Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 09/05/07 15:59
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Great additional chapter for the story. Loved the flashback to thier childhood!

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 04/24/07 18:35
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Really funny, and an excellent excerpt of the main story. Thank you for adding it.

Reviewer: SimpleMinds
Date: 04/05/07 13:18
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Exactly the same as with your two main fics! Brilliant
Aboluteley Fantastic on an emotional level! I dont normally like invented characters, BUT i absolutely love ellie and if i could i would kill charlie and take his place!

Reviewer: Harry4GinnyRon4Hermy
Date: 02/26/07 12:02
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

VERY VERY GOOD! its a shame i cant find the 10 chapter sequel you thought of doing.

I am most disappointed you aren't doing it.

Reviewer: abbs866
Date: 01/06/07 13:25
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

loved the flashback, it was so sweet. back to the real story now though. as soon as I saw your AN that you had written this I came to read it. loved it. tata for nwo

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/19/06 16:24
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

awwww that was sweet i liked it alot

Reviewer: MuggleMunkey
Date: 08/25/06 17:17
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

I loved it and i love ellie she is fantastic!

Reviewer: self named harry potter freak
Date: 08/03/06 12:26
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

This is an incredible story. The imagery you use is brilliant and the description leaves me with no doubt about your skill as a writer. I love the scene with mummies and daddies. You have their conversations at just the right level to make them seem their age; not too old or too young. I absolutely adore the line “So, when we’re old, like twenty or something, will you marry me?” You capture their innocence wonderfuly, and you did a fantastic job overall with this story.

Reviewer: secret_lover
Date: 07/14/06 10:51
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Awww! "lets play mummies and daddies for real, forever"...thats my favorite quote!!! i love it

Reviewer: EmmaWeasley
Date: 06/27/06 12:57
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

I love all your the Girl who lived stories. They are IMMENSE! Very good =]

Reviewer: HPFCNina
Date: 06/07/06 0:16
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

awwww... cute! Loooooove it!!

Reviewer: Harry4GinnyRon4Hermy
Date: 06/05/06 14:01
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Ok to be honest in the beginning I didn't have a clue what this was on about, and also didn't Ellie say Charlie went on his knees? Anyway I'm glad you wrote this story because I wanted to know how Charlie got Ellie to marry him! :)

Reviewer: Tara_Q
Date: 05/27/06 20:14
Chapter: In The Drawing Room


Reviewer: ginnylovesharry
Date: 12/06/05 0:53
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Sniff Sniff. That was so romantic. I am reading your story Harry Potter and the Girl Who Lived and I loved this spin off. It was beautiful!10/10.

Reviewer: RoxyMarie
Date: 10/20/05 17:47
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

How cute! You're awesome at all the warm fuzzies! I love it!

Author's Response: I am rather good at the warm fuzzies, it's almost sickening in fact. I'm glad that you liked it though.

Reviewer: mrs ginny potter
Date: 10/16/05 11:37
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

This was really good! I had been reading The Girl Who Lived for some time, and now thas over, so I decided to read this! It was really good I usually don't comment on one-shots but I really liked this one!

Author's Response: I'm really glad that i convinced you to do something that you wouldn't normally and i'm ecstatic that you liked it!

Reviewer: Scorpia
Date: 08/18/05 12:13
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Well! After trying three starting subjects for this review that didn't involve "OMG YOUR STORY IS SO GOOD AND I LOVE THE FLASHBACK AND THE FIRST ONE AND PLZ UPDATE DONT LEAVE ME HANGING I KNOW THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE UPDATES..." ect... *shudders* I came up with this: Wonderful story that happens to balance out your set of stories (one happy, one sad, one in the middle). First one not to involve voldem- voldemo-...voldy-locks and the three death eaters, so all-in-all happy. *singing* V-O-L-D-E-M-O-R-T! That is what it means to me, V-O-L-D-I-E! um...*incoherant mumbling*

Author's Response: I was going for balance, we can't be all doom and gloom now can we? I'm glad that you enjoyed, thank you very much!

Reviewer: Narwen3
Date: 08/17/05 19:23
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Absolutely brilliantly cute adorable sweet and completely endearing!!! It was nice and fluffy and the childhood Charlie and Ellie is(are?) awesome! If you're still reading this, go to bed!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, it was all the things that i was aiming for then! I'm still reading, i'm churning through ideas at the minute and i ain't going to bed until i have a chapter plan, if i don't do it now then i'll never get the peace and quiet to do it any other time!

Reviewer: miss padfoot
Date: 08/14/05 23:31
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Oh! so romantic! Wish you would write more one-shots like this! 10/10

Author's Response: Don't worry i have more one-shots planned to fit in with the sequel, which i finished writing yesterday! I think you'll like them!

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 08/13/05 10:19
Chapter: In The Drawing Room

Sniff, soooo romantic! I loved that they were playing mummies and daddies. Great job! 10/10!

Author's Response: Romance is what i was aiming for so thank goodness i achieved it. Thank you for the ten, i'm very grateful for it!

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