Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/05/09 0:13
Chapter: Humiliation

See, I know I'm going to feel really stupid whrn whatever her secret is, is revealed.

Author's Response: *wonders if captburke felt stupid* *hehe* I hope it wasn't too anti-climactic. :)

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/05/09 0:01
Chapter: The Bet

Maybe this is going to be Remus' love interest in this particular story? Not a bad thing at all, especially if he's able to outdo Sirius, lol

Author's Response: :D And again, you already know. *blush* And...*bangs head on desk* I spoiled my story in the review for Hard Work Pays! Now everyone know what I'm going to do with Peter...or at least when. >.< *can't keep her mouth shut when discussing Marauders* >.< *loves them TOO much* :*/

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/04/09 23:34
Chapter: The Welcome Back Feast

It was still an okay Sorting Song even if you aren't a poet. I went back and found her on Platform 9 3/4 when the Marauder's made their first trip to Hogwart's. Her mother said she would be going next year which would indicate she wasn't 11 yet. Now she's in the same year. I smell a twist that hasn't occurred yet.

Author's Response: *sigh* I’m so slow in responding, you already know the twist. :*/ But I’m glad the Sorting Song wasn’t horrid. LOL No, I am no poet! :*)

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/04/09 23:29
Chapter: Hard Work Pays

I finally realized I skipped reading this chapter without realizing it. It's usually late evening when I get to read, and I was sure I had read this chapter. Wrong! I love it, Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Mooney have finally arrived. I wonder if Wormtail was already susceptible to the Syltherin's? He was/is a worm and a rat.

Author's Response: With as many chapters as there are, and the mess my index page has become *needs to work on the bold font of a/n’s towards the end*, I can see missing one. But I’m glad you found it and enjoyed it. I think Wormtail always had characteristics that made him susceptible to the Death Eaters, and he might have secretly harbored some awe/admiration for some of the more prominent Slytherins for their prowess, but at this point, I think he would dislike them if only because Sirius and James did. He would be in greater awe of his own friends since they were the ‘best in the school at whatever they did’ and the ‘height of cool’. I don’t think he would have become involved with Slytherins/Death Eaters until after school, though I know some ff authors write him getting involved in 7th year or earlier. IMO he didn’t. Still, I try to show he had those inclinations, while still being a true friend to the rest of the Marauders. It isn’t easy to make myself do it when what I really want to do is have a boulder fall on him…LOL *hates Wormtail*

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/04/09 21:08
Chapter: Delectable Dellington

Good thing I like laughing. The Marauder's can be hysterical at times. I'm wondering if Ms Dellington is going to be something like a student teacher?

Author's Response: Yay for laughing! I love *hearing* that. Thanks, captburke. And of course, now you know. *is slow replying* :*)

Reviewer: siriuscrazy4ever
Date: 01/04/09 16:25
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination

Woahhhh!!!! What a huge cliffie!!!
I can't wait for your update!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: *tries to keep Remus from falling over the edge* Remus isn’t making it easy! <.< I’ll try not to make you wait too long, siriuscrazy4ever! :)

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 01/03/09 19:28
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination

I'm debating whether i should rant at you for ending it with such a cliff hanger or whether i should get down on my knees and beg for an update. Both apply quite well. This chapter was amazing. Remus seems so real. I feel really bad for him. What he is feelign is so normal and it could be so simple, but then that furry little problem complicates everything. I think he should tell lindi at the same time i have a feeling she might react badly. Either way I can't wait to know what happens next so please update soon.

Author's Response: :) I’m glad I’m not the only one debating things about this chapter. ;) I’m so glad you liked it, Fiffer Haliwell. Remus is very *real* in my mind, thanks to JKR’s creation in PoA (though don’t get me started on DH. >.>) I have seen him written in fanfiction as though he didn’t have these ‘normal’ feelings and I was determined to show the human side of him. After all, he’s human 29 days out of thirty. ;) I’m glad it makes you feel for him. You think Lindi might react badly…hmm…interesting… Will try to update soon…ish. :)

Reviewer: NoxSomnium
Date: 01/02/09 17:21
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination

Why are you hiding? I would have been much more upset if they'd had sex. It was all wrong, and I'm so glad she stopped him. Of course it's a really bad sign that he can't tell her he's a werewolf even when he's all uninhibited. Oh well. He needs to, really soon, Behold I wear my Stern Face. Of course he already knows that. Well, we'll see. As long as we have an ultimately happy ending, that come before I graduate from college (you have a year and a half) I shall be happy.

Author's Response: Why am I hiding? Well…<.< because I’m afraid of you, NoxSomnium! ;) Actually, I’m only partly kidding. I always know you will be brutally honest with me. LOL And I love that! *remembers an awkward passage from earlier chapter that is now not so awkward* :D

The truth is, I was really concerned about the graphic nature of this chapter compared to the previous, oh…50. :*/ I had promised in the first chapter that the rating was for theme and nothing graphic and feel that this chapter pushed it. I also know that I have readers who are younger than what the 6th-7th year rating calls for. *eyes youngsters* And I was tormented by the thought that it might seem I was possibly glamorizing the drinking and other, er, activity in the chapter. My sincere hope is that I made it clear that the drinking led to nothing good, etc…but I really do not want to contribute to the delinquency of minors! I also know some of my readers, regardless of age, do not like the graphic stuff and so I thought about putting one of those a/n warnings on this one, as I have done from time to time, but thought that would be a tremendous spoiler for everyone, especially the readers who are not concerned with ratings and warnings. Of course, I realized it was fairly obvious where things were going, but still…*sigh* *hates having a conscience sometimes* :*) And of course, there was the rather abrupt ending…*loves cliffies* So, I figured it was best to hide. ;) I’m glad you pointed out what a bad sign it is that he couldn’t tell her. I want his reluctance/fear of discovery/rejection to be clear, since it was obviously his greatest (if not only ;)) flaw.

Eeeegads!! Only a year and a half? o.o *considers it has taken her roughly 4 years to get this far* *dies* >.> And you want a happy ending? O.O *wonders if NoxSomnium has read Prisoner of Azkaban and Deathly Hallows* <.< Do you believe in miracles, NoxSomnium? LOL I suppose I better get busy(er). ;) *really is afraid of NoxSomnium* LMAO

Reviewer: ren_a87
Date: 01/02/09 15:21
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination

Ugh! I thought for sure this would be the chapter! Anyway, I really enjoyed it, poor, drunk Remus and all. I am glad that he caught his senses though, because Lindi's right, they wouldn't want that to have been their first time! *Crosses arms* I sincerely hope he breaks the news after that, though...I'm thinking...within the next 5,000 words?

Author's Response: Next 5,000 words…? Aw, I love optimism! *tehehe* But who knows? Oh, yeah, I do. ;) Of course, I’m not telling. *evil grin* And absolutely, it would have spoiled the first time. They deserve the doves and champagne and rose petals…*hopeless romantic* :*) I’m glad to know you enjoyed it, ren_a87. Thank you.

Reviewer: ravenclawslostdiadem
Date: 01/02/09 14:35
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination

Reallllllllly really enjoyed this chapter.
The cliffie is pure evil. I hope you're happy. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Happy? *mimics James’ cheeky grin* I am, thanks! *MUWAHAHAHA* ;)

Reviewer: thelongestwinter
Date: 01/02/09 13:32
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination

Oh my. Wow. That was a great chapter! I don't remember the last time that you had me in such suspense. Will they do it or won't they? Do I want them to do it or don't I? Is he going to tell her or isn't he? Oh, you had my heart racing while I read this chapter.
I simply love your writing. You make things seem so real in your chapters. It just feels like I’m right there in their heads and maybe I'm not quite reading fan fiction, but almost a book. Just lovely. You write fan fiction the way I wish I could.
Oh, Remus. So tormented. I just want to hug him. He's the luckiest guy in the world (Lindi loves him!), but at the same time, he has to deal with his demons. I just love your portrayal of him (and since I didn't get a chance to comment on your last chapter: I loved what you did with Sirius in that chapter - although Remus basically ignored his good advice).
What a cliff-hanger, too. I can't wait for the next chapter. I am completely invested in your story. What a great way to start off 2009!

Author's Response: *beams* Thank you so much, thelongestwinter. I feel very honored that you think so highly of my story. As I’ve said numerous times before, I love Remus and it is my goal to get others to love him, too. :D He is tormented and sweet and darling…*sigh* If you want to hug him, the chapter worked. *cheers* And yes, I really enjoy writing Sirius too, so glad you liked it. [Quote] I am completely invested in your story. [/quote] *beams more* This is what makes the time and effort to continue posting worthwhile. Thank you so much for such a lovely review. Happy New Year!

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/02/09 0:55
Chapter: Time Flies

This is such a great story. I can picture the four of them becoming roommaates, doing stuff together, discussions on girls, homework which only Peter probably needed help with, all the stuff that boys do together. JKR would probably develop the characters much like you have.

Author's Response: Thank you, captburke. That is about the best compliment I could hope for.

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/02/09 0:30
Chapter: Making Friends

Since I can remember Olivander mentioning he only used three different cores in his wands that this was a special wand for Remus. Definitely a sutible core for him. He was a loyal friend and tried to lead his friends in the right direction. He may not have been quite as successful as a thestral, he did try.

Author's Response: You know, I didn’t actually think of that, but you are absolutely right. I was thinking more of the way thestrals are misunderstood and feared, like Remus as a werewolf. But I love your interpretation. Thank you, captburke.

Reviewer: froggie
Date: 01/02/09 0:28
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination

baddabing! wow. and frickin scared for the next chapter. btw i will be EXACTLY the same age as remus in this chapter on sunday. oh how time flies...

Author's Response: baddabing? LOL :D I am scared for the next chapter, too. So what’s new, right? :*) But you’ll be 17! Happy Birthday, froggie! I should have held off on this chapter. It could have been your present, (not to mention you were barely old enough to read this one when it came out! O.O) ;) I’m afraid there is no chance to have the next one for you tomorrow. *pout* I do hope you have a wonderful 17th year and many many more. Time really does fly…just wait til you get to be my age! *eek* And don’t anyone even ask! :P *Birthday huggles*

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/02/09 0:17
Chapter: 1st Year: The Adventure Begins

That or you could have a VERY large dorm room for all the 1st years in this particular class. I'm guessing they get to change rooms within their year either at the end of 1st term or end of 1st yr. Then the closet friends within the year can be in the same room.

Author's Response: That’s the way I like to see it. :) Thank you for reviewing, captburke. I really appreciate it.

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/01/09 23:54
Chapter: A Wish Come True

Definitely going to become a favorite.

Author's Response: I’m so honored to hear it. I hope you continue to enjoy the story. Thank you, captburke.

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 01/01/09 23:50
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

Wonderful story. I can picture Remus parent's being the people you have described.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, captburke. I have really enjoyed writing Remus’ parents. I like to think he felt loved and am sure he was.

Reviewer: Buckbeak22
Date: 01/01/09 22:08
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination

I'm not surprised you're hiding!

Great chapter. Thank you.

Author's Response: Ha! It really was very difficult hitting that submit button this time. I’m so glad that you liked it. Thank you!

Reviewer: dragonwings
Date: 01/01/09 21:32
Chapter: A Dangerous Combination


Gah! Absolutely brilliant! And amazingly addictive! I wish I had more constructive things to say, but that chapter just blew me away!!!! I cannot wait for the next chapter!!! =D

Author's Response: *comes out of hiding* I think this is very constructive. Knowing you actually liked it motivates me to keep writing right along…until the next chapter panic sets in. LOL Thank you so much dragonwings; I really needed reassurance on this one. And sorry about the cliffie…eh, who am I kidding? *MUWAHAHAHAHA*

Reviewer: readingislife
Date: 12/29/08 13:49
Chapter: Happy Birthday, Remus

Just wanted to check in! How's chapter 51 coming? I hope well, I just finished reading this story again, and just enjoy it every time. I was hoping to have the next installment by the time I was finished. Don't worry! I'll keep checking. :) Just wanted you to have some extra encouragement if you needed it. Lovely story, great writing!!!

Author's Response: Oh, dear...<.< Well, actually, the next chapter is written, beta'd and um...all but a little formatting left and it will be ready. >.> The problem is, I'm not sure I'm ready to post it. I got it back from beta and did all the corrections, formatted it... then, I don't know how, but I lost the finished chapter. >.< It just vanished into cyberspace. Well, during the last few days, I've been sneaking time here and there, during family visits, and togetherness, in order to rework it. Problem is, while doing so, I've developed a terrible case of second thoughts on it. I'm just terrified of posting it. :*/ *sigh* I don't know what to do. I've worried about chapters before, but never like this. *takes deep breath* I have to find time to really think about it and finish formatting. I had hoped the Christmas break would be a little less hectic, but it hasn't been. I AM SO SORRY! :( Thank you so much for the encouragement, although right now, because of my concerns with this chapter, it is just making me worry more! *nervous laugh* I'm so afraid you are going to be really disappointed. :*/ At any rate, I'll figure something out soon. Again, sorry to keep you waiting and I hope you have a really Happy New Year. Thank you, readingislife.

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