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Name: as_the_7thmonth_dies (Signed) · Date: 12/21/05 22:48 · For: Chapter 17: Dreaming
ooh!!! i love that! keep it up!

Name: dracoishotbutevil (Signed) · Date: 12/21/05 20:24 · For: Chapter 17: Dreaming
yay! im the first review! lol. GREAT chapter!!! although, the summarry gave it away and i knew that the first part was a dream and that malfoy would kiss hermione.... but other than that it was awesome. thanx a million for updating this fast!!! you win my bestestest fic of the month award... lol i just created it... never mind bye

Name: dracoishotbutevil (Signed) · Date: 12/20/05 9:51 · For: Chapter 16: Collecting Information
yay!! im so glad your updating quickly, its such a good fic. haha, malfoy stealing the butterbeer, that was funny... ok, anyways, 10/10, keep writing, ya, etc.

Name: Sorcerer (Signed) · Date: 12/20/05 2:09 · For: Chapter 16: Collecting Information
yourstory is awsome! love it and can't wait for more chapters.

Name: loligo8me (Signed) · Date: 12/19/05 19:19 · For: Chapter 16: Collecting Information
I've been following this story and just love it! Very nicely written. Great character development. I think it should stay in the romance section, definitely. It's really good that you include other characters but still stick to Hermione and Draco being the main characters. 10 from me!

Name: shyangel (Signed) · Date: 12/19/05 18:06 · For: Chapter 16: Collecting Information
i love your story! I've been reading it for awhile, but i don't read any stories in the general category. I just read in the romance section. So, please don't move it, besides their more romance than anything else in this story. good job! keep up the good work!

Name: Magical_Amour (Signed) · Date: 12/19/05 16:40 · For: Chapter 16: Collecting Information
Very nicely written. Please keep writing. <3 Love, Magical_Amour

Name: miss patil (Signed) · Date: 12/19/05 16:06 · For: Chapter 16: Collecting Information
I love your story!! I know that it has some sub plots, but I think that it should stay under Romance because it has a lot of that too. Its really good! Update soon!

Name: crazyhpgirl (Signed) · Date: 12/19/05 15:28 · For: Chapter 06: Curses
This is wonderful so far! I always knew Hermione would get fed up enough with Draco to hex him. Once my fan fic gets on the net, could possibly critique it for me? Yours gets a 10/10

Name: hawaiianhulagal (Signed) · Date: 12/14/05 1:37 · For: Chapter 15: Sweets and Secrets
Oh the intrigue just gets better and better. Mysterious *coughs Viktor coughs* man enters town. And Draco follows Hermione around like a love sick puppy.

Name: slytherinfox (Signed) · Date: 12/13/05 11:48 · For: Chapter 15: Sweets and Secrets
please update soon!

Author's Response: An update is on its way; I'm working on chapter 19 right now! I am aiming for after the holidays to update again, so please be patient! Thanks! :)

Name: as_the_7thmonth_dies (Signed) · Date: 11/27/05 19:42 · For: Chapter 15: Sweets and Secrets
ooh. update soon!

Name: HermioneG149 (Signed) · Date: 11/27/05 18:59 · For: Chapter 01: Perfect
I think that so far this story ROX! The whole idea of putting Draco and Hermione through an imfortunate misshap is great! I'm practically begging for more!

Name: HermioneG149 (Signed) · Date: 11/27/05 18:57 · For: Chapter 01: Perfect
I think that so far this story ROX! The whole idea of putting Draco and Hermione through an imfortunate misshap is great! I'm practically begging for more!

Name: dracoishotbutevil (Signed) · Date: 11/27/05 11:43 · For: Chapter 14: Spies Like Us
greeeeat story!!! this chapter got me a little bit confused... because theres the hemionie-and-draco thing, and theres the ginny-and-luna thing, and theres the neville-and-anya thing, and theres the draco-and-lucius thing, so, ya. but its still i good fic. Take a 10!!!! p.s. Luna wears radish earings and a butterbeer cap neckalce, not butterbeer cap earings; that just bothered me ;-)

Name: nonsequitur91 (Signed) · Date: 11/26/05 15:38 · For: Chapter 01: Perfect
Dear Therinian, Hmmm.... for a while, I was debating whether Viktor Krum was "good" or "bad". He appeared to be a bit "shady" yet he WAS doing work for Dumbledore so he couldn't be pure evil. I also found it a bit ironic that the first chapter held glimpses of a potential romantic relationship between Krum and Hermione yet in chapter 18, when he was finally within reach, Hermione's interests had shifted (poor Krum). Malfoy following Hermione...that was a little, strange. They weren't completely in love with eachother. Luna was acting a little unusual (more unusual than she usually is). Personally, I always liked Krum, he seemed genuinely sweet and I wondered at what role he would play as the plot unfolded (something to do with the punishment but I'm curious as to how and what). As for Hermione wanting Malfoy to kiss her, once again, strange. What I found common in many Her/Dr fan fictions was that all of the characters made a big deal about addressing one another by first names. What was so "big" about Hermione calling Draco...Draco? It IS his name after all... I do understand that first names signified friendship and trust...but still.... The transition could have been a little bit smoother, it was confusing because Hermione and Draco fought incessantly and then suddenly they were thinking of nothing but eachother. Chapter 18, as usual, was enjoyable to read and I look forward to chapter 19.

Name: SimplyMagic (Signed) · Date: 11/26/05 3:44 · For: Chapter 15: Sweets and Secrets
Wow, thank u for another great chapter! It raised a lot of speculations, like who's the mysterious man, what'll Pansy do, and what will Ginny and Luna's detention be -- *sigh* I can't believe it's still not revealed!!! lol and what will Draco do once they'd returned to the Heads dorm? hehe too many questions here.

Name: Slytherinette (Signed) · Date: 11/25/05 21:15 · For: Chapter 15: Sweets and Secrets
Awsome chap - lots of loose ends to tie up though...however, its blossoming into a gud story!!!! good luck and update fast!

Name: ravenclawslion17 (Signed) · Date: 11/25/05 16:29 · For: Chapter 15: Sweets and Secrets
YAY, another wonderful chapter!!! This story has developed so nicely...how many more chapters to go? o0o, this chapter also raised even *more* questions. It's kind of annoying, actually, lol! I hope that the next chapter is Monday! I can't wait to see what Dumbledore has in store!

Author's Response: Annoying?!? LOL--that's deliberate on my part, really, just to get you thinking about things! ;) Seriously: the next chapter won't be Monday--it'll be Sunday. I MIGHT drag that day out for 2 chapters, as I am currently writing Luna's and Ginny's bit for Monday (and it's not all that exciting--lol!)! ...And how many chapters will this story have? I honestly don't know now; I think it'll have as many as it needs til it's finished...lol! Not much comfort there, huh? Kinda annoying actually, right? Heehee! Glad you liked the chapter though! :)

Name: hawaiianhulagal (Signed) · Date: 11/22/05 23:19 · For: Chapter 14: Spies Like Us
This is a well written chapter, very fluid. What was the information Lucius recieved from Draco? And what's Draco going to do once he catches up with Hermione? Hmmm... many things to poner on. *rubs chin thoughtfully*

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