Reviewer: hannahabbot2007
Date: 05/27/07 23:22
Chapter: Tantalizing Tongues and Jealous Lovers

~ Hannah Abbot

Reviewer: hannahabbot2007
Date: 05/27/07 23:13
Chapter: Dreams, Secrets and Infuriating Hair

Hey I like it!!
~ Hannah Abbot, the Forgotten Hufflepuff

Reviewer: hannahabbot2007
Date: 05/27/07 17:25
Chapter: Entries and Encounters

Hey really good!
~ Hannah Abbot

Reviewer: Pixie Flite
Date: 05/18/07 18:55
Chapter: Dirt and James make Lily upset

ooooh!!!! I LOVE that song! It's on Smallville! That awesome-show-that-isn't-as-awesome-as-Harry-Potter! Great chappie!

Reviewer: Eclairs
Date: 05/07/07 3:56
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism

It was soooooooooo good. I really can't wait for the next. Seriously it was sooooooooooooooooo good.

Reviewer: iheartjames
Date: 05/05/07 11:17
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism

OMG!!!!!!!!!! what kind of a beating will james get now?!?!?!?!?
please hurry up and put up the next chapter!

Reviewer: brokensmile
Date: 04/09/07 19:59
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism

thats it???? if it is is not a very good ending. write more your a very good writer

Author's Response: course that aint it!!! ive had so much trouble with getting the chapter up i just needed a break.

Reviewer: prongs_n_me22
Date: 04/04/07 20:12
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism

Omgsh! If you do not hurry up and finish this I am going to cry! You are a very talented writer! Good job!

Reviewer: The Slytherin Queen
Date: 03/02/07 18:37
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism


Reviewer: The Slytherin Queen
Date: 02/23/07 22:38
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism


Reviewer: Ginny_N_Harry
Date: 02/22/07 11:50
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism

I love this story. I also think it is awesome that you are australian. that would be so awesome. i am american and very blonde so sorry about all of the rambling but hopefully and possible you got some laughes from all of this stuff i was just blabbering about!!!

Reviewer: Lilyflower24
Date: 12/01/06 10:20
Chapter: Tantalizing Tongues and Jealous Lovers

OMGawsh! AWESOME!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! (I just realized that one of my friends from last year, has a friend named Rhinnon, yeah.... that was kinda dumb, but,

Reviewer: Lilyflower24
Date: 12/01/06 9:55
Chapter: Entries and Encounters

LOL!! My cousin's name is Melissa Thompson.... lol.... great chappie!! I loved it! && I love how you use the Aussie slang, I don't understand a word, but, it's fun to read.... but I uderstand the italian! YAY 4 me!

Reviewer: ___RACHEL
Date: 10/28/06 5:33
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism

I love your story and your style or writing. It's different and makes everyone fall in love with your plot and funny lines. xD Do put Chapter Eight up soon, you're making me anxious.

Reviewer: HJPCATI
Date: 09/05/06 3:18
Chapter: Entries and Encounters


Reviewer: HJPCATI
Date: 09/05/06 2:02
Chapter: Entries and Encounters


Reviewer: fleurgirlfrevr
Date: 08/23/06 22:55
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism

This story is bloody hilarious!!!! can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: queendiva4evr
Date: 08/21/06 12:51
Chapter: Dirt and James make Lily upset

"I've finally got you where I want you." -James Potter AND Jesse de Silva after dumping Suze on the bed because of her burnt and bruised feet. You, girl, are so nailed. Do not deny that you red the Mediator

Author's Response: Really? Being "nailed" would hurt, dont you agree? i do not deny anything and I admit nothing. Im frustrating, i know.

Reviewer: queendiva4evr
Date: 08/21/06 12:48
Chapter: Reconciliations

Okay, you have most definetely read the mediator series by Meg Cabot, right? I said that before in one of my reviews but I say it again. The fact that lily kisses with open eyes not to 'miss' anything, that James interrupts them and all, that Jesse speaks spanish and is her half-way crush, that the evil girl's first name is Kelly as in Kelly Prescott and is also stunningly pretty and all. It's all Suze Simon, Tad Beaumont, Jesse de Silva and Kelly Prescott. Please mail me and say if I'm write. I luv those books. Did you read all of them, 1-6?
I luv this story! Hurry up and write a next chappy

Author's Response: you are partially right. minus a couple of things. I have an awesome friend named Kelly and shes gorgeous. Two, i speak spanish and so does my twin, whos name is Sebastian Jesse (see, his middle name?) So you are partly right, as I get my inspiration from alot of places including my family and friends.

Reviewer: queendiva4evr
Date: 08/20/06 19:48
Chapter: Aminal Magnetism

If you don't fucking write another chapter soon, I will grant you a slow painful death. YOU'RE TORTURING ME HERE!!! IT'S SOOOO GOOD!
Did you read the mediator series by Meg Cabot? The thing where Jesse kisses Lily and she has open eyes to not miss anything and James is there and she shrieks and he's like, "don't mind me, proceed!' is like exactly like where Suze kisses Tad Beaumont and Jesse is in the back seat and all. mail me, please?

Author's Response: hey i get my inspiration from alot of places. its torture for me too to see it rejected. sigh

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