Reviews For Eternal Blood
Reviewer: nightkitten
Date: 01/07/08 15:11
Chapter: Twelve

OMFG! i abosolutely LOVE this story..u have got to continue if it kills u!!!...

Reviewer: hermione_granger4life
Date: 12/02/07 14:09
Chapter: Twelve

I like this...I like this a lot. An unusual take on the draco romance stuff. I like it. Please update soon. :)

Reviewer: draco_lover147
Date: 09/13/07 18:33
Chapter: One

Ooooh the suspence it kills me

Reviewer: strawberry_princess
Date: 08/16/07 6:40
Chapter: Two

awww....poor nicky!!!

Reviewer: amanda224466
Date: 05/19/07 10:57
Chapter: Twelve

i love the story. i can't wait for the next chapter.

Reviewer: Weasleys Rool
Date: 10/22/06 11:00
Chapter: Twelve

I love this fic so much!!!!!!

It's one of my favourites I must have read it a million times. Are there no more chapters??? *weeps*

I love the whole 'vampire' thing and Nikki is just so brilliant and when I first read that scene on the train where Draco kissed her on the cheek I actually squealed with delight.

I'm not crazy.

Keep the writing up!

Reviewer: draco_lover147
Date: 10/01/06 10:27
Chapter: Twelve

please write more i love this story so much and i have read it like a hundred times

Reviewer: draco_lover147
Date: 09/27/06 20:57
Chapter: Twelve

more more more. I love it. it is perfect.... no i take that back, it is better then perfect it is is is better then perfect. please right more i love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Reviewer: chinese_water_dragon
Date: 09/02/06 19:36
Chapter: Twelve

wow this is really a good story!

Reviewer: xtina102
Date: 08/19/06 22:43
Chapter: Five

I love this whole story please!!!!! please!!!! please!!! update soon

Reviewer: wyld_pheonix412
Date: 05/22/06 18:21
Chapter: Three

HOLY CRACKERJACK! this is good.

Reviewer: DramaQueen626
Date: 05/12/06 22:17
Chapter: Twelve

I LOVE this story i can't wait till the next chapture comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: iheartdracomorethanudo
Date: 04/04/06 17:16
Chapter: Twelve

that was such a good story, you should put the rest on, im dieing here, this is like the millionth story i was dieing from lol, THEY NEVER GET FINISHED its soo annoying, but fun in a way...sigh, that was soooo cooool, loved it

Reviewer: chattynatty
Date: 12/11/05 7:25
Chapter: Twelve

well whatever you choose to do i'm sure it'll be fantastic!

Reviewer: chattynatty
Date: 12/01/05 6:43
Chapter: Twelve

OMG! how could she drink that girl? she must really have been furious! hilarious though! and YAY im da 1st person to review again! UPDATE!!

Author's Response: yeah...I just HAD to have her be a vampire for once, and some girl hanging all over Draco seemed to be the best excuse...hehehe. I've decided to stretch the story a bit, but I have no clue how I'm going to do it :P. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: chattynatty
Date: 11/26/05 8:14
Chapter: Eleven

damn! im second! o well i still got to read it and review it! and as usual i shall leave a very flattering review so here it goes! this is so badly my fave story on mugglenet! it just gets more and more interesting! so update again soon!

Author's Response: *yay* you gotta love the flattering reviews...they're why I keep on updating. Your favorite one...really?! Wow...I feel special *hugs self* Chapter 12 should be out any day now...thanks for sticking with me through the entire series!

Reviewer: l3xi
Date: 11/21/05 21:43
Chapter: Eleven

FIRST!! Hell yeah.
I LOVE your fic. i've been reading it since.. urh.. for months now. And I love it. I think I've read like three times. It's awesome. I love how you write Draco's POV, it's just so.. Draco-like. It's fantabulous. And please, stay awesome. Update soon!!

Author's Response: Fantabulous...that is an awesome word...Wow, three times? I might have read it four times tops :P. Thanks for reviewing, and I have chapter 12 in queue, but it's taking FOREVER *cries* the story is coming to an end...yeah, I know...kinda short, but I don't know if I can make it longer without stretching it too far, so I think I'm gonna stop around Chapter 14 or 15. Thanks again for reviewing!

Reviewer: chattynatty
Date: 11/15/05 12:37
Chapter: Ten

im like always the first one to review, i am truly honoured! as usual a fantastic chapter and you always show such a sweet side of draco! update soon! 10

Author's Response: are, but that's a good thing! I wish people would leave more reviews, but I can't MAKE them do anything...unfortunately...hehe, thanks for reviewing! (all the time :P)

Reviewer: chattynatty
Date: 11/09/05 13:27
Chapter: Nine

bloody brilliant *sounds of praise* update !

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I have another chapter in queue, but I have no clue how long that might took like, 3 weeks for 9 to get in, so you never know...I already have 11 ready, so I should be updating pretty steady again. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: chattynatty
Date: 09/30/05 13:46
Chapter: Eight

awwww, so sweet and hilarious! 10

Author's Response: That one took the longest to write...I'm glad you like it! I'm waiting for the first chapter of another story I'm writing to be accepted before I put chapter 9 into queue, so it might be awhile.

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