Reviewer: Awakening16
Date: 12/11/06 16:26
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

awww how sad.

Reviewer: Awakening16
Date: 12/11/06 15:53
Chapter: Second Semester Begins

i like the charater development here. James really showed a more mature side of him.

Date: 11/30/06 18:57
Chapter: Promise to Remember

they're not gonna fiorget!!see im smart!!cause they drank that wine stuff that prevents memory i smart or am i smart?!?lol


Date: 11/30/06 18:47
Chapter: Wine Tasting laughing so!!!freakin prat!!



Date: 11/30/06 18:03
Chapter: Poetry

haha. dumbledore is hilarious. and what james lol.i loved it how he knew what james was gonna do.hmm.i wonder how?lol


Date: 11/30/06 17:40
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

awww!! stupid lily!


Date: 11/30/06 17:10
Chapter: Second Semester Begins

aww.poor prongs. hate lily right now.=[[
i geuss thas where harry inhertied his slowness ginny it took him forever to notice he liked her. atleast he didnt HATE her like lily hated


Date: 11/30/06 16:49
Chapter: Such a Fool

aww.i thought she liked HIM!!!! i feel so stupid sirius now!


Date: 11/29/06 16:50
Chapter: Don't Try to Be a Hero

ha! she likes him! poor audrey =[[


Date: 11/29/06 16:42
Chapter: A Sneak into the Night

aww.okayy.each chapter my opninion on lily changes. now i think shes so swee;to hagrid. not to james=[[


Date: 11/29/06 16:23
Chapter: Up and Down

awww.she is absolutely horrible to him!!i feel so bad for james =[[
now we know who jamie
poor james thought she was talking about him


Date: 11/29/06 16:07
Chapter: One Winter Night

ARGHHH.AWW.PLEASE DONT TELL ME HES STARTING TO LIKE AUDREY?i mean shes okoay but itll be so mean is he likes her and then brakes up with her to go out with lilt becuase eventually theyll be together.and audrey seems so nice


Date: 11/29/06 15:56
Chapter: The Stag

Naomii he likes of i was wondering who jamie was.i was confused.i thought you meant james and spelled it wrong by accident but i was wondering why she was excited when she heard it. i don't think its james cause she wouldnt say his name like that and get ecxited if she thought he was there.but anyways i adore your story so far.

Reviewer: MarauderLuver779
Date: 11/26/06 17:10
Chapter: Such a Fool

Is it possible to hate you yet completely love your idea? I've gone through at least two boxes of kleenex because of you. They were used really well though. I love this story. it's so well written and the way you write out the details makes me feel like I'm there with the marauders. Excellent!!!!

Reviewer: wyowerewolf
Date: 11/25/06 4:11
Chapter: Failing for the First Time

omg, you had him catch the snitch? urg, i am mad

Reviewer: Hermione11
Date: 11/18/06 20:59
Chapter: Epilogue

Oh my gosh this is such a sweet story!!!!!!
i love it!!!!

Reviewer: potterlover89
Date: 11/14/06 15:47
Chapter: Epilogue

oh so sad. I thought you would have written the sequel to this story already. I mean you left us gasping at the end to see what would happen next year. I hope that you really write a sequel to this it's a very good story that we the fans aren't ready to let go!!!

Reviewer: Prongsicle87
Date: 10/03/06 9:14
Chapter: Eternally Bound

I really think you ought to write a Sequel to this beautiful story. The style in which you wrote this is sxactly the same as JK!
You've kept the characters, well, in character, and you really make the strot=ry flow really well! I've read hundreds of Fan fiction stories and yours is my favourite.
The piano scene was incredibly sweet as authentic and I think that if you do make a sequel for the story it should be re-introduced, coupled with another Chrismas party, involving James Potter playing the same song, then Lily joining in. As the discovery of James Potter's sensitive side was a revelation for her feelings for him.
Maybe the song that they play is the key to her recovering the lost memories of her and James. If you were to write about it then I am 400% sure that you would make millions of readers weep in happiness!
But on the subject of the piano, what was the song that Lily and James played together the night after he saved her?
(I thought it would be a classic love song like Canon by Pachelbel). Please tell us!!
I commend your beautiful skills in writing
Best wishes, Natalie.

Reviewer: hmweasley
Date: 10/01/06 21:18
Chapter: Epilogue

I love it!!! Ecspeccially the part with Lily taling Sirius' knickers!!!

Reviewer: Rhet
Date: 09/28/06 20:58
Chapter: Epilogue

that story was soooo good! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more!!!

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