Reviews For Toxic
Reviewer: Kyrie
Date: 11/15/05 13:01
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

That was awesome! I totally loved it! And Am I the first reviewer? Draco finally looks at Hermione in a different way, and they say eachother's first names. Omg! I'm just so happy right now! Keep up your work! *Giggles as she skips away* -Kyrie

Author's Response: Yep, Kyrie, you ARE the first reviewer for this chapter! Glad to know that it's awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts/feelings on Chapter 16! :)

Reviewer: phonex
Date: 11/14/05 6:03
Chapter: Chapter 01: Perfect

i have read all of your story so far and i love it your a fantastic writer and i can't wait to read more

Reviewer: nonsequitur91
Date: 11/12/05 20:05
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

Dear Therinian, I felt that your story was very unique because Toxic was the only story I read so far that made Hermione and Draco physically impossible to get away from each other. However, I had some very 'stupid' and 'silly' question to ask: How do they go to the bathroom?, Don't Draco's teachers help him keep up with his work? and How is it possible that Hermione is taking muggle studies if she dropped it in her third year (assuming that you've followed the storyline of the original HP books up to book 4). I'm also curious as to Malfoy's strange...behavior, "Working together will definitely help; not only will it separate us faster, I'll be able to find out some very useful things..." I have a feeling that Draco isn't planning to copy her homework, so what does he have up his sleeve? Hmmmm.... I also wondered as to what Anya Borgin's role would be in the story other than being by Neville's side. Perhaps she will be able to tell Hermione what Draco sold to her relative, Mr.Borgin ( Borgin and Burkes)? Ginevra? Wow, I was surprised to find that Ginny's name had a full length version. I thought this was a very descriptive line, "The crackle of flames dancing in the fireplace was the only sound heard for several moments in the Common Room shared by the Head Boy and Girl". I look forward to chapter 16!

Author's Response: Wow--you've really gotten into the story! ;) I appreciate that! Let's see if I can answer all of your questions. Before I begin, I wanted to say that this story is considered "Alternate Universe", which (sort of) means it doesn't have to follow the books to the letter and I am (in so many words) at liberty to do what I'd like (within reason!) with the HP characters--though I do try to keep them in canon at least! That's important--don't you agree? With that said, the bathroom thing isn't really something a romance fic should be all about--should it?? ;) I did put in that they get a reprieve in the evenings, so I suppose they'd just have to hold it all day til then! ;) Not very romantic, but I'm more concerned about getting the two together --pardon the pun --than wondering how they are going to relieve themselves --lol! But I really appreciate your wonder on that subject! ...As for Draco's work, I did not say in the story, but Dumbledore made arrangements for Draco to get his work in the evenings so Draco would have time before patrols to do his work--if he wanted to. But rest assured, Draco and Hermione won't be stuck together much longer (oh no! did I give away part of the story?), so he'll be able to get back to his regular classes. ...Did I say Hermione was taking Muggle Studies? Oops! Again, I must point out the AU thing again--but if I can ever remember to change the class, I just might. ...Malfoy has ulterior motives for wanting to "be nice" to Hermione: 1) to get unstuck, and 2) well, she's Harry Potter's friend, right! :) ...I am still uncertain what Anya's role will be, but I really do like her (it's nice to see Neville with a girlfriend!), so we'll see. ...Yep, Ginevra is Ginny's real name! ...And thank you for the kind comments! I hope I haven't sounded so pompous, and I hope I've answered some of your questions! :) Feel free to post again if you'd like! Thanks for your review!

Reviewer: l3xi
Date: 11/12/05 2:47
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

Omigosh! I loved reading this. Yes, it's a bit slow, but that's what makes a great fic. Your descriptions are the best. Keep up Pssh, if only there were five more 0's to add to the add. If only.. *sighs*

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/11/05 5:58
Chapter: Chapter 01: Perfect

Wow, even though the whole "Head Girl and Boy" D/Hr fics are kinda cliched now, you did an absolutely wonderful job on this! Hermione is perfectly in character, and you have a knack of making your sentences flow fluently. And the Viktor Krum bit was fun to read. Great Job!!

Reviewer: dracoishotbutevil
Date: 10/15/05 13:20
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

great story! omygosh i want to find out what ginny and luna have to do!!!! and it seems like malfoy's up to sumthing... hmmmm....... ok whatever keep writing! 1000000000!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: lupuswolf
Date: 10/13/05 13:45
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

i like the fact that neville has someone!!!! but i cant help but think that is luna in disgue???? probly not but i find out anyway please update soon

Reviewer: hawaiianhulagal
Date: 10/08/05 4:45
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

YAY! Neville gets a girlfriend! And what did happen to Luna?

Reviewer: Kyrie
Date: 10/06/05 6:43
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

This place needs more reviews!! Please please continue The Fanfiction! I can't wait to see how they co-operate! -Kyrie

Reviewer: lovegood
Date: 10/04/05 18:13
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

OH NO, I had to log in twice so I could review, What does that mean, oh please no more log-in gliches.....Okay, just had to get that out. Oh, I'm so at the edge of my seat for Monday (in your story) to get here, what is it that Ginny and Luna have to do, it sounds so intrigueing by the hints you are dropping. Shamey, shamey to Luna for running off to Hogsmeade, (In the words of my kids) Ummmmmm, I'm gonna tell! Of course being himself DD already realizes that by the sound of it. I can't wait to see how things go for H/D in Hogsmeade. 10/10 and cookies! =)

Author's Response: Ah, but are you certain Luna has already gone ahead to Hogsmeade? LOL! I hope Monday's events don't disappoint! :) Thank you for--as always--a great review! I look forward to reading your thoughts whenever I post a chapter! ;)

Reviewer: ladyaymie
Date: 10/04/05 0:09
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

pretty short chapter but oh well! it was a fast update. hurry and update some more! i wanna see what happens in hogsmeade! =D

Reviewer: HarryplusLuna
Date: 09/25/05 16:49
Chapter: Chapter 01: Perfect

LoL! I can't wait to read, or rather, see Hermione's face when she finds out the Head Boy is Draco! I'm sure it will be hilarious =D Now, off to read the next chapter! 10/10

Reviewer: HarryplusLuna
Date: 09/25/05 16:43
Chapter: Chapter 01: Perfect

LoL! I can't wait to read, or rather, see Hermione's face when she finds out the Head Boy is Draco! I'm sure it will be hilarious =D Now, off to read the next chapter! 10/10

Reviewer: ladyaymie
Date: 09/20/05 19:42
Chapter: Chapter 06: Curses

NICE... this was a good chapter. i love how draco and hermione are still enemies at this point. its just hilarious haha... keep on writing, this is perfect!

Author's Response: Thank you--I am happy to know there are other who like the idea of the two still being enemies; after all, they have only been stuck together for 5 days! Again, thanks; I look forward to future reviews! :)

Reviewer: catgoddess
Date: 09/04/05 5:43
Chapter: Chapter 05: Anxiety

hey good work bt how can ginny and harry be in the same class ?

Author's Response: They aren't. :) In this chapter, they are all in the Great Hall--making 'small talk'! Hope that helps. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: hawaiianhulagal
Date: 09/02/05 6:37
Chapter: Chapter 11: Musings

LOL Only 15 minutes of peace, to do your private business. Talk about unique, I Love It!!!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! :)

Reviewer: sunfire77
Date: 08/26/05 17:22
Chapter: Chapter 01: Perfect

Hey, seen you had a post in "Books and Blood" and thought I would come over and read your story. The first chapter was great, with her thinking about her vacation to Mexico, and seeing Mayan Temples. I really liked that you used her cat Crookshank to take the letters and find an owl, that was cool. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking a chance on a unknown author! I have always wanted to visit Mexico, so this was my nod to my inner! Crookshanks is a useful and clever kitty and I enjoy writing all of his scenes (he has a few more in the other chapters). I hope you will continue with the story and I look forward to more reviews from you! :)

Reviewer: Auguery
Date: 08/25/05 2:24
Chapter: Chapter 02: Obligation

Wow. Draco is so complicated. In most fics you see him in a pretty simple light, but in this he has layers. I love how you describe how Draco is thinking, it makes you pity him, but also be disgusted by him at the same time. It makes the character from the books have more depth.

Author's Response: Thank you, Auguery. It is difficult to write for Draco: I don't want him coming off as a sap who flings himself at Hermione [right away], but I don't want him to be a complete robot. I am glad you are enjoying the story.

Reviewer: Auguery
Date: 08/25/05 0:07
Chapter: Chapter 01: Perfect

Your writing of Hermione was very good and very in character. Especially how she reacted when she got the head girl badge. And I also liked how you put Krum in the story (he's my favorite character), and showed how he and Hermione got along when Harry or Ron weren't watching.

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely review; your PM made me smile also. We may be seeing Krum again, though I don't want to give too much away... Keeping Hermione in character is not too difficult at the moment; however, I hope I don't disappoint later. ;)

Reviewer: emoxxpotter
Date: 08/24/05 20:13
Chapter: Chapter 11: Musings

WHEEE! I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU UPDATED! I didn't know until you PMed me today and told me! This was a great chapter, you WOULD get a 100000000000000/10 but sadly I can't give you that.. so I suppose I will give you a 10/10! YAY!

Author's Response: LOL...Thanks! If you'd like, emoxxpotter, I will try to remember to PM you again when I next update! And thank you for the 10! :)

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