Reviewer: Pottergirl
Date: 09/05/05 15:31
Chapter: February 5th, 1692

Sorry, i just get nervous when something happens, and I start quoting certin authors. (Charles Dickons, xmas carol)

Reviewer: Pottergirl
Date: 09/05/05 15:27
Chapter: February 5th, 1692

*Sees mental image of Hermione hanging from a noose* Please, Spirit, tell me this isn't true. I promise i'll change my ways, just don't kill Hermione

Reviewer: Pottergirl
Date: 09/05/05 15:22
Chapter: February 5th, 1692

Hermione's gonna be hanged? *Feels faint, and sick to her stomach* I"ll give u a 10 only if u SAVE HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WILL HARRY AND RON DO WITHOUT HER???? *Sobs, screams and wails*

Author's Response: Oh, boy! I'll have to save Hermione then, won't I! :D

Reviewer: Mierielle
Date: 09/05/05 10:00
Chapter: February 5th, 1692

Oh my God! That was a great chapter but... PLEASE SAVE HERMIONE! SHE DOESN'T DESERVE TO DIE!!!!

Reviewer: Mierielle
Date: 09/05/05 9:55
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

AWESOME! There's just no other word for it. You write so well!! ;)

Reviewer: Mierielle
Date: 09/05/05 9:51
Chapter: February 2nd, 1692

Hey, it's not as long as the last chapter, but it's still excellent! 10/10 of course!

Reviewer: Mierielle
Date: 09/05/05 9:42
Chapter: February 1st, 1692

Wow! That was extremely long, extremely well researched, and extremely well written. Good job!

Reviewer: Mierielle
Date: 09/05/05 9:33
Chapter: Prologue- February 1st, 1998

Great start! I can't wait for your updates!

Reviewer: vigal
Date: 09/05/05 0:59
Chapter: February 5th, 1692

another great chapter. I can't believe hermione is accused scary! I like your story very much it is a nice change of pace...

Reviewer: socks4dobby
Date: 09/04/05 12:17
Chapter: February 5th, 1692

I think that the trial was very well written and accurate. I had this nagging horror that Harry's anger might get to the point that he'd blow up like he did with his aunt in POA. Of course, thankfully that didn't happen because otherwise he would also be accused along with Hermione. I'm very scared for Hermione and hope that they can get out of this.

Author's Response: I hope the can get out of this too... *translation* I'm not saying anything.

Reviewer: hearyoume
Date: 09/03/05 22:01
Chapter: February 5th, 1692

Yay! I was waiting for this next chapter... I think the trial was written well; I couldn't really expect much better considering records of the real ones are, as you said, limited. Also, I'd like to say something about what (I think) you have said before about a previous chapter about the dialogue.. Right now, in school, I'm reading The Crucible, which is also about the Salem Witch Trials, and the dialogue is not that different from what it is today. At least, nothing that would make your story look bad. So if The Crucible was written with the same type of dialogue in the 1600's (which is probably the case) then you're not too far off. Anyway, enough of my rambling (: I gave you a 10.

Reviewer: Pottergirl
Date: 09/01/05 19:09
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692


Author's Response: The next chapter has been in the queue for a while now. I have no clue why it's not up... Hmmm... :D

Reviewer: Pottergirl
Date: 09/01/05 19:05
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

Awesome chappie!! Samatha really thinks the Trio did it? How will she prove it? *Rubs hands in glee* Hurry up and update SSSSOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Reviewer: wandwood
Date: 08/31/05 7:13
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

now, That is the true meaning of evil cliffie! You stopped at the right point to keep everyone on tenderhooks! 10/10 Wandwood

Reviewer: SiriuslyPadfoot12
Date: 08/29/05 22:55
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

Oh, wow. Exciting! Loved this chapter. You're an excellent writer. But, oh, the cliffhanger... you're killing me...

Author's Response: Don't die yet! There is a whole lot more to come! :D

Reviewer: Blondeshorte88
Date: 08/29/05 19:43
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

Really good chapter. I'm excited to see what Samantha does with them and also what happens with her daughter. This story has gotten me really interested in the Salem Witchcraft Trials, to bad I can't learn about something like this in school! lol

Author's Response: Strangely they don't teach the interesting history at school! And then they ask why we hate history... typical!

Reviewer: socks4dobby
Date: 08/29/05 16:54
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

I can tell that you've put a lot of effort in writing and researching this. It's a very wonderful and accurate story. Well, it wasn't long before the Trio would be suspected of witchcraft. I can't wait to read what happens next! That was a great cliffie!

Reviewer: hearyoume
Date: 08/29/05 16:50
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

This is a fabulous idea. Quite a new and interesting twist by landing Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the middle of the Salem Witch Trials. Your writing is great; you write just enough detail so that I feel like I can imagine it, and I understand the history of the Salem Witch Trials thanks to your information throughout the story and the excerpts at the end. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: WhichGuyNow
Date: 08/29/05 15:21
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

Oh I like this. Its very good. I look forward to your next chapter! By the way, are you going to have any romance or anything in this? Its perfect just how it is, but if you were thinking about relationships it could work... Lol, sorry Im babbling now, Good Job!!!

Author's Response: No, sorry, no romance in this one. I didn't plan any at the start so I can't really add it now... I've written a lot of the fic already and romance would make no sense... :)

Reviewer: vigal
Date: 08/29/05 0:04
Chapter: February 3rd, 1692

Oh my gosh how did sam suspect the trio or did I miss somthing? Oh good story. I like it different twist...

Author's Response: Hmm... I'll post the other chapters and if you are still confused then, then I'll explain... :)

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