Reviewer: tilakbenith
Date: 02/20/08 2:41
Chapter: Chapter 7: The Date

Very nice chapter! Love the part about the Quidditch tryouts.
Please, please, please complete the story!
I LOVE it!!!!

Reviewer: Hermione_is_the_best_character
Date: 11/30/05 0:00
Chapter: Chapter 7: The Date

awesome story! its so cute! I hope you keep writing, because I like your story! I give it a 10!!!!!!

Reviewer: Miss Dream
Date: 11/27/05 16:03
Chapter: Chapter 6: Perfect

I like. However not sure about the writing in 1st person thing. Good basic plot and keep going with it. not sure I totally understand it yet. What about the seeker thing and the potion.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. The seeker and the potion thing come up again in later chapters.

Reviewer: loverofhp8900
Date: 11/24/05 15:54
Chapter: Chapter 6: Perfect

it is good,but the writing is a little choppy,and writing it in first person is a little weird.but other than that,it is a good story line!please update soon!!!

Reviewer: lady magician
Date: 11/03/05 10:02
Chapter: Chapter 4: The First Day of School

I am So agreeing with pygmypuff93 on this one...Dean SUCKS...i hate him soooo much!! I love the way Harry used 'wingardium leviosa' on him and i loved this chapter and ur stury!!...hurry up with chpter 5!! ;)..10/10

Reviewer: pygmypuff93
Date: 11/01/05 16:21
Chapter: Chapter 4: The First Day of School

Alright, this chapter has no reveiws, so I'm first! Ok ya know how mentioned 'I HATE DEAN' in my last reveiw.... well guess what now I hate him even MORE!!! I can't beleive he'd be all 'stay away from Ginny!' and then go and rape her!!! So I really am mad at him! Oh, and before I forget.... is there a little something going on with Hermione and Ron???? Are they having there own little snog fest when they claim they were with Dumbledore, or am I just imagining things?? Huh? huh? Yeah , well here's the first reveiw to this chapter!!!

Author's Response: Woo! First Review! I hate Dean too, but it seemed to make the relationship between Harry and Ginny stronger. Hmm... something between Ron and Hermione? Well... You'll just have to wait and see! Mwahaha! lol!

Reviewer: pygmypuff93
Date: 11/01/05 16:11
Chapter: Chapter 3: The First Fight

NOOOOOO!!!!! Why did you make Harry get drunk, and why didyou make him do what he did???? HUH????? I hate this chapter, but I love it too!! RRRRR....!!! This is making me confused!!!! Oh well, I guess what's done is done! ; ) Oh yeah, I HATE DEAN!!! (no offense to JKR for creating him).

Reviewer: pygmypuff93
Date: 11/01/05 16:03
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Last Dance

What happend!!!!!????!!!!! I'm going to read the next chapter right away !!!!!! (oh, and by the way.... nice way to hook someone to your stories!)

Reviewer: pygmypuff93
Date: 11/01/05 16:00
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Letter

I like it.... so far ; ) It's a great start!! I liked the bit with the underwear! Well, at least I'm giving this story a few more reveiws! Write on!! (haha get it?)

Reviewer: ginnyNharry4EVER
Date: 10/20/05 16:53
Chapter: Chapter 3: The First Fight

OMG wtf!! im soooo pissed off!! how could u make ginny go with dean!!!!!! this is supposed to be a ginny and harry romance!! but other than that its pretty good lol harry and ginny better get back together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: gossipweaver
Date: 10/17/05 9:37
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Letter

Wow. Harry as a first person point of view. Isn't that hard to do? Anyway, great start.

Author's Response: Yeah it is hard, but whenever I try to do something in 3rd person, I keep saying I and me instead of he and she! Thank you!

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 10/17/05 2:59
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Last Dance

Then end of that chapter seemed a bit rushed. You might want to try a little more emotion in the chapters as well. But your descriptions are fantastic and you are keeping with the characters. Keep up the good work. And please take no offense, I am only trying to help. With my own story, my writing got better in later chapters from the suggestions I was given. ~~Kat

Author's Response: Oh it did? Sorry about that! I'll work on it! Thank you! Anything helps! lol!

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 10/17/05 2:47
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Letter

You're off to a great start. That's one of the hardest parts, grabbing the attention of the readers. Keep up the great work!~~Kat

Reviewer: Magdalene Rose
Date: 10/16/05 22:34
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Last Dance

very interesting!! A question--in what year would this take place? does it take place before fifth year? If so, you are doing wunderbar!! (wonderful) 9/10

Author's Response: This takes place in their 5th year. What happened with Sirius wasn't my favorite thing, so I decided to start a little earlier!

Reviewer: Magdalene Rose
Date: 10/16/05 22:30
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Letter

This is a good start to an interesting sounding story. I hope that you continue! 8/10

Author's Response: Thank you very much, it's my first fic! Don't worry I'll continue!

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