Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/15/09 14:23
Chapter: Girl Talk

I love you for using the word altercation. It's one of my favorite words, and had just written it into my own story thinking, "No one actually uses this word..." and then, POW! you used it!

Oh, girltalk! How exciting. I'm a little disappointed at the boys' eavesdropping, but we have to find out how Lindi is feeling somehow, I guess. Good chapter, again.

Author's Response: lol I love that word too and that is so funny you had just used it. You really don't see it that often, but it is so much fun to say. And so discriptive. :) I find myself disappointed in them at times too, but never surprised. As Sirius said, they were all idiots! Well, not Moony so much....LOL He was just dragged along for the ride. ;) Thanks, BITB.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/14/09 21:03
Chapter: Tutors and Teasing

Silly Darlene :P Don't you know Remus is going to end up with Lindi? Okay sorry, I'm becoming redundant. Remus is adorable and I love him. Just saying. Sorry my reviews are becoming less and less productive. I've been working a lot this week and am reading the chapters in smallish chunks :/ Not fair. Great job either way!

Author's Response: :) Ha, Darlene is stubborn and obnoxious. lol And Remus is adorable and I love him too. No review is unproductive, you know. ;) I just appreciate the encouragement. Thank you, BITB.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/13/09 22:10
Chapter: Humiliation

I almost forgot to review! Oops! Anyway, I totally don't like Mr. Adamson. I know that's the point, but I feel like... why would Dumbledore keep him around? I mean, Dumbledore knows pretty much everything and he has to know what a jerkface Adamson is... He was just very inappropriate. It's very familiar to me, I had a teacher like this once. I was her Lindi. It was awful. Stupid Mr. Adamson. Good chapter though! :P

Author's Response: Adamson is a big jerk! I loved writing him and probably let him get a little over the top. He is a compilation of two people I had to deal with. Sadly, there are people out there like that. :( He did get reprimanded though. Thanks to some anonymous hero. :) I'm glad you liked the chapter even if it did bring up a bad memory. Thanks, BITB.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/13/09 21:53
Chapter: The Bet

Oh Sirius, why even bother? You DO know that Lindi is going to end up with Remus, right? I really enjoyed this chapter a lot. It had a lot in it and seeing Sirius flirt is always fun. I always pictured Sirius as the straight to the point kind of guy. I had to giggle when Lindi blushed over the twisted smile. I know that look and I know the blush. It was written perfectly. Great chapter once again!

Author's Response: LOL As smart as Sirius is, you'd think he would have realized that. Oh, I know that look and blush too. Sooo much fun. :*) Thank you so much, BITB. I'm so glad you thought so.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/13/09 21:18
Chapter: The Welcome Back Feast

Cute chapter. Again, I like reading about the boys. I feel like too many times the boys are left out to dry while the girls get the spotlight. they are lusty teenage boys, they can joke around with their friends once in a while :P but what am I telling you for? you already know that :P

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/13/09 6:55
Chapter: Delectable Dellington

Your descriptive writing style is brilliant. You're one of the first authors I have read that really gets it. People say over and over that description makes or breaks a story, but it takes ages for people to catch on. You have a way of putting the reader directly into the story so I can see exactly what is going on at all times. This is awesome. Can't wait to find out more about Miss Dellington.

Author's Response: OMG, BeautyInTheBreakdown. You have no idea what that means to me. I have worried about my descriptive writing since first posting the story. I feel it is my weakness, so thank you so very much. I can't thank you enough. <3

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/13/09 6:30
Chapter: Hard Work Pays

So I want to say, I like your characterization of the boys. Now they're older, their behaviors seem a bit more appropriate. I also like the way you write the boys. James and Sirius seem so entertaining and I wish I knew them, Remus seems quite yet amazing and I am jealous of the relationship with Lindi that I know he is going to have, and Peter is perfect in his slightly outward part of the friendship. He is just right, keeping a part of the group, but just slightly out of it because he almost lacks a bit of his own personality, you know? I feel like a lot of writers immediately write him off as a social outcast from day one, but that can't be the way it was or James would have never trusted him or called him best friend! My friend got so mad at me when I gave him a girlfriend in seventh year :P ANYWAYS, nice chapter. Sorry it took so long to review, work has been slamming me.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/09/09 21:39
Chapter: Time Flies

This is my favorite chapter so far. I like how the time moves quickly, but you can almost see Remus and his friends growing up. It's very real. A quick way to show companionship, and at the same time give a background to a continually improving story. Great job!

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/08/09 22:48
Chapter: Making Friends

Okay, so I have a nitpicky critique for this chapter. Don't get too nervous, because it was still brilliant, as I am sure the rest of the story would be, but my only critique is that the boys seem to be too old for 11, if that makes any sense. I mean, one of the boys says famished at some point, and they all just seem a but mature, I think. Maybe it's just me. IT's not bad, because the chapter is still great, I just felt I should mention it. I'll read more tomorrow, for now it is bedtime!

Author's Response: Hmm...honestly, I'd have to reread the chapter, as it has been so long I can't even really comment. :*/ I probably give the boys more credit for vocabulary than they deserve, based on their being British, (Brits sound smart even the ones that aren't.. LOL) Also, I do think that Sirius and James at least would speak more formally based on their wealth/standing in society, etc... But point taken. Thanks, BintheB. I appreciate it.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/07/09 22:18
Chapter: 1st Year: The Adventure Begins

“So, you got a name or can we jus’ call you Sunshine?”

HAHA. I laughed out loud. Clever and believable. I am oh-so happy I decided to read this story. I like the idea of random roommates, if that means anything to you :). I'll read more in the morning.

Author's Response: I'm so glad, too. And that does mean something to me. It just made sense that there wouldn't be a perfect 5 males and females for every class...*shrug* I'm glad you like it. Thanks for letting me know.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/07/09 20:29
Chapter: A Wish Come True

Short. Sweet. Breathtaking. I can feel Remus being happy. You worked this brilliantly.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Gabby. Sadly, not too many of my chapters can be described as short and sweet. LOL I love happy Remus, so thank you.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown
Date: 07/07/09 20:23
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

To start, this is pure genius. I love Remus to pieces and this is the perfect beginning to what I can tell will be an amazing story. I fear I'm going to start liking it more than I like my own! I'm so glad I decided to start reading it. I'll be more constructive in more reviews. Genius, I say!

Author's Response: >.< I started finally responding to reviews after absolute ages, and for some reason, only the ones from the most recent chapter came up in line. Now, I've responded out of order. Forgive me. Especially after all the lovely ones you've left. Thank you so much for taking the time, Gabby. I really appreciate it.

Reviewer: PagfootIsBack
Date: 07/04/09 4:06
Chapter: The Secret Revealed

Wow I was not expecting that! Again another great chapter, I have enjoyed everyone! I don't think the time line blip will really make a difference. Are you planning on writing on Snape's Worst memory? Remus really needs to tell her next chapter and serious needs a VERY strong punishment. But i trust your choice in whatever you write and i am sure i will enjoy, good luck!

Author's Response: Oh, I love it when I throw a surprise! I'm glad you enjoyed it. SWM was only briefly mentioned many chapters ago, in Girl Talk, the one about Lily and Lindi talking in the woods while the Marauders eavesdropped. I felt that we knew enough about it from the book, and I didn't think it was quite as significant for Remus' story as it turned out to be. >.< I'm glad I didn't know, because I probably wouldn't have written all this, but anyway... You trust me? Thank you for saying so. I hope I don't betray it. :) Thank you, PagfootIsBack. *love that Pagfoot....LOL*

Reviewer: readingislife
Date: 06/29/09 15:35
Chapter: The Secret Revealed

Wow. It's getting good! All coming to a point at the same time. I'm glad James at least seems to not have known about it until later. I always wondered what in the world would have made Sirius do this! I look forward to hearing how it went down according to you. :)

As always, most enjoyable. And my heart is just breaking for poor Remus right now. Oh, and I hope you'll share how Dumbledore knows that Snape won't tell on Remus. I always wondered that too...

Author's Response: Thank you, readingislife. Yes, things are really getting intense for poor Remus. You'd think Sirius would know better! Remus deserves so much better than what JKR did to him. :( Anyway, I really hope you enjoy my take on things. Thank you for reading and letting me know you are there. I hope you still are. :*)

Reviewer: thelongestwinter
Date: 06/27/09 18:22
Chapter: The Secret Revealed

OH, you are a sneaky one, aren't you? What with your cliffhangers and your titles designed to trick your readers! :) I thoroughly enjoy all of the moments I spend agonizing over cliffhangers and being constantly surprised by the new chapters. Is that the whole point of a good fan fiction?
Now that I know what SWM means, I can whole-heartedly agree with your position. I have never really put two and two together, but now that memory just irks me a bit. At least you can make up for it by having Remus at least yell at Sirius not in front of Snape in the fan-fiction world....right?

Author's Response: :*) Responding at long last. I'm so ashamed, but hope it is better late than never. I feel rather bad about that memory irking you now, but...>.< It irks me to no end. LOL Thank goodness for fanfiction. I might not be able to make up for anything, but I can make myself feel better. HA! I must admit, I do like when I find a title that is deceptive. Titles generally give me a great headache, but once in a while, I almost break my arm patting myself on the back. :*) I was pleased with myself for this one and I did also like Where There's a Will. *snicker* I am so glad you enjoy cliffhangers. I do take pride in those too. I hate reading them, but LOVE writing them. :D Thank you so much for reviewing, thelongestwinter. I appreciate it. I hope you are still there to see this reply after so very long, and to read the next chapter which should be up very soon.

Reviewer: ren_a87
Date: 06/26/09 23:28
Chapter: The Secret Revealed

*places hands on hips* I would just like to point out that this is NOT what I had expected from a chapter entitled "The Reveal"! That being said...It was very good, but since it wasn't what I expected, I confess myself to be slightly disappointed, but I suppose I shall forgive you (I must...since I want to know what happens!) if you PLEASE give the tiniest facial expression as a reaction before ending your next chapter as "Lindi, I'm a werewolf..." the end!

Author's Response: :*) I know. I have to say I'm surprised there haven't been more admissions of disappointment--and threats of violence etc... LOL Of course, I don't blame you and am glad that you are being so gracious about it. Thank you. "Lindi, I'm a werewolf..." the end! Hmm... I like it. Short, to the point and of course I can't tell you how the next chapter will end. :p Thank you for reviewing, ren.

Reviewer: Lordakechi
Date: 06/24/09 17:32
Chapter: The Secret Revealed

WoW this chapter was really good I really got into it!!!!!!!! I was so shocked when I finished it thinking "NO IT'S OVER ALREADY?!??!" I seriously can't wait for your next chapter lol. it's been like two years now I'm glad you have not given up :)

Author's Response: Oh, I love hearing that it went by so fast! I was a little worried that I was dragging things out and getting boring, so this is great to hear. Thank you! Two years? Hah! Try four for me...actually over 4 1/2 when you consider I had been writing it for months before I started posting. O.O Nope, I'm not giving up after that. Especially when there are at least a couple readers still with me since almost the beginning. I don't know who is crazier, me or you long suffering patient readers. :D I'm glad you haven't given up either. Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 06/22/09 21:43
Chapter: The Secret Revealed

Wow another amazing chapter. It was very well written. I had often thought of how remus felt about that prank but never so clearly. I feel bad for Lndy too. It hurts when your bf friends make you aside and he doesn't speak up for you. But to her credit she handeled it great. I think it's very good that she is understanding of lad time. And james was also really nice in his indepth looks at remus' trouble. Can't wait for the next chapter pelase update soon

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Fiffer. I sometimes get so wrapped up in what Remus feels that I get lost and worry if I'm being clear or just beating a dead horse, so thank you. And I feel bad for Lindy, too. Hm, does it appear that James is growing up, just a tad? I hope so. ;) Thank you for reviewing.

Reviewer: _hoxie_
Date: 06/22/09 21:18
Chapter: The Secret Revealed

nice chapter. I've been reading this story for a while now so I was really excited to see an update. I totally agree with you on the hating the fact that snape's worst memory came after this prank. I imagined Remus would have been more quick to argue with Sirius and Sirius would listen to him more after this prank. I pictured them being just as close friends but the whole marauders relationship would change a bit. Uhg please update soon I'm dying to see what happens with Lindi and Sirius!

Author's Response: Absolutely, _hoxie_. I have always seen the prank as a sort of turning point for them all, but apparently it was just some little blip in their universe and *poof* the next minute everything is A-okay! >.< Okay, I won't go off again, but thank you for sharing my view. Update? Uh, what's that? <.< :*/ Um, I have been on vacation with my family, but I am going to go get on that as soon as I answer a few more of these reviews I've been neglecting. :*) Thank you for reviewing.

Reviewer: thelongestwinter
Date: 06/22/09 15:08
Chapter: Prologue: Notes on a Life

So, not quite what I expected to happen when I read the chapter title. I had been so excited about Remus telling Lindi that I forgot that I have been waiting for this particular chapter for much longer! Oh, so good!
I am so pissed at Sirius! Whatever made him think that this would be a good idea?! I hate that he put Remus in this position, a position that Remus would never have chosen for himself. Thank goodness for Dumbledore, he is blessed with the capacity to be so understanding. I know that Remus is a very nice guy, but I am eager to see him rip Sirius a new one!
Now, this won't affect Remus telling Lindi soon, will it? I'm in such suspense over that conversation and its aftermath...
Oh, and SWM? I have absolutely no idea what that is...probably something really obvious
Overall, amazing chapter! It really captures Remus' character and I completely enjoyed it, as usual.

Author's Response: :) Yay for the unexpected! I was hoping that would happen. MaraudersWolf said she expected people to react that way. She's very good. Maybe she can do Legilimency. *hehe* I had a different title for this one right up to a couple days before I posted it and then thought of this one and was quite pleased with myself. :*) The other would have made it more obvious what was going to happen. It is now the title for the next chapter. *breaks arm patting self on back* lol Anyway, I'm so glad you aren't disappointed that it wasn't Lindi who learned the secret just yet. "rip Sirius a new one"...HA! You'd think he would, wouldn't you? That is exactly why I hate that book 7 put this 'prank' before SWM (Snape's Worst Memory :) ). Honestly, would Remus just sit there like a lump while they treated Snape that way after Sirius did THIS? *calms self* I'm going to start a rant/argument/discussion in my review page, so I better shut up. I know I take that all too seriously. *is a maniac* *see name* :) I am really happy to know you enjoyed the chapter and that Remus reacted as you expected. That is what I aim for. Thank you, thelongestwinter.

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