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Name: Lioness06 (Signed) · Date: 03/19/08 17:40 · For: Friends Like These (Part Two)
Awww...yes with friends like these, indeed. The presents were all really touching.

I loved the bet idea...haha...poor Lindi - but def a Marauder-worthy bet. What better way to get Lindi and make this the best birthday ever for our dear Moony ;)

Author's Response: *hehehe* Yes, Lindi wasn't thrilled, but Remus certainly didn't think it was horrible. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it, Lioness06. Thank you for reviewing.

Name: Marauder Evans (Signed) · Date: 03/19/08 15:26 · For: Friends Like These (Part Two)
Ooh, I LOVED the deal the Marauders made with Lindi, it was absolutely brilliant! Although i feel sorry for poor Lindi being all shown off like that, but it was so worth it! And, I loved Sirius' present, so touching, ath the Jamaise pure was awesome, nicelt thought off! Ah I was hoping for an update, seeing it's been a while! I love this fic! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Marauder Evans. I'm glad to hear the wager was satisfying for you. :) I always worry that my Marauder activity will bomb since I'm not exactly a great pranker myself, so *phew*! Thank you for reviewing and putting my mind at ease...for the time being. lol :)

Name: froggie (Signed) · Date: 03/10/08 19:29 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
tell moony happy birthday because this is my only remus-main-character story so hapy birthday!

Author's Response: :D *sings Happy Birthday, dear REMUS!* O.O only Remus main charachter story? froggie! Why would you read a non-Remus main character story? O.o *hehehe* *kidding* You know, the chapter I have sitting here ready to post has Remus' Birthday in it. *sigh* I sure wish I could post it. Well, it will be close to on his birthday. :) Remus says, "Thank you, froggie!"

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 03/07/08 14:24 · For: Sixth Year Begins
You missed a typo!
ďLindi! Over hear,Ē she called."

You mean "over here". :3

The time-line details aren't very important, frankly. It works extremely well without getting into the specific dates. Jo also says that stamping a timeline on the series ruins it. There isn't much of a point going into that kind of detail.

Author's Response: Ack!!!! Homophone error! LOL Now, you realize this will bug me and I can't correct it for fear of crashing the entire site due to the hacker problems, right? *slight exaggeration but I am not messing with the story for fear of causing it to be deleted or something* After the problems I had with posting the last chapter, Iím taking no chances. I am so hopeful that when they upgrade the site, it will be possible to easily edit things like this without messing up the spacing of the chapter or anything. *sigh* I will correct this when I can. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

You know, I am such a dingbat! I could not figure out what you were talking about re: the time-line details. I went and read chapter six...twice...and couldn't figure it out. *headdesk* It was the chapter TITLE, not chapter number...SIXTH Year Begins and I kept going back to chapter SIX...*silly ditz* I'm tired. I haven't had a moment to myself for 9 days, so overlook my insanity. So anyway, I finally figured it out...I'm glad the time-line discrepancies aren't too annoying. Not a lot I can do at this point, but it did throw me when the last two books came out and showed I was off. So thanks, Sedragore. I appreciate that! :)

Name: Buckbeak22 (Signed) · Date: 03/06/08 21:19 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
Sorry I have been such a laggard in reviewing! I love this chapter. I really like the way you foreshadow Peter's duplicity by his answer to James - try half heartedly so that he could tell her he did - I thought that was brilliant. Just a little thing, but one that will tell later!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, Buckbeak22. I needed that! I've been taking a bit of a flogging on Peter (deserved and gently administered though it has been. ;) *hugs Peter critics*). I find it tricky to foreshadow things when we all already know how the character is going to turn out, so I'm glad you liked that. I don't want to make him obvious, but it has to be there at the same time...difficult (for me, anyway.) So, again, thanks for that. I was really starting to fear Peter. lol I still do, but you've given me a little burst of confidence. :)

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/28/08 19:12 · For: No Funny Business
Hehe, I love Will. :3

Hmmm.... are you suggesting, with Peter's attitude, that he's already joined the Dark Lord? Or considering joining him? Given how you've made him out as very attached to the Marauders, I find it a bit sudden... but it's a very good idea to involve that into the plot, if you did do it on purpose. I just imagined Peter's separation being connected to some big fight or something. I hope I'm not being too critical! I have a habit of critiquing things very, very harshly. I'm so sorry!

Author's Response: Oh, goodness, no, Sedragore. Peter is not even close to that yet. I certainly didn't mean to even hint at that. I think this is part of that problem I've been having with Peter. >.< This was merely meant to hint at the idea that Peter is weaker/more fearful of Voldemort than the others were. He was just genuinely growing frightened of the name. *really must work on the Peter factor* >.< Please don't be sorry for any genuine criticism. If I have made an error or am not being clear, I surely want to know. Thank you for bringing that possible misinterpretation to my attention. Oh, and I am quite fond of Will, too. So glad you like him. Thank you, Sedragore.

Name: finfine (Signed) · Date: 02/27/08 18:45 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
It's comforting to know the chpt is ready. Sorry about the non-mob question, i didn't know where else to ask you.

Author's Response: :) No need to apologize, finfine. Do you have an account on the MNFF forums? You can always pm me from there if you ever have a question that is unrelated, or even is related. ;)

It is comforting to me as well. It would be even more comforting if I could get a good head start on ch 49. ;) I really would like to get a little ahead, like I was months and months ago. *sigh* Well, at least the hold up this time can be blamed on something other than my life. lol *waits for site upgrade*

Name: finfine (Signed) · Date: 02/26/08 19:02 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
I'm having serious mob withdrawls. By the way, why do you think Obama is the anti-christ?

Author's Response: *pets finfine* I promise to update as soon as the site lets me. Ch. 48 pt. 2 is ready and waiting. Thanks for letting me know you look forward to it. I hope you aren't disappointed when I finally post it. :)

Um...the Obama thing...O.O *didn't think anyone ever bothered with that link* <.< I think I'd prefer to leave those sorts of discussions for other times and places. ;) MNFF is my escape from reality. *hehe* If you check back over there, I'm sure I'll be getting around to elaborating on that. I have strong opinions on more than just the Marauders. LOL

Name: thelongestwinter (Signed) · Date: 02/24/08 21:17 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
I found this story about three days and started reading and then I realized that I was about 48 chapters behind. Of course, by then I was sucked in and had to keep reading during my free time.Your story is amazing! Marauders era stories are my favorite and your story is now in my top 2.

Remus is my absolute favorite character and I love the way you write him. He is just the way I imagine him and the way I wish I could write him. I also appreciate anyone who treats Peter as real friend and a real Maruader. I like that you also keep us updated about what is happening outside of Hogwarts. It gives the story more depth and makes it feel more real. The banter between the Maruaders sounds so realistic, you write dialogue really well. Oh, there are just so many things I love about this story!

Now you have me anxiously awaiting the next chapter. I really can't wait to know what Lindi is going to have to do. And, much later in the story, I am really looking forward to seeing how you write about when Snape finds out about Remus's "furry little problem." And, of course, I am worried about Remus telling Lindi. This was a rather rambling review, but I just wanted to let you know...I'm hooked on your story.

Author's Response: Oh, thelongestwinter, I love rambling reviews like this. :D I am so glad you found the story and are enjoying it. It sure has been a lot of fun to write. The Marauders' story is so intriguing to me; they have given me many hours of entertainment. I'm always so happy to know it has entertained others. The Snape prank should be coming up, shouldn't it? <.< *Reminds readers that it is now in conflict with the official canon timeline set in Deathly Hallows* *sigh* I wish I could get the next chapter submitted, but hopefully the site will be fixed soon. I promise that the minute it is open again, I will submit the next one. It is formatted and ready to go. I really hope you enjoy it.

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/24/08 12:47 · For: Piling Straw on a Camelís Back
It's occurred to me just how well you've developed Remus. I've got this image in my head: Remus with two little figures sitting on either shoulder. But they aren't a devil and angel, oh no.
One is the Prefect/Werewolf Remus, the one that is forever self-conscious of his lycanthropy and doing what he knows is right. (I have GOT to stop calling it werewolfness....:P)

The other is what shall henceforth be referred to as the Horny Remus, who just wants to be a regular teen. This is the Remus that runs around with the Marauders, and is the one imagining Lindi in the shmexy black maid outfit. ^^

Author's Response: *LMAO* I LOVE it! Just as I have a strong opinion of Sirius, I have an even stronger one of Remus. Mainly that he was human, complete with hormones. ;) You do realize that now, I will be trying to write and that image will pop into my head...I won't be able to write! Thanks a lot, Sedragore! :P *dies laughing*

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/24/08 11:56 · For: Sweet Sixteen
*sings praises with origami birds flitting around*

I think this was my favorite chapter! :3 Genius, dear, genius! The song is adorable, and once again, completely in character. It all works, it just all works!

Author's Response: *happy dance* Thank you so much for letting me know that, :)

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/24/08 11:40 · For: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness
LOL, Sirius sleeping....that's so like him! :p

"I don't want to hit ANYONE..." Classic Lindi.

And Sirius threatening and tricking Lindi that way. So in character! I loved it! ^^

And another "LOL" is due to Peter pondering Lindi's underwear.

Yet another goes to the "post-nasal drainage".

XD This is by far one of your funniest chapters!

Hmm.... it occurs to me that the only character in the whole of MOB that needs working on is Peter. I feel his character hasn't been quite defined as well as Sirius's.

Author's Response: I am always so happy when someone says they found something funny (that I meant to be funny). I guess it is because I'm never quite sure about my humor. Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Peter...Peter, Peter, Peter...He is such a headache in so many ways. lol I do not have a good grasp of him, no. I have tried to include him but I have to force myself to be nice to him; <.< I have to temper the urge to show him as a creepy little rat. *sigh* So I do rather neglect him. I just find him so hard to understand. I have been forcing myself to give him more thought lately, as I have been told this before. It isn't easy, I'll tell you. :P Nasty little rat! It is so much more pleasant to contemplate Remus and Sirius and pretty much anybody else. *heheh* Anyway, I will try to get a better handle on ole Wormtail. Thank you for keeping me on my toes! :)

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/24/08 11:33 · For: Almost Perfect
Aww, so cute! And it's just like Lindi to ask even though it's so, so obvious. :P

I like the closing sentence, too. Snips it off much more satisfactorily than most of your other chapters. Even though the reason you don't do that with others is because they're cliffhangers, but...

Lol, it's a Lindi-glomp! :P

Actually, I think Sirius's thing in this chapter is completely in character, at least the way you've built him up.

Good job! :3


Author's Response: <.< You don't like my cliffhangers? >.> But they were so much fun when I was first posting them and readers had to wait to move to the next chapter. <.< *Muwahahahah* ;) I'm glad the Sirius thing isn't a problem. I know people will probably still be arguing about Sirius and girls in a hundred years, but everything about him screams that he would be a bit that way, at least. I'm relatively old, and I've known a LOT of guys in my day, and with his circumstances, he just would, so...that's my opinion and it outa be yers! LOL

Please note that that opinion thing is a line from a radio personality and it cracks me up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. <.< but mine is the right one. :P *heheheh* Thank you so much for reviewing, Seddy! :D

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/24/08 11:10 · For: Decisions, Gag Gifts and Worries Aplenty
EXCELLENT plot device!!!!!!! *glomps*

Wow. I'm quite amazed. You came up with a plausible "problem" in the plot, and you did it smoothly. Not to mention, the timing was PERFECTLY right. :3


Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sedragore. I'm thrilled that this worked. :D

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/17/08 13:48 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
Meh? I just looked back and saw that half of my reviews have been cut off....>.< And I posted a nice critique, too... oh wellz. The gist of it is that your talent as a write seems to be dialogue, and I respect you greatly for that. Since I SUCK at dialogue. >.< Also, the truly miraculous thing about MOMENTS OF BLISS is that it fits smoothly and seamlessly into the original canon. I've thoroughly blurred the line between canon and your fic... I think I even once mentioned one of your scenes as canon in a HP discussion. >.< The characters are the most realistic thing I've seen by an internet fic in a LONG time, not to mention the well developed plot. If fanfics could be published, you could easily, easily publish this. And have like a bajillion fans. :3

Author's Response: *beaming* Well, apparently the site glitches are affecting reviews also. *makes note to copy reviews for safe keeping* Iím so glad you didnít give up after having them cut. Thank you, thank you for this amazing review. I do adore writing dialogue; it's my favorite part to do, so I'm glad you enjoy it. >.> You have confused one of my scenes with canon in a discussion? LOL Oh, I'd love to hear about that. Which scene? *hehehe* The others must have looked at you like you were crazy! A bajillion fans...*dreams* *freaks out over the pressure* :*) Of course, it would be nice to be paid...LOL Still, with reviews like this, I'm quite content as is. Thank you, Sedragore. :D

Name: Gin_Drinka (Signed) · Date: 02/15/08 20:07 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
oooohhhhhhhhhhh..... finally got aroung to reviewing.....

can't wait to find out what it is. And I suspect there is some sort of reason for Lindi's flying higher. OOOOOOH, I can't wait!

Author's Response: Well, it's about time! LOL *kidding* Yes, there probably is a reason. Now, wether or not it is a good one, remains to be seen. This is Lindi we're talking about. <.< :) Thanks, Gin_Drinka.

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/13/08 20:29 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
RRGH! *tears out hair* A cliffhanger, a cliffhanger! *runs away bawling*

Can't wait *(literally....meh) to see what happens! ^^

Author's Response: :*) I'm so sorry. I really did mean to have the two parts posted closer together. *is awful updater* I have the chapter finished and am a little embarrassed at the length. I had divided the chapter up because it was going to exceed the 10,000 word chapter limit on MNFF. Well, as is like me, this second half of the chapter is now over 9,000 words. >.< The first half was what, over 6,000? *dies* *really needs to be less verbose* Anyway, with the site problems from the hacker, stories aren't being updated, so I'm just sort of sitting on it, waiting for the upgrade. *hides from anxious readers* I promise to post the update as soon as the queue is back up and running. I hope you enjoy it when I do. :) Thank you, Sedragore.

Name: padfootsluver500 (Signed) · Date: 02/12/08 20:30 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
omg!! sooooo good

Author's Response: :-D Thank you, padfootsluver500. I'm so glad to know you are enjoying it.

Name: froggie (Signed) · Date: 02/09/08 21:24 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
ok my second attempt at review..
good job! im sorry i didn't review before after all the nagging + pushing i did for you to finish the chapter! i am awful.
yea so my one criticism is that i think you spent a little too much time on the event, because it was a little winding, so it was hard to follow and concentrate. also, i think it is a bit unlikely that sirius and james would win so many of the events. other than that, good job, and i can't wait to see what happens to lindi! keep truckin!

Author's Response: Hiya, froggie. All I can say is agreed on all counts, well except that you are awful. ;) This was one of the most difficult chapters for me to write to date. I just wanted to finally get it behind me. Trust me, before the edit, it was even more winding. >.< Sirius and James winning: I probably agree with that too. *blush* I just had Remus' comment to Harry that they were the best in the school at everything they did running over and over in my mind. I also figured that with the competition set up to allow them to choose the events they would compete in, they would only pick those they were really good at making it far more likely for them to win. *shrugs* It was also easier to write it that way. >.< *blushing furiously* I really wanted to get this chapter over. Forgive me. :) Thank you for reviewing, especially if you had to do it twice. Apparently the site troubles are affecting reviewing capability too. *hopes they get it all fixed soon* *offers cheer for MNFF Mods*

Name: Sedragore (Signed) · Date: 02/09/08 18:21 · For: Friends Like These (Part 1)
Okay, even though I've been with this story since around chap 8, I've never posted a review. >.< Stupid Sasha. Anywho, I'd like you to know that I've fallen in love with Remus, completely and utterly.

Author's Response: Oh, wow, Sedragore, you've been here a LONG time. I can't even remember chapter 8. >.< lol I appreciate reviews regardless of if they come sooner or later, so no worries. If you are in love with Remus, you are NOT stupid! :-D If my story has helped you fall for him, I am absolutely thrilled. It is my mission after all. ;) Thank you, Sasha.

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