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Reviewer: Mermione
Date: 07/13/05 18:41
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

Your first fan fiction? No way. We all know that you are really a famous author hiding from paparazzi who just can't help but share her genius :) (Rating: 10)

Author's Response: Hey, Mermione! Yeah, actually it is my first fanfic... Why would a famous author hide? I'd be out making money personally (right now my occupation is babysitting) Thanks for your review!

Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 07/11/05 11:18
Chapter: Chapter Two: Results and Blood

Like I said in my last review, this is very cool. I'm adding it to my favorites. After that, I'll have to add a R/Hr fic, too, because I'm trying not to be baised at all whatsoever. :) It's so funny how Hedwig is so annoyed with Pig. Pig is cute! It's canon, too, because Hedwig always seems like she feels WAY superior to Pig. :)

Author's Response: Hey, Chris_04! I'm glad you still like it! You are worried about being biased!? I have no problem whatsoever being biased, course, I do have a friend that's strictly R/Hr, so you cant blame me... sort of. When trying to complete Hedwig's character, I spent a while studying Hedwig's attitude towards everyone/thing, so that my story could be acurate in that respect at least.

Reviewer: king
Date: 07/10/05 22:39
Chapter: Chapter Two: Results and Blood

Very unique! Hedwig's perspective, I love it. Can you answer the burning question? Will Hedwig be building a nest and laying eggs, or is she a he? I like the blood magic idea too. Dumbledore loves that sort of stuff, especially when the blood is from a dragon like Aunt Petunia.

Author's Response: HA!!! I've been trying to log on for the last 7 and 1/2 minutes to respond to your review!!! I'm glad you love it. It's definetly not as cool as yours though *sigh* Ah well... To answer your question: I always thought Hedwig is a girl, is she not? *runs around the house looking frantically for Harry Potter books* She is, isnt she? Well, she's a girl in my fic, anyway... A nest? hmmm... It's like you read my mind... and eggs? possibly... Blood magic, fun stuff, eh? Bit disturbing, but if you read chapter 2 carefully, you'd have found that it might not be permanent. I wont say no more here! Thanks for your review!

Author's Response: I take back what i said about the eggs and the nest, in my first story plan, it was in, but then i thought of a different (and hopefully alot better) ending, and sadly, i cant figure out how to put them in without writing an extra chapter, and this is Harry's story, not Hedwig's... even if it is from her point of vew. Ah yes, a while ago i was listning to book 2, and Hedwig is deffinetly a girl.

Reviewer: unicornblood
Date: 07/10/05 13:38
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

YEAH!!!!!!!! I haven't reviewed for weeks due to the log on problems!!! Anyway, i tried realy hard to sign on, just for this story! It's really good, and I hope you can countinue and finish before the Half-Blood Prince comes out!!

Author's Response: Wow, my story must be magical! *snort* yeah, right! I'm glad your sign in finally worked for you, though. I will be continueing it. It wont be finished before HBP, cuz i'm going on this pioneer rienactment thingamajigger, and get back on the day of HPB! Sooo, unfortunately I cant go get it at midnight... not happy about that... Thanks!

Reviewer: socks4dobby
Date: 07/09/05 22:56
Chapter: Chapter Two: Results and Blood

note to self: make sure spelling is right in reviews. sigh, i meant to say going, not goint, in that last review. I really hope that chapter 3 is up soon. this story is just so....what's the i've never read a story from Hedwigs point of view and am really enjoying this. I love how you have Hedwig feeling annoyed whenever he has to be in contact with Pig. please update soon.

Author's Response: I dont think i told you this the last time you reviewed, but i absolutely love your name! last night, i was really board and unable to sleep, and for some reason i thought fo your name, so i drew a picture of Dobby, laying in a pile of socks. I'll send it to you when i'm finished with it! Chapter 3 is in que... for a couple of DAYS now... not that i'm upset, or anything...

Reviewer: socks4dobby
Date: 07/09/05 22:49
Chapter: Chapter Two: Results and Blood

yay! another great chapter. i really like the direction this story is goint. the blood thing is a bit disturbing, but oh well, strange things often just make stories more interesting. *sighs impatiently while waiting for an update*

Author's Response: WHO HOO!!! Glad you like it. Yes, the blood thing is disturbing, but it was really the only thing I could think of (being sleep deprived and all) And it's really only a substitute, but you didnt hear that from me....

Reviewer: Waddiwasi chik
Date: 07/08/05 19:10
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

K so i'm not sure why i'm reviewing myself... RACHL T ZIMMERWOMAN!!! GO WRITE CHAPTER FOUR!!!

Author's Response: FINE!!! BE THAT WAY!!! GET A LIFE, WOMAN!!!

Reviewer: Black_Swan
Date: 07/08/05 12:34
Chapter: Chapter Two: Results and Blood

some of the most brillient people are completly in sane . if you must take for ever to update i soppose will let you *long sigh* but try not to make us all to sad

Author's Response: Does that mean that I'm brilliant? *does the happy dance* "I'm brilliant!!!" Or maybe you werent talking about me... *sniffle* I am almost done with chapter 3, and my amazing beta reader is really good at replying fast, so I should have chapter 3 out soon! Thanks for your reveiw!

Reviewer: cloudybear
Date: 07/07/05 20:51
Chapter: Chapter Two: Results and Blood

1st review! I love this story. I can't wait to see what Harry decides, but i will also be reading HBP a million times so I understand the updating situation. Great job!

Author's Response: Hey cloudybear! Thanks for reviewing! I might get chapter 3 and maybe even chapter 4 in before the 16th, but no promises. And after that... no chapters for a long while... I'll be reading HBP a million and one times.

Reviewer: socks4dobby
Date: 07/07/05 10:38
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

a really cute and unique way to write Harry's sixth year. this is really really good; please say you'll update soon!

Author's Response: Hey, socks4dobby! Thanks for your review! I'm reallyy glad you like it so far, chapter 2 has been submited, and I hope to have it out soon!

Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 07/07/05 8:15
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

I'm enjoying this a lot :) I love Hedwig, she's so cool! I'm liking this fic a lot :)

Author's Response: Hey, Chris_04! Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I also love Hedwig, even if her personality is nothing like mine, and I probably wouldnt like her if she was human, I love her as an owl!

Reviewer: HazelEyes076
Date: 07/07/05 6:49
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

I think this is an excellent start to the story! The point of view is very creative, I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hey, HazelEyes076! I'm really glad that you like it! Chapter 2 has been submitted

Reviewer: HermioneG
Date: 07/06/05 10:39
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

I really liked it! Please update soon! 10

Author's Response: Hey, HermioneG! Thank you for your reveiw! I really liked your story also!

Reviewer: Black_Swan
Date: 07/06/05 7:26
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

i love the piont of hedwigs veiw (i f that makes any sense ) loley story so far , but the clife wasent to great , o well update pleesse

Author's Response: Hey Black_Swan! Thanks for your review! You're right, the cliffie isnt great, but without it I wasnt sure how to end to chapter. Chapter 2 is in the beta reading process, and I should submit it soon!

Reviewer: HarryPottersTrueLove
Date: 07/05/05 15:07
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

I really like how you are telling it from Hedwig's point of view. This is one of the most creative stories I have ever read. And amazing for a first fic. It is going to be so interesting listening to everything from the owls point of view. I am really excited to read more, and evil cliffhanger. Please Update Soon. Good Luck on the next chapter and Great Job!!! :)

Author's Response: Hey, HarryPottersTrueLove! I'm glad you think it is creative, and that you want to read more. The cliff hanger isnt actually good, it's pretty predictable. I'm having fun trying to think like an owl! Chapter 2 is underway, and I hope to submit it soon! Thanks again!

Reviewer: cloudybear
Date: 07/05/05 9:14
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

I do love Harry Potter, so here's my review. This POV is so creative. I'm very impressed. I think it'll be interesting to have Hedwig watching everyone the whole time. Good luck figuring it all out. (I don't think I could make it work) Excellent!

Author's Response: Hey, cloudybear. I wanted to have Hedwig watching everyone, so the story was not just watching Harry. This way readers kinda get the story from everybodies POV. I knew the 'if you love Harry Potter, review' think would work. It was one of my more brilliant ideas... Which isnt saying much, to tell you the truth

Reviewer: muggle4ever
Date: 07/04/05 22:51
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

cool. it was interesting seeing things from a new perspective. very creative. 10

Author's Response: Hey, HeRmIoNe1279! Thank you for your thoughts. I do have a knack for thinking in ways that others usually dont. For example, whenever I see a vegetable, I imagine (then depict graphically to everyone around me) what it would be like to be one in a chinese restauraunt. Most people have simply given up trying to thing of a word that discribes me, so mostly they just go with 'strange child'

Author's Response: Hey, muggle4ever! Thank you! I do hope you mean interesting in a good way... EGAD!!! Must go write chapter 2! Cheerio! Ta ta! And Bob's your uncle! Top of the muffin to ya!

Author's Response: Mmm, really sorry, i copied and pasted to make sure that my response didnt get deleted, and i ended up adding my response to HeRmIoNe1279 to yours!! very sorry about that. I'll see if i can fix it, but I'm such a klutz... Ya, sorry if that didnt make any sense whatsoever...

Reviewer: HeRmIoNe1279
Date: 07/04/05 22:11
Chapter: Chapter One: Prologue and a Bit

So far, this is an excellent story! I love how you decided to do it from Hedwig's point of view. This is extremely good for your first fan fiction. Nice Job

Author's Response: Hey, HeRmIoNe1279! Thank you for your thoughts. I do have a knack for thinking in ways that others usually dont. For example, whenever I see a vegetable, I imagine (then depict graphically to everyone around me) what it would be like to be one in a chinese restauraunt. Most people have simply given up trying to thing of a word that discribes me, so mostly they just go with 'strange child'

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