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Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 04/15/07 6:00 · For: Which Witch is Which?

Just. Whatever.

Author's Response: I know...right? Pshhh awwww!!!!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 04/15/07 5:59 · For: Which Witch is Which?
*waves* Hi there Rawan, nice to see ya! My name's Sarah :-). Your sister= A genius :-D


MY GOD John what happens in a year. I can't believe you dropped out of school!!
Didn' your parents kill you? Dement you? Ground you atleast? God.

Well, being only 13 i guess i wouldn't be able to see where you crazy teens do these things. Hope you can settle down nicely :-)

dude. This is a Harry?Ginny Story, by the way. If Ginny and Ron die, Harry and Hermione never see each other agian and commit suicide. Duh.:-P

Author's Response: Hiiii RAWAN!!!!!!!!!! <---trademark Rami! Your sister really is a genius! You should listen to her more often (like all the time). Oh and get her water! Pronto!

Name: JeWby (Signed) · Date: 04/15/07 5:58 · For: Which Witch is Which?
By Hitlers second book do you mean the sequal to Mien Kampfh (I'm sure I mispelled that lol) If so I read the first one. Never got around to the sequal though, is it any good?

Author's Response: Nahhh...I have to read those though. It's a compendium of knowledge, a historian's version of Hitler's life with things that Hitler didn't necessarily know about at the time. Kind of how he got to be the person he was and what happened in different places that forced him to react (like at first he was more moderate trying to help the jews against the party that he eventually joined ~he joined because his desire for power was like Voldies quest for eternal life ;) had to make the reference!)

Name: Ginny663 (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 22:02 · For: Allergies
omg omg omg omg!!!!! soooo suspense- full !!!!! wow i need more!!! please write more!!!! omg i love this story!

Author's Response: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Such enthusiasum!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! You'll get more soon. I'm gonna let Rawan proof my next chappie today hopefully and than I'll add it to que!

Name: JeWby (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 19:30 · For: Which Witch is Which?
Hey Rawan, I'm John. I don't want you to spoil the whole thing.... Just tell me if Ron dies or not? :P. I don't like Ron... He needs to die so Harry can be with Hermione.

Author's Response: Ok the farter didn't work where's the Gorge Puke Pistol? We'll teach John some manners!!! H/Hr....lost you mind boy!

Name: Teen Houle (Anonymous) · Date: 04/13/07 16:27 · For: Allergies
Rania, as your little sister, Iím writing this with love: let me proofread your work. Seriously, I found two very basic errors that were overlooked. Besides, I would really like to know how you seg-way into the rest of the story. But I still love you and the chapter (good segway, by the way).
Oh, and everyone, Iím Rawan, Raniaís annoying little sister :D And yes, I know what is happening and whatís going to happen in this story. However, I wonít tell. Even if everyone tries to hold me hostage in the Principleís office with a piece of Salami, Iíll never tell ^.^ Oooo, sinister!

Author's Response: Rawan, as your big sister I'm writing this with a "pow, right in the kisser!" Fadi wants to enhance your experience and Rami says "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Rawan!!!!!!!" :D

As for proof-reading, point taken! I want everyone to know that I changed the plot and Rawan (who wrote the original plot with me) never realized where we were heading...I'm good! She knows now of course and is bouncing up and down dying to helps hammer out the rest of the plot line.

On an unrelated topic, notice how she is teen "houle" <---means owl and I am wise owl ;) that was on purpose!!!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 16:01 · For: Allergies
OMG RANIA YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!!! Charlie is not a murderer! or a hypnotee! and RON'S STILL MISSING! eurgh this is maddening... update sooon so Harry can resume playing the hero and they can get all the awesome Weasleys back. even Percy... he apparently is a good guy after all. Go figure! 10/10 because there was no Dean in that chapter. I'm kind of sad about the whole not-saving-Ron-yet thing... forget R/Hr. I'm officially changing my ship to Ron/Juli. so there :)

Author's Response: Hehehehehehehehehe ohhhhhhhhhhhh I can't comment.......sort of!!! I love writing myself into a corner! Ohhh you wanna know why I made Percy good? Go read my lil sister's songfic, that's what finally convinced me~ cheesy but sweet~ Hmm hmmm, now there are Ron/Juli Sarah/Harry Ron/Heather Ron/Hermione Harry/Ginny Harry/Rawan Harry/Hermione Luna/Neville <---hehehe that's mine~ soooooooooo many ships!!!

Name: JeWby (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 11:06 · For: Allergies
I just wanted to say one more thing... I hope Ron and ginny die so Harry and Hermione can be together :P. H/Hr forever ^_^.

Author's Response: Ummmm ya had me til you said H/Hr...where's my Fred & George annhilator farter pistol ladies? We'll teach him something about his stench!!!

Name: JeWby (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 10:58 · For: Allergies
Omgggg, This chapter was so good. Wow. The ending just came out of no where. Spectacular. SO, I wonder how they're going to pull out of this one. 10/10. And I don't think she noticed it, but Lady was the 1600 review. Sooo. I promised an update on my life. Well, about 9 months ago I got into a relationship and she took up most of my time. I had really strong feelings for her and spent all my free time with her. It was work, then her house then work again. Lol. I've been doing a lot of thinking of what I want to do in my life and how I'm going to achieve those goals. Sadly, I dropped out of school. I just didn't like it any more, I couldn't stand the students, or the fact that I was smarter then any of my teachers. I always had over a 4.0 and i got like a 2300 out of 2400 on my SAT's. And I always wanted to be a scientist.. and I was really planning on doing that. Butt, thats out of the question, for now at least. Im enrolling myself in military school very shortly, within the next couple months I should be leaving. Then When I return home, I'm enlisting in the Military itself. Hopefully I find something there that I enjoy doing. I want to go to school in the military, maybe I'll still be a scientist. Maybe I'll be a writer, I'd like that a lot. Or eh, maybe I'll end up getting sent to Iraq and be killed, who knows what will happen. That's the best part of life, you never know whats going to happen next. So basically now, I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I might be moving very soon. I can't take my living aranngements now. I still live at home with my dad and my sister, and she drives me crazy. She's annoying and, in her eyes, is never wrong. She alwyas has to be the best and meh... Shes completely unbalanced, she has fits of rage and just goes on a rampage throwing my stuff and i cant take it. If you guys didn't know... I'm 17. But w/e, I don't need my parents to support me anymore. I'm thinking about packing my stuff within the next week and just moving in with a friend or something. I dunno... But here I am rambling on and on lol. I'm sure you guys dont wanna read all this >

Author's Response: Thx for the chapter comment...things will definately be interesting in the story...HOWEVER...I'm more interested in seeing what's been goin' on in your life. So is this girl your first love? I see the words strong feelings yet love is curiously missing? Sorry but as your friends we're going to pick up on the omissions faster than the direct statements and we're gonna call you on it! You must have had a lot of work, between that and a girl and school something usually has to go ... or you burn out. So you ditched school but your SAT scores were absolutely fantastic. Mind, I noticed when you said "sadly" you dropped out of school. I get it, it's not school you hate, it's the run of the mill classes with stupid/silly kids who don't get the most basic of concepts (concepts you mastered within minutes of them being explained to you!) Let me preface what I am about to say with a small story. I have a friend named Nick <---yes that's his real name! He's great! This is not a story about how he failed when he dropped out of highschool...actually it's the exact opposite! He dropped out of school and didn't know what to do with himself. When the partying and girls got to be old and when his dad put out an ultimatim (do something...anything! Don't laze around) he decided to get a job. Well no job except the most crappy ones wanted him without at least a highschool degree so he decided to go for his GED. After he got the GED (by a quirky twist of fate the testing center was in a community college) it was a day when all the schools within the college were displaying their curriculm and the financial aid center was there. He liked the poli sci school (hehehe I told ya he was my friend but I meant we were friends since we were in middle school...even if we ended up picking the same major!) Well he decided there was nothing to lose in filling out the school application and the FAFSA that day. He did it and didn't expect anything at all. Guess what? The school accepted him right away and the FAFSA came through for him paying for his entire tuition (this is in-state mind you) everything except his books. He had a job anyways so he paid for the books and started school. As it so happens we went to a school in which a community college a metro school and a university were all on the same campus! I was at Uni when we bumped into each other. We sat on the hard concrete (seriously its sooo a college thing!) and he brought me up to date on everything that happened since he dropped out. Actually, I had graduated one year early from highschool and he had dropped out at the same time approximately. I went straight to college and he sent a semester figuring out what to do, than he joined my campus. In the end we were both well ahead of our highschool class when they finally graduated! Yes he was muchhh too smart to stay in the school but he was also too smart to smoke pot all day and party all night...he needed the mental stimulation. In college he got to pick out all the classes he wanted and the learning environment was so different (you go to class twice a week and pick the subject you study and have lots of discussion) that he thrived. What I'm saying is, if you are restless try a different avenue before enlisting. Death is very real and you should only fight when it is necessary. If we were still goin after bin-laden (ahem werenot ahem) than I'd enlist my dang self! (yes thats a moslim sayin that!) but we aren't, and Iraq wasn't any threat and every one knows that now (the moslems knew that b4 and we said the bin-la was gettin money from the Saudi but who listens?) Military school maybe good for you but than again you may find it too constraining. If you're dream is to be a scientist that is a path with lots of high payin jobs (and sorry but the military just is not! We pay our people in service terribly little for such a developed nation!) Try to get your GED is my point. I'll bet it won't be hard for you! Than, even if you do enlist, they provide aid for college and you can take advantage of that during training. Or you can try to go for FAFSA (which seriously give money even to the kids of millionaires on the premise that we want everyone that is from the USA to at least have a college degree). It would be in your best interest to get into something that you really want to do...it doesn't sound like military is the way to go. As for your sister...if you get into the university after a semester at community college (which is very easy) than move into the dorms old boy! As for parents supporting you, sometimes it's difficult to understand them, you may not even like them but money speaks! Bumming around is not an option because you must have human dignity and never ask for handouts! Why I push that philosophy I don't know but that's how I see it! Take all you can from them for the next year (its best if you can get one of them on your side by talking to them or something) all I ask is another month w/ em, all the while you can figure out where to go and what to do, and than you can act on your plan. Trust me, once you leave it's almost impossible to go back, especially if you leave on bad terms. The world is filled with people who thought they were more capable than they actually were. The mature thing to do is wait out the tough stuff by keeping your goal/dream in mind. Your sister is not more deserving of being supported by your parents than you are! Sorry, but most kids need to hear that they are owed something before they understand the validity of it!!! And your parents do want you to outshine them, that's how parents are. They want to brag...so give them a reason and stay away from your sis. She may even brag about you...eventually! Lol, you know I got love for you, why would I write all this if I didn't? Remember, fight when it's right, not because it gives you a place to go with food and shelter. Better to be a bum on the street than kill an innocent person (that's what the 9-11 hijackers did, you don't wanna be like them do you?!) Enough of me on this for now...keep me updated for sure babe! Oh and they all (lady M / Miss Jules / The H bomb) write and email me outside of the reviews (heheheehe I bet they didn't know that they all do that) so don't be shy if you ever wanna do that!)

Name: Siva2478 (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 10:54 · For: Allergies
okay so i had a theory about the sneezing. i guess it was wrong but as i think it was a rather good one im going to tell you anyway. Ron sneezes everytime someone tries to enter his mind... am i onto something?

Author's Response: ohhhhooooohoooohohohoo! My but you are a sneaky one. You are on the right trail!!!! Oh and you are the only one who caught that it seems...very very good job on picking up the subtle things. Formulate a more extensive theory now that you know you are on the right path, the less I can comment on...the closer you are! I am super impressed!

Name: Katastrophe (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 10:30 · For: Which Witch is Which?
I was rereading this, as I have not been back to MNFF for quite a while. I am up to chapter 18 so far. One word I see repeated pretty frequently is irregardless. That is not, nor has it ever been a word. It's a common mistake, but one that can rip a person right out of the story. The word you are looking for is regardless, meaining without regard. The other word would very simply translate to not without regard, and is completely inappropriate.

You've got a great story, I just hate to see it ruined by a simple mistake that keeps being repeated.

Author's Response: eck!!!! You know what? I actually know that it's not a word! That's the sad thing! I don't know, I suppose at 3 am my mind gets hazy! I'll definately be doing a complete story editing overhaul once the story is complete because (maybe it's me) but I see manyyyyy errors! Thx for pointing that out, I need readers like you!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 2:43 · For: Allergies
NICE ONE!....this was so cool! so many questions answered, but a new cliffie! ill review more later, im going out now:-)

Hapy friday the thirteenth:-D

Author's Response: Looking forward to your review ;) but wow oh wow oh wow hehehehe but than again who would notice but the author? still woowsy!..

Name: lucky girl (Signed) · Date: 04/13/07 0:27 · For: Allergies
wow that was good i love the way everything fell into place! and i'm so looking forward to reading thhe next chapters! you are a very good writter and i think that this story is amazingly good!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!!! Isn't it amazing how that chapter worked out so well? hmmmmm....so soo amazing...maybe too amazing? <---that's definately a hint !!!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 04/11/07 2:06 · For: Which Witch is Which?
oh and i agree on the chapter ten thing. I'm a bit slow this morning, so this is for chapter 10 of DH, right?'

It shouldn't be 3 AM when im reading it here, lol, my mom quote "isnt going NOWHERE at midnight!"

so ill get it the next morning, which will probably be 3AM for you guys anyway:-)

Author's Response: For sure LM!!! I would so love it if we could pull that off! Everyone checks in to say HoWdY and get RoWdY together one last time b4 the whole 'HP' experience is over!!! So wait...with the time difference between us, do you get the book one day BEFORE us?!?!?! OMG I would be so tripping out if I could get the book a day before everyone else!!!!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 04/11/07 2:04 · For: Which Witch is Which?
wow. busy, aren't we, rania? how do you find the time to makthe chapters for this thing?! (even if there is a hearty amount of time between the chapters!)

Author's Response: I don't know Lady! I guess I'm just very devoted like that!!! Actually, I really am!!! I want to finish this story ASAP b4 DH comes out for sure!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 04/10/07 14:11 · For: Which Witch is Which?
OMG I think it is John! someone email him and see if he really is... Juli has stalker fright issues, apparently. who knew! and I like the chapter ten idea, Rania! if I can convince my dad to let me on the computer at three in the morning, it'll definitely work... *uh, that was sarcastic. who cares what my dad says!* and OMG John's back! I just needed to say that again.

Author's Response: Lol! See how we've missed you JohnyBoy? Ditto on the chapter 10 idea...that way we'll all talk again B4 the whole "HP" experience is over! On the night we got HBP my sister and I were popping into each others rooms every so often to see where the other one was and to discuss! It was fun fun fun! Another idea that I had is that we all update our Bios with our absolute...final predictions of what will happen in book 7. That way we can all see if we were right. Maybe we can write up a list of questions we must answer. That would be so cool. Oh and also add our theories (complex, crazy, bizarre...all of 'em!) Remember as we come to the end we gotta really live up the potterhead phenomenon because it'll be over before you know it! Our questions will be answered don'tcha know!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 04/10/07 3:06 · For: Which Witch is Which?
by the way, rania, we kinda sound like ppl with no lives (not that i have a life, but...), kinda like, were old-fashioned and stuff..i dunno how to explain it....

oh ya and i did SO read narnia! it ROCKS!

Author's Response: hahaha hehehe you r too cute! You're like one of them self-hating Potterheads! You gotta embrace the insanity baby girl! Ok let's see as far as lives go...I've got dance lessons and parties every week, work (which is work!), finishing my moms basement on top of all the work my house needs, i'm even considering going back to school! Top that all off with HP obsession and you've got a very tired girl who gets little sleep! Oh i'm starting a new thing where i go swimming every morning (here's a heave ho for excercise!) Lol...no lives...ahhh to be thirteen again!!! As for narnia, i read it at your age! At that time I was also a fan of Joan Lowrey Nixon and RL Stine. I did a lot of reading and trust me it pays off in the end! Hehe right now in between every thing else i'm reading a dr. Phil book (self-matters) and a history book about the life of Hitler (second volume + it's thick!) and I finished off OfTP again! ;)

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 04/10/07 3:03 · For: Which Witch is Which?
*chokes on breakfast (its 11 AM here!)* .....JOHN? MY GOD its you! Where've you been?! thats it, one of you tie him to the chair and the other gets his e-mail address! were not letting u go again THAT easily!

Sheesh, john, you missed my 4 months of success with my poems, too.

Welcome back, dude:-)

Author's Response: Can you believe it?!?! Just all out of the blue like that!!!

Name: JeWby (Signed) · Date: 04/09/07 20:51 · For: Which Witch is Which?
OF COURSE wizards would win :P.


JOHNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How's it goin' buddy boy? How's life been treatin' ya? Give us an old update why don't cha!?!? We've missed havin' you around (hehe you can see us reminescing in the old reviews!) Don't be a stranger (much love!!!!) Toodles for now!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 04/09/07 15:10 · For: Which Witch is Which?
I'm glad someone agrees. Thanks, Sarah!

Author's Response: Well...well...well...what do we have here? Ohhhh Heatherrrr dear! I think these two have come together to plot against us! But that's ok.....we'll show them! Grab an orange, a hammock, and an ostrich and meet me in Acapulco ... we'll discuss tactics over a cool drink with our toes in the sand and the cabana boys winking at us...HoT sTuFF!!!!! Oh la la!!!! ;)

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