Reviewer: Adriana
Date: 01/22/08 12:02
Chapter: A Night Time Excersion

This is very good, I love this :) And I love Regulus XD
Forbidden love... this is not good. Poor Regulus... and poor Faraday.
Congratulations :)

Sorry this review, I know that is short and not too good, but I'm from Hungary, and I'm not speak English very good...

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove
Date: 07/16/06 11:08
Chapter: A Night Time Excersion

Oh, poor little in-love Regulus. He's crying? I'm crying too!! Ahhh! This was so beautiful. I liked how you casually slipped the Marauders in and I wish he could just forget his mother and marry her... and why did she remind him?? Now I'm gettting emotionl, but that's good because it means your story was great! I'm putting it on my favorites.

Reviewer: SeaIsleWitch
Date: 10/28/05 21:32
Chapter: A Night Time Excersion

Orlaith! A new story...featuring a Slytherin no less! Ah, forbidden love, it makes for all kinds of angsty, passionate situations. Nicely done ! Let me know when there's more. -SIW

Author's Response: I'm a bit of a Slytherin addict if I may so so. And Regulus has always been an attractive character for me to write, I'm a bit stuck for time, (but next week is hal term, so perhaps then) Ill try and get some more written. Glad you liked it! Thanks!

Reviewer: redvelvetcanopy
Date: 10/28/05 11:42
Chapter: A Night Time Excersion

You've hit upon the perfect character for you to write. I adore the way you've incorporated new things from Book 6 into this story. Regulus is real, human, and not just pure-blood snob. I find myself liking him in spite of the fact that I wish he'd be a little braver about standing up for himself and against tradition. Great start! I do hope you continue!

Author's Response: I just absolutely adore Regulus, even before then there was something that makes you think that its impossible to hate a brother like Sirius regardless of his beinga Blood Traitor. And if Regulus had gotten scared and run away from Voldemort, he must have known what was right all along, however deep in his consciousness. But yes, Regulus is my calling, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Author's Response: Incidentally, it was your portrayal of Regulus in 'The Deliverance' that inspired me to characterise him this way. I am, as always, your biggest fan... :D

Reviewer: the nutty imp
Date: 09/16/05 12:10
Chapter: A Night Time Excersion

There are very few stories written about Regulus. I'm glad to have stumbled across this one. I like your portrayal of him. You can easily tell that he and Sirius are indeed brothers, but despite the similarities there are tell-tale differences that set them at worlds apart. Sirius is a Gryffindor thus brave enough to defy his parents openly ... something Regulus would never do ... I'd love to see how this story would progress.

Author's Response: I'm of the opinion that Sirius and Regulus were not always at each others throats, and in many respects that Regulus aspires to be like his brother, but at the same time hopes to impress his parents and come out at the top end of society. There are many underlying aspects that I think Regulus doesn't dare defy, I would say he's a coward, but I think thats the wrong word - I think he's afraid to lose what he loves the most but will take the easiest option available to achieve that. I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you!

Reviewer: Sectumsempra
Date: 09/07/05 8:00
Chapter: A Night Time Excersion

I really like this. I've not read anything with Sirius and Regulus at school together, so thats a nice change. When Sirius and James come out from the cloak the way Regulus is is 100% little brother, a mixture of pleading with Sirius, yet trying to prove he's a big a man in front of Faraday. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Author's Response: I think that Regulus is probably one of my favourite characters, and I've only ever seen two portrayals of him that I was really happy with - in Redvelvetcanopy's The Deliverance of Sirius Black and another one - I'll let you know about... So my characterisation has been thought out to portray a Regulus in Hogwarts that could grow in to those I've seen and liked of Regulus as a Death Eater. I'm going to start the second chapter soon! I promise! Thanks Lee!

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