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Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 03/29/07 8:03 · For: Which Witch is Which?
HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PEOPLE!!!!!!! awwww you all forgot about me.....

Author's Response: Noooooooooooooo person!!!!!!!!!! You forgot about us...........

Welcome home baby *wraps Heather in a Mrs. Weasley hug and sqeezes till her eyes pop out* opps! Well I'll fix you right up dear!

Ok Heather I insist! One short-story or poem before DH comes out! I wanna drool all over your work and coo and awww at your magnificence! The time of procrastion has passed and we are in a race against time!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/29/07 8:01 · For: Which Witch is Which?
is it wrong to think thatthe harry on the cover of the american version is hot? because he looks good...:-P

Author's Response: Hehhehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!! I guess not! I've always had a thing for bugs bunny and tweety myself!!! ;) Speaking of hot cartoons, seriously, what's betty boop all about?!?! *food for thought*

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 03/28/07 15:46 · For: Which Witch is Which?

Author's Response: Look at this girl using eight six as though it were an appropriate exclamation on this most joyous occasion! We'll eighty six you Miss Thang! *Wise Owl with her cronies Lady M and Hermione499 walk ominously in saveginny417's direction menacingly brandishing a wand, beaters club and Weasley's boxing gloves respectively).

But seriously though...once July comes this ends! :( :( :( *tears fall down Wise Owls beak* HP forever y'all! Rock it out into the night when we party for the last time on the release at midnight!!!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/28/07 7:35 · For: Which Witch is Which?

Author's Response: Ok seriously they are doing this much to fast for me! I thought we would be given time to mull over the fact she got the book done but before we blinked we got the name! Than they hit us with the page count and now this! Who do they (scholastic and bloomsbery) think they are!?!? Don't they know how we like to fret amongst ourselves about these things? One week between events such as this are not enough!!!

ANYHOO...that being said...WOOO HOOO!!!!!

Oh and you know the marketing campaign scholastic is doing with the 7 questions leading up to the book (one question each week)? Well keep an eye out and let me know once they start droppin' 'em!!!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/27/07 8:12 · For: Which Witch is Which?
ya well this is my 428th!! BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

and the 1570's review on the story. nah nah nah nah boo boo :-p


Author's Response: hehehe! Truly this competition between you and Juli-da-cat where you try to one up the other is highly reminescent of Paris-Rory situation on Gilmore Girls (think early seasons) ;)

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 03/26/07 16:29 · For: Which Witch is Which?
uh, no. try EIGHTY SIX!!!! stupid baseball people... BTW, this is the fourhundred and seventeenth review I've ever written. you should feel proud, Rania, cause this is MONUMENTAL! 417 for ever!

Author's Response: *does a little jig* Well I most certainly am honored! The favor you have bestowed upon me falls onto shoulders that are proud to acknowledge such stupendous accomplishment and steadfast loyalty! In other words...gee golly! Thanks! :D I got 417!!! Na na na na boo boo to everyone else!!!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/26/07 7:55 · For: Which Witch is Which?
oh ya! that was when the red sox finally broke their bad luck streak, right? how long was it? 13 years, i think:-P

Gooooo Yankees

Author's Response: I can't believe you know this stuff! RIDICULOUS! *CRACK* Boggart of Lady M turns into Professor McGonagall and she's giving Heather a failing grade!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 03/25/07 11:58 · For: Which Witch is Which?
yeah. Juli also happens to be a Red Sox fangirl. Baseball is my life.

Author's Response: *Picks up jaw off floor and stuffs it in pocket so that Madam Pomfrey can reattach it for her* ~then she sends a bat bogey hex at Jules!~

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 03/25/07 11:57 · For: Which Witch is Which?
NO, SARAH! You can't like the yankees! the Red Sox are so obviously so much better! even if they don't win. they still are! *So now you guys should know that yes, I am from Boston. but I don't live there.* The sox are playing the yankees on my birthday... and they'd better win! My dad will be very mad if they don't... October 27, 2004= BEST DAY EVER!

Author's Response: ... dot dot dot ... ahem ... even if the DON'T win!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha Boston is so delusional! So you ARE a Boston girl originally! Seriously people I think we've had this dialogue cuz I remember having to make fun of you in the past Jules! When is you b-day!?!? Man oh man r u getting old! Are your joints starting to creak? Sight going? Hearing loss? Trouble keeping your bowel movements in the ... bowel? Well you're in luck! Try Fred & George's RAFT-MY-Health (which stands for Really Astounding Farts To Make You Healthy!) Only 3 Galleons and 6 Sickles for a pint! (This product can only be found in Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes and is intended for the aged, senile and pranksters only. May cause vomiting, upset stomach, indigiestion and spontaneous outbreaks into dance to the farting tunes of Smelly McFarts-a-lot! ~All rights reserved for Mc-Farts-a-lot records and no copyright infringement is intended~)

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/25/07 7:59 · For: Which Witch is Which?
No, i think Juli DOES live in Boston, doesn't she? or is that just my mind messing up again...

SHUTUP I LURV NEW ENGLAND!!! TIS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH! and yes, i AM a yankee fan even though i dont watch alot of baseball...i like soccer more....

Carrying on now...

Author's Response: hehehehe Boston Soxs! hehehe! <---corny word play! You love NE!?!? Ye gotta be kidden me righ'? I'm a Bronx and Jerzey lova maself! AHEM! However, when it comes to baseball...WHATEVER!!!!!!! I'm a football (not soccer!) and hockey fan! But I guess that's just how we do it out here in the Mid-West!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 03/23/07 18:31 · For: Which Witch is Which?
shush, Sarah. I can too wear cutoffs! It's warm enough now. even though it's going to snow again tomorrow. I Hate New England! So there! and my favorite Mugglecaster is Micah, before the stupid window cuts me off again. and Justin Timberlake is so bringing sexy back, Rania. don't try to deny it! *Juli's whole life is devoted to fangirl-ism. how sad.*

Author's Response: Hehehehe nice cutoff turn around delivered by Juli (score one for the kid!) So you're a New England girl! (not Boston surely!!!) Justinewwwwwwww!!!! I'm old I guess...but I don't think he's attractive at allllll!!!!!!!!!!!! Fangirl-ism! It's a new ism!!! hehehe now we make up words...how funny! Oh and Micah is great!!! I love how he does the news and he's the "settle down" influence on the show!!!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/23/07 9:40 · For: Which Witch is Which?
*snort*...reproduce quickly...ur right! my father has 8 brothers and 3 sisters (oddly, hes the youngest, hehe)...

..thats lotsa muslims in the west:-)

Hmm..i never payed attention to dancing with the stars that much...

OH and juli deseves her cutoff *neener, neener, neener*


Author's Response: Seriously...we mass produce like rabbits in a factory ;)

I can't believe you don't pay attention to dancing with the stars...well in the past its been good and I hope it will continue to be!

:D hehehe you and Juli r friends w/ rivalry!

Poland Spring? Never had the stuff...Fuji water is my fav!

Name: ioname2you (Signed) · Date: 03/23/07 3:53 · For: Backstabbers and Two-Faced Rats
i luv this story so much that i stayed up all night to read it from chapter 1 to 40 because i couldn't draw myself away hope theres a new chapter soon great work

Author's Response: You don't know how wonderful that is to hear!!! There is a new chapter in que (here's hoping it'll be out soon *cheers*)

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 03/22/07 15:09 · For: Which Witch is Which?
*and then her explanation gets cut off too. never mind, then.*

Author's Response: hehehehehe so who is ur favorite muggle caster? let's hope your answer is not cut off! I love you for trying to put ur two cents in!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 03/22/07 15:08 · For: Which Witch is Which?
*Juli's ode to Mugglecast gets cut off. Wah* I

Author's Response: Again she gets cut off! I think Justin Timberlake is some where singing cry me a river!!!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 03/22/07 15:06 · For: Which Witch is Which?
Oh, Mugglecast... how can I express my love for thee? I have no idea, except that they rock. I

Author's Response: And she gets cut off ladies and gentlemen!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/21/07 11:17 · For: Which Witch is Which?
oh ya..and DEATHLY HALLOWS (american version) is 784 PAGES!!!!!!!!!

ya, im going to stop reviewing till tomorrow, rania probably gets a heart attack everytime she checks the review page...:-P

Author's Response: How do you know? Ohhhhh nooo I gotta check mugglenet!!!! I am soooo behind on the times! Hey do you all listen to mugglecast? I love that show...they r so funny!

Author's Response: Oh and no heart attack...except that I still haven't checked mugglenet...I'M GOING I'M GOING!!!

Author's Response: SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY FOUR YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Second largest book! I'm lovin it! I would have happily read 2000 if JK made that decision but 784 is just fine with me.....ohhhhhh I'm sooo nervous! What do you girls think scholastic will make with their 7 books 7 questions campaign? Ahhh all this news is so fun!!!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/21/07 7:35 · For: Which Witch is Which?
btw: i LOVE anabelle lee! i read it last year in literature! :-)

Author's Response: Isn't it that BOMB? I loved it sooooo much and the Raven rocked my world ;)

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/21/07 7:34 · For: Which Witch is Which?
u are unbelievable, u know that?!


sheesh. but you just rock that much, u guess :-)

Anyway, on with it, i left i in my authors response in world of dreamery, but the weather here today (march 21) is so BEAUTIFUL! its like 75 degrees!!! and its lebanese mothers day too. but my mom gets the one today nd the american one in march, and here birthday. weee :-)

i never seen istakfar allah spelled that way (never new how to spell it in english! hehe)

Dont tell my english teacher, but i dont like the odyssey. its kinda..umm..pointless. sorta.

im reading george orwell's 'animal farm' this weekend, thought, i here extremely satirical..:-D

Author's Response: I am aren't I? ;) I don't know where I get the patience! :D Actually...I LOVE talking to you gals!!! (ahem and guys too in case they're reading this!) Ummmm...so I hope you actually read my responses (including to other people because I mention you sometimes!) Hehehe so seriously no vacation plans? My weather is dreary...come on!!! Oh yes and the Odyssey SUCKS! You know what I like? The Adam and Eve satire by Mark Twain!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 03/16/07 8:46 · For: Which Witch is Which?
hehe. GO IHDC!!

...actually, im studying the odyssey (just bits and pieces at the moment), so speaking rome, im learning abour greek gods and godesses. its not pretty. YOU KNOW THEY GET MARRIED TO THEIR KIDS AND STUFF? god.

ya. we are SO with u, rania :-)

Author's Response: Oh Lord! The Odyssey...Odesius or whatever the Heck his name was! And the sirens and the wife left behind while he is off being *glares* a 'man'. Macho pig. Gods and Goddesses...PUH LEEZZZ Istakfar'Allah!!! I love poetry like Edgar Allen Poe "the Raven" and "Anabelle Lee".

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