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Reviewer: sillysoraya
Date: 03/11/10 13:08
Chapter: Good Riddance

Oh, I've read Vindicted as well!

Reviewer: sillysoraya
Date: 03/11/10 13:07
Chapter: Good Riddance

1. Sirius
2. Addison
3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
4. “Good thinking Sirius,” Addison said. “Do you want me to do you?”

“Antsy aren’t we Addy babe. Let’s wait until we get Lily and James back together and then we’ll browse around for broom closets,” Sirius said, winking at her.
5. A/S
6. More jolly good fun! wait, I need to see if there actually is a prequel already...
7. Nope, even the deaths were good as they were meant to die anyway in normal JK canon
8. The recruiting probably, and the poker
9. Yes, 'Beyond the Veil'

Reviewer: CharmFlicka
Date: 12/24/09 23:14
Chapter: You Think You Know Me

how do you chuckle with anger???

Reviewer: CharmFlicka
Date: 12/24/09 23:03
Chapter: The Noble Fight

with a zap, all the deatheaters are unconscious, just like that? (well, it is dumbledore after all) =)

Date: 11/01/09 17:28
Chapter: Good Riddance

1). James Potter
2). Addison McKinnon
3). 50 to be exact
4). When mentioned, my name usually brought up other subjects. Quidditch, pranks, Transfiguration, Marauders, arrogance, and Lily Evans.”
and a load of others including some amazing songs like Stand by Me and I dont wanna miss a thing.
5). Poppy and Sirius
jk J/L
6) Harry
7) deaths of POtters, McKinnons and Pruitts and Hout
9) a lot. not always reviewed though

You are an inspiration, i have made a lot of accounts here. I remember a few "Ashley Benton" and "beetleabay" and i literaly askd u whether u were JKR.... i absolutely adore your style of writing, humor and romance and plus the use of highly extravagant and luxurious and literary vocabulary and sense of commmunication, comprehension, conveyance and commitment... umm... would you like to be net friends??

Date: 11/01/09 13:31
Chapter: Anything But Ordinary

“I say you’re full of waffle,” Moaning Myrtle said, diving into the toilet.

“Oi! Peeves,” Sirius sang, as he exited the girls bathroom.

Reviewer: fairyloona
Date: 10/22/09 8:59
Chapter: A Train Off Tracks

i really like your writing style and the story is pretty interesting.... :D

Reviewer: fairyloona
Date: 10/22/09 8:59
Chapter: A Train Off Tracks

i really like your writing style and the story is pretty interesting.... :D

Reviewer: justanotherfangirl
Date: 10/10/09 22:25
Chapter: She Contemplates

Okay so I just finished this fanfic this morning
AMAZING! i loved it, really. i know you wrote it years ago, but whatever, it's so cute.
just wanted to let you know that last night, right after reading Addy's death and what came after it, I dreamt that I was Lily and that Addy, Maimee and James died (didn't really mind Mac to be honest)
hahahaha it was terribly awful! but sirius was there;) hahahaha :) cooool fanfic,and im great you didn't get to James' death. it's horrible to know how everything turned out for them:(

Reviewer: justanotherfangirl
Date: 10/10/09 9:52
Chapter: Because I Can

it's okay the snape thing, since you wrote this long before deathly hallows. but it just doesn't fit in my head haha:P

anyway, love your storyyyy. cant believe im only 4 chapters away:( i dont want this to finish! i started it only yesterdayy

Reviewer: justanotherfangirl
Date: 10/09/09 21:43
Chapter: Slipped Away

oooh my gosh.
for the first time ever, i've had to make an effort not to cry with a fanfic. i mean i know i should have expected osmehting to happen to them, since they're never mentioned in the books. but stil... wow. i wasn't expecting them to die:(

i don't really care about mac and maimee. it's addison that made me wanna cryyyyy

Reviewer: Prongsy lover
Date: 10/05/09 23:35
Chapter: White Houses

"So I lived for the moment and did what I wanted to do."
-Sirius Black
"James Potter get your but off me!"
-Lily Evans l(ater Potter)

Reviewer: way_too_HP_obsessed4011
Date: 09/06/09 10:39
Chapter: Good Riddance

oh my goodness. so amazing!!!!!! ok are you ready?

1) SIRIUS!! he's my hero in this one ;)
2) ADDY!! i cried soo hard when she died and when sirius read her letter :(
3) oh, i have to say my favorite chapter is when sirius and remus are girls and sirius gets his period xD
4) Addy's letter :'(
5) S/A and L/J
6) hmm i dont know...
7) i loved all of it
8) hahaha oh he did too many crazy things in this story xD
9) im just about to go read them now.

i LOVED this story, i laughed to the point where i feared i would wet myself, i cried to the point where i had to stop reading and sob for 10 minutes and i fell in love with these characters. thank you so much for writing this!! you are an amazing writer

Reviewer: Sweet Lily
Date: 08/29/09 17:55
Chapter: Good Riddance

Sirius! He was Hi-larious!
Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Sirius and remus as girls...awesome
"Forget about Addy. Move on, think of something that’s not so depressing. Watermelon. Perfectly good way to introduce a novel.
My life is like watermelon." Soo random. LOVE it
Sirius and Addison. they made me laugh so much. I loved the meetings
i can't decide
Jumping jack jamboree. love it
Yes! loved them too hehehe

Reviewer: bumblebeee
Date: 08/04/09 20:27
Chapter: Miami

omg i cant wait to see what happens!!! :D

Reviewer: bumblebeee
Date: 08/04/09 18:29
Chapter: You Think You Know Me

aww poor James! :(

Reviewer: twilightfan101
Date: 07/20/09 13:49
Chapter: Slipped Away

that was the worstr chapter ever

Reviewer: I-luv-Hogwarts
Date: 05/24/09 10:27
Chapter: Good Riddance

JKR charecter-sirius
OC charecter--Addison
I loved it! Write more!

Reviewer: Rosalie Diehard
Date: 05/23/09 19:41
Chapter: Good Riddance

1. Sirius!
2. Addison
3. The one where Sirius gets a trampoline
4. "Cats are officially evil."
5. L/J
6. Sirius
7. No
8. Jumping jacks on the roof
9. Not yet

Reviewer: I-luv-Hogwarts
Date: 05/22/09 15:12
Chapter: Slipped Away

Why do you always kill lily's best friends?

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