Reviewer: Czarina
Date: 12/04/05 23:43
Chapter: The First Night

I really meant to read this story as soon as I finished "The Girl Who Lived", but I just never got around to it - my apologies. This was a great chapter. I really love the colorful way you write. Your descriptived make it all seem so real. My favorite part was how you described the house huddling in the storm and how it knew something was up. Great job. I look forward to reading the rest of it.

Reviewer: Jules_411
Date: 12/03/05 18:34
Chapter: The First Night

I completely forgot about this fic after I finished The Girl Who Lived. It is a really sweet story! Ellie sounded so cute! You did a great job with the description and with the way Voldemort and the DEs came in. Nice job!

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 10/21/05 13:51
Chapter: The Final Night.

Happy! Thanks for adding the last part with Hagrid, you did a great job! I read it at work, and I needed a TISSUE! You get extra credit!

Author's Response: Yes! Extra credit! Check me out! Thanks for coming back, i appreciate it immensely!

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 10/16/05 21:34
Chapter: The Final Night.

Awww, now I need a tissue! (I am going to put the word tissue into each review I leave for you from now on!) If I didn't know that this was the prequel and that Ellie would be back, I would be so mad at you for ending this story with a cliffie! You had a good explanation of what happened, but I wish you had put the part about Ellie blasting Hagrid in!

Author's Response: I couldn't let you go a whole fic without a tissue, now could i? I'm sorry you were disappointed with the way it ended. I might edit the chapter and put that little part in for you. Would that make you happy?

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 10/16/05 21:25
Chapter: Coming After The Girl

No tissues yet! I like that Dumbledore had suspicions about a traitor. And that you used the scene when Sirius takes Ellie from the rubble in Unspeakable Power (yes I've been reading your stories on FF too!)

Author's Response: Be reading ahead have you? Very clever! *does a little dance of glee because Gen likes the story*

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 10/16/05 21:14
Chapter: The First Night

I just realized I never left you any reviews for this story. It was cute that Ellie calls him Uncle Abby, and that she told him he smells. I might be wrong, but I though Voldemort had red eyes, but that could be after he tries to kill Harry, I'm not really sure. But they could be described as cold as well.

Author's Response: When the story went through my beta she wasn't convinced that Voldemort had red eyes before his most recent incarnation so i changed it to cold.

Reviewer: SjaaK
Date: 09/05/05 16:17
Chapter: The First Night

Really nice -well, it was nice to read, but not too nice to think of- story side-kick you made here! This line makes the main story really better! It just came in mymind that i am in fact a real JamesLilly/HarryGinny-shipper... I like the Potters! ;)

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you liked it, i had the story written out and in the end i thought, what the hell? Why not post it? I know what you mean about being a JL/HG shipper, me too, i also sail in that boat!

Reviewer: Scorpia
Date: 08/18/05 11:41
Chapter: The Final Night.

Nice to see your taking your story carefully. By adding a new character to the story, an important one, you have blood lines and friends and spin-offs and repercussions (not really sure what that means) to deal with. Very sad and heart-felt though.

Author's Response: You're right, by adding Ellie there were a multitude of characters who had to come with her and i tried to make sure that i covered enough about them for everyone to get a feel of the family and of Ellie.

Reviewer: Scorpia
Date: 08/18/05 11:24
Chapter: The First Night

*sob* That's so sad... Poor Ellie, does she remember it later in your original story, or is it just "Uncle Abby" retelling it to her, like Hagrid and Harry?

Author's Response: No, she does remember it. It's going to get a mention in the sequel, she'll have a kind of flashback in a chapter called 'Hurting Hermione' its chapter 24/25 of The Unspeakable Power.

Reviewer: Narwen3
Date: 08/17/05 20:23
Chapter: The First Night

Okay, I've read all your fics, I even went to and read 2 more chapters there. I'm gonna wait til they're here, but they were awesome too. This is just one more to say what a fan I am of yours. BTW, I updated my fic today without realizing that the queue was closed. It should be up as soon as they've opened!

Author's Response: The feeling is very much mutual. Thanks so much for taking the time to go through everything, i know i don't have to explain to you how much it means to me. Have a big warm hug :-)

Reviewer: Narwen3
Date: 08/17/05 20:18
Chapter: The Final Night.

The family stuff at the beginning was great, it was fun to see what it would have been like if James and Lily could have raised the children. Wonderfully written, this was a great side-fic.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked it! Go and rest your fingers and your eyes, you've done an awful lot of reading and reviewing tonight or today, depending on where you are!

Reviewer: Narwen3
Date: 08/17/05 20:12
Chapter: Coming After The Girl

Absolutely amazing work. This is a highly emotional piece, it is touching and horrifying and terrifying all at once! Genius job!

Author's Response: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have to say that i'm really pleased with the way this fic turned out and the reaction that it's induced.

Reviewer: Narwen3
Date: 08/17/05 20:03
Chapter: The First Night

Mmm, very very good. Great work on the backstory, I'm not gonna leave any funny cutesy remarks here, that was just too intense and sad for it. Magnificent job and I'll read on!

Author's Response: BOO! HAHA! Bet you thought i'd have gone to bed by now, huh? The backstory was a little something that i wanted to put out there so that people could understand Ellie a little better. Magnificent is a pretty strong word, are you sure you mean me?

Reviewer: pandafan81
Date: 08/15/05 16:25
Chapter: The Final Night.

Another superb chapter. *Sob* We all knew how it would end... but still! The fact that Ellie didn't like to sleep because the bad man would come (on Halloween night!) was more than I could bare!

Author's Response: Doesn't little Ellie just have the worst habit for saying terribly profound things? It was heart breaking for me to have her say that too. Thanks for coming back to check it!

Reviewer: miss padfoot
Date: 08/14/05 23:40
Chapter: The Final Night.

The chapter's simply great! I loved it! Little Ellie and Harry are just as fascinating as they are now! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you Miss Padfoot!

Reviewer: Transfiguration_Teacher
Date: 08/14/05 21:58
Chapter: The Final Night.

First of all I'd like to thank you for taking the time to email me earlier, it means a lot to me that you take my little ramblings and reviews into account . I liked "The Final Night" very much. As you said in response to another reviewer, the idea of this is to make the reader feel for Ellie the same way we feel for Ron, Hermione or Harry himself, and I think it's really cool that you care for your character so much that you want us to care - I truly hope you were able to make sense of that =) Now, on to the chapter itself, there are only two things that are puzzling me, although one of them is probably my fault. First things first. After Voldemort comes to the James' and Lily's door and James closes the door on him, Voldemort kills him almost immediately. I know it's the Dark Lord - Avada Kedavra and all - but this fact contradicts two very important points. We know from reading GoF that James died "straight backed and proud" and that he put up a "courageous fight" in LV's opinion. One could gather from there that there was more of an exchange between the two wizards, more spells or something. Even in your own chapters, the other Potters put a little bit more of resistance than James does at this point. Now, the second issue I have is probably going to be the source of a great deal of embarrassment to me, but I hope you can help me clarify it. You say in "The Final Night" that Lily is amazed that a three year old (Ellie) had the instinct to save someone's life (excuse the lousy paraphrasing). You also mentioned in your one shot that Ellie was three and Charlie nine when he "proposed" to her. That would make Charlie only 8 years older than Harry (because we know that he was one when his parents died) and that contradicts canon, because he'd have been fresh out from Hogwarts when Harry first went. I tried going back to HP+TGWL and establish Ellie's age to go from there, but I couldn't :'( So, if you are able to clarify that point and render the obscenely long previous paragraph obsolete, I should be most grateful. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work.

Author's Response: OMG! Where to start? You're more than welcome for the e-mail, i appreciate your support and so it was the least that i could do.

The first point you made about James and Voldemort was very true now that i think about it, there should have been more of a fight and i'm thinking about the possibility of a re-write of that scene.

As for the ages thing i think i can clear that up, I've used the HP Lexicon for all my facts and figure needs and acording to the info they have from JKR Charlie was born Dec 12 1972 which does indeed make him 8 years older than Harry (b.1980) and 6 years older than Ellie (b.1978 - three months before Fred and George). I agree that it does seem a little odd that Charlie would only have left Hogwarts the June before Harry started considering that F+G say that they haven't won a game since Charlie left - duh! they wouldn't have had the chance to play any! JKR has admitted that her maths is terrible so maybe it's down to that. I hope that makes things a little easier to understand? If not e-mail me and we'll talk it out further!

Reviewer: Sunshine1313
Date: 08/14/05 13:40
Chapter: The Final Night.

That was a really good chapter *sniff*. Poor Ellie, the promise James made to her about Voldemort not coming while she was asleep.... *cry* Dumbledore worried about leaving Ellie with James.... *sobbing hysterically.* AND IT'S ALL THAT LITTLE RATS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!! Another great chapter. 10 of coures!!!

Author's Response: That's the thing, at the end of the day it all comes down to Peter, he did all this, but don't worryy he'll get his. (Grins evily, i just finished writing that chapter of the sequel this morning!)

Reviewer: oink_it_up
Date: 08/14/05 11:48
Chapter: The Final Night.

This was one of my favs of all of your chapters of any story!!!!!! Little Ellie was sweet and very mature!! Great job...again. How did James know Voldemort was going to come back? When he said "The bad man will be back" in differnt words.... :) 10

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much. James didn't know, it was a typo it was meant to say "the bad man isn't coming back" - ooops my bad!

Reviewer: Sorn
Date: 08/14/05 8:25
Chapter: The Final Night.

YES! I am first! I love this little story as it addes to Ellie's personality. As an OC it is hard to intergrate with everyone. You have done it very well. Now on to far more impartant things I's waiting for well you know what I am waiting for! I will not say as I might give something away. I really hate your cliffys, and if I did not love you so much it would drive me nuts! 201 out of 10, a new all time high!

Author's Response: WOOHOO! Check me out, setting a record here! The idea of these spin-offs was to endear Ellie to people, to make them understand her the way that i do. I'm glad that my goal has been achieved! I'm keeping busy and i promise i won't keep you waiting. Thank you for everything, you ROCK!

Reviewer: Transfiguration_Teacher
Date: 08/12/05 16:24
Chapter: Coming After The Girl

Why isn't the next chapter up yet? =(

Author's Response: I'm chasing it up as we speak!

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