Reviewer: ATL Lover
Date: 05/23/11 11:50
Chapter: Some Good News and Some Bad News

omg soo sad, Remus on the rocks crying :'( . but i loved the james and lilly part, soo sweet, and siruis of course is amazing!! I think you do an amazing job writing this fic and i cant wait for the next chapter!!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, ATL Lover. I'm so glad you are enjoying the story. As much as I had dreaded including the Lily James parts (because I don't feel so confident with them), I'm finding that they are the best way to break up the gloomy parts of the story to keep it from becoming a TOTAL downer. :*) And Sirius...well, he perks up anything doesn't he?...until JKR killed him! grrrr... But he's alive and kicking now, so, yay Sirius! (yes, I love the bad boy even though he can be a jerk...can't help it.) :) Thanks so much for reviewing ATL Lover. I'm glad to know you are reading the story. Hope to have a chapter to you...sometime in the not too distant future. ;*)

Reviewer: Pen Sieve
Date: 05/18/11 8:04
Chapter: Some Good News and Some Bad News

Aaah, I felt like Remus had been leading up to that afternoon on the rock for years!! Well, chapters, anyway... one interesting side-effect of writing it quite slowly is the suffering feels all that more drawn out!

A little cube of my heart went out to Remus, finally letting go at the beach, and then his mother trying to coddle him when he got back...

Remus' situation.... Ooh, it's so impossible... When you have to face things has horrific as Will's death, and all the suffering of the war, the best solice is in knowing you're living, and loving, to the full... and yet that's exactly what he can't do :'( He's wedged in the most painful of circumstances. But you do convey it wonderfully :) Never taking the easy way out...

I loved the banter between the Mauraders, as usual, especially with James and Lily - and I got all excited about your locations again! Some of my family live in Bath, and I've always felt it should have wizards living in it - all those rows of slightly strange shaped houses!

Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: *sigh* I know...Someone commented on the forums about how drawn out the suffering is, and she was not happy with it. :*/ I do hope for those who start reading and go straight through (if anyone ever does once the story is finished) it will not seem so. When you have weeks between 'sad' chapters, I'm sure it does seem like he's been wallowing in sorrow for years! :*( I should never have started posting the story until it was complete. >.< Oh, well, spilt milk... :*)

Wow, you have stated exactly what Remus is feeling and experiencing. I'm so glad that comes through! Thank you! Ahhhhh....I'm so jealous you've been to these places! I'm not sure how long it took me to decide where Sirius' flat was, but after much research, I just fell in love with the pictures of Bath, and I thought there should be wizards there too! Ha... Thank you so much, Pen Sieve. I will certainly try! :)

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 05/16/11 19:43
Chapter: Some Good News and Some Bad News

Gosh, poor Will. Bad news is definitely an understatement. And I don't believe Lindi has really moved on... I do love the James/Lily bits. They sound completely natural. And I like Sirius's settee!

Author's Response: I know, poor Will...ugh... You don't believe Lindi has moved on...what, you think Remus is deluding himself? O.O Remus? Calm cool and collected Remus? Could he be that wrong? <.< Oh, yay, you like the James/Lily...I'm always so afraid they will seem forced. And last but not least, LOL at liking Sirius' settee! Ha...I see him more as a big squishy futon sort of guy, but also a newly disowned young man who might not want to squander his funds on trivial items like furniture. So an old fashioned, hand me down settee would be perfect, if not quite as comfortable for a big guy to stretch out on. He's got the mismatched recliners for that! :) Thanks, Buckbeak22.

Reviewer: liquid-luck
Date: 05/12/11 14:25
Chapter: Into the Abyss

My sister got me hooked on this fanfiction a little while ago and I stayed awake for nearly two days to read it, and I kept annoying my friends (and teachers!), because I kept reading it on my phone at school! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know to keep up all the great work- I can barely wait for the next chapter- I love how you portray all the characters as well, especially sirius he's my favourite. Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Oh, yay...a new reader! Tell your sister thank you for me! :D That is such a great compliment, though I'm somewhat shocked that she would suggest it considering my HORRIBLE updating record. >.> Was she upset with you at the time? lol And you read MoB on a phone...all 300000+ words of it? You'll ruin your eyes!!! /sounding like a mom ;) So glad you enjoy my portayal of the characters. Thank you for saying so. And Sirius is my second favorite, only to Remus. I've really enjoyed writing him. Thank you for reading and reviewing, Georgina.

Reviewer: thelongestwinter
Date: 03/09/11 21:30
Chapter: Into the Abyss

I'm still sad. But that was a good chapter. The bit about James never having a humble thought made me laugh out loud. I actually pretty much loved everything James did in this chapter. And Peter standing up to Sirius was awesome! Go Peter!
And poor Lindi! She had to have taken a calming draught or been imperioused or something, right? right? You really are being awfully terrible to Lindi! She needs a good hug (maybe from Remus...).

Author's Response: Thank you, thelongestwinter. I'm glad you enjoyed James and Peter. I have become a greater fan of James through writing him a bit more, but still can barely make myself be nice to Peter! haha... And yes, I'm awful to Lindi. I know... I do feel bad about it, for what that's worth. :*) Thank you for reviewing. I really appreciate it.

Reviewer: thelongestwinter
Date: 03/09/11 21:07
Chapter: News

Ahh! I can't believe you killed Will!! So much sadness.

Ok, calm down and go read the next chapter...

Author's Response: :( I'm so sorry. I really didn't want to kill him. I had to. :( Thank you, thelongestwinter. It makes me happy (in a sad way) to know it made you sad, because I'm glad you cared about poor Will. :)

Reviewer: Pen Sieve
Date: 03/09/11 17:55
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

Two chapters at once!! And they came either side of my birthday too, so I'm taking it personally :D

I'm getting more and more intrigued as to where this story is going to go... with every chapter there's this shift to somewhere slightly darker, more adult - it seemed natural that it was time for someone important to die - but it's still a little heartbreaking, remembering the innocence of earlier chapters. I also don't envy you having to finally decide the fate of Lindi and Remus...

Poor Lindi, in her zombielike trance... Somehow the suggestion that she might have been given a draft of something just made me feel more powerfully that was her natural to reaction to that last blow.

That girl needs a big hug and a box of kittens!!

Lovely stuff :)

Author's Response: Oh, I've missed your birthday by a lot! :*( Happy belated! I'm glad to know you are intrigued and yes, the story is getting darker, as it must. :( Killing off characters is not something I have looked forward to doing. My natural inclination is to have everyone live happily ever after, but unfortunately, that is unrealistic even in a fantasy war. Besides, JKR has made that out of the question, barring full on total alternate universe. Don't think I haven't considered it, (Sirius lives, James and Lily somehow were only missing...) but I don't think anyone would approve of that much alteration of canon. Apparently, people were dropping like flies in the first war, so, I had to start killing people! As to the fate of Lindi and Remus...well, that was decided years ago. ;) However, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about revealing their fate. <.< Of course, the way this story is going, that will be years from now and I'll be so ready to get it over it won't worry me anymore. lol And yes, Lindi does need a hug, but no kittens. She's a canine sort of girl! ;) Thank you so much, Pen Sieve. And sorry it took me so long to reply.

Reviewer: Everlasting_Night
Date: 03/09/11 8:54
Chapter: Into the Abyss

Aww, poor Remus. He and Lindi really need to get back together... They clearly need each other. But I understand why they can't... Ugh, it's just so frustrating, but so addicting! I blame you, for being such a brilliant writer and making the characters so lovable : ) (Speaking of lovable characters, James was awesome in this chapter! Love the obvious tension between him and Lily.) I'm looking forward to their return to Hogwarts and another fantastic chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, Everlasting_Night. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and especially James. :D I rather liked him in this one, too. :*) I'm sorry it took so long to respond. I've all but given up the internet for Lent. is not easy! lol It isnt' supposed to be, I know, but I only get a brief time each day to check email, and make sure I'm not missing important information, but I thought I should check in and let anyone know. So, FYI to readers/reviewers, while I've given up the internet, I haven't given up writing, so I am still working on the next chapter. No reason to make you all suffer just because I've chosen to. ;P (assuming waiting for chapters is still suffering, though you are all so used to it, it probably doesn't count.) :*/ anyway. I appreciate the reviews and will try to hop on and get my email inbox cleared out quickly enough to have a minute to reply to the other ones. In the mean time. Thank you.

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 03/05/11 16:07
Chapter: Into the Abyss

James is becoming adult at last! No wonder Lily starts to fall for him. When you talked of Lindi being zombie like, I wondered if she might have the imperious curse on her!
I am really looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Author's Response: Yes, James is growing up, and I'm seeing why Lily falls for him. I rather like James these days. ;*) haha Lindi imperioused... Ooo... I think it would be easy to do, poor dear, and I think she wouldn't have minded at all, but she was just in shock, I'm afraid. I'm feeling a little guilty about it. I really am being awfully terrible to poor Lindi. <.< But I can't help it. :(

Oh, and I remembered that I'd said in a review reply somewhere, that this chapter had been written for ages...not so. I made a liar of myself. I'm so blooming verbose that it actually got pushed back to the next chapter. :*) Not that it matters, but just in case anyone was wondering.

Anyway, thanks for reviewing again, Buckbeak22. I really appreciate it. I get the feeling this chapter isn't going over well. >.> *goes back to listening to crickets* :)

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 03/05/11 15:56
Chapter: News

Oh no! I can't believe Will died! I was convinced you would have him rescued. My favorite character.

Great chapter though. It was nice to have a perspective on the morning after in Remus's case. I do like your characterization of Dumbledore too - it is very true to the book.

Author's Response: :( Oh, dear...I'm sorry. He was your favorite? :`( I hated killing him, because I really liked him, too, but I really needed to do it, not just for gratuitous Lindi torture, either. It was necessary Lindi torture. <.< He really had to die like he did.../making excuses. Oh, I'm so glad you like my depiction of Dumbledore. I worry about him. JKR gave him such a hint of something that is just so--Dumbledoreish... I don't want to make him too stuffy, but I don't want him to be overly personal with students either, or make him comical instead of slightly eccentric, you know? I just love Dumbledore, but I don't feel I have a really good handle on writing him. So thanks for that, and thanks for reviewing. I was getting lonely. ;)

Reviewer: Everlasting_Night
Date: 03/01/11 18:10
Chapter: News

I've been reading this for years now and decided it was about time I created an account and posted a review : )

First of all, I can't tell you how much I enjoy this story. It's a policy of mine not to read unfinished fanfiction, but a friend recommended this to me (oh my God, I think it was almost five years ago...) and I've stuck with it. I just had a feeling that I should check it today and what do you know, there were two new chapters waiting for me.

I really, really enjoyed these chapters, especially how you handled Will's disappearance. This is really hitting home for Remus now, and I think you showed that beautifully. I also loved Dumbledore's conversation with Remus, especially his "Just know that I haven’t lost my mind" line. Can't wait to see their reactions (especially Lily's) when they find out just who the new Head Boy is ; )

As always, I'm looking forward to the new chapter! And I'm really happy to hear it won't be too long of a wait. Now that I've got an account, expect more reviews from me in the future : )


Author's Response: Oh, my goodness...five years...another crazy person! :D I'm so glad to know you are here and that you've stuck with the story for so long, through all those horrid delays, ups and downs... I have that same policy, btw, but I'm glad you went against it with MoB. Thank your friend for me. ;) And thank you for this lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Will side story. And Dumbledore losing his mind... When I saw your screenname, I thought, Oh yay, a new reader!, but you're actually a really old one. LOL But a new reviewer, which is always good. ;) So thank you. But! You absolutely made my day. :D

Reviewer: emvln92
Date: 02/06/11 18:36
Chapter: Careening Towards the Edge

so, i just read all 60 chapters in the past two days. GREAT story! you are really good at writing! i always hate reading stories that aren't finished yet, but I'm really glad i read this one :) i'll keep checking for updates. I think you do a really good portrayal of the struggles remus would have, but still write a humorous, enjoyable story!

Author's Response: Yay, a new reader!!! Welcome to MoB, emvln92. Ugh...I know what you mean about starting unfinished stories. I've made it a rule never to do that. It's too frustrating...the waiting...and then when the author abandons the story...ARGHHH.... <.< I'm guilty of the making readers wait...horribly, but barring major catastrophe, I will not abandon you or MoB. Anyway, I'm really glad you started reading, too. Thank you so much for reviewing and letting me know you are enjoying my portrayal. It keeps me going. I'll try not to have you checking for updates too much longer. :)

Reviewer: southern_pride
Date: 02/03/11 18:58
Chapter: Careening Towards the Edge

Oh my word! This chapter was completely shocking! I loved it! Especially the Star Wars part! I am in the car with my family and I literally laughed and gasped out loud multiple times. They think there is something wrong with me! But I don't care. This chapter kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! The balance was great. I am so excited to read the next one! I know you will be fantastic!!! Lots of love!~S_P

P.s. I think Lindi needs someone to protect her now that Will is missing *wink wink
P.P.S. PLEASE don't let Will be gone! I may cry!!!!!

Author's Response: :D Yay for LOL! Ha...Were you reading a laptop in the car or just thinking about it? Was it the Jabba the hut cooler than Voldemort or just that they saw Star Wars? See, you'll have to review the next chapter just to answer my questions. *trickyforreviews* :*) Seriously, I'm really glad you found it amusing. I'm very conscious of the fact that there hasn't been a lot of fun in the story lately, and didn't know how well that little bit of levity would work, to be honest. So, yay! And thank you for the vote of confidence! I'm flattered. *beams* And worried...nopressure, right? :) *hugs* P.s. <.< I'll have to remember this. P.P.S. >.> I know you don't expect a reply to this one. :)

Reviewer: southern_pride
Date: 02/03/11 14:05
Chapter: Unexpected Curves

Thank you! It's so heartbreaking all over again but I can't stop reading! I think it is great that someone else knows the REAL truth about the breakup. Still don't think its best for Lin to be completely in the dark though. She is a woman who needs to have some control over what is "best" for her. Anyway, that's all. I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks for the much anticipated update! Keep on being an amazing author!!!

Author's Response: :) You are so very welcome. Ha...I'll try! At this point, I just want to be a satisfactory author who is finished! ;) I'm working on it. I'm glad you can't stop reading. Someone has to read this never ending saga for me. lol Even if they get on a soap box and yell at me from time to time. LOL :*) I know...she does need some control, but...<.< *sips lips* Thank you, southern_pride.

Reviewer: thelongestwinter
Date: 01/14/11 21:20
Chapter: Careening Towards the Edge

You're back!! Hooray! Of course, after reading your update, now I am heart-broken, but in the best way possible.

Will! As others have said, I have also come to really like him. And now he is in danger, possibly dead, and we won't be able to find out what happens until the next update. Gaa!! I have to give kudos to you, though, because that is one of the marks of a good fan fic: your readers becoming emotionally invested in the characters. (Also: I just had a weird thought: It would be very ironic for a member of the Werewolf Capture Unit to be turned into a werewolf...future plot twist??)

And since we are talking about Will, I have to give you massive heaps of praise for your OCs. After reading many average to sub-par to downright horrible fics during your dry spell, I can honestly say that writing OCs is hard! Self-inserts or Mary Sues are an abomination and hurt my brain and respect for canon. Just a huge shout-out to you because your OCs are actually read like real people: relatable, flawed, a breath of fresh air.

And I haven't said anything about Remus yet, but, as always, I love him.

Author's Response: LOL, Hurt your make me laugh! I'm so glad my OC's don't hurt! So far, anyway. ;) That is such a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much. I do enjoy writing them. I also love reading reader's theories on plot twists and such. ;) Of course, I always hate not being able to discuss them, out of danger of revealing the actual plot, but I do love reading them. :) I also love your reviews (I love all my reviews), but I just went back and read all the ones you'd left, trying to determine how long you'd been with the story. Anyway, it was a pleasure to re-read them. They really are wonderful. Thank you for that and for this. And thank you for loving Remus. He needs love!

Reviewer: Pen Sieve
Date: 01/10/11 3:14
Chapter: Careening Towards the Edge

Yippee!! Good to have you back again!! :D

Excellent next step in the story. Lindi running downstairs in her nightie... just the image that captures what I think makes her such a delightful character - that innocence which at once makes her quite tragic and slightly hilarious :) And I liked the little moment with Lindi and Remus's Dad - one of those subtle touches that make you such a talented writer :)

Although I did notice one 'sidewalk' which could do with being 'pavement' if you want to keep up your admirable job of making it sound like England ;)

Well done, and I can't wait for the next chapter!!! (Especially after reading how long you've had it planned!)

Author's Response: :D Hiya, Pen! Sorry for the delayed response. My computer was out of wack and had to go to the shop, then, my internet service has been in and out for the past two days...>.< There is little more frustrating than trying to post a response and having the stupid page can not be found box pop up when you hit submit. grrrrr... Anyway, I think it's fixed now. *hopes* So, Thank you so much for saying you think Lindi is delightful. *beams* Ooo...are you from England? Well, must change sidewalk to pavement...*makes note* I definitely want to make it sound like England. Thank you. And it's good to be back! I hope I don't drop off the planet for months on end again. :*) Yes, the chapter has been planned for so long, I'm having a hard time finding the notebook I wrote it in. >.< Oh, I wish I were more organized. I'll find it though. It has to be in my closet. Of course, it could take a week to find anything in there, but...I will! Even if I don't, I've had those scenes playing over and over in my head for so long, I probably don't even need to see what I wrote. :) Now I just have to get it typed. Of course, I have to link the different scenes together from scratch. That's the part that takes so long. But I'm working on it. /rambling. Thank you for reviewing. After so long, it's good to know some of my readers are still with me. :D

Reviewer: kehribar
Date: 01/09/11 16:16
Chapter: Careening Towards the Edge

This is heart-wrenching, you know, the heartbreak the poor boy is going through. I went back and read some previous chapters in order to catch up, and once again fell in love with Remus's parents. I very much like the concept of giving him someone to hold on to - frankly, most of the time, I find the 'Remus Lupin who had been all alone all his life' approach entirely too depressing. ;)

What's happening with Will? I love that character a lot - actually, I think it's your OCs that make MoB such a good read for me. Lindi, after sixty huge chapters (wow!) still is something of a conundrum to me. I don't know what to feel about her, but somehow, you've made everything about that character very reachable, so I always feel symphatetic towards her. Anyway, I really love the way you portrayed the relationship between Will and Dorcas - the way you interweave all these characters really help bring them alive.

Finally, I have to ask this: it's the poster of Lindi at Madam Malkin's that you felt like illustrating, isn't it? Ooh, I'm sure it is! (And if I'm wrong, which part is it, so I can pester you from time to time to do it? :)

And so the wait for the next chapter begins.. :D

Author's Response: Yay...another Will fan. Thank you, Ayse. I do enjoy creating the OC's, so I'm thrilled when I hear they work. It is one of the things I enjoy about writing Marauder Era, aside from the actual Marauders. We have so much freedom, in fact necessity, to write characters to fill in the story, either our own or those we know very little about, like Dorcas. It's just so much fun. And I agree about alone Remus. His life is sad enough without having him orphaned or abandoned by his parents. I love him to much to do that to him.

Ha...the poster...well, actually, that isn't it, but there is an illustration of Lindi from the next chapter that I've wanted to draw for almost 5 years! Yes, I've had part of next chapter plotted in my head and partially on paper since the beginning of the story. :) Actually, the next chapter is one of the very first ones I wrote. I can't believe I've finally reached it 60 chapters later. O.O Of course, I've not even attempted the drawing. *sigh* The illustration from this chapter is the Marauders and Lily and Celia going to the punk club. *pictures Sirius with skinny jeans, fitted short blazer and spiked collar* *Remus with spiked hair* :*) LOL You should do it. You are so much better with that sort of thing. :D And it would take me months to do them all. >.< Still, someday I'd like to illustrate the whole thing. Ha...that would take me another 5+ years. Now, I'll shut up so I can get to that next chapter, so it isn't forever in coming. Thank you for reviewing, Ayse. I really appreciate your comments.

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 01/09/11 10:51
Chapter: Careening Towards the Edge

Oh no! Poor Will! I was so glad he was figuring more largely in the story and now he is gone. So far I think he is my favorite character. I hope it is going to be Remus to the rescue, but I suppose I will just have to wait and see!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad to hear you like Will so much. It is really special when someone likes one of my very own characters. Thanks for that. I truly hope it isn't 5 more months before you find out what happens to him. <.< :) Thank you, buckbeak22.

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 01/09/11 10:33
Chapter: Unexpected Curves

Yay! I really like Will, and I am glad he is back. Great chapter.

Author's Response: :) I'm so glad you like him. I have really enjoyed writing his character, especially him being from Australia. It has given me so much fun researching Aussie slang! I've probably spent more time than I should but I start reading it and even when I find a word I want, I can't stop. lol Thank you, Buckbeak22. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: radcliffe4eva
Date: 01/08/11 20:27
Chapter: Careening Towards the Edge

You have no idea how excited I was when I saw that this story had been updated. I haven't even read it yet, but I still thought you should know. :)

Author's Response: :D After 5 months, I'm surprised anyone is still the least interested. >.< Thank you, radcliffe4eva! I'm so excited to know you're still there.

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