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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 02/18/10 13:39 · For: A Wish Come True
I almost cried when Remus got his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts. My heart just broke when I thought of this intelligent, studious little boy possibly not going to school. Great chapter.

Author's Response: :D I loved writing that scene. I have to admit I teared up a little thinking about him dancing around the kitchen. It made me so happy to think of him so happy after suffering so much. *sigh* I just love him. Thank you, Fynnsmom.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 02/16/10 20:33 · For: Prologue: Notes on a Life
You can almost feel Remus' mother's heart break. How do you explain prejudice to a child? I felt angry with their friends who were obviously making up excuses for not associating with Remus. Then I felt hope after reading the letter from Dumbledore. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Fynnsmom. Being a mom myself, writing from Rena's point of view was a little tough. Granted I would never have to imagine having a werewolf child; *duh* there are so many things that can happen to a child that will sorely impact their lives. It is almost enough to want to put them in a padded room and keep them there until they are 30. :) But alas, we aren't allowed to do that. lol I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for reviewing.

Name: DestinyMoonStar (Signed) · Date: 02/05/10 13:09 · For: A Shadow of Doubt
You should really change the part where Severus calls Lily a Mudblood ... he would never do that. Even if, in your story he doesn't love her, he never used the phase. (Obviously disregarding the time he called her it when he was so embarrassed by James.)

Author's Response: Oh, dear, I’m afraid I can’t do that. While the grown man Snape doesn’t say it, according to Lily in book 7, Snape the teenager apparently said it quite a lot. “… But you call everyone of my birth Mudblood, Severus. Why should I be any different?” Now, you could argue that he would have stopped saying it immediately after it was the final straw that destroyed his friendship with Lily, and I wouldn’t disagree, but I had written that long before book 7 revealed their relationship, and a number of timeline issues with my story, in particular the SWM scene and the end of their relationship. I simply don’t have time or energy to go back and try to make it all work to suit the Book 7 timeline. I don’t think I could if I tried, so since it wasn’t uncommon for him to call people Mudblood, and he even called Lily that to her face, I think it is okay. Thanks though. :)

Name: Pen Sieve (Signed) · Date: 02/01/10 15:56 · For: Good Intentions
Lily knowing is some relief - and the blood thinning is an excellent twist! But eurghhh, his dilema is unbearable! I wish he would tell her - I wish he would let her decide. But I can see why him - being him - doesn't. Aaack, you're conveying it painfully well.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you Pen Sieve! I’m so glad the emotion is coming through. That is key, so thanks. And yay for some relief! And glad you like that little twist. I tried to get that in a long time ago, and it was pointed out by a painfully honest reviewer >.> *ahem* that it was awkwardly done. So I took it out and now I’ve put it in here. I think it does work better here, so…*thanks NoxSomnium* :*) He absolutely SHOULD tell her… >.> The little angel on his shoulder keeps saying, “honesty is the best policy,” but he keeps over-thinking it, doesn’t he? Poor Remus; poor Lindi; poor Marauders…*sigh* It really isn’t a very happy tale, is it? <.< *brainstorms for some bliss* *fears the possibility of more angst* O.O ...poor MoB readers…poor moonymaniac who will probably be hated by readers. >.> What’s left of them. <.< :*) Thank you for reviewing, Pen Sieve. I truly appreciate it.

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 02/01/10 13:58 · For: Good Intentions
Oh update happiness, you have come to visit me once again and fill me with you bubbles of delight! I was thinking about this story earlier today actually. In class of course, why would I pay attention to psychology when I could think about fanfiction. Ahem.

You know I really don't understand Sirius. I think he's in denial about himself and his own actions. In a way, Sirius is doing to Remus what Remus is doing to Lindi. Sirius is deciding what is best for Remus and dictating it to him rather then giving the option of potentially making a harmful decision. Of course, Sirius isn't actually manipulating Remus the way Remus is Lindi, but it's a related principle. However, I think Remus is more honest in his logic. I get the sense that Sirius is not thinking about Remus in very much detail when he decides what should happen. He's only thinking about a few aspects, specifically the escape of the werewolf secret. I don't think he's thinking about Remus' feelings or Lindi's feelings. Remus is trying to think about all of those things.

I think most of us, if not all, agree that Lindi should be allowed to make her own choices. Really, if he explained that he couldn't stand it if something happened there is the possibility that she would be selfless enough to say okay we can split-at least for a bit until she can convince him to let her take the risk.

On the other hand, at this point I really don't see her listening to anything he has to say right now, or even believe him if he can hold her down long enough to make her listen. I don't know that I would. He might just feel guilty because she's so crushed and be making up a story to make her feel better after all. Poor thing, she's so hurt! She needs lots and lots of cuddles. Lots of cuddles.

Cuddles of updating authors too! :D

Author's Response: :D Oh, yay, review happiness! Not ranting....LOL And um…Wow…you might not have been paying attention to your class that morning, but clearly, you have before. I think this review has put your instruction into practice. ;) I think you have a good read on Sirius (my interpretation of him anyway). Much as I love him, I really don’t think he was the most considerate boy/man out there. I don’t necessarily think it was a dishonest logic so much as not much logic at all. Frankly, I don’t think he gave things much thought. Not that he wasn’t very smart; he was, clearly, but I don’t think he second guessed himself, or questioned that his initial beliefs might not be right. He was just very confident/cocky. <.< In terms of his friends, I definitely think he meant well, and don’t doubt that he would have died for them, but clearly, he didn’t give a lot of thought to how his actions would impact them. I’ve read some stories that portray him as much deeper and sensitive than I believe him to be. It doesn’t make him bad. On the contrary, it is just fairly typical of many teenaged boys, in my experience. Act first, think later. In many ways, it is endearing, except when someone ends up hurt, of course. :( He was that way even as a grown man, due largely to his unfair stint in Azkaban that prevented his emotional growth, but at any rate, he is what he is and I want to clobber him and hug him all at the same time. Now, Remus…I just want to hug him. ;) lol And Lindi is the most pitiful thing in the world, isn’t she? I mean, Remus….wonderful, amazing, perfect boyfriend Remus, has dumped her. O.O You know she’s hurting baaaddd. :`( She definitely needs cuddles. And yay for author cuddles! *feels better than last time* LOL Thank you so much for another really insightful review, NoxSomnium. It has given me an opportunity to think about Sirius, in particular, more than I have in a while. So thanks. I almost forgot how much I love him.

Name: kanksha (Signed) · Date: 01/31/10 9:00 · For: Good Intentions
I'm still devastated but I like the chapter :(

Author's Response: *dares a hug for kanksha* *sigh* I'm sorry you are still upset with me, but at least you are still speaking and not shaking your fist! :) I'm so glad, even if it is the most unenthusiastic review I think you've ever given me. ;) I know you are not happy with me, and I know it is wrong of me, but the sadness of this review while claiming that you like it is just making me laugh. I'm so ashamed. But I can't help myself... :*) Maybe I am evil.... Forgive me, kanksha, dear.

Name: ren_a87 (Signed) · Date: 01/30/10 19:00 · For: Good Intentions
Wow! I'm really pleased at the speed of the update ;) I'm glad Remus told Lily the truth. Now it'll be easier to eventually tell Lindi. If there are already so many people Lindi is comfortable with to know she'll feel better about accepting it when he finally does tell her.

Author's Response: Oh...I love Optimism! <.< I wonder if that is the eternal or cautious kind. >.> And it was speedy, wasn't it. *pets self on back* I've already updated half as much in this first month of 2010 as I did in all of 2009. :*/ Dare I say it is a New Years resolution to post more regularly? Nope...I don't want to jinx myself. :P But thank you for reviewing again, ren_a87. I'm not feeling a lot of love! LOL

Name: kanksha (Signed) · Date: 01/30/10 5:33 · For: Trying to Do What's Best
Oh no oh no oh no oh no! Poor poor poor poor Lindi. Being dumped because the guy thinks 'it's best for your sake' is absolutely the WORST thing in the world to hear. I know I should be feeling bad for Remus too right now but I'm just far too furious with him. (Besides it's not really his fault is it, it's YOURS and yes I'm beyond mad at you too moonymaniac, I have a few more things to say to you but more on that later) This isn't the worst, how on earth will poor Lindi deal with it? I can only imagine :( :( My own heart is breaking for her right now. Why won't he just TELL her?

They have to be together, they HAVE to, even if your fic becomes AU, I don't care. I's just too sad, I an't bear it *goes away and leaves the review unfinished because she is in major pain*

*comes back after crying her eyes out*
But honestly even if they do get together it doesn't mean the story will become AU because after all for all we know Remus had a wife who died in the first war. And yes it is a testament to how much I feel for that girl that I would rather see her killed off than heartbroken in this way. :(

I know you've got a direction all decided for your story but I will make a petition if I have to!

*shakes fist at moonymaniac*

I'm sorry for the highly emotional reaction but I just love your lead characters so much, what can I say?


Author's Response: AWWW.... :( Please don't hate me, kanksha. I couldn't help it. Really...<.< But I don't blame you for being mad at me. All these years and chapters and .... :`( I wish I could say I'm sorry that it made you cry, but...er...>.> I'm not. I love hearing it, that you care about them so much. And especially Lindi...O.M.G. *almost sheds her own tears of happiness* I remember when people wanted to see her killed off because they couldn't stand her. LOL I'm sure some still do, though I doubt they'd still be reading, so maybe not. ;) And no need to apologize for an emotional reaction....*thrilled* And a petition....LOL I love it. And I love this review. I hope you don't stay so angry with me that it is the last one you give me. >.> Just know that everything happens for a reason. *nods* Not just because I'm evil or something. <.< *would hug kanksha, but is afraid of shaking fist* :)

Name: Pen Sieve (Signed) · Date: 01/25/10 16:34 · For: Trying to Do What's Best
Ohhhh, that was heart-breaking. You could feel exactly how each word each one of them said impaled the other one so much :( You're very brave to allow them to suffer, I think I'd lose heart and make everyone ride pink unicorns off into the sunset ;) The newspaper article was a brilliant idea, it couldn't have illustrated Remus's turmoil better. I await your next update with as much eagerness as ever. You're a real inspiration to write as much as you do, for so long - never criticize your length or 'rambleyness'; I know I'm always longing for more!

Author's Response: :) Thank you so much, Pen Sieve. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Haha, pink unicorns...LOL Maybe I'm not brave, but a masochist! <.< I'm evil and I like seeing them suffer. *muwahahah* >.> Nahhhh... I hate when poor Remus suffers. Truly I do. As you know, I blame JKR. ;) Still, I'm so glad you want to read more. Thank you. I'm trying to give you more. As to the update I had promised would be coming very soon, I have it ready, but the site will not let me post it. >.< I have been trying all week. Actually, I have been trying for three days to respond to this review, but the site keeps tossing me out and saying I'm not authorized. *sigh* The admins are working on fixing the problems from the site server switch. Hopefully it will be cleared up soon. I'm so frustrated. I finally had a quick update and nooo....I can't post it. It's bad enough that it won't show my updates when I do make them. It still says October 2 2009...>.< *big sigh* Oh well, I'm trying. Hopefull, it will let me post this reply; If it does, I'll try again to get the story updated, but I still can't even post on the forums to let them know I'm having this trouble. Others are though, so they know about it. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know I wasn't just being a liar. :*( I do have the chapter ready. I'll get it up as soon as the site lets me.

Name: southern_pride (Signed) · Date: 01/18/10 23:52 · For: Trying to Do What's Best
Wow! I loved the bit with the news paper. That was such a deep decision for Remus to make. I felt like I really connected to him in this chapter! Thanks for the update, and once again you are a fantastic author!

~ S_P

Author's Response: Thank you so much, S_P! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Remus is a very deep guy and just awesome! :D And I'm glad the newspaper bit worked. I struggled with it a little, so thanks. I really appreciate your reviews.

Name: ren_a87 (Signed) · Date: 01/18/10 19:00 · For: Trying to Do What's Best
Another great chapter! Sorry I'm not saying anything too great, but the next night of the 24 season premier is about to start in like 2 minutes so I'm rushing. Anyway, I'm excited that the next one will be out soon! I'm going to hold you to that, and if it takes too long...well...I'll just read it anyway because what can I do? Good work!

Author's Response: Ha! Blown off for the season premier of 24! lol Well, I'm just glad you are still speaking to me, after the last review, with this chapter not giving you what you said you wanted. ;) So thank you, ren_a87. And yes, you can hold me to the upcoming update. I just have a little tweaking to do to make it stand on its own, since it was actually written to be part of this one. A little formatting too and it should be ready no later than next week. :) It would be sooner if I didn't have in-laws in town and the file wasn't on my other computer. >.< Still, I haven't updated so quickly in forever! :D

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 01/18/10 14:45 · For: Trying to Do What's Best
Note: The following is an immediate emotional response to the chapter and is thus probably 1) nonsensical, 2) impossible to follow, and 3) easily misunderstood. Translations are provided on request.
End Note

Why does this always happen. I love you and the story but it's getting old and just makes me want to bang my head on the table. I guess it's best for him to get it all out of his system now. Now even if someone tries to tell her the truth she won't listen and I just know Will is going to hurt Remus badly because he'll find out he's a lycan and thinking that Remus was scummy to Lindi he'll go over board. Sigh. Over active imaginations are a pain on a fairly frequent basic. They just have to get to gether properly and then if they have to fend off the world I'm okay with moving to that point of conflict. Anyway, don't take that outpouring as dislike of the story because I do like it, and I'm not trying to yell at you. Emotional rambling is what happens when I'm involved in something emotionally. They're just driving me crazy.

I've decided that Sirius is probably going to try to talk to Lindi about it, I just can't see her listening to any of them. I wish she would then yell at Remus about it. It's her decision and while she can't really know what the consequences of her actions will be as well as he does having never been ostracized, but it's still her life and she should have the right to live it how she wants with the facts to guide her. I sound like such a femenist right now. He means well but there will be yelling not matter what happens now.

Ah yes the scumminess of Darlene yet again. ;) That girl seriously needs to get over herself. Gracious. Actually she probably needs a guy to manipulate to distract her and make her think about something other than trying to poison other people's relationships.

Right I think I'm done. You pushed my buttons! Way to go. I just want everyone to be happy, eventually. Can they please be happy eventually? Please? You know you want them to. I'll do the puppy dog eyes.

Author's Response: Ahh....a review from one of the reasons I will never abandon the story. Yay! Still….*approaches warily, watching for frozen fish* I'm so sorry; please don’t hate me. But I do love this review. I love that you have such strong emotional response to the story (and loathing of Darlene. LOL). *thrilled* Of course, you have been putting up with it for soooo long now... I also love the rambling speculation; it always shows me just how well you pay attention and I think you might actually be channeling one of the characters. You know...if not for spoilers, I'd really love to address some of your thoughts, but of course, I really can't. >.< But puppy dog eyes...you want everyone to be happy...arghh...you're killing me. * bites tongue* *reminds that this is Marauder Era* *wonders if she should change the title to ‘A Few Moments of Bliss’* *hopes NoxSomnium doesn't abandon the story out of frustration* *blames JKR* *shuts up and tries to figure out how much happiness she can throw NoxSomnium’s way without having to slap the world’s biggest AU Warning on the story* ;)

Name: MaruadersWillReturn (Signed) · Date: 01/18/10 14:43 · For: Trying to Do What's Best
An update! Horray! I've been checking Moments Of Bliss pretty much daily to check for an update, and today Im glad to say I was pleasently surprised. I was begining to think you had forgotten about the story or just given up. This is a great chapter and please, please update soon. You are the best fan fic' writer I havecome across and you have written the best story out off all the fan fic websites I go on. Please keep it up.

Author's Response: *big grin* Yep, this is why I bother....I was beginning to wonder. ;) But such sweet and encouraging reviews like this make it all worth while, even when the site buries my story and real life wears me down. Only a major head trauma could make me forget the story, though giving up crosses my mind once in a while. :*) But after all these years, I am determined to finish. This review will help when I'm ready to give up. Thank you, MaruadersWillReturn. :)

Name: southern_pride (Signed) · Date: 12/19/09 0:46 · For: Shattered Trust
What was in the Daily Prophet?
Anyway I liked the chapter!
That was not what I expected.
Thanks for keeping us on the edges of our seats!!!


Author's Response: Well, now you know the answer. ;) Hope it makes sense now, and thank you so much for reviewing. I've been bad about responding but I really do appreciate them. and I do like throwing curves. Yay for the unexpected! Thanks, southern_pride.

Name: Pen Sieve (Signed) · Date: 11/12/09 10:06 · For: Prologue: Notes on a Life
An update!!!!! Huzzah and hurrah!! :) I'm afraid I'd rather stopped checking, but nearly made up for happy I was to find a new chapter! And just as brilliant as ever. You use the episode with Snape and Sirius so well, unfold all the implications... I think all of us feel the frustration of Remus' situation almost as much as he does, thanks to the way you show the tensions of his having to lie and his relationships and responsibilities to other people. It's very moving, the sudden maturity and bleakness forced upon them, probably the most carefree of any HP characters except the Weasley twins. All the more sad as we know the eventual end of all of them. There are few stories as tragic as that of the maurauders, and you're capturing it brilliantly. And that ending! Lindi's so lovely... aah, brilliant work as usual.

Author's Response: :*) Please don't stop checking. I know it can seem like the story is abandoned, but unless I get hit by a truck, it won't be. ;) And this is such a fantastic review. We clearly think the very same way about the Marauders. There story just captivated me and broke my heart. I fell in love with them instantly upon reading the Shrieking Shack scene. Of course, I'd already fallen in love with Remus. ;*) Thank you so much for saying I've captured their story. No greater compliment I could get. I hope I can continue to live up to it. Thanks, Pen sieve.

Name: MizRoseMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 11/11/09 7:22 · For: Hard Work Pays
oh my gosh this is absolutely fantastic... haha you are such a good writer... i'm completely jealous, i would never be able to write something this good... great work!

Author's Response: :*D Thank you so much, MizRoseMalfoy. I really appreciate it and thanks for reviewing.

Name: PagfootIsBack (Signed) · Date: 10/18/09 10:57 · For: Shattered Trust
0.o I thought the final line he was going to tell her he was a werewolf, not to break up with her! You are full of surprises in your story writing,they are going to ger back togther, arent they?
Please update as soon as posible!

Author's Response: Muwahahah....*loves surprises* It would be dull without them, wouldn't it? Of course you know I can't answer that question, but I'll try to get to it all more quickly than I have lately so you don't have to wait to find out forever. Thank you, PagfootIsBack!

Name: thelongestwinter (Signed) · Date: 10/06/09 14:02 · For: Shattered Trust
What a beautiful chapter. Worth the wait, as always. The first section where Remus is left alone to contemplate everything was so very good. Getting to go inside of Remus’ head and begin to understand all of the feelings of betrayal was a bit heart-rending for me. How will the Marauders ever get to be friends again? I suppose that things can never be quite the same again. After this experience, they have lost quite a bit of their innocence. They are no longer just school boys. They are maturing into young men and this experience has opened their eyes to what each member is truly capable of. I have to agree with MaraudersWolf that your story has a lot of depth, which is why I keep coming back for more.
I think this chapter also reminded everyone that being a werewolf is really a curse. It is not just a minor inconvenience. I think that all of the Marauders, even Remus, may have gotten a little too comfortable with the circumstances. This is another wake-up call for them; they can never be a carefree as they used to be when they marauded under the full moon.
Yikes! I am in a really dreary mood right now! Don’t let the dreariness detract from the fact that I really loved the chapter. And you left us with a cliff-hanger once again. I don’t even want to try to guess what might happen with Lindi. He will break up with her, he will tell her and she will break up with him…he will tell her and they will stay together…oh, wishful thinking.

Author's Response: *sigh* Thank you, thelongestwinter, for such a truly lovely review. It is just...*sigh* I feel like a success (so far) Thank you.

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 10/04/09 0:10 · For: Shattered Trust
The first part of the chapter was really good. Righteous anger works really well when trying to make someone understand what they've done wrong. Snape should have been beaten to a bloody pulp years ago.
Remus breaking up with Lindi so he wouldn't have to tell her he's a werewolf is somewhat understandable, though I would have thought he had a little more courage than that. Rotten fruit, rocks and frozen salmon should be the least of your worries.

Author's Response: *hides from rotten things* :*/ Don't think too badly of Remus. Hopefully he has redeemed himself a bit. Snape...LMAO Tell me how you really feel! LOL Thanks, captburke. I do get a kick out of your reviews.

Name: raniafry (Signed) · Date: 10/03/09 23:55 · For: Shattered Trust
How can you be so very, very cruel?
To dream up such an amazing story, only to release it to the world in installments so few and far between?

Author's Response: Because I'm evil like that....Muwhahahaha....Or just really slow and distracted by real life. :*/ I'm so sorry. :)

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