Reviewer: chloe4dan
Date: 06/23/06 0:48
Chapter: One shot

hahhahahaha oh god this story never gets old :) :) :) :)

"Oh, Draco, don't go! Sob, sob!"


Author's Response: Hi again, Chloe! How have you been? Hehe, I'm glad you still like it! Thanks!

Reviewer: Arial
Date: 06/22/06 22:14
Chapter: One shot

Okay, so, the review i typed a couple of minutes ago was submitted B4 i had even finished your fic *applauding loudly*... I laughed so hard i seriously about pee'd my pants! I love the part where Draco says " Either way, more sex for me!" Maybe he and Hermoine can live happliy ever after on a pink cloud in LaLa Land... I just hope they don't gag to death on all the soppy romantic crap they have to say to make up for years of nasty taunting... ....Anyhoo, thanks for the laugh!

Author's Response: Though I don't understand why, I'm glad you submitted two review, because that just makes me smile even more. I seriously hope you didn't pee in your pants! I'm glad you liked that quote :) He's such a teenager... LaLa Land sounds wonderful - I'll suggest it to them. Yes, some of the things they had to say was somewhat soppy, and you could see how hard it was for Hermione to go through with it... Thanks for the review(s), Arial!

Reviewer: Arial
Date: 06/22/06 22:12
Chapter: One shot

Okay, so, the review i typed a couple of minutes ago was submitted B4 i had even finished your fic *applauding loudly*... I laughed so hard i seriously about pee'd my pants! I love the part where Draco says " Either way, more sex for me!" Maybe he and Hermoine can live happliy ever after on a pink cloud in LaLa Land... I just hope they don't gag to death on all the soppy romantic crap they have to say to make up for years of nasty taunting... ....Anyhoo, thanks for the laugh!

Reviewer: Arial
Date: 06/22/06 21:57
Chapter: One shot

nice! God, you really had me cracking up at the beginning of this fic...That line about how cruel Malfoy was to everyone, but she is "putting all of those things behind" her(for the sake of fanfiction of course!)...I about wet my pants at how ridiculous all of these D/HR romance fics can be! Thanks for the laugh!

Author's Response: I'm glad it made you laugh. Everything they did was for the sake of fanfiction! You are so correct! I'm glad you liked it, Arial.

Reviewer: withoutaclue91
Date: 06/22/06 21:37
Chapter: One shot

thats was *stifles laugh* kinda *stifles laugh* hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! that was really funny! its kinda like ur making fun of it and just-hahahahahahahahahahah *this goes on until you have finally killed me from laughing so hard!* it was awsome! if you make more that would be funny ^-^

Author's Response: Thank you, withoutaclue91! Don't worry, I won't kill you for laughing. Thanks!

Reviewer: Haydeshka
Date: 06/22/06 12:14
Chapter: One shot

wow!!! nice!! i did laugh actually, in certain moments!! lol...what else can i say? lol it was good

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Haydeshka. I'm glad it made you laugh.

Reviewer: JuliaWitch1000
Date: 06/21/06 11:59
Chapter: One shot

That was SO funny! I hope you don't make fun of "the unseemingly proposal" 'cause that's the BEST FANFIC EVER!!!! anyway, that doesn't matter.

Author's Response: Thank you, JuliaWitch! Don't worry I won't make fun of TUP; I love that story myself. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: padfooyroxmysoccks
Date: 06/21/06 10:57
Chapter: One shot

"Hey, babe," Draco smirked.

"Giggle, giggle," Hermione smiled. Then apparently thinking she should stay in character a little longer into the story, she added, "What do you want, Malfoy?"

"Fiery, aren't we?" Draco smirked. "But I like 'em hot..."

"'Em' being women in general?" Hermione huffed.

"No. 'They' has been mysteriously reduced to Mudblood girls with bushy, brown hair and devotion for books," Draco replied, thinking how strange it actually was...."Oh, yes, Draco, yes!" Hermione shrieked with happiness. "Oh, it's perfect!" she exclaimed as he slipped the diamond ring on her finger. "It's just how I imagined it would be. Oh, Draco. I don't care that we're much too young to marry and have completely different backgrounds and nothing in common whatsoever - the important part is that I love you. You're so sweet - so compassionate - so wonderful - so nauseating! Jeez, what a crappy line! This is just a load of *loud beeping sound*! Where's the author, I'm going to rip out her filthy little innards."

Hermione hurriedly tried to stay in character and not threaten the author for lack of creativity; she grinned sheepishly and corrected herself innocently, "What I meant was that I'm just going to nance along this corridor with my fiancé talking about birds and lilies and harp music ...and continuously trying not to gag."...."That's not good enough!" Ron growled, stomping his foot childishly on the ground. "Hermione, think. Draco Malfoy is a *loud beeping sound* who should be *loud beeping sound* and I should really shove a *loud beeping sound* into his *loud beeping sound*!"

"Ron, violence is not the answer," huffed Hermione.

"Fine!" Ron hissed and walked up towards the castle.

Hermione watched him go, trying to hold in the tears. She then turned to Harry. "What about you?" Hermione asked tentatively. "What do you say to this?"

"I don't know why, but I really don't mind," Harry shrugged. "It's as if I've forgotten about everything Malfoy has ever done to me and my loved ones, and I have somehow forgiven him and look forward to being his best man at your wedding. Or else I'm just completely losing my mind..."

"Either way, more sex for me," Draco said happily.

"Draco!" Hermione shrieked. "Not in front of the kids!"

Draco growled a bit but didn't speak again.

"Well, Harry," Hermione smiled. "I'm glad you've taken the news so lightly."

"What are stupid friends for?" Harry smiled.

"Shagging," Draco mumbled.

"Draco!" Hermione shrieked....."Darling, you're back!" Hermione shrieked as Draco entered the Head Boy dormitory.

"Yes," Draco smiled. "Safe and sound."

"Oh, Draco," Hermione exclaimed welcoming his embrace. When she withdrew from his arms, she asked, "But how did you escape him with no scratches at all?"

"Just told him the Cruciatus curse was so last season," Draco shrugged, laughing slightly at his father's stupidity.

"You always know what to say," Hermione smiled, looking admiringly into her fiancé's eyes.

"Yes, I do have to best lines," Draco nodded.

Draco put an arm around Hermione and led her over to the bed where they lay down. Snuggling into his embrace, feeling drowsiness coming upon her, Hermione whispered, "Draco?"


"I'm pregnant."...... I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!! THIS IS A REALY GOOD STORY!!

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you, padfooyroxmysocks!

Reviewer: Regan
Date: 06/15/06 17:59
Chapter: One shot

This was wierd...

Author's Response: Yes, I know.

Reviewer: padfooyroxmysoccks
Date: 06/13/06 7:22
Chapter: One shot

*Recovers from laughing fit and sligt shock even though she's read it once befor and knew what was going to hapen* That is one *oud beeping sound* good story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you recovered so you could speak. And even though you knew what was going to happen, chica, I'm glad you left a review! I'm happy you liked it. Thanks!

Reviewer: Novera Nope
Date: 06/13/06 7:08
Chapter: One shot

"Oh, wail!"
*goes off to read part 2*

Author's Response: Hehe. What part two? Oh, you mean the second story in the series? Well, it doesn't really have anything to do with this story, apart from having the same ship. Anyhow, I hope you like it.

Reviewer: Novera Nope
Date: 06/13/06 7:04
Chapter: One shot

"Oh, wail!"
*goes of to read part 2*

Reviewer: jkrowling is so cool
Date: 06/10/06 8:09
Chapter: One shot

well that confused me more than anything (including little brothers).

Author's Response: Why did it confuse you?

Reviewer: Narci Jones
Date: 06/08/06 16:09
Chapter: One shot

i love thes quotes!!!:

"more sex for me!!" (draco)

"im pregnant" (hermione).....and of course

"Privately thinking that Godric and Salazar really shouldn't get into interior designing together..." (draco thinking)

this fic kinda reminded me of THE SCARY showing ppl that movie ppl use the same plot im millions of dif
(: ~narci~ :)

Author's Response: Hi again, Narci. I'm glad you liked those parts of the story. Yeah, I guess you can compare it to Scary Movie. Thanks!

Reviewer: Narci Jones
Date: 06/08/06 16:03
Chapter: One shot

-sighs- lol this is really funni........ya GREAT JOB!

Author's Response: :) Thank you, I'm glad you liked it, Narci Jones!

Reviewer: lil vampire
Date: 06/06/06 13:54
Chapter: One shot

LoL, this is the funniest fic i've eva read

Author's Response: Thank you, lil vampire!

Reviewer: Broomsticgirl
Date: 06/05/06 17:27
Chapter: One shot

urm. arn't they a little to young for marrige? and hermione being pregnant?

Author's Response: Yeah, that's the point.

Reviewer: GillyWeedEater2006
Date: 06/04/06 23:39
Chapter: One shot

That was totally stupid! I did not like it.

Author's Response: All right. I'm not forcing you to read it again.

Reviewer: chels07
Date: 06/04/06 18:23
Chapter: One shot

that is the best thing i have EVER heard, finaly someone not afraid to speak the truth,

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm just considering myself as encouraging other writers to develop their future D/Hr stories with more than this. I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: DracoHollic
Date: 06/04/06 4:09
Chapter: One shot

omg, I just looked over the reviews you've got for this story, and I saw I haven't review! really sorry 'bout that, but I just have to say I soooo loved this story! :D it's really really good! loveed it! :D

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you found out that you hadn't reviewed, for then you could make me so happy by doing it now! Thank you, DracoHollic. I'm so pleased to hear you liked it.

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