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Reviews For Sins of the Father

Name: TheVanishingAct (Signed) · Date: 06/04/09 16:41 · For: Chapter 24: An Unexpected Proposal
Jenna, this was fantastic. Utterly delicious. It was like eating tiramisu before choking on a bite and wondering why this is so difficult to swallow. Your chapters really do end at horrible places, dear. They keep me wanting more when I know it may be years until I get them. Fantastic, well written, and beautifully mapped out as always.

Name: electronicquillster (Signed) · Date: 05/31/09 22:53 · For: Chapter 24: An Unexpected Proposal
For some strange reason, I forget (and I know this has happened before, too) that I actually do like this story quite a lot. I was a few chapters behind in updates, even. That’s kind of remarkable since you don’t update this story very often. When I got the update notification, I determined that this would be the month I caught up on this story.

But why would I continue reading a story that I forget that I like? I think I forget that I like it because I’m neither here nor there for Lucius.

That’s where your skill, power, and prowess as a writer comes into play. Even though I’m not fond of Lucius, I become completely enraptured in the story of the girl who is. The richness with which you write has me completely consumed in what is going on in Siobhan’s life. Siobhan herself is not predictable. You have done such a good job of giving her so many layers that she’s as real as any living human being, and is absolutely one of the best literary characters I’ve read. Period. Just in the past few chapters that I’ve read over the weekend, there are many aspects of Siobhan on display to the readers. There is the Siobhan who is rather numb over her separation from Lucius because that’s how she has to be to cope with it. There’s the forward Siobhan who comes straight up to Hermione and Ron when she wants to find out where Harry is. Perhaps my favorite moment of Siobhan’s characterization today was when she went to greet Liam as she heard him coming closer. In that moment, she was so happy, it just spread through to me as I read, and I felt the joy and contentment she must have upon being reunited with her brother.

Also, over this most recent chapter and chapter twenty-three, I found particularly interesting and very human the way you described Siobhan’s thought process about Lucius. She already knows she’s made up her mind, but she is going to hold out as long as her logic can hang on because of pride. I’m inclined to think it’s also a little bit out of caution for her heart again.

It seems almost silly to review anything besides Siobhan’s masterful characterization, but there is a plethora of other things that you just do so well in this story. First, any character you bring into your story has that feeling of reality from the pimply-faced would-be suitor at the party to Greer and Liam. Neither of the Connolly men are given much face time in the story (thus far, anyway), and yet I feel as if I really know who they are because you showcase them so well in the small amount of time they’re there in the narrative. I appreciate that Siobhan brought up Liam/Kelly, and it was interesting to find out that what I read once in a one-shot by you is something that has continued for two years now between them. I love the way your storytelling is so wonderfully woven and complex. You’ve thought of just everything, and it’s evident as you tell the story that you’ve covered all your bases. There are never any holes, which is wonderful. I suppose this is a residual benefit from spending such a long time writing the story, but I think that’s a benefit to the readers, even though we crave updates.

I am eager to see how the scene you’ve just kept us from between Siobhan and Lucius will play out. I cannot say with any certainty that I know how the two will behave, or misbehave, and I love that about this story. I suppose I could make some fair guesses and probably be close with one or two of them, but I don’t feel when I read your stories that they’re formulaic or predictable. Thank you for that. I look forward to the next update – even though I always forget that I’m eager for it. (But maybe that also has to do with me being given enough time to forget. >> Kidding.)

Name: callmehermione (Signed) · Date: 05/25/09 15:05 · For: Chapter 24: An Unexpected Proposal
Good gracious, I was not expecting this. Can I just say that I have never in my life seen a chapter title so fitting?

Right, that out of the way, I really enjoyed this chapter, because it was a slice of Siobhan's real life, the one she doesn't have to share with anyone. Though she generally seems resigned to having to marry a stranger, it seems as though she's optimistic about finding her own sense of self - maybe because she gets to see Liam?

Oh, that reminds me: Liam took Siobhan horse-riding
No, there isn't anything particularly fascinating about that phrase except for my jealousy. Can Liam take me horse-riding? Oh, and he's my age at this point, which I didn't realise.

Right, moving on. Yes, Siobhan's inner conflict. You wrote it so smoothly, evident in everything she does, in her thoughts and, most particularly, her quick temper. She gets defensive with Liam and excessively upset with Lucius at the end simply because she can't reconcile her heart and her mind. It's sad, isn't it?

And Draco! It seems to me that Lucius simply wants Siobhan closer, but it also seems very Slytherin of him to essentially go behind Siobhan's back to get his way. I hope that he can explain himself, and that Siobhan won't let the sound of her fast-pounding heart drown out his apology, or explanation, or whatever it is.

Wow. Thank you, Jenna, for this brilliant chapter. I am actually excited about the proposal!

Name: nzf (Signed) · Date: 05/23/09 9:01 · For: Chapter 24: An Unexpected Proposal
What is Lucius up to now? I'm really excited for the next chapter!

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