Reviews For Broken
Reviewer: pandafan81
Date: 10/18/05 14:05
Chapter: August 2018

*First review dance* Ha ha Accio I beat you to it! What a tease you are! This was such a sweet little chapter. Stephanie totally has Harry wrapped around her little finger, and to tell you the truth, I don't think he cares! I like that he's starting to accept Ginny, and start teasing her again. The burnt bacon line was priceless!

Author's Response: First review dance??? Author shakes head and wonders about sanity of readers. Just kidding. Thanks for taking the time to review. Yes, Harry is wrapped around Stephanie's little finger. Amazing how that happens. She did it to Ginny and to Geoffrey too. I hate burnt bacon myself, so I feel Harry's pain at having to eat it.

Reviewer: potterfan62442
Date: 10/17/05 19:42
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a wonderful chapter. I like how Stephanie and Harry are bonding so well. I love how this story is turning out. It's Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I have a feeling it won't be long before we see our favorite couple together (again) At least that's what I hope. I mean I'm pretty sure that they both still love eachother even though Stephanie comes first for both of them. This story is developing fantastically. I can't wait to see what other great chapters you have in the brilliant mind you've got. I'm sure they are just as great as the other chapters you've written or better if that's even possible. I look forward to your next chapter. til next time. -potterfan62442

Author's Response: Thank you. Glad you're enjoying it and can see the depths of the bonds between the characters.

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 10/17/05 2:37
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Another excellent chapter, as expected. One has to hurt before they can heal. And healing often comes easiest by looking at life through the eyes of a child. Perhaps Stephanie can help them both.~~Kat

Author's Response: I would say that Stephanie is already helping them both. If that leads to the rekindeling their romance, remains to be seen.

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 10/17/05 2:16
Chapter: October 2017

Yay! Login issues fixed, and I can now review and not have my comeputer freak or the website dismiss it! On to the story, Huskers you are a wonderful writer. You captured the emotions perfectly and actually had me reaching for tissues to get the pesky tears out of the way so I could continue reading the chapter. As I said in my e-mail to you, your other stories were wonderful. Heart-wrenching at times, laughing at others. Keep up the fantastic work.~~Kat

Author's Response: Glad to have you here reading and reviewing. Glad you like the story and that it is making you feel for the characters.

Reviewer: JimboCOUS
Date: 10/16/05 3:37
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Hi. Haven't been around for a while, but I was hoping I'd find an update from you on this Good stuff; it's continuing to get more interesting. Thanks for the updates!

Author's Response: Glad to hear from you again, and that you are still finding the story interesting.

Reviewer: Czarina
Date: 10/14/05 21:30
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Okay, I've had more time to ponder this and I've been kind of wondering where Stephanie fit in. I know she is Ginny's adopted daughter, but I think that there is more to Stephanie than just being another character. Maybe by getting to know and love Stephanie, Harry will understand why Ginny would chose a life with Stephanie in it over turning back time and being with Harry. Maybe Stephanie is what will bring Harry and Ginny back together and let Harry forgive Ginny for her betrayal. Anyway, it's just something I've been mulling over - that and you still haven't told me what a three season porch is :-)

Author's Response: Well, Harry is alread at the point where he would pick Stepahnie over Ginny. We know that because Ginny tells Stephanie just that in the hospital after the demento attack.

The three season porch. Sorry I missed explaining that to you. I live in Minnesota, and this state is know for a number of things. One of them is mosquitos the size of small aircraft. So, there are a large number of screened porches on house in this state. Minnesota is also know for being cold a large part of the year. Some where along the way, sombody got the bright idea of putting single pane windows on their screen porch. The porch remained unheated, so it was really only for use in spring, summer and fall. Hence the three-season porch.

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks
Date: 10/14/05 18:40
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Poor Harry and's so sad but it's really good. You better put them together at the end of the story. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks, and no promises regarding Harry and Ginny.

Reviewer: sultryme88
Date: 10/14/05 5:28
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

This so far is my fave chapter, love it, especially the last scene when Harry invited Ginny and Stephanie to live in his house Ė Iím getting excited for the next chapter coz Iím hopeful that itíll be the start of the healing process for both of them! What else do I love though made me sad? Ginny choosing Stephanie over Harry if given another chance to relive the past. Iím sure that hurts Ginny a lot by openly admitting it but more so Harry, though you never mentioned what he felt at that time (he just started playing chess). His heartís bleeding again but now understood the depth of Ginnyís love for Stephanie? As you said sheís the ďlone light that burns in their respective livesĒ. Excellent chapter, your writing let me feel several emotions at the same time - frightened for Stephanieís life, sad for Harryís tragedies, joy for the happiest moments in his life, love bet. mum & daughter, regrets but understanding Ginnyís difficult decisions & sacrifices, & my favorite, hope for their reconciliation. Iím sure youíve heard it many times before from your fans (Iím one of them), youíve again shown us what a brilliant writer you truly are!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the chapter. As to what Harry felt when Ginny said she would pick Stephanie. You should get a clue from Ginny and Stephanie's conversation after Harry heals her from the dementor attack. Ginny tells Stephanie that she, Ginny, is no longer Harry's first choice, that Stephanie has taken first place in Harry's heart. Perhaps, Ginny's answer to Harry was the correct answer as far as Harry was concerned. Hope that convoluted answer helps you.

Reviewer: rileyowen
Date: 10/13/05 11:11
Chapter: June 2008

Woohoo i am the 100th reviewer! Anyway, i really like this story so pleez update. 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you and don't worry, I update regularly.

Reviewer: KenF
Date: 10/13/05 11:02
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Just saw your note on zapping Fawkes. Definately a good spell. Thanks for the explanation on the portkey. I guess I was committing the sin of assumption in thinking that she would land on the grounds. Gotta love it.

Author's Response: Thanks, and it was a good question. I was wondering if anyone would catch that.

Reviewer: Polaris Dakota
Date: 10/13/05 10:09
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Wow! long time since I've been able to get on here! AWESOME so far! I hope you really go far into this story and make it long...I want to know what happens with Harry and Ginny in the future....see the fight you described in the epilogue and etc. TA for now! (my third chapter finally went through, thank goodness )

Author's Response: Glad your back and you got your third chapter posted. This story is going to be 13-14 chapters. I think. It keeps growing on me. The fight describe in the epilogue of, Unlocked Mind, is not part of this world, and you have gotten all the description of it you're going to. Sorry about that.

Reviewer: KenF
Date: 10/13/05 7:23
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Somehow I doubt McGonegall would have made that special portkey that Stephanie has. Did you slip, or did Harry BS McG about the ability to make a portkey?

Author's Response: No, I didn't slip. The portkey that Harry gave Stephaine will take her to the gates of Hogwarts. She has to sneak on or off school grounds when she uses it. Good catch by the way. And what did you think of what I came up with for the spell Harry used on Fawkes?

Reviewer: Her My Own EE
Date: 10/13/05 1:05
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

I am so glad that you told us what the letter is about. I also thought it was neat that Prof. McGonagall and Madame Pomfrey didn't recognize Harry with his disguise. Also, I am glad that Harry asked Ginny about choosing life with Harry if it meant no Stephanie. I think Harry would now choose the same. I like how you are slowly dancing them around a true reconciliation. A whole summer in the same house... Hmmm, maybe Christmas??? Perhaps Stephanie being ill will be the best thing that has happened to the three of them and the Weasleys in a long time. Not that she is mentioned often but I am sure Molly misses her girls...

Author's Response: Amazing how just a few changes in someones appearance can make a person look twice, yet dissregard their initial thought process, isn't it?

As to the rest of your thoughts, Time will tell. And Molly missing her girls, yes she does, evn if she hasn't been able to be with them very much.

Reviewer: KenF
Date: 10/12/05 21:42
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

You know the drill... I'm gonna review, and its all gonna be positive. The way you tantalized us with Harry opening a big ol' can of whup-tushie and then not actually showing it was a fantastic tease. Seeing anybody just blow by McGonegall is impressive (I think McGonegall is a fantastic character), and you've excelled yourself is showing Harry's devotion to his unadopted daughter. But the really interesting thing is the development is the H/G thing. They seem to be working through their anger/pain/guilt, and there might be some hope for them. You know I enjoy a bit of pain in a story, but in this one I actually hope they find their way back to each other.

Author's Response: Harry's wrath must have been horrendous. One could almost have felt sorry for the dementors, couldn't they? Ok, maybe not.

The both Harry and Ginny simply skip over McGonagall speaks to how much they've both grown since their school days. And that nothing will stand in their way of doing what they feel they need to.

And yes, both Harry and Ginny are working through their issues. Is there hope for them? Yes, is it for them to be together, or for them both to heal and then move on? Who knows at this point.

Reviewer: Czarina
Date: 10/12/05 20:22
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Aw, you're killing me here! Just when I think that maybe Harry and Ginny are slowly working their way back to each other, you pull the rug out from under me. *sigh* Okay, enough favorite part was how Harry drew the Dementor's poison from Stephanie. It was very inventive and well written. Only one complaint - Madam Pomphrey should be Madam Pomfrey. You know how crazy I get about spelling - it's a sickness, I admit. I have one question for you - what is a three season porch?

Author's Response: Sorry about Harry and Ginny, but who knows what answer Harry wanted to hear when he asked Ginny if she would leave him again. Maybe Ginny's answer was the correct on for Harry. Glad you like the concept of the dementor's poison. Sorry about the misspelling, I'm off to correct it now.

Reviewer: shortymac
Date: 10/12/05 20:20
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Harry is so strong in his feelings towards Ginny, both good and bad. I like the connection that he has with Stephanie. I like the whole concept of this story very original

Author's Response: That is both Harry's strength and weakness. He cares so deeply. Glad you like the story.

Reviewer: pandafan81
Date: 10/12/05 14:11
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

And the saga continues! I'm so glad Harry has connected with Stephanie. His love for her shows in his actions. He sacrifices so much for her, even though he's still at odds with Ginny. This was a very touching chapter. Can't wait to see more!

Author's Response: You have to remember, Harry has a saving people thing. But Ginny is correct. Given the choice, Harry would save Stephaine before anyone else. Glad you liked the chapter.

Reviewer: Narwen3
Date: 10/12/05 10:22
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

Sad, sad, sad, but great, Great, GREAT! Haha, I'm still loving this story!

Author's Response: Glad you're still liking it.

Reviewer: Mudblood428
Date: 10/12/05 10:13
Chapter: June 2008

I read in your profile that your forays into fiction writing on MNFF are a means to hone your skills and I must say, I'm so impressed. You have an almost impressionist way of writing - jumping around on the (AU) HP timeline is a stroke of brilliance! In particular, I wanted to comment on the fact that you do not put all your cards out on the table, which is a really wonderful quality because it allows the reader to feel something more than what the words are saying. You have a wonderful talent :)

Author's Response: Thank you for stoping by and for your comments. They are much appreciated and help when I'm sitting at the keyboard trying to figure out what to write. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of this story. Of my HP fan fics, it is my favorite.

Reviewer: alexander_m91
Date: 10/11/05 23:57
Chapter: October 2017 Continued

It's so.... sentimental. I feel sad for Harry.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

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