Reviewer: ellimayer
Date: 08/12/05 22:35
Chapter: Prologue

interesting, interesting...rebels, eh? is this because they aren't pure-blood? (or lily isn't, anyway) and does this mean that harry has no scar, and tom riddle is just another boy/man? i love alternate thingys...and this one is particuarly good... well done!

Author's Response: Rebels yes. Some wizards don't think their powers give them the right to oppress Muggles, and rule the world, go figure. And yes, you have the idea, no scar, lots of farmilar faces and familiar characters with different sets of baggage to carry around.

Thanks for the review, and peace!

Author's Response: I went back through responding to reviews and I read my comments here and they came across as very sarcastic? I wasn't trying to be, so hopefully you never came back and read them. hmmm..

Reviewer: Billie Bowtrunckle
Date: 08/12/05 21:24
Chapter: I Spy With My Little Eye

I love your sense of irony - Draco now being the marked one. Riddle vetoing Draco was very Umbridge-esque (who I absolutely love to hate)! Also, Ron's Quidditch fanaticism was reassuringly familar; it's important to keep the characters somehow grounded to JKR's templates. The idea of an Antarctic Quidditch team made me chuckle. I look forward to seeing more of Lupin and finding out if he knows James and Sirius. Also, I'm wondering where Wormy's been all this time and if you're planning on incorportating Bellatrix, Umbridge, Hagrid, and Tonks. Looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Yeah, a lot of things are flip-flopped around. Draco is marked and on the outside, while Harry is sort of a social-butterfly.

I love those Antarctic freaks. They have an entire page in my backstory/outline of which there are many pages. Most of it never makes it into the fic, but it doesn't mean I don't love them.

Wormy? Count on seeing him again.

Bellatric and Umbridge - no comment.

Hagrid and Tonks didn't actually make the outline. Sometimes characters pop in without me planning, but I'm not expecting their arrival.

Reviewer: Billie Bowtrunckle
Date: 08/12/05 20:56
Chapter: Orientation

One word...Ronnie-rasin. *Snort* Interesting chapter - I see the seeds of many many interesting things here: Milicent Bulstrode and Neville Longbottom, Charlie's eventual reappearance as a member of the rebellion(?), the wizard/witch ranking system and its effects on the kids and how they view their places in the school. It was a nice twist to have Ron be the one who choses to befriend Harry and Hermione and that it's Hermione who is under privileged and semi-'damaged'. Harry's last name is very fitting - loved it. Also, *glancesaroundquicklyandlowersvoice* I'm glad that Ginny isn't there. Your fic is very original and somehow having Ginny being Ron's younger sister with a Harry crush would be out-of-place. I enjoy your originality and I'm positive that if you do decide on incorporating Ginny it will in a much more interesting way (familar with a twist). Great job.

Author's Response: I have a serial reviewer, my first on MNFF. Woo hoo!

As for Ginny, glad you approve. I couldn't see Harry going there in this fic, dating Ron's little sister. I mean I love it in cannon, but not here. The side plot with the insertion of Ginny is growing on me and I think she will make the fic, but time will tell.


Reviewer: What_about_Buckbeak
Date: 08/12/05 20:35
Chapter: I Spy With My Little Eye

Ohhhh! this is really good so far. Yours is the best, and most intresting AU fic that I'v ever read. Update soonest!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind review, and I will definitely update as soon as possible lol.


Reviewer: Billie Bowtrunckle
Date: 08/12/05 20:25
Chapter: A Rebel at Heart

Aha! A stratified society! This was a wonderful chapter and I'm happy to see that you have continued to expose more of your rich AU. I loved your description of the Tower of Erudio "It persisted like a sturdy weed, sprouting as close to the heart of the empire as any branch of the second tier government was allowed to exist." It seems to be everything that the headquarters of a healthy subversive rebellion should be - stubborn, daring, persistent. I like your portrayal of Sirius, James, and their friendship. I also like the fact that you made Lily a strong woman who isn't sitting at home and pining away after the loss of her childern. You have a great imagination with those Reapers and their shifting tattoos - I look forward their appearance. It was a nice touch to have Sirius leading a team of animagi called the 'Dog Pack' (HA!) and the fact that he forces them to hang-out together in their animal forms for an hour a day (a bunny, a squirrel, and a cougar? *laughs*). Lily's thoughts about her 'lost' children and the effects of her actions on James and his family were especially well done. br>
Just a couple of typos: Alastor is spelled with one l and Firewhiskey is one word.

Not only do you have a nice writing style, have the imagination to create a convincing world, but you understand characterization. Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Ack, you're going to make my head swell up and pop off my shoulders. More kind words, and helpful comments too! Will the insanity ever stop!?

Sincerely, thanks. You're reviews are so thorough, you must be a member of SPEW, lol.

Reviewer: Billie Bowtrunckle
Date: 08/12/05 19:51
Chapter: Prologue

So, I should buckle my seatbelt because if the rest of your fic is anything like your prologue, it's going to be an absolutely amazing ride. I was immediately drawn in by your descriptive writing style - it was as if I was part of Turpin's court. I especially identified with Spero and I hope that she returns later in the story so we can see how she's fared all these years with the Emperor. There were small things that you went to the trouble of interweaving into your story that really make for enjoyable reading, like your reference to fate being an old hag and refering to Turpin as a dragon (hmm, done on purpose is suppose...foreshadowing?). I also smiled when I read about the 'control weave' on the flying carpet - it just struck me as funny, but all the same, I appreciate your attention to detail. What really impresses me is that it seems like you have created an entire alternate magical society, completely stratified and fully established - complete with their own language (Lily's reference to headquarters as HQ) and monsters (that thing in the forest). It seems so rich that it's practically leaping off the page. I'm interested to see your interpretation of JKR's characters. I hope that it's a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words and well thought out comments. I hope the story doesn't dissapoint as it continues to unwind.

Reviewer: JimboCOUS
Date: 08/12/05 19:29
Chapter: I Spy With My Little Eye

Great stuff! I love the premise; I'll be interested to see where you take it from here. Post soon!

Author's Response: :)

Reviewer: JimboCOUS
Date: 08/12/05 19:28
Chapter: I Spy With My Little Eye

Great stuff! I love the premise; I'll be interested to see where you take it from here. Post soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for dropping a line! Glad you enjoyed the first few chapters. I'm really enjoying writing them. *warm fuzzy* My first MNFF review!

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