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Reviews For The Healer

Name: Sweetpal (Signed) · Date: 01/05/08 17:53 · For: Epilogue
I really did enjoy this story though I thought it was bloody brillent to come up with vampire I would have never have guess it also I want to make a story of my own but I don't know what to do could you please sent tips and are there other storys that talk about Aris and how did his name end up Aris Black sorry for the load of questions but you seem like one who would know them since you did write the story and yeah what do you reccoment that I read.

Name: Sweetpal (Signed) · Date: 01/05/08 17:51 · For: Epilogue
I really did enjoy this story though I thought it was bloody brillent to come up with vampire I would have never have guess it also I want to make a story of my own but I don't know what to do could you please sent tips and are there other storys that talk about Aris and how did his name end up Aris Black sorry for the load of questions but you seem like one who would know them since you did write the story and yeah what do you reccoment that I read.

Name: Eowyn89 (Signed) · Date: 01/23/07 19:32 · For: Epilogue
Wow.....your story left me utterly speechless! This is probably one of the best fan fics I have ever read!

I especially loved the incorporation of mythology into the story of the Black family, in addition to including Nicolas Flamel...simply amazing! The characters were so real and well developed! I absolutlely loved how you had the additional scenes with the Flamel's and Nathaniel that helped explain everything through the clever use of art....your word choice was outstanding!

The plot was amazingly complex and well constructed, as well as thought out...you tied everything together so masterfully! I have never heard of some of the mythologies you had incorporated, although I knew most of the names, so I was equally impressed in learning about those--the facts at the bottom of the chapters were particularly helpful!

For characters that you created--you couldn't even tell they were not original to the story, because they fit perfectly into the context of the story. You also have a knack for picking names that suit the era (some authors pick unusual names that lack flow and sense in the Potter world), like that of Aris and Epione...

The absolute ONLY thing that confused me, was the fact that sometimes I didn't know who was talking in the chapters--I knew who spoke in the visions--but that is something that can be changed when need be! Very well researched! Excellent excellent excellent job!


PS-I hope I didn't gush too much, but I mean it when I say that your story was amazing...I was engrossed the entire time I was reading it!

Author's Response: Thank you for that long review and words of praise. :)

Actually, Epione is the real name of Asclepius' wife but the myths only gave the name and no other detail.

You mean the change POV with each chapter?

Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 01/17/07 22:09 · For: Chapter 1 – Chiron and the Stars
Miel! I decided to come and read this again seeing as I enjoyed it so much last time. You can tell you’ve put a great deal of knowledge into this, and a load of research too. I like the gruesome details, to be truthful. I like the burning scene, and the way you cut back to Perenelle and Nicholas, and how the smell of the burning flesh actually came form the portrait. You’ve given the portrait even more of a 3-D quality – now you’ve introduced another sense.

“It was written in the stars that our paths cross this night, Asclepius.” I think this is my favourite line of this chapter. I like the way that Chiron, though not really inclined to living like a centaur still has the Centaur beliefs and kooky sayings. Did I mention that mars is bright tonight?

“But, Chiron, didn’t you tell me that I ought put my energies to the present for the future will always be around.” I think that perhaps the period at the end should be a question mark. Just the lilt at the end of the sentence that it gives me in my head suggests it’s a little inquisition. :-).

“But, Chiron, didn’t you tell me that I ought put my energies to the present for the future will always be around.” You’re just missing the closing speech marks. Not biggie!

“I have no regrets on this 12 years of exile of mine.” I think maybe you should spell it out as ‘twelve’. Unless I’m mistaken, number under one million are supposed to be spelt out. Or like, an amazing amount of numbers that would get any normal human tongue twisted. But, of course let’s not forget the time I forgot how to spell twelve myself, Miel :-D.

So now I’m off to relieve my newbie days reviewing and reading this epitome of Asclepius information!

Author's Response: Steph! speaking of newbie days ... I feel like one once again after being away for soooo long.

*laugh* Kooky is not the first adjective I'd think of when a centaur is mentioned ... but it does fit. *lol*

Thanks for pointing those out. Will correct those.

Name: Yammo (Anonymous) · Date: 09/04/06 0:40 · For: Epilogue
An incredible story. If you want me to elaborate more on why this story is so incredible, I can't -- it just makes me so speechless. It like it when someone such as yourself put the spotlight on the minor characters in "Harry Potter", such as Flamel.

Author's Response: Using characters like Flamel gives us plenty of leeway. ^_^ Rather helps a lot that we're not confined to one era when using Flamel. :)

Name: anAnachronism (Signed) · Date: 05/02/06 21:29 · For: Epilogue
This was an amazing fic, you have proven yourself an able storyteller, congratulations!

Author's Response: Thank you. Great to hear that people actually read and like this sort of story-line :)

Name: wendelin the wierd (Signed) · Date: 03/09/06 7:03 · For: Prologue
Overall i would have to say an excellent story. I never read historical fics but i read yours and i was like WOW! Way to go Miel! By the way you know me in the forums as thorn. I have always liked Europe and therefore this fic held a particularly strong appeal for me. I like your general writing style as well and you seem to have your time-lines pretty accurate (bet you also use the lexicon). Constructive criticism? There simply isn't anything to be criticised. Good job!

Author's Response: Actually Wikipedia got info on HP too. Truly a comprehensive site. Would you believe that I'm actually bad at history? *lol*

Name: little_kitty (Signed) · Date: 02/11/06 23:23 · For: Epilogue
Oh, great job, Nutty! This was awesome! I think the epilogue was great, and it was really interesting. In a way, the story kind of felt like it ended last chapter and this is an extension, kind of, but still good, nonetheless. At the very least, they found out Nathaniel’s story before he died. No idea he’d die. I think you ended the story very well and I really liked reading this. You changed things up with the prophecy and I liked that. Great! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks. It's great to know that I manged a real epilogue feel (I mean like an mere extension of a finished story).

*lol* We couldn't have that sort of guy going on as the Head of a family as dark as the Blacks could we? -- He just had to 'go' and leave the Blacks to live on in their twisted ways *L*.

Name: mald1983 (Signed) · Date: 02/05/06 3:58 · For: Chapter 4 – The Living and The Dead
There are only three things I can say about this: O M G! I've always wondered about Nicholas Flamel and his past. I mean, he was alive for 600+ years, and he's barely used in the first book! I really like how you're showing his life; the life of someone who we hardly hear anything about. Good use of character and plot!~MALD

Author's Response: Thanks MALD - fellow housemate and my equal in deviousness *lol*

Nicholas Flamel is indeed an interesting chacrater to write about. :) I hope to read more about him as well :)

Name: wendelin the wierd (Signed) · Date: 02/04/06 23:20 · For: Chapter 4 – The Living and The Dead
Three words to describe your fanfic- wow!awesome story! seriously. But there are a few points what i did not like was that you made a few technical mistakes and also it became really slow moving what i liked was your grammar, plotline, general writing style and the fact that you made historical fanfiction interesting. i enjoyed it thoroughly

Author's Response: Ahh.. yes those daunting daffodils instead of daisies. ^_^ I shall correct that :)

*Sigh* My problem when I write in 1st person ... I can't switch the scenes quickly :) -- And in trying to smoothen the transistion between the time lines .. I guess sometimes it does take too long :) Thanks for the review and correction :)

Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 12/28/05 20:12 · For: Prologue

GO MIEL! I can't wait to read it! Yaaaaaay, another nutty fic because of me! Of course i belive in you, is there reason for me not to? =D Dammit, this time instead of a raw green prawn, it was bloody squid. Oh, that smell is one to make you puke, especially when they're cooked +(

Oh well, i wrote some stupid Mary-Sue fluff over at harrypotterfanfiction.net under the same pen name. My first attempt at Humor, but (duh) Im more an angsty person with something new happening every chapter, which is why i loved Healer. I love gory detailing ^-^ and kelpies drowing miserable gits like Snape. Yes, i am weird.

Anyways, going on holidays for a week, so I'll be back and ready to read more Black Chronices after 7 days in the wilderness wihtout an internet connection =) Happy New Year to everyone!


Author's Response: *L* I don't think I ought to post it here on MNFF ... else there be another unfinished story for me to finish *lol* I left the ending too open ended. Three is enough ^_^

*makes face* Ewww... I can imagine ... I wonder how the Japanese can stand to eat their seafood raw.

On HPFF they have a forum there. You can ask some people to give you constructive criticism. They're really helpful ... I learned a lot from them as well.

I always did thought I'm more for funny and all sunshine, but readers and the writers in the forum have a way of pushing me to 'try' other genre ... funny how I started to like writing dark and angsty too.

Have a Happy New Year! Camping? *ugh* I hate bugs. My idea of the right way to spend your time in the Wilderness is inside a nice and roomy log cabin. Yes, I have to have at least two pillows and plenty of canned goods too. ^_^

Okay am going off topic. *frowns* this fic is not that gory ... okay I killed plenty of characters ... the C-section part doesn't help matters on the non-gory claim of mine... uhh... I could have been worse? (and described those murders in greater detail?) - sigh 'lame' but its true! ^_^

Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 12/22/05 22:11 · For: Epilogue

OKay, so i fibbed a little. HOw was i supposed to know Natheniel would die? Anway, you said the Blacks' started naming their children after stars. Did they all hope their offsrpring would be the one to bring a newside to the family? I gather they htought their pure-blooded madness in their eyes was goo.. but if my theory is correct, that meant they wanted their children to be evil? In toher words, blood-traitors? Thank god Sirius was the one to prove them all wrong, and in turn Regulus, the little King...

Your story was absolutley breathtakeing, the best i have read so far. I'[m off to read the Black Chronicles now, i find Nathaniel intruiging. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you becasme a moderator in the near future... that is if you arn't already in disguise.^_^ Have a meey Christmas, Miel!

Author's Response: Mods are suppose to be mature and patient people ^_^ *lol* definitely not me ... I enjoy irritating 'angry' people too much *giggle*

Uhh... *sheepish smile* ... actually didn't think that deeply ... I just like to make nice sounding rhymes and prophecies ... just thought that if they're confusing it'll make them sound more genuine? *snicker* so even I don't know what I really meant. *lol*

Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 12/22/05 21:58 · For: Chapter 4 – The Living and The Dead

i've decided to write a lenghty review, rather than 6 rather annoying short ones. Okay. Was Aris' father's last name Black? That is to say, Apollo's name was Black? A little confused here, but ive been reasing for the past 4 hours, the screen makes your brain go funny ^_^ Or did he "bless" the family wiht the name Black due to his black magic, or "Malicious Intent" hehe picked up on that ;)

I love how you've melded Greek Mythology and Harry Potter in such a way, it provides an escape for those bored wiht their bromal lives, but find that normal Mythology is too monotonous to pludge through by itself. I myself love mythology, i find it intruiging, and does JKR with her abundance of creature such a centaurs, pheonix' and even Remus, whose brother formed the city of Rome before killing him. You writing is so inexplicably like JKR's is hard to deter facts from fiction here. There's a contest mention on the home page of MN, about writing the first chapter of HP7. I think you should deffinetly give it a shot, Miel.

I love how you've inserted various creature form Harry Potter such as the Inferi and the vampires, and i begin to wonder, did JKR even have that idea herself? You have a wonderful imagination, Miel, and i hope you continue to write more historical fics like this. I can tell a fair amount of research wen tinot this, and for that i respect you even more. Well done, my friend.


Author's Response: Apollo and Asclepius did not have that last name. It sort of started with Aris. The origin of the name 'Black' was actually in my other story 'Black Chronicles' *grin* that story was actually where I originally got this concept. When the challenge was issued. I merely grabbed the basic idea from that story and elaborated. ^_^

The truth is I only found the details of Asclepius's story when the challenge was issued (all I used to know was that he's the god of healing and he has a snake staff). Wikipedia makes it easy to do research *L* (although recent events does question the reliability of its facts - not that fiction writers ought to care *L*)

Thanks. I did enjoy doing research and twisting everything up *lol*

Author's Response: Steph!

Just wanted to say that I just entered the contest you mentioned ^_^ Wish me luck and thanks for telling me about it. Should I do win anything. I’d want you to have the prize ^_^ Afterall you told me about the contest and believed in me. ^_^

Name: Yammo (Anonymous) · Date: 12/07/05 0:12 · For: Chapter 4 – The Living and The Dead
The characters, the stories, the facts, the myths... all of them are ingenious. I'm glad to have come across this fanfic. You don't know this: I don't find 'historical' fanfics nice at all, but this story is different and in a league of its own.

Author's Response: The fact that you don't like historical fics, but enjoyed this one gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thank you for taking the time to read and telling me this :).

Name: Cinderella Angelina (Signed) · Date: 11/19/05 17:25 · For: Epilogue
So he was getting married? And they killed him? Was it a "muggle-born," or what? It's kind of confusing with the time-frames here. It took me a minute to realize that they weren't leaving Nathaniel's on that note, that they were coming back, and then it was about time for them to die, and I missed the transitions . . . they were about to die, weren't they? No . . . Um . . . anyway, it's a little confusing, but I still liked it--I guess. Nathaniel was murdered, and all.

Author's Response: Whoops ... I think I may have gone a bit overboard on that advice that the prologue and epilogue ought to have a different feel to the chapters and that the chapters ought to be able to stand without them .... so I used time frame to separate the epilogue.

Yep, the woman he's marrying is not a pure-blooded wizard (could be a half-blood, veela, Muggle, etc) ... his beliefs also does not meld well with his family's. The purpose of this chapter was to tell of their deaths. Nathaniel's violent end and the Flamel's long afterwards.

I should try and work on those transitions. I might have moved about too fast on this one ^_^ Thanks for the reviews and support. Really appreciate each of your reviews. ^_^

Author's Response: I've added a date in the beginning to help with the transition. Other thatn that I have no idea on how to fix this ... am open to suggestions ^_^

Name: Cinderella Angelina (Signed) · Date: 11/19/05 17:18 · For: Chapter 4 – The Living and The Dead
Hmm. Not a very happy ending. I feel kind of sad about Teloforos and Hygiena, it sounds like they were still good people, for being vampires and all. You know, I bet Jo wouldn't mind if you submitted this as an ancient history of the Blacks, it seems kind of up her alley.

Author's Response: *grin* I blame the Greeks on this one *snicker* Their story usually ends as a tragedy (Asclepius' story is one of them). Okay ... I did kill of Telesforos and Hygenia on my own, but I can't have good vampires can I? :) After all they're known as dark creatures so the meanie's was the one who lived and gave them a bad name. :) - I've got too many smilies! :)

Really so nice of you to say so ... but I think this'll be too dark and confusing for a children's book ... I'll bet any kid will go "Mommy, I don't understand a word in this!" :) Of course smarter and delusional ones would probably try and create an Inferi *snicker* Okay, am going to stop ... going off-topic again *lol*

Name: Cinderella Angelina (Signed) · Date: 11/19/05 16:48 · For: Chapter 3 – Children of Asclepius
I think I must have missed this chapter--anyway, I really liked this. I found it intriguing that even after so many years Nicolas and Perenelle have something new to disagree about. Also, I'm impressed at your research and originations of Inferi. Anyway, I'm going to review your other chapters. Good job!

Author's Response: ^_^ My first review on all three chapters... (so happy to finally hear from someone - jumps and hugs CA) ... Great to hear that you appreciate the research ... I do love to ramble on those small details of why this is that ...and all. I did feared that it might confuse or bore people. *lol* My boyfriend and parents tend to change the topic when I talk about my univ projects *L* say that it's because they have no idea as to what I'm talking about *lol* Glad you don't mind those details :)

Name: Laudomia (Signed) · Date: 10/07/05 21:51 · For: Chapter 2 – Epione and the Serpent
My vocabulary is deserting me here. I keep reaching for words like amazing and brilliant, but they don’t really capture my regard for this story. The characters are engaging (I particularly like Orphine), the plot is compelling, and I enjoy the way you interpret myth, both Greek and HP ("No wands. Those staffs have no cores thus the channeling of magic was harder and requires more time and concentration.”). Another favorite line: “You can start anew, your own family,” I answered with a smile, admiring my own genius.” Bravo!

Author's Response: Unfortunately that snake won't be around much on the later part. Especially given the switching POV per chapter. Most of them won't understand him. I'm glad you liked this interpretation of HP and the myths. Thanks so much for your review. Truly appreciate it.

Name: Laudomia (Signed) · Date: 10/07/05 21:48 · For: Chapter 1 – Chiron and the Stars
Lovely sense of atmosphere and a succinct but rich unfolding of the characters’ relationships. I do wonder if a boy would be so generous as to give up his foster father without regret, but Asclepius just might be that unusual. This is such a good story—must read on.

Author's Response: You're right it is unusual especailly at that age. You managed to pick that up ^_^ but I figured people will easily dismiss that, because he was raised under unusual circumstances by an unusual adoptive parent ... so he might have adopted a centaur's demeanor when it comes to fate and destiny

Name: Laudomia (Signed) · Date: 10/07/05 18:16 · For: Prologue
This is so intriguing! Fifteenth-century Venice...an unknown Black...the Flamels plus a dire prediction and a most curious painting. I've added your story to my favourites.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. ^_^ I always love it when someone does that.

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