Reviewer: beauty and brains
Date: 01/29/07 21:23
Chapter: (no chapters)

Four words: Laugh my a$$ off! :D

Reviewer: xmagic71
Date: 01/22/07 17:41
Chapter: (no chapters)

a lot of OOCness

Reviewer: curio
Date: 01/08/07 14:13
Chapter: (no chapters)

Love it!! You should the diarys of the other characters too! Congrats it was hilarious!

Reviewer: alohamora21
Date: 01/07/07 10:11
Chapter: (no chapters)

haha XD i loved it

Reviewer: alohamora21
Date: 01/06/07 23:41
Chapter: (no chapters)

haha XD i loved it

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 12/27/06 7:40
Chapter: (no chapters)


Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 11/11/06 7:54
Chapter: (no chapters)

Laffed madly, made family members worry bout sanity

Reviewer: kaykaykooky
Date: 10/08/06 1:52
Chapter: (no chapters)

hee hee, just kidding(well, not about hte bruise, that really hurt!) i luuuuuuuurve yur story

Reviewer: kaykaykooky
Date: 10/08/06 1:49
Chapter: (no chapters)

You are horrible. I almost knocked myself unconsious my banging my forehead on the computer screen from laughing so hard. Now I probably have a huge bruise on my forehead and i will look like a giant, purple deformed...thingy, and the boy of my dreams will never ask me out. Shame on you.

Reviewer: Madam Potter
Date: 09/22/06 19:33
Chapter: (no chapters)


Reviewer: Madam Potter
Date: 09/22/06 19:31
Chapter: (no chapters)

ROTMFLLMAO!!!!!! i loved it.
some lines that got me:
>>>>Snape tried to jinx my broom. So he WAS trying to kill me That dumb bastard!
***very south parkish (OMG they killed Kenny -those bastards!)
>>>>stupid American editors
And many more!!!!

Reviewer: halfblood1313
Date: 08/06/06 23:39
Chapter: (no chapters)

lol k3wl story
luv tha movie and book stuff in it

Reviewer: lauren_sings
Date: 07/14/06 15:45
Chapter: (no chapters)


Reviewer: dracosgirl06
Date: 07/09/06 16:56
Chapter: (no chapters)


Reviewer: seeka blood
Date: 06/25/06 12:17
Chapter: (no chapters)

funny write another diary

Reviewer: lupins_4eva
Date: 06/18/06 5:26
Chapter: (no chapters)

omg, that is hilarious!

Reviewer: Kat_the_bookworm
Date: 06/15/06 23:09
Chapter: (no chapters)

I love the begining about the snake saying "sex" or "thanks" and then Harrys response. GREAT.

Reviewer: Emily Malfoy
Date: 06/14/06 15:21
Chapter: (no chapters)

pervy!harry is funny. you should write harry's diary for the next years to...

Reviewer: jujume
Date: 06/02/06 22:28
Chapter: (no chapters)


Reviewer: jujume
Date: 06/02/06 22:27
Chapter: (no chapters)


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