Reviews For Shattered Minds
Reviewer: GinnyPottterGranger
Date: 05/01/11 13:04
Chapter: one-shot

ive never been one for the dark/angsty fics, but i loved this insight into the mind of everybody's favorite lunatic.(ladies and gentlemen, bellatrix lestrange!)

Reviewer: Diw_for Anushka
Date: 04/09/11 8:04
Chapter: one-shot

This story chilled my very blood........ Thank god I didn't read this before going to bed.. Great Job! Belatrix is mad! But I dare say, I hate the cruciatus curse........

Reviewer: ShadeXH
Date: 12/03/07 15:00
Chapter: one-shot

I thought schizophrenia was when you heard voices in your head? I could be wrong, but it seems to me like you might be mixing the disorder up with something else.

I enjoyed it. A little insight into our favorite sadist. :)

Reviewer: missdoglover
Date: 11/04/07 8:41
Chapter: one-shot

wow! amazing. Bella is one of my fav caracters. i was a bit dissapointed because it's very short. I want more! :P

Reviewer: slytherin360
Date: 08/31/07 18:22
Chapter: one-shot

that was disturbing O___o. It was well written, though the context does not appeal. Good job.

Reviewer: Voldemort45
Date: 08/04/07 8:39
Chapter: one-shot

Sick story! I mean the word sick in both contexts, good & bad. Bit creepy the naked Harry being tortured by Bellatrix.

Reviewer: Voldemort45
Date: 08/04/07 4:19
Chapter: one-shot


Reviewer: HarrysGrl14
Date: 04/07/07 16:39
Chapter: one-shot

I read this story because the title and summary captivated me. It drew me into it in a way that few stories ever do and your writing amazing. I have never ever seen anything like this before and I commend your creativity in coming up with this. It makes me wonder a tad about you though... =^.^=

Reviewer: luvme4ever
Date: 03/24/07 20:57
Chapter: one-shot


Reviewer: Shalashaska
Date: 02/23/07 7:08
Chapter: one-shot

On one hand it's very good on the other it's very creepy good but creepy

Reviewer: Bookwolf
Date: 10/30/06 15:44
Chapter: one-shot

That is very creepy but also brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you! ^__^

Reviewer: neville92
Date: 06/22/06 14:25
Chapter: one-shot

schizophrenia is when you have multiple personalities; not when you are mentally damned. Otherwise, it was incredibly powerful. loved it

Author's Response: "A mental illness in which the person suffers from distorted thinking, hallucinations, and a reduced ability to feel normal emotions." is actually what schizophrenia is defined as. Multiple personality disorder is what causes multiple personalities. ^__^ But yeah...thank you for the review anyway! ^^ (I did take a psych class, so I am not just making stuff up....^__^)

Reviewer: kumydabookworm
Date: 06/16/06 12:40
Chapter: one-shot

This was hauntingly beautiful. I love Bella stories. Your language use is beautiful...except for one instance.

It is beyond ecstasy, and as he begins to fight back I feel the tension growing, my lust and his hate merging into one and hitting us both with the force of a train.

The train reference is a Muggle reference that to me is not appropriate when Bella is such a fervent pureblood maniac. It also jars the flowy poetry of the sentence. I would use some other more Bella-like simile there.

I don't know if schizophrenia (suspicion of others, paranoia are among the symptoms) is what results from the use of Cruciatus, though. In canon, Neville's parents were Crucio'd and they remained feeble and mute - memory loss as well.

So though the idea of a broken mind and the addiction to the power is great, schizoprenia is not the resulting disease in canon.

However, that makes me question whether you're really talking about the victims...are you talking about Bella herself? I think you are - and that makes this piece even more beautiful in its complexity.

I would add a line at the end to clarify, though. For example:

His body is not dead, but his mind is on the wrong side of reality. Schizophrenia the muggles call it. Filthy mudbloods wouldn't recognize the delicacy of the broken mind.

I revel in its power.

That makes it clear that Bella is the one inflicted with schizophrenia and also shows her contempt for muggles.

It also takes care of the confusion I got when I read that she knew what Muggles called the disease? Why would she care? Only if she could show contempt for it, would she remember something about Muggles. The lines I added to the ending make that aberration (Bella knowing Muggle things) make sense too.

Author's Response: Trains are used in the wizarding world too...Hogwarts express! ^_^ *justifies self* Now the schizophrenia thing...well, there are multiple levels to the fic. You happen to have stumbled on one. But I don't want to make anything obvious: Thus the lack of clarification. ^^ She cares that muggles call the disease something because, even though she is a pureblood witch, it seems to mean something more to her that the muggles have given a name to what the curse can induce (schizophrenia in it's later stages has a similar effect...I suppose I warped the book description a tinsy tiny bit...>.>) Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: tarot
Date: 05/03/06 20:03
Chapter: one-shot

wow, that was horribly wonderful, i love how you make bellatrix so believable, a 10/10

Reviewer: AnnaDeBoullans
Date: 01/18/06 23:41
Chapter: one-shot could come up with many adjectives to describe this fic. But it was fantastically written and is going on my faves. Wherever did you find your inspiration for this?! Signed-- A New Fan

Reviewer: megan_lupin
Date: 12/15/05 16:35
Chapter: one-shot

I loved it, and an excellent job to you! Bella is just the type of character where one wonders why she does what she does, and you have her character and her mindset in this fic done perfectly.

Though I was slightly hesitant at first with the Bellatrix/Harry pairing, I found by the end that it definitely worked, and that the story would have been missing something if it hadn't been there. I'm also impressed that in all the torture and stuff (for lack of a better word at this time), you did not go "overboard" so to speak, which so many people tend to do in these types of fics, and that takes away from the fic's authenticity. You did a great job maintaining the reality in this fic, and for that, I congratulate you! :)

I definitely agree with some of the other reviews --- You should give a shot at exploring Bella's character more and telling just how she became like she is.

Also, I have to say that my favorite part was Bella's comments about the schizophrenia (sp?), especially at the end (That was a terrific line.) I can definitely say that I'm scoring this fic with a ten! Again, great job! (Hope you don't mind somewhat long reviews. :)

Reviewer: HELENz
Date: 12/08/05 21:04
Chapter: one-shot

Very dark. I liked it!

Reviewer: misshaunted390
Date: 10/03/05 14:40
Chapter: one-shot

oooh, such power! that was amazing. you really captured Bellatrix perfectly, and i've always seen her as the kind of person to enjoy inflicting pain. you've just 'upped' the ferocity a bit. i was hooked, great fic.

Reviewer: Veronika
Date: 09/19/05 18:39
Chapter: one-shot

Although graphic, i think you would really enjoy books by Poppy Z. Brite. ( Specifficly Exquisite Corpse. ) But onto your review. you have the working of the twisted mind and soul of Bella down to a science. wonderfuly crafted and i cant wait for more! you ought have them have history. now that youve got harry insane, make it a flashback. make them have deeper history than everything thus far has hinted at. For example, a sudden loss of innocence in Bellas childhood. who took Bellas halo?

Reviewer: Sectumsempra
Date: 09/18/05 3:35
Chapter: one-shot

Thats was amazing. So powerfully written, I loved it. The darkness of the thing, Bellatrix's obsession. It all worked. 10/10 without a doubt!

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