Reviewer: KEV1
Date: 05/06/07 12:29
Chapter: March 1st, 1998

ELLE est vivante !!!! MERCI !!!!

Merci, et bravo pour cette géniale pirouette, imprévisible, incroyable et ….inespérée !!!

Magnifique utilisation de cette phrase de Dumbledore : "La mort est la dernière grande aventure…" ta fiction est vraiment superbe, bien pensée, bien construite et tu t'étais parfaitement documenté sur le sujet.

J'imagine sans peine la nostalgie que tu ressentiras en écrivant le mot fin au bas de ton épilogue. Je me souviens avoir versé une larme en terminant voici deux ans : " Hermione et l"Ange de la Mort ou la Mimésis d'Hermione Granger"…..

Alors, encore une fois MERCI, merci pour le suspens, pour tous ces bons moments….. Je sais, ce n'est pas fini, et j'attendrai avec intérêt !!

Author's Response: Well, you're very welcome! :D I'm glad you liked the chapter! I've waited forEVER to tell you what the runes said, and so I extremely pleased that you all liked the addition! There is one more chapter coming up - *cough* Though I don't think many of you are going to like me for it. :D

Reviewer: ILuvHP4Ev3r
Date: 05/06/07 10:53
Chapter: March 1st, 1998

i dont know if this was brought up before, but...what is Douglas's last name? Adams or Grant? or is like, adams a middle name or something...

anyway, good chapter, i couldn't stop reading!

Author's Response: Grant. :) The "Adams" bit was a mistake - sorry about that!

Reviewer: SingingBird
Date: 05/06/07 10:40
Chapter: March 1st, 1998

Wow, I don't think I ever would have guessed about half of what was in this chapter. :) That was amazingly written!

Reviewer: Potter_freak0515
Date: 05/05/07 23:49
Chapter: March 1st, 1998


Why is it that every time I write a good review I accidentally delete it? In short, I said that I loved this, the whole reincarnation thing, blah. There were a few mistakes I corrected, too. Like the chapter title says May, but the chapter takes place in March. Also, March 1 is Ron's birthday. Not exactly a mistake, but it's just kind of weird.

And you wrote "Douglas Adams" a few times instead of "Douglas Grant". There were a few times when the phrasing of stuff was confusing, too. I think Dumbledore said something like, "you, Harry, and Samantha" (or maybe it was Naima) which makes it sound like he's talking about three people.

*facedesk* There was other stuff, too, but I can't remember it.

Author's Response: I fixed the name mistakes.... and the date mistake as well. I didn't do the birthday tie-in on purpose - the fact that Ron's b-day was on March 1st slipped my mind. :D The phrasing seems okay to me, with the commas and all: 'You *comma/pause* Harry *pause* and Naima"... I had used "you" to refer to all three of the kiddies throughout the chapter and saying just "you" didn't suffice and just "Harry" made me feel like Dumbledore was talking to someone else about Harry, when he was talking to Harry... so I really don't know how to fix that bit. Thanks anyway! :D I'm glad you liked the reincarnation bit and were reading the chapter carefully enough to pick out my mistakes! YAY! :p

Reviewer: black_ink
Date: 05/05/07 23:29
Chapter: March 1st, 1998

Fantastic chapter!!! I can't believe you came up with all of that!! Dumbledore seemed so real, and I felt like I could actually picture him before me, talking to me. ~Sara

Author's Response: Yahoo! :D I'm so glad you liked it!

Reviewer: Pottergirl
Date: 05/02/07 21:17
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

Is this the end? PLEASE don't let it be the end! 10/10

Reviewer: Celebwen
Date: 04/30/07 21:39
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

WAUGH!!! How could you DO this to me? After all we've been through?!? Post a chapter like this with that sort of cliff?! Man, you really know how to make me nuts. Really, really fantastic chapter, though I'm super confused and I hope there'll be MUCH more info soon.

Reviewer: MustLoveTheTrio
Date: 04/29/07 22:25
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

I'm really hoping int he future chapters somehow they get transported back to 1998 alive and well. all three of them! AWESOME story..hs me crying every chapter! lol...the worst was when hermione died though. Gosh..that chapter killed me!

Reviewer: black_ink
Date: 04/29/07 20:24
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

A melancholy, but wonderful chapter. It was written so well. I felt like I was there. But I can't believe Harry's dead now! I can't wait to see what will happen! ~Sara

Reviewer: beauty and brains
Date: 04/29/07 19:35
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

So...that's it?! They're all gone? But I don't understand. The story can't be finished yet, the mystery hasn't been revealed.


It never says how they got there or anything. Rawr.

*humpfs loudly*

If this is the end though, I can say that I really enjoyed this story, although it did have me crying at many points. Great job on how historically accurate it was!

Reviewer: ILuvHP4Ev3r
Date: 04/29/07 17:19
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

*gasp* oh my gosh a good chapter, i really cant wait to see what happens next

Reviewer: italia_luver
Date: 04/29/07 13:29
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later


Reviewer: SingingBird
Date: 04/29/07 10:18
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

That was so sad! Of course, I figured it was coming but it was still a shock when it did. I loved all teh description. It was great. :)

Reviewer: Aranna_Riddle
Date: 04/29/07 9:35
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

Ok, so now Harry's dead?!?! What's going to happen after this? Please update!!!!!

Reviewer: Larachan
Date: 04/29/07 9:17
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

Wow! I have benn waiting for this chapter for a long time, but it sure as hell worthed it :)
It was such as I imagined how Harry will die (IMO in this wolrd), though I hope poor him can at least get back to the present again :)

Reviewer: KEV1
Date: 04/29/07 5:17
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

Enfin !!! J'ai bien cru ne jamais pouvoir lire cette suite. Mais bon, ça valait la peine d'attendre car c'est un très bon chapitre, même s'il nous plonge encore un peu plus dans le mystère et le désespoir.
Car tu nous a mené au fond du gouffre : ils sont morts nous ne reverrons plus nos héros !! Je n'arrive pas à me faire à l'idée que 'ma' merveilleuse Hermione soit morte pendue….

Mais tu es un écrivain magique qui sait mener sa barque. Nous sommes à la fin et nous ne pouvons que nous poser une foule de questions car à chaque chapitre tu as épaissi le mystère en ne nous donnant que des bribes de réponses. Cet éclair vert est-il un 'Avada Kedavra' ou un autre sort bien moins funeste ? Ce n'est pas pour rien que tu coupes à cet instant.

Alors, j'attendrai ( comme tant d'autres) la suite et la fin avec impatience. Vas-tu nous plonger, avec sadisme, au fond du désespoir, ou nous faire découvrir une fin magique et merveilleuse ( ce qui serait un tour de force ! ), toi seul connaît la réponse.
A bientôt donc, et BRAVO !!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the wonderful review!! I can tell you that the gree flash was indeed the Killing Curse, but is Harry really dead? Wait and see! Next chapter will go into queue soon!

Reviewer: A_Pink_lady
Date: 04/29/07 3:55
Chapter: February 17th, 1692 - Later

I am in utter shock! I absoloutly loved this chapter, all of the detail and the 'hum hum' etc bit really added to the tension. I virtually cried when hermione and ron were mentioned again, i still cant believe that theyre dead! Please tell me this isnt the end!!

Author's Response: You can't imagine how happy this makes me! This is my all time favorite chapter! I'm overjoyed that you liked it, and no, of course, this is NOT the end. One more chapter and the epilogue to go!

Reviewer: KEV1
Date: 04/22/07 10:51
Chapter: February 17th, 1692

Ah oui, dans ce chapitre qui doit être validé, tu as indiqué 1962 et non 1692 ..... A bientôt j'espère !!!!!

Author's Response: Me too. ^^ The chapter was deleted from the queue once and I never got the rejection e-mail. I have re-submitted... I hope it gets validated soon. ;)

Author's Response: Whoops, this response should be on the other review. Sorry.

Reviewer: KEV1
Date: 04/22/07 10:50
Chapter: February 17th, 1692

J'espère que les Admins vont bientôt te valider la suiiiiite !!!! C'est trop triiiiiste d'attendre !!!!!!!

Reviewer: prongs_at_heart
Date: 04/20/07 17:58
Chapter: February 1st, 1692

The story is starting to pick up the pace, and I really like it so far. Keep writing!

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