Reviews For Draco's Reflection
Reviewer: PadfootBaby
Date: 10/08/06 16:07
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Man, I can't believe I've never reviewed this story for now. First, I've got to say that this story was the first fanfic I ever read, and it's the story that got me into reading & writing fanfiction. So thank you!!! Now, on to the review: Draco is so believable, and sweet, and... and... I dunno. This is just a very good character study, and I think it's fantastic. Great job! (And once again... THANK YOU, Galadriel8891!)

Reviewer: FaunaCaritas
Date: 08/03/06 2:19
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Quote from HBP:
"Draco, Draco, you are not a killer... Killing is not nearly as easy as the innocent believe..."-- Dumbledore

I do not think that Draco has killed anyone yet, although we have yet to see what book 7 holds in store for him. Dumbledore thinks Draco is 'innocent' of murder, and although Dumbledore is not infallible is am inclined to agree with him on this one. This is just my interpretation of the text, and you are, of course, entitled to your own. This is, after all, fan fiction, and it can even be AU if you choose. But, all that aside, I think this one-shot was well written, and showed Draco in an interesting light. Your writing style is very restrained, and by that I mean you truly master the art of saying everything in a few well-chosen words. Reading fan fiction means reading stories that range from wordy and verbose to boringly plain and colorless. Your work is a perfect mean between the two.


Reviewer: EvilGirlFearMeHEHE
Date: 07/07/06 10:23
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

That was GREAT!!!!!!! Haha.....that was really good....he finally figured out he's a coward....hehe!!! (he's still hott!!!!!) wright a 2nd chapter, or a sequel, or somethin!

Reviewer: Goldenpheonix94
Date: 06/10/06 7:15
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

It's has a really great plot. Sorry, I'm not that great with reviews, but its excellent

Reviewer: The Venomous Muse
Date: 05/31/06 18:37
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Wonderful story! It's just as I would imagine Draco's Death Eater initiation to be. You did an excellent job with the descriptions, details, and feelings, and I love his little reflection at the end. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Lady A
Date: 04/13/06 17:39
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

I love how Malfoy realizes who he truly is but can do nothing about it. Awesome story. Sequel, please!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: total_fan
Date: 04/05/06 7:02
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Hey!! Your story is great, just so different from others. Are you going to have a chapter two? Please say yes!!! Definately a 10!!!

Reviewer: fwix_twix
Date: 03/27/06 16:57
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

omg! I absoloutely love it! It's so DIFFERENT from all the things I've read - and so good! You definitly DO have a gift! This is the first story I've read on mugglenet, and it's SO GOOD! I do love the part where he realizes that he doesn't like to kill, and he realizes he's a coward. I SO LOVED IT! It's so GOOD! I GIVE YOU A 10! Keep it up! Don't let it end here! Please! ^^v! Keep Posting and writing! Let me know if you have any other sites/places you post, I want to read!

Reviewer: Princess Of HP FanFiction
Date: 03/16/06 12:15
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

BRILLANT! Absolutely brilliant! I'm a sucker for these kind of fics! I lalalalaLOVE it :) Can't wait to read more from you!

Reviewer: Cornish Pixie
Date: 03/01/06 11:36
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Loved it ;) Without a doubt: 10/10 --Pixie

Reviewer: Artemis
Date: 02/25/06 2:35
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Awesome....absolutely awesome. There's really not much more that could be said. (10)

Reviewer: Artemis
Date: 02/25/06 2:34
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Awesome....absolutely awesome. There's really not much more that could be said. (10)

Reviewer: thisisfun
Date: 02/20/06 17:27
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Draco finnaly sees himself for what he really is a coward. And its about time too.

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion
Date: 02/07/06 18:06
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Wonderfully done. It was just... really well put together. 10/10 Dani

Reviewer: Narwen3
Date: 01/31/06 11:49
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

Powerful. That was incredibly powerful. You did an awesome job touching on what it is that drives Malfoy. He is truly an evil, foul git, but he is not a murderer. As Dumbledore said in HBP, he simply doesn't have it in him. Way to go!

Reviewer: rocksteady
Date: 01/28/06 14:02
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

I loved this story! I love reading and this was exactly what I was looking for! Great job!

Reviewer: mutant_muffin
Date: 01/24/06 13:59
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

That...was...incredible... yOU MUST WRITE A SEQUEL! YOU MUST! I WILL NOT LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE IF I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: The Venomous Muse
Date: 01/15/06 11:34
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

I'm not going to indulge in great detail, but I would like to say that I really enjoyed this fic. It has a lot of emotion and feeling...excellent work!

Reviewer: Knowitall
Date: 01/15/06 0:47
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

This is a really great story. It kind of gave hope to me that there might be a change in Draco in the 7th book before I remembered that it's not the actual book. Nonetheless, great job!

Reviewer: Lainie xox
Date: 01/11/06 19:56
Chapter: Draco's Reflection

You've done a really good job on this fic. Great job. The way you write just moves smoothly with the story, and it's just amazing. Sorry I don't have much else to say about it. Well done. :)

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