Reviewer: TaylorBlack
Date: 06/08/06 14:51
Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

OMG!!! that was so romantic!!!! I feel so bad for Pansy and i'm a Gryffindor too!!! I hope that they end up together!!

Author's Response: Hi, Taylor! It's okay to feel bad for Pansy. She's in a horrible situation, and any Gryffindor with a heart , like you, would see that. :) lol Thanks for reading! -SIW

Reviewer: Futile_Meanderings
Date: 05/30/06 8:17
Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

ahhhhh.... I don't know if I can wait anymore. I love this story so much....I might just go insane! Update soon.

Author's Response: Futile. I'm going to post the next chapter very soon, I promise. I can't have you going insane, now can I? :) SIW

Reviewer: loveroffic
Date: 05/28/06 17:14
Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

awwww.... cant wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Hi, lover of fic. I'll be posting chapter 14 very soon. I hope you'll give it a read. :) - SIW

Reviewer: pansy parkens
Date: 05/25/06 13:00
Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

Love, love, love it. keep up the good work and write more of this. I am i huge fan.

Author's Response: Hi, Pansy! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment. It's really nice to know people are enjoying the story. I'll be posting Chapter 14 very soon. - SIW

Reviewer: The_Slytherin_Princess_Vixen
Date: 05/21/06 2:59
Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

*Swoons and gushes* Either I am just really emotional today, or that was just so bloody well written... My eyes really watered up and caused my mascara to melt! LOL! I'm actually starting to like Kevin, I didn't really like him at first, but this chapter showed another side of him. And the messages... they were so sweet. *fans self* I'm scared for the next chapter though.. I have a feeling somethng bad will happen... Thank you for updating! You just made my day! Absolutly astounding chapter! Je l'aime.

Author's Response: Isabella, your reveiws always put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for always leaving such a interesting and kind comment. :)

I spent a lot of time writing this chapter. I wanted to convey Pansy's complete desperation. All she's done is love someone, yet every time she turns around she faces a cruel obstacle.

Kevin has been watching Pansy from afar. He knows she's dealing with something, and he does care about her.

Magical text messaging was a first for me. I'm happy the sequence worked for you. I'll be posting the next chapter very soon. Again, thanks, Isabella. - SIW

PS Did you read The Party in Pure & Proud yet? Did you notice anyone familiar?

Reviewer: Futile_Meanderings
Date: 05/20/06 13:13
Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

Loved it! You are a very talented writer. Wanted to see Drako's present but it didn't work. Can't wait for more!!!!!!

Author's Response: Hi, Futile. Thanks for the nice complement. I reposted the picture, so you can see it here: The next chapter will be up very soon. - SIW

Author's Response: Update: I moved the picture of Draco's gift to it's permanent home. Try this URL:

Reviewer: Star_Fish
Date: 05/20/06 6:15
Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

OMG, i love this story it just gets better and better.

Author's Response: Hi, Star Fish! I just love hearing what people think, and I appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment. The next chapter will be posted soon. - SIW

Reviewer: Hermioneweasley4ever
Date: 05/19/06 23:57
Chapter: Chapter Three

omg wow another amazing chapter!! best chapter yet loved it. i loved how draco pansy made up like that i almost thought she wasnt going to take him back but knew she would in the end after he told her the truth. iam now becoming more of a fan shipper of there realtionship thans to ur amzing story just makes me love some my favorite chacters even more!! Thanks again for writing ! love it.

Author's Response: Hi,, Hermione Weasley. This was one of my favorite chapters to write. I'm happy to know you enjoyed it. Thanks for the sweet comments. - SIW

Reviewer: Hermioneweasley4ever
Date: 05/19/06 23:11
Chapter: Chapter Three

omg wow another amazing chapter!! best chapter yet loved it. i loved how draco pansy made up like that i almost thought she wasnt going to take him back but knew she would in the end after he told her the truth. iam now becoming more of a fan shipper of there realtionship thans to ur amzing story just makes me love some my favorite chacters even more!! Thanks again for writing ! love it.

Author's Response: Hello, Hermione Wealsey. Thank you for letting me know that you are enjoying the story! I hope you will continue to read. - SIW

Reviewer: The_Slytherin_Princess_Vixen
Date: 05/19/06 20:49
Chapter: Chapter Twelve

*swoons* Have I ever told you how much I adore this story? Seriously, I had a crapy day, but then I got home and read this... Made me feel better! LOL! I've missed reading this. I like how this is in Draoc PoV. You Voldemort is very in character as well, not many people can keep him so evil, yet human as well. Wonderful chapter! as always of course!


Author's Response: Isabella, I'm going to post Chapter Thirteen just for you in a few minutes. Have a better night. - SIW

PS Volde was a challenge, and I'm happy to hear I did what I set out to do. There will be more Volde in future chapers.

Reviewer: Hermioneweasley4ever
Date: 05/18/06 20:45
Chapter: Chapter Two

This is just as amazing as the one it coutined from. i love it is nice a different chacter point of view for once like pansys cause there arnt many stories about them but i love ur story but please let draco come back into story soon. just a suggestion but maybe do a chapter on his pov in this story. anyway love the stry keep writting love it!

Author's Response: Hi, Hermione Weasley! Thanks for reading and leaving such a nice review. *smiles* Keep reading--there's lots of Draco in this story. Let me know what you think, okay? - SIW

Reviewer: gingercat
Date: 05/18/06 16:26
Chapter: Chapter One

I could not stop reading. I am NOT a Draco fan, but I appreciate THIS side of him. Never gave him a chance before. Good Job.

Author's Response: Hi, gingercat! I'm laughing right now, reading your comment. It's okay not to like Draco and still like this story. It's hard not to feel for these two lovers, who are stuck in such an impossible, heart-wrenching situation. (That's what I kept thinking at the end of HBP, so I wrote this story.) I hope you'll read on to see how I get them out of it all. Remember, even Slytherins need love. *smiles* - SIW

Reviewer: Slygurl6589
Date: 05/16/06 22:08
Chapter: Chapter Twelve

great job I like it lot very interesting please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks, Slygurl. I'll update this weekend, probably Friday night. Thanks for reading! - SIW

Reviewer: Futile_Meanderings
Date: 05/15/06 16:26
Chapter: Chapter Twelve

It was wonderfully brilliant!!!!!! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks for being such a consistent reviewer, Futile. More is on the way! Thanks for reading. - SIW

Reviewer: Futile_Meanderings
Date: 05/07/06 14:29
Chapter: Chapter Eleven

I love this story. You are an excellent writer. Please update soon or I shall die of anticipation and suspense!

Author's Response: Oh, no! Please don't, Futile Meanderings! I just couldn't weather the scandal that would ensue. lol I just love knowing that you are enjoying the story! Don't worry I have two chapters to be posted this week and another one shortly after that. Thanks for reading! -SIW

Reviewer: tu_nena_slytherin2
Date: 05/06/06 19:51
Chapter: Chapter One

is really good love it!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Hi, sytherin 2! Thanks for letting me know you like it! I hope you'll continue reading. - SIW

Reviewer: katiacc
Date: 04/26/06 13:35
Chapter: Chapter Nine

Awesome! I've been a fan for a while now, and I really think you're doing great with the story! I hope Draco and Pansy can be together.

Author's Response: Hi, kataicc! Another first time reviewer! Thanks for letting me know you like the story. It means a lot to know what my readers think. :) I'll be posting two chapters this week. I hope you'll continue to read! - SIW

Reviewer: Harryizzofine13
Date: 04/23/06 1:48
Chapter: Chapter Eleven

I've been reading this story for awhile.U my good friend are a great writer.Keep it Up!update soon ; )

Author's Response: Harry iz zo fine, thanks for commenting! IWhen I see the thousands of reads, but only a few reviews, I have to wonder if people like the story or hate it. Your words make me smile. Thanks and keep reading! - SIW

Reviewer: Laudomia
Date: 04/19/06 17:57
Chapter: Chapter Eleven

Wow. Lots going on in this chapter. With friends like Millicent, who needs enemies? Why is she pushing Kevin on Pansy? Good thing that Pansy didnít fall for the drivel. Snapeís rooms and the passageway system were wonderfully creative--great ride--and then they ended up where it all started. Too bad Voldie had to get in their way!

Author's Response: Hi, Laudomia! In the beginning, Millie's intentions were honourable. She wants her friend to be happy, not depressed, right? When Pansy got in her face, Millie decided to let her have it. She knew Pansy wasn't on the top of her game, so she struck. Well, Pansy is the alpha, and Millie better watch out! There's a new picture at the Romance, Slytherin Style LJ of that scene by tbranch. Millie is right, there aren't too many quality pure-blood wizards that are that attractive left! If Pansy's stuck marrying some awful schlep, then Millie has to hear about it for the rest of her life, right? It's a self-preservation thing for Millie. lol - SIW

Reviewer: Laudomia
Date: 04/19/06 17:53
Chapter: Chapter Ten

Well, that does it: Youíre stuck now. How can you possibly write a more romantic/sexy chapter than this? (Will my heart stand it if you do?)

Author's Response: Laudomia, I'm dying laughing here! So you liked that, did you? *spews coffee* Well, I suppose I've got to try, don't I? I'll give you a warning if I think it might do you in. We can't have a scandal! - SIW

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