Reviews For Unforgotten
Reviewer: heartachin4harry
Date: 03/29/06 16:00
Chapter: The Code Will Tell All

Hm, what could Giny have gotten? I can't wait to find out. Update soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: i'll update really soon because i'm almost done with the next chapetr! seriously, this one is going A LOT faster than the last three or however many have taken forever. it should be in soon!!! :)

Reviewer: hpnut
Date: 03/27/06 22:18
Chapter: The Code Will Tell All

That was a good chapter!! I like how the story is going, keep it up.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm almost done with the next chapter, so it should be in soon. I'm serious this time. :)

Reviewer: Got_Harry_152
Date: 03/25/06 12:40
Chapter: Ginny's Mystery

A+!....but...(I hate saying that) when is everyone going to find out about Ella? I mean, Lupin, Shacklebolt, Tonks...even Fred, George, Mrs. Weasley! Why hasn't anyone noticed...ok, ok, they noticed, but wouldn't Mrs. Weasley like to know who she is? Is she going to go with the trio to Godric's Hollow? Ay-yi-yi, I have so many questions! I can't wait til the next chapter, some will be answered!

Author's Response: Ok, ok, I'm going to try and bring everything together. It's going to be tough, I know, because I just have so much going on. Oh well. I'll manage. Thanks for the review! :)

Reviewer: Hot48cricket
Date: 02/25/06 11:49
Chapter: Ginny's Mystery

Nice. What's up with Ginny?????

Author's Response: you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Reviewer: fairiesandcream
Date: 02/22/06 2:56
Chapter: Ginny's Mystery

Oh my gosh! That was so cool. Poor Ginny! Please update soon.

Author's Response: ok, i'll try to get the next chapter up soon. thanks for the review. :)

Reviewer: hpfreak06
Date: 02/14/06 17:27
Chapter: Many Mysteries

luv it! luv it!! LUV IT!!!

Author's Response: short but sweet... i luv it, luv it, luv it that you reviewed!!! thank you, and i will try to get the next chapter up within this week. :)

Reviewer: heartachin4harry
Date: 02/12/06 10:33
Chapter: Ginny's Mystery

That was so good! I hated having to wait, but, it was definitely worth it! Oh, what's wrong with Ginny? The Fred and George reaction was so funny! I loved it. And I felt so bad for Mrs. Weasley. It mmust have been really hard for her. And I'm happy for Harry, because now he will be a little happier. Update soon!!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks! hopefully you won't have to wait for the next chapter... well, not long anyways. :)

Reviewer: BewitchMe
Date: 02/11/06 20:09
Chapter: Ginny's Mystery

Oh-my-gosh. I heart this story times 19285083465. But, when are you going to add romance, after all, this is a romance fic! hahaha. Keep writing, I will die if you don't. Haha. 8260397642596824 out of ten!

Author's Response: thank you sooo much!!!! that was a great review! and actually, i'm adding romance very soon because yes, as you said, this is under the romance category. i'll get the next chapter up asap!!

Reviewer: Sgt Pepper
Date: 02/10/06 22:54
Chapter: Many Mysteries

loved it!update soon.i wonder if will g Ginny be jealous about alll that thing that Ella is so exited about Harry

Author's Response: hmmmm, you'll just have to wait and see... actually, ella isn't in love with harry, he's just famous and all so she's kind of drawn to him, like a lot of girls would be. oh well, i won't give too much away.

Reviewer: ginnypotter4eva
Date: 02/10/06 17:17
Chapter: Inside the Veil

this is brilliant. i love it! lol, keep goin', update soon!!!

Author's Response: thank you!!! i promise, i'll try extra hard to get the next chapter up really quickly because i'm actually getting reviews now. haha. anyways, i'll go type now...

Reviewer: Freaky Chick
Date: 02/09/06 17:39
Chapter: Inside the Veil

This a cool roleplay.I mean I dont think its GREAT! But thats just me good job!Update soon

Author's Response: thank you. to tell you the truth, i don't think it's great either. i've done better. oh well. maybe the next chapter will make it GREAT. you never know...

Reviewer: Jeitzi
Date: 02/08/06 8:26
Chapter: Inside the Veil

This story is great. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I really liked Ginny's reatcion. I hope you update soon. Wenn I red to many other storys I sometimes forget wich one I already read so update!!!!

Author's Response: ok, i know how you feel about reading a ton of stories at the same time, adn then for getting which is which. kind of confusing. i'll try to get the next chapter up asap!!!

Reviewer: oldDAlag
Date: 02/05/06 18:47
Chapter: Inside the Veil

just read all five chapters and i must say i really enjoyed this? i always liked Sirius and was glad to see him back. can't wait for the next installment

Author's Response: thanks! i'll try and get the next chapter up soon to make up for the last two taking forever. :)

Reviewer: Sycco
Date: 01/04/06 16:03
Chapter: Inside the Veil

Oh God that was soooo Halarious i wonder who all those people that aparated into the room are lol anyways i can't wait to see who faints next lol and scince this is such a random story do we find out that Dumbledore isn't deat and has 12 fake Horcruxes lol anyways i liked the long chapter hated the cliff at the end (nearly fell off) anyways 10/10

Author's Response: wow. but unfortuantely, dumbledore is indeed dead. i know. it's super sad. i cried when i read the in the book. but anyways, also unfortunately for you, i'm not telling who the people are. you'll just have to wait and see. haha...jk. :)

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 01/02/06 22:46
Chapter: Inside the Veil

the explanation for how Sirius escaped the veil was pretty cool, but GInny not recognizing him was a little odd.

Author's Response: thanks! you will see about ginny not recognizing him. there's a reason, but i'm not telling yet!! sorry... but i'll try and get the next chapter up really, really, quickly

Reviewer: heartachin4harry
Date: 01/02/06 19:12
Chapter: Inside the Veil

That chapter was so good! Who could be Apparating in? I can't wait to find out! I loved the reactions of everyone! And I love how simple it was to get out of the veil, yet so difficult to come to the conclusion. Great juob, update soon!

Author's Response: thank you very, very much!!!! it took me a while to type all that, but i think it turned out pretty good. and i'll try extra hard to get the next chapter up soon!!!

Reviewer: crazyfish
Date: 01/02/06 12:40
Chapter: Ella

very nice...the twin thing is cool.

Author's Response: thank you. i like it personally.

Reviewer: SpyfiTheHPLuver
Date: 12/17/05 19:53
Chapter: Ella

wow, great stuff you got! you have such a different writing style than jk, but it is still so AWESOME!!!!! i am so mad that you havent got more chapters up yet! COME ON AND SUBMIT!!! please? well, 10/10, anyway, even though you are a very slow submitter!

Author's Response: sorry. i'm a slow submitter cuz i actually have a life other than harry potter. hard to believe isn't it? i'll try and go faster though. :)

Reviewer: lisa_lovegood
Date: 12/04/05 18:30
Chapter: Ella

great story! well i never saw any of thi coming 1. sirius cumin bac and 2. hermione bein a twin! sooooo gd and btw THIS IS YOUR 11TH REVIEW SO UPDATE!!!!!!!! 10/10! Lisa xxx

Author's Response: ok ok...geez. i have a lot going on with school and all, so that's why the next chapter isn't up yet. i'll get it up asap. i promise! ;)

Reviewer: HP_GuiltyVerdict
Date: 12/01/05 23:10
Chapter: Ella

omg it was amazing! I never would have seen that coming! What a twist. But if you don't mind me saying, PLEASE HURRY WITH SIRIUS!!!! SOrry, but I really want to find out how he's alive. ^_^ Once again, great chapter!

Author's Response: ok, i'll tell ya what sirius did. i dont mean now in the review, but in the chapter. just in case you didn't catch onto that. :) donta worry. i'm glad that you liked the previous chapter though. i'll try and get the next one up asap!!!

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