Reviewer: Hermioneclone12
Date: 12/04/04 11:05
Chapter: Christmas

noooooo.....another cliffhanger! One question, though...went you wrote about the one book, did you imagine Harry being in there, and with what team(s)?

Reviewer: nymphadoratonks
Date: 12/03/04 23:33
Chapter: Forgotten Love

hmmm. it would be nice if everything was going to be alright, but i have a feeling there is more stuff coming...GREAT STORY! SO GOOD!!! :D

Reviewer: nymphadoratonks
Date: 12/03/04 23:29
Chapter: Lonely Mistakes

haha! they're using seamus to practice on! perfect!! and draco is a ****** i dunno what to call him!! my god!!

Reviewer: nymphadoratonks
Date: 12/03/04 23:22
Chapter: Going into Hiding

HAHA!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!! oh, so hilarious. yes, i do feel bad for ron and melody as well. ;D

Reviewer: nymphadoratonks
Date: 12/03/04 23:17
Chapter: Kissing in the Night

DOUBLE yay!!! melody's cousin is tonks!!! (my fave character, as seen in my bio.) and really, hermione and ron are s'posed to be together. and oooooh, who was behind the tree?? i'll bet anyone anything that it was someone evil...

Reviewer: nymphadoratonks
Date: 12/03/04 23:08
Chapter: Striking Beauty

yay!!!! melody is in gryfindor, AND fleur is teaching at hogwarts. (i'm very interested in the rumors thst fleur WILL be the new defense teacher.) :D

Reviewer: nymphadoratonks
Date: 12/03/04 23:00
Chapter: The Asteroid

you are totally welcome!! :) you deserve it, this is a great story!!!

Reviewer: Hermione2008
Date: 12/03/04 19:17
Chapter: Christmas

i can't wait for more But will Harry Ron Hermione and melody become friends agian?

Reviewer: Hermione2008
Date: 12/02/04 21:26
Chapter: Amour

it's good i can't wiat for mroe

Reviewer: Hermioneclone12
Date: 12/02/04 17:01
Chapter: Amour

yay! But, if you don't mind me saying, Melody jumps from boy to boy alot, doesn't she? lol And she seems ( by what she said about her being the 'picture of perfection' sounds a bit conceied, don't you think? (sorry if this offends you, I don't mean to sound rude!)

Author's Response: Explaination for Melody's actions: #1 - She is very troubled by her fight with Harry. #2 - Being in France reminds her of home.

Author's Response: Oops, hit enter...continuing - #3 - Marcus.....(it's a secret) Why she jumps from boy to boy?? She hasn't been with Ron for two months and Draco was an accident. Sorry if I sound bitter, I'm not, just trying to clarify so no one gets the wrong idea bout Melody. Also, there is a reason to the madness!

Reviewer: lalaprincess
Date: 12/01/04 22:18
Chapter: The Words That Stung

one word...WOW!

Reviewer: nymphadoratonks
Date: 12/01/04 20:41
Chapter: The Asteroid

GREAT JOB!!! you have all the characters completely down. (they are all perfectly in character and everything!) i wonder what house melody's gonna be in??? anyway, great story! keep it up! :D

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Reviewer: nymphadoratonks
Date: 12/01/04 20:32
Chapter: Painful Changes

wow!! i just found your story, and thought it looked interesting. sounds great so far. it's really cool the way you're writing about a beaubatons girl. by any chance, will there be a triwizard this year?? that way melody could see all her old friends from beaubatons. that would be so cool!! but it's your story, and i'm sure whatever you write will be wonderful. i love your story, and will DEFINATELY keep reading. i'm glad there are so many chapters!! =)

Reviewer: Hermione2008
Date: 12/01/04 19:10
Chapter: Aller et Venir

so what does the title mean? it's really good i can't wait for more

Reviewer: Hermioneclone12
Date: 12/01/04 6:01
Chapter: Seeking

OnE wOrD: yAy

Reviewer: Quyierac
Date: 12/01/04 5:54
Chapter: Seeking

Hmm, Well I'll say this. It would seem in order to strengthen Melody's character you have drastically moved Ron, Harry and Hermione out of character. And the story could do with alittle less fluff and some more actual plot. That said I really like the way you've portraited Draco, if I see one more fic where Draco is a good guy I think I'll scream. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I understand where your coming from, but wait till it gets closer to the end. Thanks!

Reviewer: Hermione2008
Date: 11/30/04 21:39
Chapter: Seeking

how sweet (pokes ur nose) can't wait till xmas lol hurry up now

Reviewer: Hermione2008
Date: 11/30/04 20:50
Chapter: Fire of Feelings

so sweet! i can't wiat for more. anywho

Author's Response: Chapter 11 and 12 are both written, 11 needs to be okayed though! Keep checking!

Reviewer: Courtney Anne
Date: 11/30/04 15:46
Chapter: Fire of Feelings

ooh I love it! Harry is so sweet! Hermione and Ron are...well I will not say what I really think of them. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Reviewer: Hermioneclone12
Date: 11/30/04 10:27
Chapter: Fire of Feelings

write more soon!!!

Author's Response: Sorry, but during the week I have to do my homework first. I still try for a chapter at least every other day!

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