Reviewer: ren_a87
Date: 11/21/07 22:15
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

Oh! Next chapter, please! I too am in serious need of an MOB fix!!!

Author's Response: Hi, ren_a87! I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting. I'm having a terrible time finding time to work on the chapter, and to make matters worse, I'm having a really hard time with this one. It's probably because I don't have the time to dedicate to it. *eyes roll* I am trying, but... *sigh* My fervent hope is that I will have it up by Christmas and that you will not find it a poor excuse for a Christmas gift. :( I will do my very best.

Reviewer: froggie
Date: 11/05/07 21:58
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

oooh i am soo excited for the next chapter! this chapter was good, kind of a fillerish type i think, but nice all the same i loved the part where they gave each other the same gift--so cute! im getting impatient herebecause i need a new chappie! mob fix.
kk cant wait for update, im excited.

Author's Response: Thank you, froggie! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. It was a sort of fillerish chapter, though I think of it more as a building block chapter, in that it has information that will serve as a sort of foundation for future chapters. Probably the same thing, but as I am incoherent where the story is concerned, I'm rambling. *blush* I am trying to get the next one finished. I'm sorry for trying your patience so horribly. I hope it won't be too much longer. Thank you for reviewing and giving me encouragement. I really need it!

Reviewer: Roommate of the Quillster
Date: 10/30/07 2:47
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

I love how precious and delicately you approach the all-important topic of Remus, a werewolf, dating a beautiful young lady. Remusís wishes were so lovely and honest. It was quite in character for him to be in awe and gratitude for having such a treasure to hold. It was a lovely moment to read.

Then came the duel with the Marauders. Although it was completely brilliant and great fun, it felt a bit weak for the four of them. I know they were playing nice because Lindi was there. But it seems like if one of them gets to do the teasing, somehow all of them would join in at one pointóafter all, they are boys. Even though Sirius wanted to make a point, the boys were lighthearted and I could completely see them joining in the fun because they were a little bored or just couldnít keep them out of the action. Particularly when Lily walked in, I could see a hex miss aiming and James and Lily joining in the duel. Just a personal thought. Though I did like how you resolved it and got them talking about students involved with Death Eaters.

Once again, you leave us loving the characters. This was a lovely filler chapter. One of those life experience chapters where nothing spectacular happens, but people exist. Sometimes I like a little more detail that you so perfectly give about characters and their thoughts and emotions. Or even the little things that Remus notices.

But, I do say that leaving us wanting more was the best thing you could have done. Iíd almost forgotten about field day, and now Iím so ready to see Lindi take on James and see who wins whatever bet.

Author's Response: Oh, Roommate, I am so ashamed! It has taken me far too long to get to these absolutely fabulous reviews. I have no good excuse. Please forgive me. I am struggling with the next chapter, to the point I'm ready to delete the whole story, (Of course, I won't, but I want to!) and I can't seem to have a coherent thought about anything related to it, including reviews with such depth as you have given me here. I promise to make a proper response as soon as I finish the blooming chapter. Please forgive me until then and thank you for taking the time (considerable time, I'd say) to share your thoughts with me. And I'm so glad you are back! :)

Author's Response: Oh, Roommate, I am so ashamed! It has taken me far too long to get to these absolutely fabulous reviews. I have no good excuse. Please forgive me. I am struggling with the next chapter, to the point I'm ready to delete the whole story, (Of course, I won't, but I want to!) and I can't seem to have a coherent thought about anything related to it, including reviews with such depth as you have given me here. I promise to make a proper response as soon as I finish the blooming chapter. Please forgive me until then and thank you for taking the time (considerable time, I'd say) to share your thoughts with me. And I'm so glad you are back! :)

Reviewer: Roommate of the Quillster
Date: 10/30/07 2:26
Chapter: No Funny Business

I find it interesting and good that when you bring us back from Christmas holiday, you also bring us back into wizarding current events. Itís not pleasant (but neither is returning to school after a holiday) but the parallel emotion was a nice touch.

I also am interested in how subtly you continue to change and adapt Peterís character. I donít think heís completely thought out. Itís like sometimes you remember that he becomes the traitor and so you throw in something almostÖ obvious that reminds the readers that heís not the good guy. But then youíll revert back to him acting as a typical marauder.

Peter blushed, but looked around nervously before he answered in a hushed voice as his mother had done. ďLord V-Voldemort.Ē

Although this is appropriate and possibly accurate, it was kind of thrown at us. And then not mentioned again. Perhaps think of evening him out to make him more consistent.

I liked bringing Will Chambers back. I happen to have a mini-crush on him because of the small details youíve included about him. My favorite line was this:

ďHeís a Hit Wizard?Ē Oh, brilliantÖI have a Hit Wizard threatening me if he thinks I mistreat her.

The best part about this was how nonchalantly Lindi mentioned her cousinís line of work and how seriously it affects Remus. How utterly evil of you to add another stress to Remusís self-consciousness about dating the beautiful Lindi. :) I thought it was brilliant. And it was brilliant because you didnít focus or panic about it. You just mentioned it and moved on even though it was something that will probably pop up in the back of Remusís mind for a while ó particularly considering the setting he first met Will the Hit Wizard in. Nice work at this detail. But thatís something youíre usually very on top of is including the details that make your story significant and your characters real.

Author's Response: Wow, another amazing review. Forgive me for taking so very long to respond. Peter...Peter is difficult. I understand and fully agree with your assessment that he is uneven. The problem is, I see him that way. I don't mean you are wrong at all. It is a problem I have. I just think there would be little hints that would show up and I feel the need to hint, though I know they are rather obvious, yet I don't know if it is because we all know the truth about him, or if I'm just being too obvious. Does that make sense? I will definitely try to be more aware of him. The miserable little *^*&^*&

One thing I enjoy is writing things that my characters are oblivious to, ie Lindi's oblivion to the impact her statements have on Remus and his life. Being omniscient can be fun. *hehehe* Or should that be *muwahahaha* Well, thank you for this very lovely and helpful review. I will keep your points on Peter in mind. You may have to keep on me, because I do find him a chore. :-P Thanks, Roommate.

Reviewer: Roommate of the Quillster
Date: 10/30/07 2:02
Chapter: Donít Drink the Punch

After leaving us with a perfect moment of bliss (I love it when you use that phrase), you bring us back to reality. :) And the fun begins. The witty banter completely met the standard youíve set in your story ó including the CPR discussion and crystal ball of their futures.

You continue bringing in Severus Snape. I will be quite intrigued to see what you do with the tension youíve built and what has to inevitably happen between him and Remus. However, I do think youíve hit Remusís personality accurately ó he is by far the most patient of all the Marauders.

Which brings me to the punch. Of all the things to put in the punch, the blabbing potion or whatever it was, was an excellent choice. It was nice to see the disasters coming up as well as to hear what was on everyoneís mind. For once it was nice to see Lindi as outspoken as she was ó even if it wasnít really her. You took a nice opportunity to showcase her thoughts without disrupting the integrity of your storyline.

Personally, I donít love the idea of Sirius as a complete ladies man in real life. But, you write it well and keep the camaraderie of the Marauders consistent, which is the more important thing.

Once again, after the almost forty chapter build-up, itís nice to see Remus happy. And with Lindi. :) Youíve hit their romantic innocence right on the mark, and itís nice to finally have them together.

Author's Response: :*) You like the moment of bliss phrase? *dies* Sometimes I look at the title and have considered pulling a KFC. You know, they don't ever call it Kentucky Fried Chicken anymore. LOL Would you all be able to find the story if I change the title simply to MoB? A long time ago, one of the funnier people over on the forums started poking fun at story titles (all in good fun). It was one of the funniest things I've read, but I was so worried she'd get a hold of MoB. *dies* Part of me was hoping she would, and another was dreading it. Fortunately or unfortunately, she was made to stop. :( Still, I throw the title in once in a while, don't I? Not sure why. Maybe I'm a masochist. LOL Anyway, I'm glad you like it. It makes me feel a little better about it.

Severus...he is complicated for me. I hope I do him justice, though I will admit that I will likely take the cowardís way out and probably not focus on him any more than I feel is absolutely necessary. :*/ Ladies man Sirius... :*) I can't help myself...40 chapter build up...*dies again* This review...wonderful. Thank you, again Roommate.

Reviewer: Roommate of the Quillster
Date: 10/30/07 1:30
Chapter: Some Sort of Conspiracy

Yes, Iím back. :) And itís official. Iím happy to be caught up on the Remus story.

First, I would like to point out how delectably cruel and perfect it was to steal Lindi away again before they actually get to kiss. It was a wonderful build up and release without dropping the emotional height of the story.

Then, the way Remus told, or didnít tell, his friends what had happened was perfect. You wrote it so deliberately and sincerely that I could feel the butterflies in his stomach from eager anticipation and joyful memories as I was reading it. But then again, you always did have a way with portraying an excellent Remus character.

I love how you continue to develop the multiple plotlines while still remaining true to your ĎRemus-centricí theme. The Lindi/Darlene scenarios are well written. I am also fond of the way you develop the James/Lily scenes without over-doing them or rushing them. Itís nice to see Lily coming around without immediately falling for James.

My favorite part of this chapter was the note paper. First, I think itís absolutely brilliant that the Marauders communicate like this. Because they would. Second, it was fun to see a complete high school approach to genuine flirting. Although flirting is fun in person, itís nice to see them flirt so openly without getting tongue-tied. And itís the perfect Marauder Remus side to his personality that we donít always see.

Great work on this chapter. You kept us in suspense and laughing in the same chapter. You also reminded us of several important points of the character of Remus: his marauder side, his romantic side, and his uniquely Remus side. Nice job!

Author's Response: I am so glad you are back, Roommate! There is a thread on the forums for awesome reviews, and I would post all of yours, but for the fact they have a 100 word limit. I am so glad you are enjoying the side stories. I think they keep me interested even though they are at times the result of my mind wandering. :*) And I'm glad you liked the flirting. I had so much fun with that. I refuse to believe that Remus wasn't at heart a normal teenager and yes, a Marauder to the core. Have I said lately that I love Remus? And I love your reviews. Thank you!

Reviewer: flapjack88
Date: 10/27/07 9:21
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

I'm so so so (x whatever) sorry! I'm becoming a terrible reviewer aren't I? Well, consdering I don't actually review i'm pretty damn poor! *sigh* I don't want to have to use excuses but theres simply no way around it. I've been terribly busy (just started university... and if the workload doesn't kill you the drinking and socialising definately will!!) but just thought i'd quickly leave some form of a review stating:'IM ALIVE AND STILL READING'.

I still love this story tonnes. I stil love Remus tonnes. (And Sirius.. woop!)

I'll try and comment on the actual chapters real soon but to be honest I can't promise anything. Again, sorry. BUT that doesn't mean I don't want to keep reading! Luurrvvvveee this story.
And You.

Author's Response: can say that again! Not about you being terrible, of course, but about me. I have been so negligent towards my reviewers and more so towards my readers in general. Gosh, it has been ages since I updated. I am working on the next chapter but find myself so overwhelmed with real life it is coming very very slowly. I'm glad you are clearly enjoying life enough that you probably haven't noticed how much time has passed. ;) Thank you for letting me know you are still alive! I do start to worry, you know. :-)

Reviewer: I_LUV_MOONY
Date: 10/14/07 14:00
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

Ooh, I definitely cannot wait for the next chapter. It had better live up to this one. *wink*

ďIf you hadnít gone and got yourself disinherited,Ē James had once taunted, ďyou could have bought one of those big manors like the Malfoys have, with separate wings and she could have her own bed.Ē

ďHrmmphh!Ē Sirius had huffed incredulously. ďShe wonít want her own bed. Sleeping in mine will be well worth the risk, mate.Ē

Do I even need to say that Sirius is funny?

That duel between Sirius and Lindi (if you can call it a real duel) really had some meaning. It showed everyone (readers and characters alike) more of how Lindi is. She's too naÔve and trusting. And the underwear thing was hilarious! :D

The runes candy scene was cute and slightly fluffy, but in a good way. Remus really does need to get around to telling her, though. I'm surprised he hasn't spilled already; he has a huge conscience that really loves to guilt the mickey out of him.

The Randolph couple was an excellent part of the story. It really makes one see how the wizarding world feels about werewolves. Poor Remus.

Keep up the awesome work, and update soon! Best wishes!

Author's Response: Gosh, I_LUV_MOONY, did you join SPEW? ;-) So, you think arrogant berk Sirius is funny, eh? *hehe* I'm glad you found some humor in the chapter. I need things to start getting darker, and they are, but it is still the nature of the Marauders to be amuzing, if I read them right, so thank you for that. Dear wonderful Remus doesn't always live up to his own expectations of himself and then, as you say, he guilt trips in a huge way. Poor, poor Remus... Thank you so much for such a great review. I will try not to disappoint you with the next chapter. I'm trying, though it is coming slowly. There are some complicated things in it I really want to get right, so it will probably be a little while. What's new, eh? @.@ *blush* Hopefully not too terribly long. I will definitely try. :).

Reviewer: Little_Mini_Kimi
Date: 10/07/07 21:00
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

You should add more chapters to this

Author's Response: Thank you, Little_Mini_Kimi. I think I will. ;)

Reviewer: Eaving
Date: 10/07/07 13:22
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

I am loving this story so much! Loyal reader here! Whenever I get the e-mail that this has been updated, I stop everything to go read it.

Author's Response: Thank you, Eaving! I'm really glad to know it. I wish I could get you those e-mails a little more frequently. I think I'm testing some readers' loyalty with the lack of updates, but it is more important that I don't disappoint you when they do come. I will certainly try not to. Thanks for letting me know you are reading.

Reviewer: Gin_Drinka
Date: 10/07/07 11:47
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

I'm glad to see Lily's coming back a little. Can't wait for the J/Lness to kick in. And for the challenge, that'll be extremely interesting. I supose he'll be telling her soon. I wish I didn't have a bad feeling about this. By the way, I think you did a great job incorporating DH into this,

Author's Response: Thank you, Gin_Drinka. Lily and James might not actually start dating until 7th year but I can't wait until then to have them interact at all. That would be rather unrealistic, I think; so yes, she'll be popping into the picture from time to time. :) You have a bad feeling? I wish I could offer you comfort, but alas, I can't. No spoilers allowed! ;) I'm glad the tidbits from DH worked for you. I was afraid they might seem too abrupt since I haven't had a chance to incorporate them into the previous chapters. Someday, I hope to build them up a bit more smoothly. But for now, thank you. I really appreciate the review.

Reviewer: muggler180
Date: 10/06/07 21:52
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

really good chapter. I can't believe how close Lindi came to finding out

Author's Response: Thank you, muggler180. I don't think the Marauders can believe how close she came without her even realizing it. Of course, I think they think she's a bit clueless in some ways. <.< *hehe*

Reviewer: paddy_prongsie
Date: 10/06/07 15:22
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

hey... buck up soon... i want to know who wins de bet an im secretely hoping that james wil go bald for a whole day !! pl let it be like that !!

Author's Response: *bucks up* :D Poor James! Do you really want him to be traumatized? LOL His ego could definitely use it, couldn't it? We'll just have to see if Lindi has her game face on that day. (Actually, I know if she does, of course.) I'll try to let you in on the secret soon. Thank you, paddy_prongsie.

Reviewer: Oblivious
Date: 10/06/07 6:14
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

Great chapter again. :) I can't wait to see what the Marauders are going to give Remus for his birthday.. and this Hogwarts Anniversary Field Day Competition sounds really interesting.. :D

Author's Response: Thank you, Oblivious. You mean I have to come up with a birthday gift? O.O I think they'll probably just give him a headache! <.< *doubts that is what readers have in mind* I'll try to come up with something better. >.> ;) I hope you won't be disappointed. Thank you for reviewing. :)

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 10/05/07 20:18
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

Ooh! Getting darker! I am SO sorry for Remus. I am very glad I have this story, as otherwise I wouldn't have liked him that much after DH. However I don't really think he was a "spineless coward" even in that book. He wasn't the same person he had been - after all, he had been through awful things after he left school, including the death of James and Sirius. I could see that he thought Tonks might be better off without him. Did you write the bit about Randolph before or after you read DH? It ties in so very well and gives a real reason for Remus to be so unhappy in his marriage to Tonks.

I see the "Snape Incident" the same way you saw it - as occurring before the "prank". So after frowning for a second after I read that, I rearranged things quite comfortably, and am going with your story as the prequel!

I really like the way you have merged it with the whole series. Are you going to give us a tiny bit of Snape? Or at least show us how the common room reacted to Snape apologizing to Lily? Or are you not going to tell?

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks for writing Remus so that I loved him and made excuses for him in DH! Without your story, I wouldn't have liked him enough to do so.

Author's Response: Oh, gosh, Buckbeak22, this review makes me feel so wonderful and makes me want to cry all at the same time. It absolutely breaks my heart that you "wouldn't have liked him that much after DH." At the same time, it reinforces my purpose and makes my mission to make people love him all the more important! (But also more difficult.) Thanks so much for the encouragement. I think I need it!

I am rather ashamed of my "spineless coward" comment now. First of all, I feel terribly ungrateful for having so harshly, and openly criticized JKR's writing at all. She has given us so much enjoyment and lets us take her characters and write these stories...But I was disappointed (in very few things in light of the enormity of the series). I think it would have been impossible for anyone not to find something they disliked in such a huge epic tale; however, I probably was a little too critical. I agree that, ultimately, Remus was definitely not a coward. The part where he was considering leaving his family didn't really bother me all that much, because I agree with you about him thinking it was best. I have always thought Remus sometimes made errors in judgment (and he has and will continue to in MoB). I think he really wants to do the right thing, but sometimes doesn't quite live up to his desire, or doesn't even really know what the right thing truly is, as with leaving his family. I agree that he honestly thought it would be best for them. The thing that made me rant about being a Ďspineless cowardí was that he sat silent during the attack on Snape when it was revealed that this happened after Siriusí Ďprankí. But I wonít rail on that anymore. Thank you for the kind words on my version. I really needed to hear it. Though I try to be the grown-up I am and just let it go, it doesnít hurt to receive a little encouragement. *blush* So again, thank you so much!

I am trying to merge things, but obviously canít make everything fit. Thank goodness for the Book 7 Disregarded warning, though I might still need the AU if I go far enough. I will probably eventually edit some of the earlier chapters to provide hints to things that were revealed in DH in regards to Snape/Lily, though I wonít really be going into it much, and probably not until Iíve finished the story. Since Snapeís apology has already happened by this point in MoB, Iíd have to go back and write it in. Iím letting it slide for now and going with the argument that it wasnít a major thing for Remus to focus on, though I really think it would have been quite a big deal to James, at the very least, but I might just leave it the way it was worked into this chapter and let it go at that. I am faced with some tricky issues with the Sirius Ďprankí coming up and havenít decided if Iím going to completely ignore the Lily/Snape issue or somehow incorporate it, though clearly it will be different than canon, since they ceased being friends after O.W.L.s. I may very well take the easy way out and rely on the fact that this is from Remusí PoV and he probably isnít going to be too worried about Lily arguing with Snape about anything at that point. Heíll have plenty on his mind, as it is. The advantages of 3rd person limited over omniscient! *hehe*

I am so hugely gratified to know that my story helped you love Remus. He is just such a wonderful, heartbreaking character, flaws and weaknesses and all. *sniffle* I still love him, too. Thank you, thank you, for this inspiring review.

Author's Response: Oh, and in my rambling, I forgot to answer your question. Randolph and his wife have been part of the rough draft of the story since before HBP. :)

Reviewer: jmd_1739
Date: 10/03/07 22:30
Chapter: Humiliation

just a note- when remus has points taken away, it changes from 5 to 50

Author's Response: Ooops. :*) I'll have to look at that when I have a minute. I only popped in to submit the next chapter and now must run. I will definitely check this and correct it when I get on in the next couple of days. Thanks so much for pointing it out. :)

Reviewer: ren_a87
Date: 09/26/07 15:26
Chapter: Almost Perfect

I absolutely love this fanfic! You have made Harry a rival for my heart! (I know, I'm lame...) Anyway, I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you ren_a87. I'm glad to know you are enjoying it. A rival? *teheh* I don't think you are lame. ;) The next chapter is with my beta, so hopefully not too much longer. Hope you enjoy it and thank you for reviewing.

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 09/22/07 19:16
Chapter: Almost Perfect

Another wonderful chapter. Remus is going to be hard put to it to keep up his secret (if she hasn't guessed already? I would have said yes, but then this is Lindi...) I am so glad Remus is getting some time that is perfect. He deserves some time. I liked the fact that it isn't only his friends that can overcome his "prefectness".

I thought of you at the end of DH. Was it tough?

Author's Response: Thank you, Buckbeak22. I'm glad you agree that Remus deserves some perfect time, especially after DH. *sob* That is so nice that you thought of me. It was tough, but honestly not as tough as some of the other moments in the book. *see massive response to froggie's questions below* Of course, you all should have seen me two days after I finished reading. I went for my walk, and started thinking about everything, and absolutely sobbed like a baby, all through my neighborhood, those big body shaking sobs and tears pouring off my chin. *dies* I'm sure my neighbors would have wondered what on earth had happened if any had been looking out the window as I walked by. Others who know just think Iím insane (but theyíve always known that), :*/ and besides, I needed to mourn. :`( Now, I find myself hesitating to make anything bad happen to Remus, though we all know I have to eventually. *is angry at JKR right now, even though I think she is brilliant*

Reviewer: The Mighty KFC
Date: 09/20/07 20:36
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

this is amazing
i love this new approach to a marauder fic.
it was so believeable and heartfelt. poor remus!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, The Mighty KFC. *gets craving for original recipe* ;) I'm glad you liked the start and hope you continue to enjoy it. Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: froggie
Date: 09/18/07 19:07
Chapter: Almost Perfect

helllooooo again!

prepare for a super long review! that's what you want, right? :)
first of all, how are you? are you feeling better from your surgery? (what did you have surgery on?)
i loved this chapter! i read it a while ago so i don't remember everything, but it was very nice, romantic, and funny (as it is always). i too loved the show-off kiss, i think lindi i seeing through the slytherins more now. i also loved when she asked if they were 'official'. my reaction was the same as remus'--how could you not know? lol. it would be so much easier for them if they had facebook, and remus could have made their relationship official right away.

SPEAKING OF LINDI, WHATwas that little message in your author notes talking about when you said we might not like her anymore???? i am in horrible suspense. ahhhhhhhhyyyyy.

also, i read the sirius thing, but my question is, why are you defending it? it is your character to mold, so you can write him the way you want, you shouldn't have to defend his characterization. Plus, i would be very hard pressed to find a story on here that does NOT portray him as a ladies man.
The thing is though, the way you portray him is not as a ladies man, imho. he is just a man who is not committed to dating one girl. a ladies man is a guy who does his best to hang out and charm girls, and then sometimes leads them on. sirius, in your story, does not make any false promises and does not do his best to hang out with as many girls as possible. then again, this is just my opinion.

one more thing...i was wondering, what did you think of deathly hallows?in general, and relating to remus? he was in the story a lot, and obviously the end wasn't so good to him, but does how he acts in the beginning, wanting to leave his wife, just his general characterization have any effect on how you portray him in his earlier years?also, what did you feel about his end?
it's reaaally sad for me to read this story now, but i will anyways of course because it IS SO GOOD.
one more thing, do you know how long i have been reading this story? it feels like for as long as i can remember (not in a bad way) i have kind of been growing with this story for a while, so kudos for you for making a hp companion!
anyway, i am super psyced for the next chapter, so update soon!

Author's Response: O.O Wow, froggie! You make me want to start a Dueling Club thread on the forums with these questions. They are the kind Iíd like to get and I would love to have a real in-depth conversation about some, particularly the affect DH has had on my story. Letís see...first, thank you for asking about my health. I am feeling so much better and am technically recovered, though I'm still in the process of building back my full strength. We aren't allowed to publicly discuss details of personal health information according to the new rules on the MNFF site, so I won't go into specifics, but it wasn't cancer (thank God) so I won't have to worry about recurrence or any more trouble with this specific problem and hopefully nothing new and unrelated will pop up and Iíll be healthy, for a while at least. *cheers*
On to the chapterÖIím glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Lindi is a ding bat! Facebook...LOL Oh, the A/N comment, *muwahahah* Seriously, I just never know how people will react to her (as was shown in reviews on ch. 32-33 when everyone seemed to be much more upset with poor confused Lindi than with Remus) and who knows what she might do? <.< Well I do, but I'm not telling. *muwahahah* Sirius...well, that all stems from things I've read on the forums over the past couple of years. There are some who would insist that he has absolutely no interest in girls at all. Apparently, my readers don't have that opinion (at least those who leave reviews) so I shouldn't have worried about it. :*) I appreciate your opinion on him in my story. Point taken; thank you.
DH...Gosh, froggie, I could talk about this for ages. I will try to be brief! ;) I absolutely loved the book. I truly did. I was, however, very disappointed in some things that were revealed about Remus and the Marauders. *SPOILERS FOR DH and MoB* In some ways, I think it justifies my writing of him in the way he approaches his relationship with Lindi and his failure to tell her right away, etc..I have never thought he was a perfect, all self-sacrificing person as I have sometimes read him in fanfiction. However, I felt that JKR made Remus out to be quite a spineless coward (particularly the revelation that the Snape 'prank' came before Snape's Worst Memory, which reflects very very poorly on the Marauders as a whole) and it crossed my mind to wonder why he had been placed in Gryffindor at all. :( *sigh* Honestly, the whole Remus/Tonks thing in HBP had started to throw me, but then they were married and all the other came to light, so, by the end of DH, I was starting to feel sort of numb to canon Remus, to be completely honest. *is very sad* I don't think his end came as hard as it would have, had it happened in OotP or even HBP. Of course I sobbed like a baby, but it was so abruptly presented, on top of everything else...*sigh again* To tell you some more truth, it really affected my desire to keep writing, for a while. All my inspiration was dead, literally. :`( But I'm better now, mainly due to the fact that I've decided to disregard the timing of the Snape incident, as it would be almost impossible for me to adjust that, at this point. I still haven't decided if I'll go on to the very end, though. It would have to be AU, as the end I had in mind for him was different and I really have tried to stay canon as much as possible. I may stop during the time of OotP which will allow me to resolve my part of the story. Then, I don't have to write much of Remus/Tonks, which I don't know if I could do well, since I'm not a fan, anyway. The beginning of Remus/Tonks could be the end of MoB. :( It will also bring about a sooner finish for all you wonderful readers who are going to need reading glasses by the time I'm finished. So there's a silver lining. LOL Okay, that is the brief version of my feelings. ;) If you want to discuss it further, pm me, or I might go put that Dueling Club thread up for specific questions on my stories/how they are affected by the books, etc... /SPOILER]
I'm very glad you have been with me all this time. Readers like you are part of what got me through my writing malaise. So thank you, froggie.

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