: Stuart (Signed) · Date: 04/27/05 9:25 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
An amazing story in all. You have so many good ideas. Putting Ginny and Harry's wand together must prove to be useful, I only with it were Harry that had done it. I ultimatly want to see him kill off Voldemort. Great chapter and you sure did hush up all those negative people didn't you?! lol. Rating~100

Name: Trisana (Signed) · Date: 04/26/05 21:20 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
That was so awesome....I'm sorry about all of those idiots flaming you so bad...i would never do that. It's not our place to question your story or your decision on who to kill or keep....that talk with malfoy really did keep me on my toes...i thought that malfoy was going to turn around and curse him...so love and luck with the story bye

Name: CanaangirlHP (Signed) · Date: 04/26/05 19:50 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
Bra-vo exilenta well done didn't see that comeing

Name: hatchetman1420 (Signed) · Date: 04/26/05 19:44 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
Im really sorry if what i said was one of the things that made u mad and i want to say sorry i know u dont know me but i would like it if u forgave me and i would like to say that this is like the best story and ur a great writer keep it up

Name: Miss Radcliffe (Signed) · Date: 04/26/05 19:44 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
ok i just read it. it's so good!!!!! tempus flame-very creative, nice job. i just looked @ my review from the last chapter. i am sooo sorry. u r a gr8 and talented writer and i feel terrible for submitting a review like that.

Name: Miss Radcliffe (Signed) · Date: 04/26/05 19:27 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
i am writing this review before i read this chapter. i think you are absolutely right about the reviews from the last chapter. i'm sorry u those reviews were ever posted and hoped my review didn't offend you. i will make another review after i read the chapter. ^_^

Name: darla potter (Signed) · Date: 04/26/05 15:37 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
Intersting twist, throwing Malfoy into the mix there...I wonder if he's going to end up playing a bigger part later on. I was thrilled when you brought back Ginny and Kevin, although when I was reading through the reveiws of the previous chapter, I was shocked to see how personally people were taking their demise. Kudos to you, for sticking to your guns, and for throwing us all off kilter for awhile! By the way, did you know that when Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle killed off Sherlock Holmes he recieved death threats? It only goes to show how well beloved your charactors are. Keep up the good work!!

Name: I_love_DJR (Signed) · Date: 04/26/05 15:26 · For: You can't go back again...or can you?
Hey, I am really glad that you brought Ginny and Kevin back. Even if you hadn't I would personally not have been mad becasue I also like to write fan-fics, not nessicerily on the internet, but I have killed off some major characters and my friedns have always suported me. I mean why should someone you don't know and they don't know you get mad at you becasue you have your own opinions. I think u are a really talented writer and I hope you up-date soon.

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