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Name: southern_pride (Signed) · Date: 04/21/09 21:31 · For: Prologue: Notes on a Life
Have you thought of making a facebook page for your story? It would be easier to post updates on the progress and banners and such. Anyhoo, just a thought. Keep up the awesomeness!


Author's Response: *face burns* I. Am. So. Sorry. For taking so long to reply. :*( I am struggling mightily with the next chapter and have been staying away, but that is no excuse. To answer your question, Yes, I have thought of making a site, maybe a livejournal for my story (though I didn't know you could do that sort of thing on facebook) *does not have a facebook*, so that I can include images and things like that, but first, I don't know how. :*/ Second, the friends I have who have facebook are on it a LOT. The last thing I need is another site to distract me from writing this story. LOL But it is something I'd like to do, someday. I really should make more of an effort to update you all through my author's page. If I'm not mistaken, most of the quirks with updating profiles have been fixed. Haven't they? I will try to do that, at least to let you know that I haven't fallen off the planet. ;) Thank you, S_P, for checking in on me. I hope you are still there after this horribly long spell. :)

Name: readingislife (Signed) · Date: 03/16/09 13:12 · For: Guilty Conscience
Remus should be put up for cannonization. Bless his poor little self-flagellating heart. He really does need to tell her now though. This is the line he shouldn't cross, in my mind. Poor Lindi.

You keep hinting that she won't take it well... According to how her character reacted to Darlene and the Slytherins, giving them every chance, she should take it better than he thinks. Though I can understand him not wanting her to look at him with anything less in her eyes. I really hope that it won't end with her hating him. And I really do hope it ends with him finding some happiness.

Also, I hope to see more of James and Lilly in the future. You write them beautifully as well. In particular, the part at the Lupin's about the Heimlich! teehee

Also, have you abandoned your LJ?

Author's Response: :) Yes, he should! Self-flagellating...Love that! Other than replying to those things, do you know how badly you all make me want to start chattering away when you speculate like this? *bites tongue to keep from spoiling story* But I will say thank you so much for the compliment on Lily and James. I do break out into a cold sweat when I think about needing to build on their relationship, since I'm not nearly so comfortable with them, so I'm glad you are enjoying what little I have done. Thank you, readingislife.

LJ...You know, I almost couldn't figure out what you meant. >.< I really don't get on there very often these days. I probably shouldn't say so, (since I am so late with yet another chapter) but I've been getting my ranting done at my two favorite real life political and religious sites, so I am usually all ranted out before I get to LJ and since I have so little to post about MoB (which is really why I set up the LJ in the first place), I haven't posted anything in ages. :( But, no, I haven't completely abandoned it. It is just another victim of my limited fun time. *sigh* *needs to stay off RL sites that only distract and frustrate her anyway* >.<

Name: southern_pride (Signed) · Date: 03/10/09 22:25 · For: Prologue: Notes on a Life
Sorry for reviewin' twice. I'm not trying to be rude at all. But the last time I reviewed it was after a soccer match and I was very tired, so I forgot some things that I wanted to say. Anyhoo on to the point. Lindi is very smart. Yes? So it confuses me that she would would be oblivious to Remus's "furry little problem.".... Hmmm...unless she already knows.... Well, I guess that's all! Keep writing and being awesome!

~ S_P

P.S. The moon is full tonight and I just heard howling ^_^ !!! Oh yeah, sorry for any grammar/spelling errors. I am reading this story on my iTouch and it is kinda hard to type out reviews sometimes. Well, love you, love your story, keep it up!!! Bye y'all!

Author's Response: :*/ Ack...I missed another review. And one with a question that should be answered. :( I'm sorry this is so late. So, Lindi...yes she is very intelligent. However, Lindi is also one who can be fairly oblivious to what we might refer to as 'common sense' things, ie not thinking that dressing in Muggle clothes at The Three Broomsticks might be a problem in light of Death Eaters, etc... But the most important reason she does not know about Remus' problem is that I truly believe it was very well disguised. All indication from the books is that only the Marauders and Snape knew about him while Remus was at school. Even Lily was skeptical when Snape came right out and told her his suspicions. Werewolves had never been allowed at Hogwarts before Dumbledore, from what Remus said, so when you don't expect something to be possible, it would be easy to miss, if that makes sense. Plus, in light of the fact that Lindi doesn't live in the same house with them, I think it even less likely she would figure it out. The fact that Hermione figured it out as easily as she did seemed a little contradictory to me. I guess Hermione is just really really brilliant and observant. :P Lindi is very book smart, but also trusting and naive. She wouldn't have expected the possibility so, it was easy for her to be deceived. Or, we can go with Love is blind. ;) Personally, I think it was a little of both. :) Hope that suffices. Thank you for asking. Ooo...full moons...I always think of Remus when I see one, but I've never heard howling...O.O Cool... Thanks, S_P!

Name: Pen Sieve (Signed) · Date: 03/10/09 17:24 · For: Prologue: Notes on a Life
Where do I begin? I'll try not to go on forever, but... About two weeks ago I discovered this story, liked the look of the blurb, and decided to give it a look. And I have never been so hooked! I tried to ration myself to a chapter a day, to make it last, but to no avail! I've finally finished up to Chapter 52, and I am just so impressed! The Mauraders are PERFECT. You manage to give them all the flaws that JK hints at, but still make them very lovable, not to mention HILARIOUS. Too many brilliant bits of maurading you've invented to mention... Your Peter is especially well crafted. You don't make him secretly evil. James' and Lily's relationship is just right. I was a bit skeptical of Lindi at first... OK, she's beautiful, hurrah hurrah, lucky her... but her personality is so endearing and has her own little flaws and.... aaah, it's great :) All the suspense and the tension leading up to their first kiss was brilliantly done. Well restrained! Reminded me of 'The Remains of the Day'. Aah, I could go on for ages, but I don't want to hog all the room. I loved Lucius the Lecher. I loved the trip to the forest and the 'inter-house unity' events. Very belated in the Potter universe, methinks! One little problem - how did Adamson mange to remain DADA Professor for more than one year? It would be annoying having to worry about swapping him all the time, I guess. He was fun too :D Well done!! Can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: Oh, my gosh, how did I miss this wonderful review? O.o I must have been in the list for the last chapter only. :*/ Please forgive me for taking so long after you made such effort to tell me what you think of the story. I'm very honored and happy that you are enjoying it so much. Haha, you aren't the first to be skeptical of Lindi. I'm thrilled that you were open-minded about her and don't hate her. :D I'm sorry to say I haven't read The Remains of the Day, but I take that to be a compliment. Re: Adamson...Having started this story well before the release of book six, I failed to realize how early Voldemort started his evil deeds and so, I was probably late in having the DADA position being cursed. It is one of several timeline discrepancies you will find in MoB due to information revealed in the last two books. *sigh* I tried so hard to be canon compliant, but JKR didn't coordinate her books with me so they worked with MoB. :P lol But that is why he got to hang out more than one year. Although, I'm not completely sure I'm the only one that was confused, because if I remember book six correctly, and Voldemort came while Dumbledore was Headmaster, I might not be that far off, since I always got the impression that Dumbledore took over shortly before Remus was accepted. That was the impression from Remus' tale in the Shrieking Shack, but later she seems to imply that he was there much earlier. >.< Anyway, I have a couple of issues with JKR's timelines, but alas, she's the boss. So, I accept that mine is a bit off from canon in a few places. :P I was so far into the story, that I just couldn't make myself work them out to stay completely canon compliant. /long and rambling reason for Adamson, but also for a couple other things, like not knowing Lily and Snape were best buddies, the Prank occurring before O.W.L.s. >.< etc...] :)

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Pen Sieve.

Name: southern_pride (Signed) · Date: 03/10/09 0:27 · For: Guilty Conscience
Thanks for the update! I was wondering though, you always write about the guys eating bangers. What are those? Thanks again for the update! Keep on being awesome!

Author's Response: You're welcome, southern_pride. Thank you! Bangers are sausages in Brit speak. They are bigger and fatter than our breakfast sausage links according to effingpot.com (a really fun place, and my favorite for British slang). :) Awesome...lol I wish! But I will strive for it. ;)

Name: Lordakechi (Signed) · Date: 03/09/09 17:31 · For: Prologue: Notes on a Life
I feel like if you are getting back into your writing state of mind. I think this chapter was easier for you then the last one (I could be wrong don't scream at me!) AHA I must have hacked your database and read the story before hand with my last comment eh :)?

Author's Response: Oh, Lordakechi, you are correct... and not.... :( This one was easier once I got going, but now, after all these RL distractions, I'm back at struggling. >.< I'll get through it somehow, but I was really on a roll. *sigh*

Yes, when you said Remus was being a saint, I had just written that part and nearly snorted coffee on my keyboard. :D Hilarious!

Name: edudes13 (Signed) · Date: 03/08/09 3:22 · For: Guilty Conscience
holy sh*t I can't belive it . next update remus has to tell lindi or I will personally travel back in time and kill him with my bare hands

Author's Response: O.O Oh, dear. Usually people want to kill Lindi, not Remus. I'm not sure, but I think this is sort of a good thing. lol Thank you, edudes13. Of course, regardless of what happens, you must not harm Remus! He's the star! and without him, the story is ended!

*thinks some more* Hmm....<.< No...no, the story has to reach its conclusion, so you must not go kill Remus!

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 03/07/09 13:49 · For: Guilty Conscience
If he doesn't tell her soon, I can and will climb the walls, which can't be good for them. Just so you know. If something drastic happens to my walls I'm going to blame you, unless it involves explosives.

Author's Response: EEEK *wonders if NoxSomnium will come after her with a wet salmon* O.O .... *hides from NoxSomnium*

On the other hand, climbing walls could be entertaining...<.< hmmm.... *considers possibilities* Muwahahahahahahah!


Name: muggler180 (Signed) · Date: 03/05/09 12:18 · For: Guilty Conscience
ahh poor Remus i am so happy you updated great chapter, but it made me sad can not wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: I know; Remus is just heartbreaking. :`( *huggles Remus* Thank you, muggler180. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and sorry you are still waiting for the next. That makes me sad, too. I'm trying, but it could be a little while. :*( *blames RL (of course, what else? >.<)

Name: kanksha (Signed) · Date: 03/05/09 0:29 · For: Guilty Conscience
And I just saw your response to my last review. Yes I'm still here, I couldn't leave your fic if I tried, Moonymaniac :D
I'm hooked to it, I jumped up and whooped when I got the "Moments of Bliss has been updated" message in m mailbox :)
Yours i one of the absolute bestest fics I've read on mugglenet!!

Author's Response: *bear hugs kanksha* <3

Name: kanksha (Signed) · Date: 03/05/09 0:22 · For: Guilty Conscience
Awwww! I really like James! He's so sweet :D
And Remus is perfectly in character too, I can just see him beating himself up. But please please please please please let him tell her in the next chapter, I can't stand her not knowing anymore!
Oh poor Lindi will be all worried already since Remy's avoided her all day. Though she would know he's probably wallowing in guilt wouldnt she? They LOVE each other. Yipppppeeeeeeeee!

oy it lives! *doubles up laughing*

Author's Response: :) Thank you, kanksha. I like James too. I mean, he's going to turn out to be Harry's dad and Lily's husband! He had to be a pretty good guy, deep down inside. LOL No, I don't think it was all that deep down. He could be a jerk, but who can't? Well, other than Remus... :P *loves Remus* And that sounds just like Lindi. You have her figured out. Yay for laughing!! It is becoming more scarce, so I'm glad to know there is a little here and there. Thanks again, kanksha. :D

Name: siriuscrazy4ever (Signed) · Date: 03/04/09 19:49 · For: Guilty Conscience
Dude! This was a wonderful chapter. No kidding. Even though it's a bit suspenseful (AND even though I can't wait for the next chapter!), it was so well written. I especially liked Lindi in the beginning. She was so frank and everything, as always :) I hope Lindi doesn't hate Remus for hiding the fact that he's a werewolf for so long. I hope she doesn't break up with him or something because of it, although I doubt she will becuase we already found that she doesn't mind werewolves from Wouldyashaga ;)

Author's Response: Thank you, siriuscrazy4ever! I'm glad you liked it. *see two previous review replies for explanation/groveling about next update* <.< :*/

I'm so glad to hear you liked Lindi...really glad to hear it. LOL Oh, dear, don't remind me that I made up that ridiculous game! Oh, wait, James is the lunatic that did that. *Phew* :*)

Name: PagfootIsBack (Signed) · Date: 03/04/09 13:12 · For: Guilty Conscience
You updated! Thank you! It was a great chapter to add the the great story. I dont think Sirius (as great as he is) would of been able to give the advice james gave, im glad hes growing up. Remus really has to tell her soon before he does something stupid like break up with her, i hope everthing goes ok and she accepts it and doesent pity him. You have no excuse to make us wait ages for an update as you have allready started :D

And if your wondering why i have spelt padfoot wrong, it was a typo which i accidently pressed enter without double checking.

Author's Response: LOL! I hate that there isn't a spell check or some way to edit things like that. On the other hand, I rather like it. It's different! And funny. :D

On the other other hand, my failure to update in a timely fashion is not so funny, or different, and I don't like it at all. :P I hate to admit it, but feel I owe you guys the truth. I'm still in about the same place I left myself with the head start. >.< I have been out of town, as I told Xain. I promise to do my best to get a good bit finished this weekend and I do have the next section already written (hand written in a notebook) in very rough draft. It is a part I wrote in the first few months of the story, about 4 years ago, so it is verrryyy rough, but it gives me a good head start on that part so it isn't like looking at a blank white page. So I got that goin for me! ;) /quoting Caddyshack] Of course, <.< I seem to have misplaced the notebook. >.< But I'm sure it will turn up. >.> *hides*

We definitely agree on the roles of Sirius and James in this one. It had to be James. And Remus... I really hope everything goes ok, too. <.< >.> *evil grin* *MUWAHAHAHACKcoughsputterhack* I'm out of practice being evil. I never was very good at it. *sigh* :) /trying to keep readers curious] :*)

Name: Xain (Signed) · Date: 03/04/09 0:06 · For: Guilty Conscience
Marvelous chapter. I've been checking almost every other day for an update. I'm so hooked on this fic that its unreal. Update again soon pretty pretty please. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Xain. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sorry to keep you checking, but I'm awfully glad to know you do. :) Obviously, it is already too late for soon; I've been completely swamped and on vacation, so I'm still not very close. :*( I probably won't get a chance to really work on it until this weekend, (3/28/09). I will really try to get something accomplished.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 03/02/09 20:36 · For: Guilty Conscience
Bravo! Great chapter. I'm thinking Lindi will understand about Remus "furry little problem", but maybe not. It's more than possible she expects something, but doubt it's that he's a werewolf. James is there for him, and gives him sound council and advice. Now we wait.

Author's Response: LOL, captburke. You think she will, but maybe not...LOLOL I'm glad you are in some suspense. It wouldn't be much fun for either of us if you weren't. ;) And yes James is growing up. Too bad Lily couldn't have been a fly on the wall, although she might not have been impressed with the not blaming a bloke for trying bit. :P I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing. "Now we wait." *dies* I really hope not toooo long. :*)

Name: Buckbeak22 (Signed) · Date: 03/02/09 19:04 · For: Guilty Conscience
That was a great chapter - why should we hate you? I love the talk with James at the end. And I am longing to read the next chapter, where he has to tell Lindi about him being a werewolf. It is such a shame that something that should be so wonderful for Remus should make him feel so lousy the next day. I really got swept up in the chapter. I hope the next one is out soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, Buckbeak22. I'm glad to know you liked it. I figure there are any number of reasons readers might hate me. <.< He still didn't tell her; not a lot happened after quite a long time between updates; but mostly I worry people aren't going to like the dark/angstyish turn the story has taken. Not a lot of pranks and nonsense going on, you know? But it is Marauder Era, so I have to go where the story takes me. ;) I love that you 'got swept up' in it. Thanks so much for reviewing and letting me know. The way things are going, without it, I might start getting 'really' paranoid. LOL I hope the next one is out soon, too. It is wearing me out. :)

Name: ninu_HP_luv (Signed) · Date: 03/01/09 4:32 · For: A Dangerous Combination
oh wow, dis has got to be my most favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE story out of the whole fanfiction stories,, i come online everyday hoping you'll update soon so pls pls update!! i cant wait 2 read the next chapter.. remus and lindie are sooo perfect for each other! i really thnk that he should just get on with it and tell her already! thanks for the story.. u rok as a writer!!! :D:D

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, ninu_HP_luv! I'm so glad you are enjoying the story so much. I'm thrilled you like Remus and Lindi together. *does too* :*) Next chapter is now up. I hope it is satisfactory. ;) *hopes to rok on with the next one after she fixes supper* :D Thank you so much for the happy and enthusiastic review. I love it.

Name: PagfootIsBack (Signed) · Date: 02/25/09 10:46 · For: A Dangerous Combination
Hey, A very good chapter, abit short though =[ I hope remus makes the right choice and tells her.
I found Moments Of Bliss about three of your updates ago and you've had me hooked, i've been checking everyday to see if you have updated. You are the reason ive joined to write this review and say well done and you deserve a medal for writing sush a good fic.

Any idea on when the updates going to be?


Author's Response: Hi, Ryan. Thank you so much for taking the time to register and leave me such a wonderful review. I'm honored. I'm so glad to know you are reading and enjoying. When you wrote that you'd been with me since about 3 updates ago, I initially thought, hey, a newbie...then I realized how long ago that actually was. >.< *dies* Honestly, I'm on the verge of putting up a warning on the first chapter telling people not to start reading until I finish, so they won't have to deal with my pathetic updating habits. Of course, I do like the encouragement when I hear from a new reader, (hint hint) so I will probably be selfish and not warn them. :*) Anyway, I checked in and found this, my 1000 review (along with going over 20,000 reads/hits). *dances* Call me silly, but I think that is sort of cool. :*) Anyway, I had been checking in periodically, and it sat at 999 for some time and I was really afraid that the 1000th would end up being one of my wonderful, but frustrated, readers telling me they were fed up with waiting. :*/ I certainly wouldn't have blamed them. So, next update? Well, it should be very soon. I came to a decision with input from my beta and decided to go ahead and post what I have finished. It is not the full chapter I had intended, but you all know how verbose I am. *blush* Yes, the chapter was well over 6500 words and not even close to finished. >.< So, I have decided that, rather than make you all wait until I included everything I wanted in it, and still have to post two separate chapters, I am going to post it as an independent one and post the rest when I finish it. (Hopefully it won’t be 2 months) <.< Of course, I had to find a place I felt was good for splitting it, so this one will be 'abit short' too, relatively speaking (just over 5000 words). On the bright side, I'm a good 1500 words into the next chapter already. *Yay me* So anyway, look for a chapter within the next few days to a week at most, barring unforeseen problems. I hope you enjoy it when it is up. Thanks again for reviewing. Your prize for being the 1000th reviewer is this seriously rambling reply. :*) lol *shutting up now*

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 02/01/09 19:29 · For: Prologue: Notes on a Life
I like your scenerio. Peter would decide to become a rat permanently and get eaten by Padfoot and friend on one of the romps in the forest.

Author's Response: LOL That works for me! :D

Name: southern_pride (Signed) · Date: 01/26/09 21:54 · For: A Dangerous Combination
Omigosh. I soooooooo didn't see that one coming. Keep up the awesome work.


Author's Response: Oh, yay for being blindsided! LOL I love surprises. :D Thank you, S_P.

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