Reviewer: Sedragore
Date: 02/24/08 12:47
Chapter: Piling Straw on a Camelís Back

It's occurred to me just how well you've developed Remus. I've got this image in my head: Remus with two little figures sitting on either shoulder. But they aren't a devil and angel, oh no.
One is the Prefect/Werewolf Remus, the one that is forever self-conscious of his lycanthropy and doing what he knows is right. (I have GOT to stop calling it werewolfness....:P)

The other is what shall henceforth be referred to as the Horny Remus, who just wants to be a regular teen. This is the Remus that runs around with the Marauders, and is the one imagining Lindi in the shmexy black maid outfit. ^^

Author's Response: *LMAO* I LOVE it! Just as I have a strong opinion of Sirius, I have an even stronger one of Remus. Mainly that he was human, complete with hormones. ;) You do realize that now, I will be trying to write and that image will pop into my head...I won't be able to write! Thanks a lot, Sedragore! :P *dies laughing*

Reviewer: Sedragore
Date: 02/24/08 11:56
Chapter: Sweet Sixteen

*sings praises with origami birds flitting around*

I think this was my favorite chapter! :3 Genius, dear, genius! The song is adorable, and once again, completely in character. It all works, it just all works!

Author's Response: *happy dance* Thank you so much for letting me know that, :)

Reviewer: Sedragore
Date: 02/24/08 11:40
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

LOL, Sirius sleeping....that's so like him! :p

"I don't want to hit ANYONE..." Classic Lindi.

And Sirius threatening and tricking Lindi that way. So in character! I loved it! ^^

And another "LOL" is due to Peter pondering Lindi's underwear.

Yet another goes to the "post-nasal drainage".

XD This is by far one of your funniest chapters!

Hmm.... it occurs to me that the only character in the whole of MOB that needs working on is Peter. I feel his character hasn't been quite defined as well as Sirius's.

Author's Response: I am always so happy when someone says they found something funny (that I meant to be funny). I guess it is because I'm never quite sure about my humor. Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Peter...Peter, Peter, Peter...He is such a headache in so many ways. lol I do not have a good grasp of him, no. I have tried to include him but I have to force myself to be nice to him; <.< I have to temper the urge to show him as a creepy little rat. *sigh* So I do rather neglect him. I just find him so hard to understand. I have been forcing myself to give him more thought lately, as I have been told this before. It isn't easy, I'll tell you. :P Nasty little rat! It is so much more pleasant to contemplate Remus and Sirius and pretty much anybody else. *heheh* Anyway, I will try to get a better handle on ole Wormtail. Thank you for keeping me on my toes! :)

Reviewer: Sedragore
Date: 02/24/08 11:33
Chapter: Almost Perfect

Aww, so cute! And it's just like Lindi to ask even though it's so, so obvious. :P

I like the closing sentence, too. Snips it off much more satisfactorily than most of your other chapters. Even though the reason you don't do that with others is because they're cliffhangers, but...

Lol, it's a Lindi-glomp! :P

Actually, I think Sirius's thing in this chapter is completely in character, at least the way you've built him up.

Good job! :3


Author's Response: <.< You don't like my cliffhangers? >.> But they were so much fun when I was first posting them and readers had to wait to move to the next chapter. <.< *Muwahahahah* ;) I'm glad the Sirius thing isn't a problem. I know people will probably still be arguing about Sirius and girls in a hundred years, but everything about him screams that he would be a bit that way, at least. I'm relatively old, and I've known a LOT of guys in my day, and with his circumstances, he just would, so...that's my opinion and it outa be yers! LOL

Please note that that opinion thing is a line from a radio personality and it cracks me up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. <.< but mine is the right one. :P *heheheh* Thank you so much for reviewing, Seddy! :D

Reviewer: Sedragore
Date: 02/24/08 11:10
Chapter: Decisions, Gag Gifts and Worries Aplenty

EXCELLENT plot device!!!!!!! *glomps*

Wow. I'm quite amazed. You came up with a plausible "problem" in the plot, and you did it smoothly. Not to mention, the timing was PERFECTLY right. :3


Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sedragore. I'm thrilled that this worked. :D

Reviewer: Sedragore
Date: 02/17/08 13:48
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

Meh? I just looked back and saw that half of my reviews have been cut off....>.< And I posted a nice critique, too... oh wellz. The gist of it is that your talent as a write seems to be dialogue, and I respect you greatly for that. Since I SUCK at dialogue. >.< Also, the truly miraculous thing about MOMENTS OF BLISS is that it fits smoothly and seamlessly into the original canon. I've thoroughly blurred the line between canon and your fic... I think I even once mentioned one of your scenes as canon in a HP discussion. >.< The characters are the most realistic thing I've seen by an internet fic in a LONG time, not to mention the well developed plot. If fanfics could be published, you could easily, easily publish this. And have like a bajillion fans. :3

Author's Response: *beaming* Well, apparently the site glitches are affecting reviews also. *makes note to copy reviews for safe keeping* Iím so glad you didnít give up after having them cut. Thank you, thank you for this amazing review. I do adore writing dialogue; it's my favorite part to do, so I'm glad you enjoy it. >.> You have confused one of my scenes with canon in a discussion? LOL Oh, I'd love to hear about that. Which scene? *hehehe* The others must have looked at you like you were crazy! A bajillion fans...*dreams* *freaks out over the pressure* :*) Of course, it would be nice to be paid...LOL Still, with reviews like this, I'm quite content as is. Thank you, Sedragore. :D

Reviewer: Gin_Drinka
Date: 02/15/08 20:07
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

oooohhhhhhhhhhh..... finally got aroung to reviewing.....

can't wait to find out what it is. And I suspect there is some sort of reason for Lindi's flying higher. OOOOOOH, I can't wait!

Author's Response: Well, it's about time! LOL *kidding* Yes, there probably is a reason. Now, wether or not it is a good one, remains to be seen. This is Lindi we're talking about. <.< :) Thanks, Gin_Drinka.

Reviewer: Sedragore
Date: 02/13/08 20:29
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

RRGH! *tears out hair* A cliffhanger, a cliffhanger! *runs away bawling*

Can't wait *(literally....meh) to see what happens! ^^

Author's Response: :*) I'm so sorry. I really did mean to have the two parts posted closer together. *is awful updater* I have the chapter finished and am a little embarrassed at the length. I had divided the chapter up because it was going to exceed the 10,000 word chapter limit on MNFF. Well, as is like me, this second half of the chapter is now over 9,000 words. >.< The first half was what, over 6,000? *dies* *really needs to be less verbose* Anyway, with the site problems from the hacker, stories aren't being updated, so I'm just sort of sitting on it, waiting for the upgrade. *hides from anxious readers* I promise to post the update as soon as the queue is back up and running. I hope you enjoy it when I do. :) Thank you, Sedragore.

Reviewer: padfootsluver500
Date: 02/12/08 20:30
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

omg!! sooooo good

Author's Response: :-D Thank you, padfootsluver500. I'm so glad to know you are enjoying it.

Reviewer: froggie
Date: 02/09/08 21:24
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

ok my second attempt at review..
good job! im sorry i didn't review before after all the nagging + pushing i did for you to finish the chapter! i am awful.
yea so my one criticism is that i think you spent a little too much time on the event, because it was a little winding, so it was hard to follow and concentrate. also, i think it is a bit unlikely that sirius and james would win so many of the events. other than that, good job, and i can't wait to see what happens to lindi! keep truckin!

Author's Response: Hiya, froggie. All I can say is agreed on all counts, well except that you are awful. ;) This was one of the most difficult chapters for me to write to date. I just wanted to finally get it behind me. Trust me, before the edit, it was even more winding. >.< Sirius and James winning: I probably agree with that too. *blush* I just had Remus' comment to Harry that they were the best in the school at everything they did running over and over in my mind. I also figured that with the competition set up to allow them to choose the events they would compete in, they would only pick those they were really good at making it far more likely for them to win. *shrugs* It was also easier to write it that way. >.< *blushing furiously* I really wanted to get this chapter over. Forgive me. :) Thank you for reviewing, especially if you had to do it twice. Apparently the site troubles are affecting reviewing capability too. *hopes they get it all fixed soon* *offers cheer for MNFF Mods*

Reviewer: Sedragore
Date: 02/09/08 18:21
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

Okay, even though I've been with this story since around chap 8, I've never posted a review. >.< Stupid Sasha. Anywho, I'd like you to know that I've fallen in love with Remus, completely and utterly.

Author's Response: Oh, wow, Sedragore, you've been here a LONG time. I can't even remember chapter 8. >.< lol I appreciate reviews regardless of if they come sooner or later, so no worries. If you are in love with Remus, you are NOT stupid! :-D If my story has helped you fall for him, I am absolutely thrilled. It is my mission after all. ;) Thank you, Sasha.

Reviewer: luinrina
Date: 02/04/08 6:28
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

Ohhhh, just fantastic. I really LOVE this story, from the first word on. It's gripping and hard to stop reading once you've started. So please, update quickly!! Can't wait to know what James is going to make Elisabeth do...

Author's Response: Thank you so much, luinrina. I'm so glad you have enjoyed it. :) Hopefully you will find out what James has up his sleeve for, er, Lindi soon. ;) The chapter is with my beta, so barring massive problems, I hope to have it posted in the near future. I will say, I'm not expecting very much free time over the next five days, AT ALL, So I make no promises. :( But edits and formatting should be doable. Wish me luck, and thank you for reviewing. :)

Reviewer: kehribar
Date: 02/02/08 17:00
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

Just popping in to say that I'm still a fan of MoB, I'm here and reading! Nice chapter, Moony :) I, for one, have no idea how you manage to write such long chapters without wandering off of the main point. *envies* But I guess that's one reason why updates are somewhat scarce...? ;)

Author's Response: Oh, yay, Ayse! I'm so happy to *see* you. :D I'm very relieved if it seems that I am staying on point. I like to think I am, but lately, with so many RL distractions, I really feel like I'm struggling to even remember what the main point is. *blush* So I guess it is all related and why updates are scarce. :*/ I will try to get to the point in a more timely fashion, though it will probably continue to take me far too many words to do it. I just donít know how to be concise. LOL Thank you so much for letting me know you are still reading.

Reviewer: untitlednine
Date: 01/26/08 15:57
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

Personally, I think this is an excellent example of Remus's character. It shows his nervousness, intelligence, but mostly, his thankfulness for Sirius, James and Peter's company.

It also seems that Remus is reluctant to grow up, (with his lack of developing a relationship Lindi for quote some time) with which seems perfectly like him. If I was Remus, and a life of estrangement, and abuse waited for me, I would want to stay in school as long as possible, and I definitely wouldn't want to leave. Hell, if I went to Hogwarts, I wouldn't want to leave either: D

Also, when he wants to tell Lindi of his condition, it makes me feel really sorry for him, because I know exactly how he feels. Remus is an honest guy, and he greatly dislikes lying.

I like how he worries about what his friends are going to make Lindi do, and how he upholds loyalty to not only his friends, but his girlfriend, and he does it without question.

Overall, I think you did an excellent job, and I canít imagine Remuís character being written any other way Ė the only part I didnít like was the first chapter Ė I found it a bit slow, but it is really essential to show the nervousness his parents went through concerning his schooling.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, untitlednine. I am so glad that Remus' appreciation for his friends comes through. Working on the second half of Chapter 47, Friends Like These, has made me think about that so much, so thank you. I'm so thrilled that you find my portrayal of Remus believable. He is my absolute favorite character ever and I don't want to mess him up. I hope I don't! I know what you mean about the first chapter, too. Back when I first started posting, MNFF had a hit counter that authors could see how many hits their story got. Well, it was fairly obvious that many people hit the first chapter and then didn't come back. I briefly took it down, convinced it was losing me readers, but I had a few complaints from people wanting it back and I realized I was worrying too much about how many readers I had. :*( I put it back up. It is a little slow, but it has important background info in it and well...I sort of like it. :*) Anyway, I'm just glad you didn't let it keep you from continuing on with the story. Thank you so much for this lovely review. I really appreciate it.

Reviewer: iluvkrum
Date: 01/25/08 14:41
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

that was a really good chapter. i can't wait to read the rest of it. and to find out what they're gonna make her do. it should be good since it obviously involves remus. update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, iluvkrum. I'm glad you enjoyed it. So, you think it will involve Remus, eh? You don't think they aren't telling him because it will make him furious? <.< Eh, you're probably right. Probably... >.> I'll try to let you know if you are correct soon. I'm afraid RL barged in on me again this weekend and I didn't quite get it finished, but I did make some progress. I may get a chance tomorrow to work on it, so cross your fingers for me. :)

Reviewer: finfine
Date: 01/20/08 20:21
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

Update, Update,Update please

Author's Response: :*/ I'm so sorry, finfine. I promise I'm trying. I just don't know where the time goes. I was so sure I'd have it within a week and many have passed? *dies* Don't answer that. I tell you, my life is flashing before my eyes. >.< *runs off to get a little writing finished while she can*

Reviewer: Templar
Date: 01/17/08 14:25
Chapter: Halloween

im lost for words

Author's Response: In a good way, I hope. ;-)

Reviewer: Templar
Date: 01/17/08 13:56
Chapter: A Shadow of Doubt

good extremely good

Author's Response: :-D Thank you so much, Templar. I'm so glad you think so.

Reviewer: ren_a87
Date: 01/16/08 22:06
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

Honestly, I couldn't give a darn about that much action becuase I like reading about personal relationships as well. I read a lot of Jane Austen and there's not a lot of action going it really doesn't bother me as long as I can watch characters and relationships develop. You learn a lot more that way than a lot of action going on because I think it distracts from the main plotlines a lot of times. ANyway, that's my opinion. I mean, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but it's hard for people to really make good, realistic relationships with people whether they're going for platonic, familial or romantic. Bottom line: I don't care if there's a lot of action I'm much more interested in Lindi's reaction to Remus's "furry little problem"

Author's Response: Thank you, ren_a87. I do hope that the relationships I'm trying to flesh out seem realistic. That is the whole point of this little tale. ;) I do sometimes worry that I take far too long to get to the action, whether it is a big action sequence or the first kiss, but I enjoy the building more than the payoff. I suppose I should realize that you and my readers in general would have to prefer the relationshipy part as well, or you wouldn't still be here after all this time. I certainly haven't hooked anyone with all the action! LOL I hope that you are satisfied when Lindi finds out the truth, after the long, long wait. That is assuming she does. <.<



Reviewer: Phoenix alThor
Date: 01/15/08 12:06
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

Wow, I have just finished this story. I actually reviewed a couple of days ago, but doesn't seem to have come up.
Anyhoo this story is so well written. I love reading fics about the Marauders. And you've written Moony just like he should be. Out of the four of them he probably did have the worst time dating due to his furry little problem.
I especially like Lindi, she's not just a one dimensional character, there is actually more to her than meets the eye.
Anyway, great work, I'll be keeping a beady eye out for the next chapter. I am dying to know what James is going to do to Lindi. So hurry up!

Author's Response: Thank you for this wonderful review, Phoenix alThor. I am especially pleased that you like Lindi. :D That really gives me a kick. I'm working on the next chapter as we speak (well, taking a little break now, but...) I hope you enjoy it when I'm finished. Hurry up...LOL Have I mentioned lately that I'm a southern girl. We don't know how to hurry. LOL I will try. Thank you again. :)

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