Reviews For Toxic
Reviewer: PixieQueen
Date: 11/21/05 10:46
Chapter: Chapter 14: Spies Like Us

yay im the first to review! i really lik this story and it keeps getting more interesting, i really liked this chapter. keep up the good work mate luv PixieQueen x

Reviewer: hawaiianhulagal
Date: 11/20/05 5:54
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

Hurray!! We have seperation! What are Ginny and Luna talking about? Glad to see Anya trusts Neville, and they kissed in PUBLIC!! *squeals* But what was up with Harry's glare towards Draco, it felt a bit more than brotherly to me.

Reviewer: SiriuslyInLuvWithSirius
Date: 11/20/05 4:20
Chapter: Chapter 01: Perfect

I TOTALLY LOVE THIS STORY!!! Normally I don't care for Hermione/Draco fics, but this one is awesome!!! Please update update update! 15/10 ;)

Reviewer: dracoishotbutevil
Date: 11/19/05 17:29
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

yayyayyayyayyayyayyayyay! good fic. woot! i wasnt expecting draco and hermione to separate yet, but i guess they, well , did... lol. but it doesnt seem like the story's over... dundunDUN!!! *if your cool you'll laugh evilly here* and whats going on with ginny, luna, neville, and his girlfriend whose name i forget? they're all being weird. ok, great story, love it, update asap, yaddayaddayadda, etc. 92655846254964213468/10!!!

Reviewer: xcxcharlottexcx
Date: 11/18/05 19:58
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives


Reviewer: sour_lemon_drop
Date: 11/17/05 10:48
Chapter: Chapter 01: Perfect

OMG!!! tht was sooooooo much fun !!!!!!!!!!! i jus LUVD how they ran bck 2 each other n hugged!!! n the expressions on pansy n harry n ronz faces!!!!! i cnt w8 4 mione n draco 2 get 2getha!!! but kp up the gr8 wrk!!! its jus soooooo fun readin this fic!!! rae

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/17/05 7:30
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

I LOVE this chapter!!! It's so fun to read! Draco and Hermione are finally apart -- or is it a little too soon? ^^ I enjoyed that "awkward moment" between them, and I smiled when they ran back toward each other like maniacs! Neville seems a little OOC to me when he told Anya that he'd take care of everything. As for Ginny and Luna... I'm still waiting to see their punishment! Why did Luna go to Hogsmeade, anyway? And what's that word that sounds like "snogging"?? lol Seriously I love you fic and can't wait for your update!!

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/17/05 7:10
Chapter: Chapter 12: Secrets

Yay for Neville! I agree with you that the poor guy needs some romance! And it looks like he's having a good time with Anya! I liked how they two had met. You're such a talented writer; I hope in the future I can get to read more fics from you! I have one question: In the earlier chapters, why were you switching the names from Malfoy to Draco and from Granger to Hermione? I know the fic is written in different POV of Draco and Hermione, but it was weird to read a phrase like "Draco and Granger"...

Author's Response: SimplyMagic, I sent you an email! I hope that's okay! :) THANK YOU for all your reviews! ..But the switching thing? I didn't want it to get to repetitive; having to read "Draco and Hermione" (or vice versa) over and over again would have been a little boring--at least in my opinion--lol! Also: Draco was still seeing Hermione as just "Granger" (which could be construed as him being cold and formal). Hermione, on the other hand, would call him "Malfoy", because she saw him as nothing but an annoyance! Have I confused you? I hope not! :)

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/17/05 5:06
Chapter: Chapter 09: Dramione

*chants Dramione Dramione* lol poor Hermione, and poor Draco. I love the way you wrote Luna; she's just weird enough and at the same time wise (kind of).

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/17/05 4:59
Chapter: Chapter 08: Bound

Brilliantly written, as usual! Ron's hilarious, Harry's, er, up to something? Oh and I loved the sarcasm of Draco and Hermione.

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/17/05 4:52
Chapter: Chapter 07: Surprise

lol Dumbledore is such an evil old man! ^^ But that served Draco and Hermione right, I guess. And soon something *coughromancecough* will come between them, aside from their mutual hatred. Can't wait to read the next chappie!

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/17/05 4:07
Chapter: Chapter 06: Curses

Ooh that was hilarious! The fight, I mean. ^^ Excellent writing, as always!! I'm lovin' your fic!

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/17/05 3:29
Chapter: Chapter 03: Meeting

Oh gosh... It was sad (and embarrassing)reading about Draco selling his mother's engagement ring. The Malfoys are having a really difficult time, aren't they? (oh well at least it was tough for Draco). And who was the mysterious man and what was he up to? You've gotten me all pondering! :D

Reviewer: SimplyMagic
Date: 11/17/05 3:16
Chapter: Chapter 02: Obligation

I love this chapter, especially the way you described Draco's thoughts! The whole obligation of being a Malfoy...*sigh* Interesting about him being secretly jealous of the Trio...but it's very true I think. And again Draco is very in character -- that's what I appreciate the most in D/Hr fics!!! 10/10!

Reviewer: PixieQueen
Date: 11/16/05 15:20
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

hey mate! nice one! i really liked that chapter i hope it all turns out good in the end! :)

Reviewer: l3xi
Date: 11/15/05 20:21
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

*sighs* What a great chapter. Seriously. so interesting, so fun, but I agree with what nonsequiteer91 says. Although it's absolutely loverly, its seems out of characther for one as arrogant as Draco.

Reviewer: NorthStar
Date: 11/15/05 17:47
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

AH! AH! And, once again, AH! Hehe. I LOVED (let's emphasize here: L.O.V.E.D, lurved, luved, etc etc, underline, squee!) this chapter! Whoa, really enthusiastic! I loved it when Draco spun Hermione around. It was perfect, even though it wasn't much like him ... I would've made him act cold after it, as if he had really just lost his head ... but I liked how you incorporated it! And Ron and Harry were totally understandable. Harry ... he's just got some issues with this whole Malfoy thing, and Ron, of course is jealous. But, hopefully, they'll realize that they are wrong:) Great chapter! I can't wait to read the next one ... Although I wonder what'll happen between them? OH! And when they flew apart, at first I was thinking, 'Oh! Maybe before they separate they have to actually act nice to each and then they will separate later on' (This of course was when Draco offered Hermione his hand). But I loved it! Great job! x0x0 Northstar

Reviewer: Draco_lover202
Date: 11/15/05 15:30
Chapter: Chapter 10: Reprieve

how do they go to the bath room? just want to know. and how would they take a shower? Its a great story i love it. please answer my questions i dying to know.

Author's Response: I must say that I am surprised that many people actually wanted to know about this; the bathroom thing isn't really something a romance fic should be all about--should it? ;) I wrote in one of the previous chapters that they get a 15 minute reprieve in the evenings (thanks to a little help from Dumbledore), but I suppose they'd just have to hold it all day til then--lol! And the bathing? Again, they would take their showers in the evening when they got their 15 minutes apart. :)

Reviewer: nonsequitur91
Date: 11/15/05 14:22
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

Dear Therinian, I was excited to read about Draco and Hermione's seperation. However, this passage, "Draco and Hermione ran back toward one another, laughing. 'We did it!' Draco shouted, lifting Hermione off the ground and spinning her around. 'I don't know how, but this feels great!' ", bothered me. I did not think the actual Draco would do what he did in your story. Although, I guess since it IS alternate universe... "When Hermione tilted her head and gazed at him quizzically, Draco grinned and shouted, 'Run!' ", was a very humorous line. Hmmm.... I must say that Harry and Ron seemed awfully coldhearted. One would expect one's friends to support them 100%, but I guess, there's always ups and downs. Luna and Ginny? I am still left to wonder at what their punishment could be. Neville and Anya? I'm not sure what to say. Their relationship is very secretive and...interesting. But, as the reader, I was able to see a small hint of the kindness that really exists within Draco's soul. Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Hello again, nonsequitur91! I love your in-depth reviews. Have you ever gotten so excited about something that you--in the smallest sense--"lost your head"? This is what I was trying to show for Draco, but perhaps I need to work on the wording a bit more. Ron and Harry were not happy with the scene they'd witnessed (Hermione and Draco sharing what could be construed as a 'romantic' moment), so unthinkingly took it out on Hermione in a way--Ron just being his jealous self, and Harry just hating Malfoy as usual. I'll be writing the punishment for Ginny and Luna soon, though it's really nothing too spectacular, just embarrassing for poor Ginny! I do have a reason for Anya and Neville being in the story, but that won't come til MUCH later. Thanks for your review! :)

Reviewer: ravenclawslion17
Date: 11/15/05 14:17
Chapter: Chapter 13: Separate Lives

Hey! I am SO HAPPY that this chapter is up! Good job by the way! :-D I loved Hermione and Draco's moment when they broke apart - it was so cute how he picked her up and spun her around! They have feelings for each other...they just don't know it yet! I'm so anxious for the next chapter! Oh, and before I the sentence 'He couldn't believe it took close to forty-five minutes to choose--and purchase--a pair damned socks.' I think you forgot the 'of' in between 'pair' and 'damned' at the end. Other than that, fantastic, as usual! YAY!

Author's Response: Oops! I'll go back and fix that--lol! It's nice to know someone with a good eye! :) I was worried that the moment they separated was a bit cheesy, though; glad you liked it!! THANK YOU for the great review!

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