Reviewer: Lilypudding
Date: 11/10/05 17:30
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

what a great story! its such a great idea, and it is hilarious. my only suggestion... update more often. although i know how hard it is sometimes with the que... my first and only fic has been in there for 2 days... sorry for advertising, but anyway its an awesome story, absolutely hilarious, and definitely one of my favorites.

Author's Response: I know, I need to update, I'll send the next chapter to my Beta soon. [shamless self plug] Until I get it up, I've got other stories I'm sure you'll enjoy.[end shameless self plug, lol]

Reviewer: mooglelover333
Date: 11/10/05 11:17
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

I was laughing so hard! I can just Harry pulling Snuffle's tail like that! Lol, and the quotes... so funny!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it. Crimsonphoenix will be so happy to hear that you all liked our story. :-D

Reviewer: Blossomlily
Date: 11/06/05 8:10
Chapter: Dirty Diaper & the Late Night Feeding

Great story!! I really like it. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the ten! :-D

Reviewer: meggiemoo
Date: 11/03/05 19:37
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

I LOVE this story! All you need to work on is updating the story more often!;)

Author's Response: Hi! I'll send the third chapter to my Beta soon. I don't want to overload him with stuff as he's busy with other things at the moment. But I promise, I won't make you wait 5 months like I did before. lol

Reviewer: Accio_Chocolate
Date: 10/30/05 23:06
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

I love that babysitting stories are all in the humor section. Your story is cute, I laughed at all the baby puke. If Sirius thinks he had it bad, he should talk to my dad. Wearing a navy blue suit, and my cousin spit up all over him, then my other cousin dumped a plate of spaghetti on his leg. Thank goodness for dry cleaning!

Author's Response: Oh, your poor dad, lol. He has my sympathy. :-)

Reviewer: rooroo00
Date: 10/30/05 11:05
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

He he this story rocks. Harry is so cute, i just wana poke him! :P

Author's Response: Just be careful. Lily can get a bit over protective.... ;-)

Reviewer: marauders_forever
Date: 10/30/05 6:47
Chapter: The Rough Beginning

You, are pure GENIUS! That story was the best my friend and I have ever read, and it was ingenious. After reading all three chapters, we both wanted more! -Kassi and Alexis(my friend) bows down to your genious-

Author's Response: Awww... you guys are the best. :-D I appreciate it, but some of the credit should go to my co-author too. :-)

Reviewer: SiriussGirlthru_n_thru
Date: 10/29/05 13:10
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

omg you've got mad skills! 50 billion /10 oh and thanks for mentioning sirius with messy hair *drools*

Author's Response: *big grin* Thanks! You should also thank Crimsonphoenix1, she helped ALOT with this story. :-D And yeah, I had to include a messy Sirius for added effect. ;-)

Reviewer: lunagirl824
Date: 10/24/05 19:04
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

I love this fanfic! It's awesome and funny!

Author's Response: Thanks! :-D

Reviewer: lunagirl824
Date: 10/24/05 19:01
Chapter: Dirty Diaper & the Late Night Feeding

lol...I was reading this to my sister the other day, and you have no idea how funny she is when she laughs! Well, I loved this chapter too and thanks for updating!:-)

Author's Response: I wish I could see how funny your sister is... :-) I'm glad you both liked it.

Reviewer: lunagirl824
Date: 10/24/05 18:59
Chapter: The Rough Beginning

Only five chapters? Oh well, I'll keep rereading them! I love this fanfic!

Author's Response: Aww... I'm thrilled you're going to be rereading them. :-) I wish I could make it longer though....

Reviewer: YuleBallPartner
Date: 10/24/05 16:41
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

Wow That was great keep it comin!!!! 10

Reviewer: MLV11
Date: 10/22/05 17:29
Chapter: The Rough Beginning

This fan fic series is soooo cool! How many chapters are you going to make?

Author's Response: It's going to be 5 chapters long. :-)

Reviewer: Mizz_Potter
Date: 10/22/05 6:04
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

that was soooo cute, u shud hav harry saying his first word or something in the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: I can't divulge future chapter info. ;-) But I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: Chris_04
Date: 10/20/05 15:43
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

Awww, this is SOOO cute!! I love it! Keep writing!!

Reviewer: ashka
Date: 10/19/05 11:03
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

i love this story!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you all are liking the story so far. It really means a lot! :-)

Reviewer: Padfoots Spirit
Date: 10/17/05 3:20
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

that is sooooo funny!!!! I love it how Harry loves touching adn grabbig Sirius's fur! It's soooo cut!!!e

Author's Response: Thanks for the R&R! :-D

Reviewer: harrypotterprincess
Date: 10/16/05 21:48
Chapter: Dogs and Yearbooks

great chapter once again!! plz plz upsate soon!! ~*10*~

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm not sure when chapter 4 will get up. Probably in a week or two. I still have to send it to my beta. But I promise, it won't take as long as it took to get chapter two up, lol.

Reviewer: ColorOfAngels
Date: 10/14/05 4:03
Chapter: Dirty Diaper & the Late Night Feeding

very cute...

Reviewer: ColorOfAngels
Date: 10/14/05 4:03
Chapter: Dirty Diaper & the Late Night Feeding

very cute...

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