Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/09/08 23:59
Chapter: Humiliation

Wow professor Adamson is quite mean. I'm proud Resmus stood up to him. I wonder why Lindi is so bad at spells she seems bright enough to get them. Anyway i like the way you write the maruder's freindship it is very realistic.

Author's Response: Yes, he's a real jerk! Lindi....*sigh* <.< And thank you so much, Fiffer Haliwell. I really try to make it realistic, or as realistic as a story about boys with magic wands and werewolves can be. ;) Thank you.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/09/08 23:30
Chapter: The Bet

Yey for Lindi, I lvoe Sirius but he can be an icredible prat whe it comes to girls. with his friends however he is extreamly loyal. I wonder how remus will get close to lindi and how Sirius will take it. even if he isn't emotionally involved it might be a blow to his ego. Then again he is a good friend.

Author's Response: LOL yes, Sirius can be a prat when it comes to a number of things, but I love him anyway. And that is a good question. ;) Thank you for reviewing, Fiffer.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/09/08 23:10
Chapter: The Welcome Back Feast

Interesting she's a ravenclaw. Remus seems to really like her, as does everyone else. I liked the sorting ceremony for her and i really like that she isn't the first to do it. Something tells me that Sirius is in for a big suprise, I really hope he looses this bet.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/09/08 23:01
Chapter: Delectable Dellington

I knew that girl was important. I wonder where she is transfering from. Sirius better not fuin this for Remus as much as I love him Sirius can be a git sometimes. Anyway I love the way youprotray the maruders, and how the map occures little by little and not all at once.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Fiffer. Yes, she's slightly important. lol I'm so glad you like my version of the Marauders. That means the world to me.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/09/08 21:53
Chapter: Hard Work Pays

Wow they mae it finally. I found it so sweet that they were so mad at nobody being able to help him. finally he won't suffer so much.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/09/08 21:51
Chapter: Time Flies

That was posibly the best reaction I have heard ever. It's really well written. You show that they care for him but they are also hurt because he didn't trust them. His first kiss was so sweet. i'm sure taht girl is going to play an important part in the story. I wonder why she never went to hogwarts she seemed to have been lookign forward to it.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/09/08 21:46
Chapter: Making Friends

I love that they become friends over the materials of their wand. Ok i know they became freinds befoer that but still that was like the final piece. I love that James tries to tame his hair.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/09/08 21:42
Chapter: 1st Year: The Adventure Begins

I had never thought of it before, but it does fit that there are more then just 5 first years or so. I like the idea that they weren't all just placed together, they actually MADE their friendship. Any way nice chapter. I love Sirius and te way he acts in this story.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/07/08 21:57
Chapter: A Wish Come True

Wow I'm so happy for Remus he really deserved that. I really like the way you write.

Author's Response: :) Thank you so much for saying so, Fiffer. I love that name, btw. And yes, Remus did deserve it. *loves him* Thank you for the lovely review. :)

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 07/07/08 21:14
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

wow poor Remus that is a harsh childhood and he is so sweet. KNowing his future it's even harder to rad all this but at least he had some very good years.

Author's Response: :( Poor Remus; he is sooo sweet. But he had parents who loved him. I firmly believe that, or it would break my heart completely. Thank you for reading and reviewing Fiffer Haliwell. I appreciate it.

Reviewer: finfine
Date: 07/02/08 19:09
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part Two)

I have really tried to be patient but please tell me you are on the verge of submitting a new chapter! Btw keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Oh, finfine, I am trying. I actually think something went my way for a change today, which will hopefully give me more time this week to work on it than I had expected or hoped. *cheers* Now, this is no promise that I will finish it this week. I'd be surprised if I did, to be honest. I have been so distracted from it for such a long time, it will take work to get into the right frame of mind, but hopefully, I will make good progress. I rnAM REALLY SORRY IT IS TAKING SO LONG! I really hope I manage to make it worth the wait, though I realize that is a tall order after this HORRENDOUSLY long wait. Again, I promise to try. Thanks for the prod. :)rn

Reviewer: thelongestwinter
Date: 06/25/08 22:42
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part Two)

I’m a little sad. I haven’t had internet for the past three months and I finally bought a new wireless card for my computer today. One of the first things that I did (now that I can finally use the internet again) was log onto this site, fingers crossed and hoping against hope that Chapter 50 had been posted, but to no avail. So sad. But on the bright side, apparently I haven’t missed much during my three month technological darkness.

Since I’m here (and because I can again) I just want to commend you for Chapter 49. It was great, as always. I’m glad to finally know what the bet was. It definitely took Lindi far out of her comfort zone! And you gotta love teenage Remus! Oh, hormones. Plus, the “mature” birthday present that the Marauders gave Remus were fantastic. They are starting to grow up and I’m glad to be able to witness it through your fanfic.

Lastly, I want to thank you for not leaving us in too much suspense as we eagerly await Chapter 50. However, since the end of this chapter was so open-ended, I am really quite curious to see where you are going next. Happy writing!

Author's Response: Oh, I feel so very guilty. What a wonderful, and patient review. I am so ashamed that it has been so long. I always told myself I would not do that to readers as I hate it when I'm reading something. I really don't blame anyone who has given up or lost interest in the story. If it makes a difference, I have 3800+ words for the next chapter written. I still have a lot to go, but I am a little more focused than I have been in weeks. Sadly, I will have to go out of town this weekend and probably lose my focus again. >.< But RL...what can one do? *sigh* I am glad that even if the last chapter was open-ended, it wasn't a vicious cliff hanger or I would be so guilt ridden I would probably want to run away. :*(

Chapter 49...Oh, yes...hormones...yep...<.< scary things...>.> :X I'm really glad you liked the presents. I find those sorts of things difficult to come up with, which is why I'm trying to figure out how I can avoid all the other characters' birthdays. *wonders if anyone would buy that everyones' birthdays coincidentally occur over full moon and so we don't see what everyone gets/gives* *rolls eyes* Okay, now I'm rambling. I'm really happy you are enjoying the story still. Thank you for this really wonderful review, thelongestwinter. I will try very hard to get chapter 50 finished soon.

Reviewer: Lordakechi
Date: 06/20/08 10:46
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

im gonna kill myself if a new chapter isnt put up soon:*(

Author's Response: Oh, dear...has it been that long? *doesn't want to look at last update* Well, hold off on anything as drastic as that. ;) *goes of to try some writing* I guess I better make this one good, after all this time. *dies* *promises to try*

Reviewer: fabLily
Date: 06/18/08 8:09
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part Two)

oh. my. god. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Author's Response: I'll take that as a compliment. :)

Reviewer: Lordakechi
Date: 05/15/08 8:19
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

Please continue on ure story I really enjoy it it feels authentic I really apreciate that This should be acknowledges as the official story by the author! :PP

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that, Lordakechi. I'm very flattered. I do plan to continue the story and am slowly making progress on the next chapter. Very slowly...RL is clobbering my hobby time, but I promise, I'm not planning on stopping. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Reviewer: readingislife
Date: 05/02/08 12:18
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part Two)

I just wanted to drop you a note to make sure you didn't get discouraged! This story is adorable, I love how delightfully naive and quirky Lindi is and how "teenagerish" the Maraders are. Excellent job! The details are excellent, making sure to note the icing on Lindi's knee, you can just see it. Excellent visualization! Most, I would say 95% at least, fanfiction is not even close to half as good as this story. Believe me... I've read some odd ones. So don't get discouraged! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Aw...that is so kind of you, readingislife. I have been a bit discouraged, since I don't seem to have time to work on the story and time keeps flying by. I can't believe MoB is already on the third page of the Marauder era archives already...again! :( Thank you for this truly lovely and encouraging review. It really helps. :D

Reviewer: Winnyy
Date: 05/02/08 5:09
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part Two)

This is my favourite-ist ficcy EVER!
It was the first one I ever read.
I just absolutely knew it was special...
This is amazing.
Best fic EVER.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. I'm so happy to know you are enjoying it. I'm terribly sorry I haven't responded sooner and I see that you have that all 49 chapters? O.O Wow, thank you. I've been really swamped in RL and I'm so sorry I can't respond to each of them right now, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate them and you for taking the time to let me know you are reading and enjoying the story. It really means a lot to me. Thank you; thank you! :) I hope to respond to the others soon. *hates seeing unresponded to reviews* I hope to get to the next chapter soon, as well, but it is coming slowly. Your lovely reviews are encouraging though. Thanks again.

Reviewer: Winnyy
Date: 04/27/08 13:10
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part Two)



Author's Response: :) Thank you!

Reviewer: Winnyy
Date: 04/27/08 12:58
Chapter: Friends Like These (Part 1)

I'm kind of glad that James won. :)
Go him ...
I can't WAIT to know what he'll make Lindi do!

Reviewer: Winnyy
Date: 04/27/08 12:46
Chapter: Shining Light in the Growing Darkness

So. Good. But. So. Sad.

Also, I don't know about Sirius.... =/
That was pretty mean...I guess he was trying to help her though!=]

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