Reviewer: fwakestears
Date: 03/22/11 13:31
Chapter: There is only one chapter

i read it late, but u r story is perfect. It counters all mentioned hints of R/Hr in HBP perfectly.
keep up the good work

Reviewer: rold3
Date: 09/14/08 21:09
Chapter: There is only one chapter

This was really good, but you stopped too soon. I'm a devout HP/HG shipper, keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 07/29/08 18:00
Chapter: There is only one chapter

P.S. I've just read a number of your reviews and I love all the analysis and conclusions concerning Harry and Hermione's relationship. After reading DH I was happy with the way things turned out, because Harry lived and everyone found happiness somewhere. I truly wouldn't have minded if Harry and Hermione ended up together, so long as Ginny and Ron found happiness too. As you can probably tell I love happy endings, but thats not to say the journey there can't be turbulent. I particularly liked what you said about harry being similar to his father and how Hermione was his Lily, it so makes sense. Auror.....'s comments were awful, I found them quite upsetting myself. I sought out fan fiction because the HP series was ending and I thought there was much more to explore in the potterverse. I love all the twists and turns that you authors come up with that are so often different from canon. The whole point of fan fiction, I feel, is for the fans to decide what happens to their favourite and not so favourite characters, it would be rather monotonous to read rewrites of the seven canon books. Having said that i do love finding what i call gap fillers that fit in with canon. I'm sorry for yet another huge review, I'm not too good at expressing what i mean, just to say i thought all of your views were very well expressed and being backed up by evidence from the books made them even stronger.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 07/29/08 16:45
Chapter: There is only one chapter

What a very interesting alternative to the interupted conversation in HBP. This was very well thought out, Hermione does seem the type not to want a boyfriend to distract her while there's a war going on. I'm wondering if she knows Harry too well, he's the sort that soaks things up like a sponge and later the pennies start dropping and he gets a brain wave. Maybe her subtle hints were designed to filter into his brain without conscious thought and then when he has time to think, when Voldemort is gone, he'll realise Hermione meant she liked him. Sorry, getting carried away again. Just one thing though, I think hermione felt betrayed by Ron in HBP and thats why she attacked him with the birds. I know it wasn't rational, but Hermione is a much faster thinker than Ron, if she felt they were developing a relationship, she probably assumed he felt they were getting somewhere too and felt like she'd been dropped like a hot potato for Lavender. Ron however probably didn't think things were going fast enough or just tried to make Hermione jealous, hasn't a clue really has he? Also, it wasn't Lavenders fault, she didn't steal Ron from Hermione, Ron went off with her freely, plus there's a thin line between love and hate, Hermione was angry at Ron because she loved him, she was indifferent to Lavender so her emotions weren't as focussed in her direction. Sorry, hope some of this made sense.

Reviewer: Luna_dreamer
Date: 05/22/08 17:00
Chapter: There is only one chapter

Amazing!! I love the last line: "Yes Harry, a guy like Viktor Krum...or someone who can beat him." It is jsut the one of the perfect ways to end a story like this. Well done!

Reviewer: antigeech
Date: 05/10/08 5:03
Chapter: There is only one chapter

That was sensational. I really feel you kept the two in character... Hermione - intelligent, well thought out and the superior conversationalist and master (mistress) or words with Harry just being clueless and useless in the vein of his idiocy regarding Cho.

The end's really sad. I'm generally a dramione shipper, but this might have converted me.

Reviewer: Jaely
Date: 01/30/08 20:36
Chapter: There is only one chapter

Barvo!!! I love it well done! I have wondered the same thing at times when reading the books. You did a wonderful job!

Reviewer: Niadora
Date: 11/15/07 22:18
Chapter: There is only one chapter

Oh this was so sweet! Very cute at the end...poor dopey. Loving this version. I thought it was really clever obviously thought very well about the fear Hermione would have really felt about Harry's deception. Awesome!

Reviewer: Niadora
Date: 11/15/07 22:16
Chapter: There is only one chapter

Oh this was so sweet! Very cute at the end...poor dopey. Loving this version. I thought it was really clever obviously thought very well about the fear Hermione would have really felt about Harry's deception. Awesome!

Reviewer: hermyOniny94
Date: 09/24/07 12:09
Chapter: There is only one chapter

you mean, i mean, you mean... argh! she meant harry??? :S well, i LOVE dat ship!!! now i could faintly guess wots the endin...:) thank you!!! :D

Reviewer: Ginny663
Date: 06/20/07 11:23
Chapter: There is only one chapter

oh, and although I love ginny, this makes a very good point for the H/Hr ship. i dont really care if ginny gets with harry, i just liked it cause that put her in the books more and i like that =P

Author's Response: Hi ginny663! I like Ginny too and it was fun to see the way she grew up in OotP and HBP. She's more mature than Ron. But in DH, Ginny will be 16 while the Golden Trio is 17. She can't Apparate, and I think she'll be left behind, just like she was in book 1. Cho Chang got a bum deal too.

Reviewer: Ginny663
Date: 06/20/07 11:12
Chapter: There is only one chapter

awwwww!!!! i love it!!!! and i think ron is an idiot too.

Author's Response: Hi Ginny663! Thanks for the nice review! I was disappointed by Ron's lack of growth in HBP. He often seemed to be self-absorbed and distant from Harry. Harry never hung around with Ron and Lavender. In fact it is my thesis that Hermione needlessly prolonged the estrangement between her and Ron in order to keep the R/L affair going. While Ron was with Lavender, Harry hung around with Hermione. (And she got really jealous of a book that Harry spent a lot of time with.)

Reviewer: abhi_shake
Date: 04/20/07 23:11
Chapter: There is only one chapter

Could you mention some other good Harry/Hermione stories?

I have searched and read a lot... but there still maybe some good ones that you know of and i haven't read.

Author's Response: I rather enjoy some of the short stories by croyez. I think she has correctly analyzed the superficial nature of the relationship between Harry and Ginny vs. the deeper relationship that exists between Harry and Hermione.

Reviewer: abhi_shake
Date: 04/20/07 1:21
Chapter: There is only one chapter

wow!! you seriously put a lot of thought into all of this.. amazing.!!

yes i get your point... but Ginny has always had a crush on Harry.. since the moment she heard of him. She dated other guys to get her mind off Harry. But now even after the breakup I don't think she will easily get over Harry.

Author's Response: Hi abhi shake! Ginny had a crush on the legend of Harry Potter, the magical boy who vanquished the Dark Lord when he was just a baby. She's had her "Springtime in the Sun" with Harry Potter and I think she'll be able to move on now. In SS/PS, Ginny couldn't get on the train. In DH, she'll be left behind because she can't Apparate.

Reviewer: abhi_shake
Date: 04/18/07 9:57
Chapter: There is only one chapter

Your story is nice.... and also in other stories where you have mentioned how Harry and Hermione can have a relationship (in Author Notes) it all seems plausible.

I myself would love to have a H/Hr relationship, but what about Ginny? When Harry kisses Ginny for the first time, JKR writes that "Hermione was beaming." no jealousy, no scowling... so what do you make of that??

Author's Response: Hi abhi shake! Thanks for the nice review, and the question. I think Hermione is smart. When Hermione made nasty comments about Fleur on Harry's first morning at The Burrow, Harry defended Fleur. Hermione learned a lesson from that. She wants to stay on Harry's good side so she can be close-by when Harry has a fight with Ginny. Hermione is not a bit surprised by Ginny and Harry kissing each other in the euphoric aftermath of a Quidditch victory. By smiling at him when the inevitable happens, Hermione avoids placing a barrier between herself and Harry. Hermione can smile at Harry even if she's not enthusiastic about a H/G ship. Harry made it through a detention with Snape without getting expelled. Harry's team won without his presence, that makes Harry look like a good leader. And besides, there are worse things for Hermione than seeing Harry kissing Ginny. At least Harry's not kissing Luna Lovegood or Romilda Vane or (shudders) Ron. Ginny goes through boyfriends pretty fast. Later, Hermione tells Harry off for spending so much time with Ginny when she needs to be studying for her OWLS. I think Hermione's jealousy was getting to her there. She successfully pulled Harry away from Cho, and she might be trying to do the same thing to Ginny. But the seed of an idea that she plants in Harry's head is really harsh. Harry should leave Ginny alone for her own good. When Dumbledore dies and Harry faces the horrible reality that he must face Voldemort, he breaks up with Ginny. A dozen boys will hit on Ginny now, while Harry, Ron and Hermione get on with things.

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/08/07 9:49
Chapter: There is only one chapter

i so wish that DID happen! I want harry and hermione to be together!!! You may be right about the whole 'not revealing the plot yet'. Afterall, it is harry's story, and it should be him that falls in love with the other main FEMALE character!

Author's Response: When Harry, Ron and Ginny returned to Hogwarts after Christmas (using the flue network, not the train), Hermione was already there. She knew the password and she had been to visit Hagrid. Did she know that Ron would be greeted by Lavender as soon as he entered the Common Room? Of course she did! Lavender was there when Hermione got there. The students arrived according to a schedule so they wouldn't collide in McGonagall's fireplace. And they arrived in alphabetical order. Hermione could have tried to make up with Ron before Lavender got to him, but she didn't. Whenever Ron was with Lavender, Harry was with Hermione. (Ginny was still dating Dean Thomas, because Hermione had advised her to date other boys.) Hermione appeared to stay mad at Ron for 4 months, because she got a payoff. As long as Ron was snogging Lavender, Hermione got Harry all to herself. (Except Harry kept his nose in the HBP's book, and we know Hermione's opinion of that thing.)

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/08/07 9:42
Chapter: There is only one chapter

i so wish that DID happen! I want harry and hermione to be together!!! You may be right about the whole 'not revealing the plot yet'. Afterall, it is harry's story, and it should be him that falls in love with the other main FEMALE character!

Author's Response: Hi SugarxSpunxQuill! Thanks for the nice review! The scene that I wrote about in "The Moment That Was Not" didn't happen because neither Ron nor Harry acted while Hermione was walking slowly from the teachers desk to the door with the flock of birds circling her head like a model of the solar system. Ron could have left, or Harry could have told Ron to leave, and the bird attack would have never happened. Harry owed Hermione an apology, but he didn't tell Ron to get out of the way. I think this hurt Hermione a lot.

Reviewer: mathiasgranger
Date: 03/30/07 1:16
Chapter: There is only one chapter

Haha what a cute scene that might have been.

I think that no matter how DH turns out there are going to be many unhappy fans with who lives/dies, ships (if any), and the plot holes that can't possibly all be plugged by the end.

But, then again good authors don't write for praise.

Thanks for writing,

Author's Response: Hi Matt! Thanks for the nice review! Fanfict authors just write for the fun of it. I'm currently working on a sequel to "The Fifth Horcrux". It's a mystery-adventure-romance featuring Harry and Hermione as a pair of private detectives. Unfortunately, it's coming along rather slowly. I don't make my living by writing fanficts.

Reviewer: angel1991
Date: 03/28/07 17:26
Chapter: There is only one chapter

I love the ending. I totaly reflects Harry's sometimes clueless behaviour when it comes to girls.

Author's Response: Thank You angel1991! What does Hermione find attractive about Victor Krumm. It's not that he's a great Quidditch player and it certainly not about handsome looks. At the Quidditch Cup she comments that Victor's play was "brave". What did she find attractive about Professor Lockhart in the early part of CoS? She says she doesn't fall in love because someone is handsome and I think she is being truthful. She reads the assigned books. She had read all of Lockhart's books and for a while probably really believed hat he was brave. Bravery is the trait that floats Hermione's boat. That's why she loves Harry.

Reviewer: vera_bradley_hobobag
Date: 02/19/07 10:51
Chapter: There is only one chapter

awww cute ;)

Author's Response: Hi vera! Thanks for the nice review! Hermione doesn't run to Harry and hug him in order to make Ron jealous! Check out my other stories, starting with "Harry Potter and the Needed One".

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